Sorry, Mom — a German-Canadian apologizes for the Holocaust guilt trip; Alfred Schaefer on 9/11 and brainwashing techniques

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Monika Schaefer playing a mean violin and getting some heartfelt things off her chest

Living as I do in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the US, we have up here an almost Canadian type of accent and mindset as well, and also lots of people of German, Finnish and Swedish ancestry.



They like a calm, modest, sincere, respectful and reasoned approach — and so this friendly approach and heartfelt delivery by Monika Schaefer below are perfect.

two local brewmasters in Houghton


This is why Donald Trump, with his brash, egotistical New York style, and frankly also his fibbing/lying — we are seeing now he is not even close to being a billionaire, which is why his campaign has only $1 million in the bank —  did not do very well in the Republican primaries in this region.

Honesty, sincerity, modesty and honor, not bling-bling and me-me-me, are important to people of Germanic blood and mindset. Trump may be of German blood via his father, but his personality is jew-york city. (I know: I lived there in 1974-75.)


Now Trump is doing teleprompters like Obongo



Here now is Monika Schaefer apologizing to her late mom for blasting her and her generation for committing or allowing a Holocaust that never even happened:



(in German)


Monika Schaefer is the sister of Alfred Schaefer, who spent 25 years in the computer business, and has created many superb videos, found on his Youtube channel Alfred S:

Here is an example of his work




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