Supernatural occurrences regular people have — Part 2

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…….This blog is part two of this series 

Have YOU had a supernatural experience? Tell YOUR story!


I got this donation and letter today: 1) Ten dollars cash, wrapped 2) (as I suggest) in aluminum foil so a dishonest postal clerk cannot hold it to the light and see the money; and 3) a letter from a trucker, transcribed below.





A small contribution is enclosed.

Being a truck driver, all kinds of people are met.

Case in point:

At one of the delivery stops there was a woman who struck a chord with this male. 🙂



Our eyes locked but nothing beyond that.


A couple of weeks later, attention was given to one of the invoices she had signed [to my trucking firm].

The name was familiar — my side of the family!

Long story short…. she is my fifth cousin. 🙂

I wonder if that was the reason behind the feeling that came with our eyes locking.

Strange occurrence? You be the judge.

Take care,






Actually, people often reincarnate in their very own bloodline. People can even come back as their own grandson if grandpa died relatively young.

Viking sages, in a time of war, reveal this. “Sven, I swear, is Grandfather Thorgren returned.” “Why?” “Look how he loves horses and talks to them like a friend, and his cowlick, and his sharp nose, just like Grandpa who fell in battle against the Moors six years ago.”

This woman may have been, in another life, his lover, or mother, or sister, or a close female relative.

There would in this case be a biological connection — AND a karmic one.

With some people, your eyes just lock.

……Reincarnation: a proven fact

Reincarnation Evidence


….What is YOUR story?


I am creating a religion based on real experiences by real people.

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…..Did I tell you?

On a closed Facebook group, a German comrade put this graphic up next to Hitler pix and all kinds of other verboten things, but the Facebook moderator objected only to this one image. He said delete it or we will delete your whole account.



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