Talmudic hate follows Zündel even into the grave (by Talmud expert & Christian Michael Hoffman)

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Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski: “Ernst Zundel deserved agony, not a quiet exit.”

In our August 7 eulogy for the late Ernst Zündel, we alluded to the “Talmudic mentality” and the penchant of people afflicted with it for revenge and hatred, which they psychologically project on to Zündel in paroxysms of rage and libel.

On the day we published our tribute, Mark Bonokoski stepped forth to seemingly confirm our observation. Mr. Bonokoski writes for one of Canada’s largest newspapers, The Toronto Sun. It’s difficult to account for the fact that the Sun, which wears its human rights’ heart on its self-righteous sleeve, would print Bonokoski’s disgusting column, with its sadistic craving to see a pound of flesh extracted from Zündel, but that’s what has occurred.

In the August 7 issue of the Toronto Sun online, in an article titled — believe it or not — “Ernst Zündel deserved agony,” Mr. Bonokoski was not content with the lifetime of persecution inflicted on Zündel for his ideas, speeches, printing and writing, including multiple costly thought crime trials, two years’ imprisonment in solitary confinement in Canada, five years imprisonment in Germany, the burning of his home and its contents by an arsonist, and his deportation and subsequent banishment from the United States and Canada.

In Bonokoski’s fevered imagination:

“Zündel deserved agony, but got none…The fact that he was able to die at home in Germany, of natural causes, and apparently in robust health up until the heart attack hit, is just another example of how life isn’t fair.”

These are grotesquely inhuman words. What sort of mentality urges suffering and cruelty on a dead activist? It can be found here:

“…Jesus shares his place in the Netherworld (hell) with Titus and Balaam, the notorious arch enemies of the Jewish people. Whereas Titus is punished for the destruction of the Temple by being burned to ashes, reassembled, and burned over and over again, and whereas Balaam is castigated by sitting in hot semen, Jesus’ fate consists of sitting forever in boiling excrement.” —Peter Schäfer, Jesus in the Talmud, Princeton University Press, p. 13, (with reference to Babylonian Talmud tractate Gittin 57a).

What sort of mentality decries hatred of Jews but approves hating Germans? It can be found here:

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.” — Elie Wiesel, Legends of Our Time, chapter 12: “Appointment with Hate,” (Schocken Books, 1982).

“The anti-German bias of Elie Wiesel’s article (“An Appointment With Hate,”Commentary magazine, Decemb

er, 1962), is easily justified and need not be repudiated.” — Joseph Meier, Commentary magazine, April 1, 1963.
Because few people with social standing have the courage to point out the megalomania and searing hypocrisy evident in the preceding, these malignancies grow unchecked, conferring upon our supposedly egalitarian society a Talmudic supremacism consisting of special prerogatives for bullying and hating marginalized dissidents and non-conformists, who have little or no voice in the mainstream media and are dehumanized with impunity, to the glee of the guardians of “human rights.”
Michael Hoffman [photo, right] is the author of the The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt t



Illustrated look at Phylacteries, two small black boxes with black straps worn by observant Jewish men.

……See also my “the people of the Cube”

The people of the CUBE; “Finis Germaniae” (“the End of Germany”), taboo book warning Holocaust guilt used to terminate Germany, deleted off “Der Spiegel” bestseller list


…….On that Elie Wiesel quote about hate

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.” — Elie Wiesel, Legends of Our Time, chapter 12: “Appointment with Hate,” (Schocken Books, 1982).

(See my loud, verbal confrontation, leading 30 others in a chant, with the Weasel fraud right here, halfway down: https://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/)

Anyway (I have 40 years of anecdotes), I was substitute-teaching (tu support my wife and child) in 1985 at Francis C. Hammond Middle School, located at 4646 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, Virginia 22304.

During a free period (no classes), I wandered around to the back of what was “my” classroom for the day.

I saw a huge stack of thin white books inside a glass cabinet.

I opened one, as if by fate, exactly and immediately, by random serendipity, to that very passage, and my jaw dropped that the enemy would give us such juicy ammunition against him. (I am now used to “coincidences” sometimes NOT being coincidences.” Did you know that 77% of Americans believe in angels? I am one of them. 🙂 )

Excited, I reported it to Hans Schmidt, the valiant former Waffen-SS (Battle of the Bulge/Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler division) who after the war became a successful businessman in California and put out an excellent newsletter for Americans of German ancestry and other germanophiles, the GANPAC-Brief.

This was, for example, the February 1987 issue: ganpac-brief-feb-1987-hans-schmidt

And that is how, via the highly regarded GANPAC-Brief, this infamous quote by the Weasel – advocating hate — ended up spreading all around our movement, and via the Internet is now eternal. 🙂

Thank you, Angel X!



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