Somalis prove race is not as important as religion

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As for the black race, the Somalis prove that religion is just as powerful, or more so, than DNA.

They are the LEAST African-looking, the least primitive, but the most atrocious, because of Islam. (When they rape white women, they often also cut off their clitoris!!!! That is what the term “African female circumcision” actually means!)

The Ethiopians and Eritreans look almost the same as the Somalis — but are Christians and act very differently. RELIGION TRANSFORMS PEOPLE. And Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog.

Minnesota Somalis, African muslims — a reign of terror and sexual harassment against whites by zero-skill parasites

Somali rapes two elderly German men, kills the wife of one — zombie public reaction is ZERO

EMERGENCY APPEAL; Crypto-Jew Minnesota governor Dayton slanders whites as “B+ citizens” and says “get out of the state” if you don’t like Muslim Somalis coming in

Somali muslims march, threatening kidnap and murder, through white liberal Minnesota neighborhood

Liberal male Norwegian politician so sad that Somali man who raped him is being deported

Somali rapes white female store clerk in Mapleton, South Dakota, yelling “Allahu Akbar”

Somali Rapes Dying Swedish Woman & Homeless Man — Beats Deportation; Connie Francis rape; TIME FOR THE AVENGERS

Judaism and Islam — blood brothers against Aryans; Swedish Resistance Movement booms



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We need an ARYAN religion to stop Judaism, Masonry and Islam! That is my mission!

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  1. Dear John,
    True, islam has the power to convert anybody into a mad dog.

    But unfortunately for us, things aren’t that simple.

    Take, for example, the jews and their talmud.

    You surely know about the atrocities taught in the Talmud.
    We say then: oh, it is the talmud that spoils the jews!

    But we tend to forget that while the Talmud makes the jew, the jew first made the Talmud!

    There is undoubtedly a racial component that determines behavioral tendencies.

    Same with islamics and their koran.

    To make things a bit more complicated, I suspect that those islamics that are beginning to make headlines everywhere are a special, “turbocharged” muslim, a kind being injected deliberately to bring about Albert Pike’s project for ww3.

    They might be specially trained or mind-controlled for a purpose.

    How do you explain a muslim that masturbates in public before a girl?

    A Little less likely factor, but still somewhat possible, is that several Middle Eastern countries are being liberated of their undesirables, including criminals, to alleviate a national problem, or even to prepare a relatively clean group of Middle Eastern countries in preparation for their inclusion into “Greater Israel”.

    You can be sure that jews will not want to have all that trash in their future enlarged homeland….



  2. And…let’s not let escape whites from this analysis.
    False christianity made “soldiers of Christ” out of them in order to have a killing orgy against other whites. It turned them into mad dogs the same as islam turns muslims into mad dogs.
    As for the racial component, i think it is there, too. Jews wouldnt do that to other jews,and here we have something we can actually admire them for.They dont massacre their own kind. Exemplary!!
    But whites in the worldwars acted like the biblical Caín.
    They might have a racial predisposition to be like Caín.

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