Sperm count drops by 50% in western males; Russians still pretty normal; British and American girls the world’s fattest

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Richard Thpenther of the alt-right: gay-voiced and featuring overtly gay speakers at both his 2015 and 2016 NPI events, Jack Donovan and Millennial Woes

……Testosterone trouble

Why Western males are now no longer men, but effeminate wusses! The sperm count has dropped drastically since 1970:



http://russiafeed.com/man-yells-at-russians-on-plane-full-russians-video/ Gay-voiced, whiny jerk gets it in the chops. (Fifty years ago, before their sperm count dropped by 50%, most red-blooded American or British males would have reacted the same!)


……Fat girls rule US/UK


My own comment: Fat girls and women can be angry bitches. They hate it that you as a male cannot help but glance at them in disgust, especially if they have a nice face and hair, and they blame the glancer as being guilty of “look”-ism” … not seeing their “inner beauty”! What inner beauty can there be in a lazy, undisciplined, grotesque slob?


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