Strange behavior by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969; outstanding Rod Serling documentary on UFOs in 1974

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Sketch of the big-nosed aliens with blue-gray skin who landed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico in 1964. These were of the species that carried out the Hill abduction in New Hampshire, involving a black husband and white wife. I consider them to be very sinister. This is one group that fulfills the whole X-Files idea of the US military-industrial complex being beholden to malevolent aliens who come offering them extremely advanced technology (including things we have today, such as fiber optics). The entire race-mixing agenda began to be implemented soon after their first contact with President Dwight Eisenhower, in 1954. It began AFTER “Ike” rejected an offer of protection and cooperation with “the nordics” (Swedish-looking, very advanced humans who are otherwise just like us).
Neil Armstrong sketch of what he saw on the moon.
Margi has pointed out to me something important (and it is interesting how women, with a strong right brain, can focus more than men do on the people themselves and how they act, their body language, than on all the “facts” being said or claimed). The demeanor of the Apollo 11 astronauts at their 1969 press conference after their return to earth was anything but joyful. (See below.)
They acted very strange, as if they were under threat to not say what really went on. They reminded me, in fact, of how Vietnam POWs being held by the North Vietnamese acted.
I tend to think that we did go to the moon, helped by some nasty aliens to overcome the Van Allen Belt and its lethal radiation, but that the moon landing film was fake, and in reality was shot by Stanley Kubrick in a London studio.
What really happened, IMO, is some unfriendlies were there, on the moon, they observed the Apollo astronauts on the moon, and eventually, after later Apollo missions also occurred, they told the US to just go away — and stay away.
I am not sure that the US has in fact stayed away, but instead is using tech from nasty aliens to create a totally separate, secret space fleet, far more advanced than any space shuttles, which is exactly what NASA hacker Gary McKinnon saw,  a US Navy operation (not Air Force) with even alien officers stationed on board US space ships.
In other words, the US government is in bed with nasty aliens.
This is what the nordics warned President Eisenhower would happen.
They offered to defend the US against the Soviet Union and urged him to get the US totally out of nuclear weaponry and any use of nuclear power, fearing both WWIII and Fukushima-Czernobyl-type events.
Judge now for yourself the funereal atmosphere in the three Apollo 11 astronauts.

Published on Sep 7, 2016

The crew of Apollo 11 nervously, reluctantly, and with the emotion of a eulogy, present their first press conference . . . with the aid of teleprompters discretely hidden in the desk, in order to help them remember their one-of-a-kind experience, that the writers of their script should know nothing about.

Notice at time 1:04:53 that Neil Armstrong is asked whether or not he remembered seeing any stars in the lunar sky, a subject the crew was apparently asked to avoid as the correct astrological positions of the constellations were too difficult to simulate in the fake lunar backgrounds. Armstrong then wrongly replies with “I don’t recall”, to which Aldrin grimaces in discomfort at his error (as if one would forget such an important detail that they witnessed first hand in their alleged universally unique experience).

To help Armstrong recover from being tripped up by this difficult question, crew member Michael Collins offered assistance by interjecting “I don’t remember seeing any.” The problem is, he forgot that he wasn’t even there! (It was Buzz Aldrin who supposedly walked on the moon with Armstrong, not Collins!)

Apparently when all three orbited the earth together for eight days in a relatively small space capsule, Michael Collins’ experience of the mission (though he was alleged to have stayed behind orbiting the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the surface) was exactly identical to that of his teammates. As such, he instinctively chimed in at this point in the interview in an attempt to smooth over the rough spot in the conversation, forgetting temporarily that he never was supposed to have been on the moon’s surface in the first place!

In the official transcript of this rare press conference (which, until this video release, was the only way of knowing what was said at that time), lightening struck twice in the exact same place! At the very moment where Collins misspoke, there is also a “transcription error” as well! In the official NASA record (the transcript) the government made a desperate and lame attempt to cover-up Collin’s revealing mistake by attributing his remark “I don’t remember seeing any (stars)” to Aldrin!

……UFOs: IT HAS BEGUN – 1979 documentary 

(includes Rod Serling, Jacques Vallée, J. Allen Hynek and Burgess Meredith)

*This is unquestionably the best copy of the film you can find. It is the original VHS to DVD version – then remastered video to improve quality and poor compression issues*

Extremely thorough and produced back when people with a serious scientific background were not so easily swayed by a media proclaiming that the entire scene is absurd. Back when there was much less of a backlash upon someone’s character, were they to discuss or research such anomalies.

Hosted by legends Rod Serling and Burgess Meredith! This documentary has multiple interesting segments regarding UFO and Alien activity, including abduction tales from decades ago. (Many think the abduction/missing time cases are a relatively new thing – they definitely are not.)

