Superhumans revere, subhumans fear the truth

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All-time record on Google:almost 5.4 million research results


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  • John D. Nugent This is the true difference between the subhuman and the superhuman….. the one fears uncomfortable truths, and the other reveres them, no matter how unpleasant. We can only grow via facing the truth about our world and ourselves.
    The attitude toward truth determines whether we grow and are proud of ourselves, or stagnate and hate ourselves.
  • John D. Nugent I have occasionally talked with older people who dislike Obama, and they cut it off by saying “Well, I just hope I’ll be with Jesus when that happens.”
  • John D. Nugent Yeah, like Jesus loves people who do not lift a finger for their country or the future of their children or grandchildren!  “I’m so lonely up here in heaven, I want to fill it up with cowards!” 😉
  • The Jesus I know ripped into the Jews and called them (John 8:44) DEVILS!
  • John D. Nugent This is why I cannot be a politician any more, because a politician tells the mob what they want to hear. 

    “I’m so honored to be here today….” BULLSHIT!  You are the people that let the Jews take over our country, refused to hear the truth when we tried giving it to you,
    White chick flips for Obama in 2008
    …and let America become a cesspool in which your children are drowning! I do NOT feel HONORED to be speaking to you today!
  • John D. Nugent A prophet tells them what they need to hear.
  • John D. Nugent A politician kisses ass.
  • John D. Nugent A prophet kicks it.
    • Jawohl Nach John you are indeed not a politician, you are a leader.
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    • John Reardon Many, many years ago I made an agreement with myself. In matters that I considered important, I wanted to know the truth. If I were to discover that my previous beliefs on such matters didn’t hold up to scrutiny, I would change my beliefs. This regimen has served me well.


….JdN on Clay Douglas show on aliens

I was on radio yesterday (2 hrs.) with Clay Douglas to talk pedophilocracy (Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Alan Dershowitz, Chris Tucker) and also ancient white civilizations!

We actually talked a lot about Solutreans and ancient prehistory, aliens, advanced civilizations, ancient nuclear wars, the rise and fall of great civilizations and a lost golden age.

Mayans depicted their evil “gods” the way Greys are depicted in UFO accounts.



The reason why their culture was based on human sacrifice is the Greys are mer biorobots with no conscience serving another and truly evil race, a demonic race.



Is this too scary? Sorry!



….My radio shows


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–January 2, 2015, from F. in Germany 50 Euros and 50 Swiss Franks

“Having read your emergency appeal [of the 18th of December], in addition to the Christmas package, here are 50 Swiss Franks and 50 Euros. Have a good slide into 2015 and all the best in this new year!”



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