South Africa going Black-African, dropping any pretense of the rule of law; lily-white, liberal Maine goes wog; Austrian women landslide for the pro-rape candidate

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…..White South African tragedy

……Forget about any European values remaining in South Africa

By Prince Mashele | May 09, 2016 SOWETAN



In the midst of the political confusion that has gripped our country many people are wondering if we have come to the end of South Africa.

The answer is simple: the thing called an “end” does not exist, not in relation to a country. SA will be there long after Jacob Zuma is gone.

What Zuma [president since 2009] has done is to make us come to the realisation that ours is just another African country, not some exceptional country on the southern tip of the African continent.

During the presidency of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, some among us used to believe that the black people of SA are better than those of other African countries.

We must all thank Zuma for revealing our true African character; that the idea of rule of law is not part of who we are, and that constitutionalism is a concept far ahead of us as a people.

How else are we to explain the thousands of people who flock to stadiums to clap hands for a president who has violated their country’s constitution? Such people have no idea of constitutionalism.

Now that we have reclaimed our place as another African country, we must reflect on and come to terms with our real character, and imagine what our future portends.

In a typical African country, ordinary people don’t expect much of politicians, because people get tired of repeated empty promises.

In a typical African country, people have no illusions about the unity of morality and governance. People know that those who have power have it for themselves and their friends and families.

The idea that the state is an instrument for people’s development is a Western concept, and has been copied by pockets of Asian countries.

Africans and their leaders don’t like to copy from the West. They are happy to remain African, and do things “the African way”.

The African way is rule by kings, chiefs and indunas in a setting of unwritten rules. Is there anyone who has seen a book of African customary laws?

The idea that a commoner can raise questions about public money spent on the residence of a king is not African. The ANC MPs who have been defending Zuma are true Africans.

Asking a ruler to be accountable is a foreign – Western – idea. In a situation where there is conflict between a ruler and laws, Africans simply change the laws to protect the ruler. This is why no single white person has called for King Dalindyebo to be released from jail.

The problem with clever blacks is that they think they live in Europe, where ideas of democracy have been refined over centuries.

What we need to do is to come back to reality, and accept that ours is a typical African country. Such a return to reality will give us a fairly good idea of what SA’s future might look like.

This country will not look like Denmark. It might look like Nigeria, where anti-corruption crusaders are an oddity.

Being an African country, ours will not look like Germany. SA might look like Kenya, where tribalism drives politics.

People must not entertain the illusion that a day is coming when SA will look like the US. Our future is more on the side of Zimbabwe, where one ruler is more powerful than the rest of the population. Even if Julius Malema were to become president, it would still be the same.

African leaders don’t like the idea of an educated populace, for clever people are difficult to govern. Mandela and Mbeki were themselves corrupted by Western education. (Admission: this columnist is also corrupted by such education.)

Zuma remains African. His mentality is in line with Boko Haram. He is suspicious of educated people; what he calls “clever blacks”. Remember that Boko Haram means “Against Western Education”.

The people who think we have come to the end of SA don’t realise that we have actually come to the beginning of a real African country, away from the Western illusions of exceptionalism. Those who are unsettled by this true African character need help. The best we can do for them is to ask them to look north of the Limpopo River, to learn more about governance in Africa.

What makes most people restless about the future of SA is that they have Western models in mind, forgetting that ours is an Africa country.

The idea that a president can resign simply because a court of law has delivered an adverse judgment is Western. Only the Prime Minister of Iceland does that; African rulers will never do that.

Analysed carefully, the notion of SA coming to an “end” is an expression of a Western value system – of accountability, political morality, reason, and so on. All these are lofty ideas of Socrates, Kant, Hegel, and so on. They are not African.

All of us must thank Jacob Zuma for introducing us to the real African Republic of South Africa, not some outpost of European values.


……Supporter visits once all-white Maine


Hi, John.

While we were up at the nature school in Maine, one of the Portland, ME elementary classes came for a day field-trip.  You wouldn’t believe how multicultural the class was.  Four Muslim girls wearing full garb, and a minority of white kids.  Was shocking, yet not at the same time.   
Ironically, the bus was bus #88.

I replied:

Well, that report about the Portland, Maine multiracial class tickled my Schadenfreude.

I have several unctuous liberal cousins who totally stopped speaking to me, and one day in 2003 I lit into them all.

“I have lived in multiracial Washington, New York, Boston, New Orleans and Atlanta, and served in the Marine Corps. I know black and brown people; I have taught and served with them. They are similar but not the same.

YOU hypocrites claim you love our little black and brown brothers, yet every one of you has moved FAR AWAY from our native Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts and up to the most lily-white corners of New England you could:

the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Maine, and northern New Hampshire. 

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you smug hypocrites.

You sneer at me because you cannot handle the truth, and not just the truth about race; the truth that you are cowards. Deep down you know I am right and that is why you moved, YOU, which you cannot deny, hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the blacks and the browns.” 

So now the wog masses are moving up there as well. Serves those liberal cowards right!

I could see with my own liberal cousins (a few cousins are okay) that liberalism is basically an ego-tickling self-esteem trip: you feel all good and high and righteous, compassionate, and progressive, and soooo kind, soooo caring.

But all this disregards the actual effect of your policies on people in the real world, which is DISASTROUS — cruelty, misery, sickness, poverty and death!

Liberals claim to be for the common people and oppressed women, disadvantaged kids and minorities. All these groups are much worse off than when I was a boy in the early 1960s, the last era of the Old America before the crypto-Jew Lyndon Johnson killed John Kennedy and then judeo-left-ized America!


The Jewish War on the Kennedys



There has to be a spiritual awakening now, and that means taking a good hard look at ourselves.

What characterizes earth humans? Like a dog who knows it’s wrong but steals the steak off the dining room table anyway 😉 , people do what they deep-down know is wrong, believe things they deep-down intuit to be lies, and ignore urgent duties.

“I don’t want to hear all this!” is their battle cry. 😉

If whites continue descending, as the Jews wish, down to a totally animal level, what use it it telling them truths?  They are accepting zombie, slave status. They are accepting misery. They are accepting genocide.

No facts about race will awaken them, any more than the dog will not steal the hot steak off that table, or lick his balls in front of you. On the animal level, nothing you say makes any difference. They will do what they feel like doing. And a humanimal will just stare at you, uncomprehending or even angry.

We whites will go down to the black level. And the blacks to a level you cannot imagine. 😉

…..We love rape!

What was the breakdown of the vote?

In nine out of Austria’s 10 main cities Mr Van der Bellen came top, whereas Mr Hofer dominated the rural areas, the Austrian broadcaster ORF reported (in German).

Support for Mr Hofer was exceptionally strong among manual workers – nearly 90%. The vote for Mr Van der Bellen was much stronger among people with a university degree or other higher education qualifications.

Support for Mr Hofer among men was 60%, while among women it was 60% for Mr Van der Bellen.

 photo male-female-hofer-vfan-der-bellen-2016.jpg

So almost six months AFTER the Cologne New Years Eve incident when 900 white women were raped or molested, the Austrian females, who all know about this incident, still cannot get it through their heads. No, they want to FEEL compassionate, FEEL progressive and FEEL kind. Liberalism is a DRUG that works on humans on the animal level, where truth means northing!

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