This documentary also includes segments about crop circles and cattle mutilation – a truly informative UFO documentary.  (The cattle part is dismaying, indicating a species out there has no regard whatsoever for either cattle or humans. They are basically stolen, body parts are taken out, and the carcasses are then dumped from hundreds of feet up onto the ground, with utter contempt for the cattle rancher.)


Some say this is a fake, but I am not sure. They claim the other cows would have acted disturbed. This ignores the phenomenon that in reported human abductions, the person is instantly, totally paralyzed and cannot make the slightest move or sound. So in this case the other cows, heads down as usual, just keep grazing and notice nothing, like human teenagers staring down at their phones! And many of these UFOs also make no sound. The large craft I saw in July 1989 in McMinnville, Oregon, was like that.

I hesitate to use the word “classy” when talking about a documentary. However, I read a recent comment about this video that uses the term, and I think that’s well put.

Compared the the majority of UFO documentaries out there – this comes across with some real integrity. Haven’t seen it and are interested in UFOs? Stop reading this; hit play.


UFOs: Past, Present, and Future

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UFOs: Past, Present, and Future
Directed by Ray Rivas
Produced by Allan Sandler
Carol Johnsen
James Castle
Bruce Bryant
Written by Robert Emenegger
Carol Johnsen
Starring Rod Serling
Burgess Meredith
José Ferrer
Music by Robert Emenegger
Cinematography Stan Lazan
Donald Peterman
Edited by Ken Lavet
Jack Schrader
Caryl Wickman
Sandler Institutional Films
Distributed by VCI Video Communications, Inc
Release date
  • July 31, 1974
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

UFOs: Past, Present, and Future is a 1974 documentary film that examines several prominent UFO sightings from the post-war to contemporary era. It was re-released in 1976 and 1979 under the title UFOs: It Has Begun to coincide with renewed interest in the subject due to the release of Steven Spielberg‘s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.[1] It is based on the book UFOs: Past, Present, and Future by Robert Emenegger.[2]


The film is narrated by Rod Serling, Burgess Meredith, and José Ferrer. Serling and Meredith had previously worked together on The Twilight Zone.[3] The 1979 re-release features commentary by noted UFOlogist and astronomer Dr. Jacques Vallée. The film uses dramatizations, interviews with government officials and scientists, and selected footage to provide context for UFO sightings, both ancient and contemporary.

“What you are witnessing is based on fact. Some will find it fascinating, some will find it frightening: but it is all true.”


In 1971, writer/composer Robert Emenegger was asked by either the U.S. Republican Party, officials at California’s Norton Air Force Base, or the U.S. Department of Defense itself to produce a film about UFOS using only official DoD and NASA source material,[4] and was allegedly promised footage of a 1964 landing at Holloman Air Force Base. Only a few seconds of this special footage ultimately made it into the film.[5]

Ray Rivas was given “unprecedented” access to DoD facilities,[6] with the director saying “Secretary of the Air Force Robert Seamans gave the order to co-operate.”


The film opens with Serling asking open-ended philosophical questions about the origin of humanity on Earth, juxtaposing evolution and religion with a variation of the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Serling steps in front of the camera, similar to his routine on The Twilight Zone, and suggests that just as humans look at the sky and question where we came from, so too might extraterrestrial beings.

The story’s first vignette takes place outside Lubbock, Texas, on November 2, 1967. Around 11:00 pm, two men driving in a pickup truck experience engine trouble and radio interference. As they begin to check the engine, a bright white disk-shaped object approaches and shines a bluish beam directly at them. After a moment, it flies away. Once the object disappears, their truck starts right up, and the men leave to notify the police. Later, an Air Force investigation analyzes their story along with fifteen similar reports, and concludes that ball lightning phenomena is responsible. Serling warns that this may not be the only explanation.

The next section, detailing historical records, opens with Meredith reading from the Book of Ezekiel 1:4-28, which seems to provide an account of creatures who came down from the sky in a ball of fire; each with four faces, four wings, and calf-like feet, then rose back into the sky. Serling describes other ancient religious texts from Greeks and Romans about “phantom chariots,” and that during the reign of Charlemagne accounts of “tyrants of the air” concerned the ruler so greatly that anyone reporting such aerial objects was to be put to death. Other historical examples include sightings in Leon, Spain; and an incident 1887 aboard a ship called the S.S. Siberian. Starting in the late 1890s, sightings of a “flying cigar” were reported across the U.S., including Oakland, CA, and Denver, CO.

A young Dr. Jacques Vallée then attempts to dispel the notion that UFO sightings were limited to the United States. He describes a wave of sightings that occurred in the late 1940s and 1950s in Scandinavia, Mexico, the Soviet Union, China, and the western coast of Africa. In 1973, a team led by a Jean Balgou of the Astrophysical Institute flew in a Concorde jet packed with scientists. At high altitude in the midst of a total eclipse, he uses a stop motion camera to photograph the sun rising over the horizon, and captured a suspicious object. While NASA takes no official position on the existence of UFOS, several astronauts on the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab missions have come forward with their own unexplainable observations and photographs.

