Spectacular poIice video of a UFO splitting and reuniting

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From my German website https://www.mzw-widerstand.com/grossartig-polizei-filmt-raumschiffe/

But in what country did this happen? I do not know, but it looks to me like maybe North America, judging by the buildings and the tavern.

This shows in any case the vastly superior technology of these beings who were called by our ancestors gods.

(The Indo-European word for God, dyaus — whence “deus” in Latin or “theos” in ancient Greek — means “shining beings” and is connected to the Germanic word “day” – in contrast to the darkness.)

We are, compared with them, like dogs are to humans, inferior. Hard for our egos to swallow ever since the Enlightenment, which taught we are alone in the universe and that we earth humans, we terrans, are the top dog on this planet.

People can drive a car, operate computer, flying in airplanes, and read and talk. Dogs cannot do any of these things, and they in effect worship us as superior beings.

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