Surprise, surprise, surprise! Both videos where Jared Taylor’s jewish mistress Evelyn Rich exposes the evil antisemites refuse to play now on Sonnenrad Videos

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Crooked jew billionaire Marc Rich, pardoned on his last day in office by Bill Clinton

Jewish New York Times writer Frank Rich 



…….”Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

In the late 1960s Marine Corps comedy show “Gomer Pyle,” Gomer is hopelessly gullible and always “surprised.”


…..Responding to my blogs on Jared Taylor


….a “WN” who 1) breaks our ranks by rejecting antisemitism, who 2) defames me to one and all, 3) sabotaged a winnable race for sheriff by me in 2013, and, 4) by sheerest coincidence has a Jewish mistress named Evelyn Rich (mother also of his kids)…..


Chin regally high, just like our half-Jew Commander-in-Chief



obama-chin-very- high

Evelyn Rich


…well, a supporter named Andrew White alerted me (

  1. John, the Frontline video [JdN: at the link on which your blog provided] won’t play for me, but the other videos on the site will.

    I’ve tried on two different locations now, but the same thing happens — the video is there, but it doesn’t play.

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Support  the man the Jews obviously fear most.

Two Bushes and Obama against JdN

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent

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  1. Guten Morgen Kameraden.

    Ich lese gerade die Nachrichten:

    3 Polizisten wurden in Dallas erschossen und weitere verletzt.

    Geht wohl bald los mit den Rassenunruhen.

    Gruss aus dem besetzten Deutschland

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