, the only WN video platform, is coming back!

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Ben Franklin was not just a slave-owning white supremacist but a nordicist, who wanted only northern European immigrants. In his 1750 essay, “America, a land of opportunity,” he asked why we should take “the tawny” when we can have an immigration policy of accepting only “the rosy”? But my full-length videos on the racial views of our Founding Fathers have had no webhost for over a year now. — a WN video platform — is however now coming back. It collapsed under hacks and a lack of financial support last year, despite my many dozens of appeals for aid.

Sonnenrad is IMO the only WN video hosting platform left anywhere on earth, and now it is coming back. (A German-Australian runs it.)

I have already been banned on LiveLeak and Vimeo, and am “shadow-banned” on YouTube.
That means the YT search engine does not take non-WNs to my videos, nor can non-WNs even see my comments. (Proof: They get no likes or any reactions, ever, not from normies.)
All my full-length videos, dozens, are in the Internet shadows.
Twitter is doing the same thing, shadow-banning.
ONLY people already on our wavelength, based on their WN-website viewing habits, can see our stuff.
So we end up merely “preaching to the choir.”
But things could get worse: an absolute ban on our videos, and not just on race, immigration, Islam, militant gays, transgenderism, the Jews, Adolf, the Holocaust…..
Vaccines, 9/11 truth, the USS Liberty, gun rights, the Solutreans (the first Americans were white, in 17,000 BC, and Indians wiped them out!), men’s rights, fluoride, chemtrails…..

With our own WN video platform, our videos on all these vital topics can be seen.


Constantin Von Hoffmeister Why don’t you put them on YouTube?

John de NugentConstantin Von Hoffmeister As my blog explains, YT bans them.

Constantin Von Hoffmeister How?

John de NugentConstantin Von Hoffmeister by deleting them

Constantin Von Hoffmeister Racist content, I guess. Just repost them under a different account.

John de Nugent They always claim some “third party copyright claim on music used in your video.” I refuse to play the delete-report-delete-repost game any longer.

My full-length videos are taken down in literally ONE SECOND.

They have “crawlers” that hunt for my full-length stuff and see my IP address, too.

I would not have sunk so much time and money into Sonnenrad in 2015-16 if Youtube were not an enemy of my videos. Only my short videos, with few views, are found on YT, and only when posted by others.

John de Nugent Facebook deleted yesterday my first emergency appeal for funds to avoid an electricity shutoff!


……..Contact and support

Financial transaction certified by and SSL certificate. 


I got a stay of execution by a partial payment of my electric bill. I need to pay another $90 by Friday. Can you help?

I need to get money to too.

If you look at my video page, 90% of my videos, some of very great values, are not available. You see just white spaces or gray boxes. Youtube has not just shadow-banned them, but actually taken them down, always claiming some musical copyright violation.

Videos of John de Nugent speaking

I am most proud of my massive video work on the real views of our American Founding Fathers on race. They all were white supremacists and white separatists,  especially Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.  

It is vital that our flag-waving police and military understand that American WNs are not borrowing ideas from some German dictator but standing up for the original American values of the founders of this nation!

Videos of John de Nugent speaking


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