Analyzed next are reports from former military officials and scientists. According to testimony from former U.S Air Force officials, the Department of Defense first became interested in the UFO phenomenon in the late 1940s, concerned that it may constitute a military threat from a foreign power. The Air Force began a formal investigation under Project Sign which after only two weeks was complicated by the death of airman Capt. Mantell, an experienced pilot who crashed under suspicious circumstances outside Louisville, Kentucky. Public pressure was growing for answers, but the results of the investigation were classified and later squashed by USAF General Hoyt Vandenberg due to insufficient evidence. Several UFOs recorded by radar over the US capital reportedly were important enough for President Harry S. Truman to request being personally informed on all developments in the case. An F-94 intercept over Washington, D.C. caused all unknown radar signs to disappear once the fighters entered the city. As the fighters left DC airspace, the unknown objects reappeared. The confusion resulted in “the largest, and longest, press conference in the Pentagon since World War II.” The radar issues were blamed on temperature inversion.

In January 14, 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency became involved, convening a panel of top scientists to further explore the phenomenon and its potential threat to national security. Their analysis concluded that the objects involved in several high-profile sightings were not aircraft, balloons, birds, “but that they were self-luminous, unidentified objects.” Yet the panel found that they were indeed birds – being unidentified, they could be nothing else.

In 1966, an incident outside Ann Arbor pushes U.S. Representative Gerald Ford to set up a congressional hearing on UFOS, and it is opened by L. Mendel Rivers at the House Armed Services Committee.

Several unexplained animal mutilations of livestock are examined. While the official explanation is usually predation, interviews with ranchers suggest that they were not the result of predatory animals. The incisions in the animals do not conform to those made by steel tools, seemingly ruling out human behavior.

The film’s conclusion begins with a brief overview of possible aircraft shapes, and a number of illustrations of extraterrestrials featured from Emenegger’s book. A roundtable discussion featuring several of the film’s scientists revolves around the hubris of mankind in believing we are the only sentient life in the universe.

Finally, a dramatized scenario of what may have occurred at Holloman Air Force Base is told by Serling. Three unidentified objects are detected approaching Holloman. Base Command contacts Edwards AFB, and try to attempt contact with the objects without success. A red alert is sounded, and fighters take off. A helicopter with a professional photographer aboard was in the air, and shot several feet of film. One of the crafts break away, and seems to attempt a landing. A crew on the ground runs off several hundred more feet of film. The vehicle hovers silently perhaps ten feet off the ground before landing on three extension pads. Several Air Force officials and scientists at the base await outside as the craft’s panel opens:

“Stepping forward, are one, then two, and a third of what appear to be men, dressed in tight-fitting jumpsuits. Perhaps short, by our standards. With an odd blue-grey complexion, eyes set far apart, a large pronounced nose, they wear a headpiece that resembles a rope-like design. The commander and two scientists step forward to greet the visitors. Arrangements are made by some sort of communication, and the group quickly retires to an inner office in the ‘King 1’ area. Left behind stand a stunned group of military personnel. Who the visitors are, and where they’re from, and what they want, is unknown.”




In 1976, Miami News reporter Marilyn Moore called it “a fine presentation on the topic, narrated by the late Rod Serling which serves as a sad reminder of the many excellent shows he gave us over the years.”[7]

Awards and nominations[edit]

The film was nominated for Best Documentary Film at the 33rd Golden Globe Awards. It lost to Youthquake!.[8]


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  1. The Apollo 11 astronauts acted so strangely in their post-mission press conference because they never went to the moon, but instead just orbited Earth, while special effects films and faked telemetry were shown of them landing on the moon. Stanley Kubrick, the Jewish director of “2001: A Space Odyssey” fame helped NASA fake the Apollo moon landings. None of the Apollo astronauts ever went to the moon. If they had, deep-space cosmic radiation would have killed them. The three biggest hoaxes / lies in history are:

    1. The Jewish Bible (Old Testament and New).
    2. The Holocaust “6 million killed in homicidal gas chambers.”
    3. The Apollo moon landings.

    And all of these lies were imposed on us by the same {{{people}}}.

    • You write as if you “knew” this, but you do not KNOW this.

      Many of the Apollo astronauts have come out and quietly said they were on the moon and saw aliens. I have blogged extensively on this.

      My theory takes Kubrick fully into account AND their admissions about aliens. In an X-Files scenario, the US astronauts most definitely could survive the Van Allen Belt and easily — with alien help.

      This the secret space program that the British hacker McKinnon saw in huge detail.

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