Swastidrone strikes terror in millions; three months in a row new gun sale records set; Paul Joseph Watson rips muslim refugee criminals in Europe

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…..Swastidrone attacks! Next year it will fly over the Gay Pride festival! 😉

Project Swastidrone: We Shall Own the Skies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2015 [source: http://www.dailystormer.com/project-swastidrone-we-shall-own-the-skies/]

Mike Delaney (of Prothink.org, for anyone who doesn’t know), has launched a brilliant and hilarious project to literally troll the skies of America.



He has attached a lighted swastika to a remote controlled drone, and flown it over populated areas and events. This is absolutely brilliant, and it is infinitely scalable. There is no limit to the number of these that can be cheaply put into the sky and flown over public events, triggering massive national publicity. Especially when it is being done across the country, which it will be if enough people have the balls to do it.

We can put them over Jew, Black and homo events, or just fly them over crowded districts in cities at night.

Best part: It is not illegal. At least not in America.

In a short while, I will be getting specific directions from Mike as to how this is done, how much it costs and so on. This could end up being the biggest IRL trolling operation ever in history.

Just brainstorming on the fly here – it might be that there are people who don’t have the money for one of these, but have the will, and some who have the money but lack the appropriate situation to make it possible. And perhaps we can figure out a way for people to buy drones for others to operate.

Anyway, this is just a teaser. I am not going to set dates here, or give any specific plans of action, but I do believe we have the power to pull this off and create a huge media storm.

Thoughts are welcome.


…..Gun Sales See Best Summer Ever
June, July, August see all time highs in background checks

[photo added by me]
BY: Stephen Gutowski
September 8, 2015 3:25 pm

Gun sales were at an all-time high in June, July, and August, according to one metric.

This August saw 1.7 million background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on new gun sales, the most checks ever performed in any August since the creation of the National Instant Background Check System. The agency performed 1.6 million checks in July, the high for that month. They did a further 1.5 million in June, another all-time high.


Background checks are required for all sales made through a federally licensed firearms dealer. The number of background checks performed in a month is often used to gauge how many gun sales took place in that month, though they do not equate to the exact number of gun sales since more than one gun can be sold under a single background check. The numbers do not include sales between private parties either.

The summer has seen a renewed push by many Democrats, including presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for new gun control measures in the wake of several shootings. Some experts have said they believe the advocacy for new gun control is driving the record sales.

“Whenever there is a call for gun control, sales increase,” Larry Keane, general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told the New York Daily News. “Unfortunately, this is a pattern that repeats itself.”

Your truly (screenshot from an actual shoot with my old Walther: the gunpowder flares out like a hoop skirt ) 





My other pistol was a nifty and beautiful Russian Makarov (9 mm) made in Hungary

JdN Makarov Steeds


Rapid fire at 25 feet in pouring rain (hence the wavy paper target); the four shots in the second ring were all shot one-handed; the one bullseye was achieved with both hands, as pictured above.  Just think, Mr Bad-Ass, this could be your forehead!



I have since gunned up to the .40 caliber Hi-Point, a mere $150, made by a white American family in Ohio, USA. With full metal jacket rounds, it literally goes through a telephone pole

hi-point-40-cal-pistol-ammunitionNice sights. Note there is no hammer. At two pounds it is quite heavy, but the kick is minimal as a result. Minimal kick means you can re-sight quickly and get another good shot off.

sights-hi-point-40-cal-pistol-ammunition-left-hand (2)

hi-point-40-cal-pistol-ammunition-left-hand (2)

I often open-carry about town, but people know me, I am 61, not a young punk, and I do not act crazy, argumentative or hot-tempered. (People are also very nice here; the town is 99% white and Midwestern, and very isolated, so people make an effort to get along. If one is an a——, your bad rep will get around, and this is only town there is in these parts.)

Ontonagon in winter is as cold as Winnipeg, the coldest city in Canada, but cold and snow keep the lower Michigan/Detroit riffraff out. 😉


Ontonagon is on the southwest shore of Lake Superior, and surrounded by immense forests.



Notice all the diversity? Some are Finns, others are Swedes. 😉 “Dark” hair is the Wisconsin Germans. 😉


Another former Marine NCO named Bill also open-carries from time to time. For him it is about demonstrating his Second-Amendment rights. For me it is that, but also about personal protection in a world where whistleblowers and bloggers like me who openly attack the Obongo regime, the VIP pedophile network, the drug traffickers, the Jews, Israel and Islam (and controlled-opposition WNs) get murdered every month.


My viral and scathing video, 33,000 views, which came out on April 20th ;-) https://trutube.tv/video/32194/JdN-German-subtitles-Kill-Them-All-Kinderschaender-alle-ausrotten




….Paul Joseph Watson on muslim-refugee terror toward whites



Negative impact of migrants not being discussed by media
Video: Muslim "Refugee" Arriving in Europe Makes 'Cut Throat' Gesture to TV Camera


A Muslim “refugee” arriving in Budapest, Hungary as part of the wave of migrants entering Europe was caught on camera giving what some have claimed represents a beheading gesture.

The clip shows a Hungarian TV reporter standing in front of piles of clothes and other personal items used by migrants while they were at Budapest train station.

The camera then pans around to a young man who appears keen to send a message. He then draws his hand across his throat.

Others claim the gesture merely represents the man’s wish not to be filmed. However, he seems to be deliberately drawing attention to himself at the start of the clip.

Prominent critic of Islamic extremism Pamela Geller claimed the footage illustrated how, “Europe is taking in millions of these hostile invaders.”

Governments in Germany and Austria throwing their borders open to untold numbers of “refugees” has led to fears that groups like ISIS could hijack the migrant crisis to infiltrate thousands of jihadists.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, many of the migrants arriving under the justification that they are fleeing war torn Syria are not Syrian at all and have been faking IDs in order to exploit the crisis and get access to the gravy train of welfare and benefits offered by countries like Germany and Sweden.


Amidst the deluge of positive media coverage given to the arriving migrants, including footage of left wing Germans applauding them as they arrive in Munich, discussion of any negative impact that potentially millions of non-assimilated immigrants could have on Europe has been largely restricted.

Another photograph of one of the arriving migrants shows a man wearing a t-shirt which reads, “Fear for your wife.”


Meanwhile, a head teacher at a school in Germany which is situated near a migrant center has warned teens not to wear mini-skirts so as to avoid “attacks” by the migrants.

Many of the “refugees” also don’t look like refugees at all, with a lot of them wearing expensive western clothing while looking well fed and carrying iPhones.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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