Somali Rapes Dying Swedish Woman & Homeless Man — Beats Deportation; Connie Francis rape; TIME FOR THE AVENGERS

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……Primal longings?

A video game

A bosomy, blue-eyed woman with armor and a huge, gleaming, deadly-looking (actually Spartan-shaped) sword … It seems to me like women consciously or unconsciously long for men to be men again, and be warriors….

And the women are RIGHT!



  • I have thought long and hard about my main message and mission…. and about the stupendously huge iceberg of covered-over rape and molestation in America ….. Something clicked in me while doing this blog, and I came to a new realization as to THE hot-button issue…. the most searing issue there is…. not 9/11 or the Holohoax, or anything like that….
  • John D. Nugent We humans are the only species that is ALWAYS in heat…. Funny as it sounds, if you think about it, it is true….
    Other “animals” are in heat a few times a year, but otherwise males and females ignore each other, and the female does all the child-rearing. Sex and gender differences, however, are central to this species, the human species….
  • John D. Nugent And rape is thus much worse than a beating, or even murder.. It is about taking away dignity…. and it is now becoming a nearly universal pain… I have been through it, as a child, and Margi too (twice 🙁 )
    I really think this is the volcano issue.
  • Aron Laukkanen Dolphins and even sea lions could breed all year long if they wanted


  • John D. Nugent The west is now ruled by a PLUTOPEDOPHILOCRACY:
  • John D. Nugent We are ruled by billionaire pedophiles!
  • John D. Nugent And the whole regime is based on blackmail!
  • John D. Nugent Because everyone is terrified to go to prison as a known child molester!
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  • Aron Laukkanen Yes, you are correct.
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  • John D. Nugent I corresponded with the prisoner who proudly murdered the defrocked Catholic priest John Geoghan in the Boston area, who molested 130 boys.
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  • John D. Nugent The guards let him in to do it!
  • John D. Nugent EVERYONE HATES CHILD MOLESTERS! Even the most pussy liberals!
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Somalian Man Who Raped Dying Swedish Woman & Homeless Man

Successfully Fights Deportation to Somalia & South Africa

-Prosecutor refuses to pursue extradition of rapist as Somali women need to be protected

-Update. Abdi Hakim Ali pleads with court not to send him back to either Somalia or South Africa as his life would be in danger. Seems he hates Africa & loves Sweden!


The Swedish Free Times originally reported that, “35-year-old Abdi Hakim Ali, 35, (updated) from Somalia, who the government only recently decided to name, was convicted of raping a dying woman in a garage in Stockholm on September 27, 2013. According to the prosecutor, the woman who was in the process of dying, died during the rape. Still, the man chose to continue the abuse, never thinking of helping her.

It transpired early in the morning of 27 September, 2013. The police received an alarm that the two men were having intercourse with a woman who was completely unconscious on the floor of a parking garage under the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan in Stockholm.

When police arrived at the scene they found a 34-year old man from Somalia, who was in the midst of an anal intercourse with the woman. Police checked the woman’s pulse and found that she was dead.

The man was arrested by police and detained two days later by the Stockholm District Court, on suspicion of aggravated rape. The prosecutor had asked for him to be arrested for murder, but the district court found that the evidence for the suspicion was not strong enough.”

And this was not his first time either. He has admitted raping several women, as well as a homeless man and has now been convicted three times for the offence. When asked why he partakes in such unsavoury activities, the man responded.

“I don’t know. It just happens. Life is life.”

In March the man-I feel nauseous calling this savage a man, was convicted of Rape and Violating the Peace of Death, and now faces a several years long vacation in a luxury Swedish prison, where he’ll have an IKEA  Hemnes bed, 3 squares a day and a boat load of tasty meatballs to enjoy. I’ve been told by our Anna, that said meatballs will be formed from certified Halal beef, and brought into Malmö Prison especially for men like this savage, from an Islamic butchers the government sources.

A Swedish girl in her native costume

swedish-girl-folk-headdress-floda-swedenAnd when he is released from prison he won’t be shipped back to his birthplace, Somalia, nor where he spent the vast majority of his formative years, South Africa, as the prosecutor handling Ali’s case has chosen not to pursue deportation. Why, pray tell?

Seems the man doesn’t like Africa. The Somalian man, prefers Sweden. The halal menu in prison, the cash hand-outs and the liberal love he’s received, not only from his victims, but society, since his arrival from the dark continent, may have something to do with his sentiment.

Hakim Ali’s attorney, provided for him free of charge by the Swedish state, claims that his client ‘is fearful for his safety in Somalia and South Africa.” That he left both countries to “escape violence.” He stated that his client and his family were targeted in South Africa and left because they feared for their lives. Seems the local Zulu’s aren’t too fond of Somalis.

Still, Ali’s disdain for Africa, and fear of being impaled by a panga, wasn’t the only argument accounted for in the prosecutor’s decision. It appears traitorous Prosecutor Jonsson has a soft spot for Somalian women.

“I do not understand why a Somali woman in that case would be less valuable than a Swedish woman in this context. He might commit crimes down there if he were to be deported..And then there is the issue of his own safety”, Prosecutor Jonsson wrote regarding his decision.

Yup. You heard that right. Sweden’s District prosecutor cares more for Somalian women than he does his own countrywomen.


The well-being of a ‘Somali woman’ in Mogadishu is equivalent to the life of a woman in the country he is paid to serve and women, protect. Our Anna Johansson writes that, “Swedes are typically nuts, but this  man’s decision to put a Somali woman’s life before ours takes the cake; even by Swedish standards of liberal lunacy. A man paid to serve Sweden, should put the life of a solitary Swedish squirrel before any Somali.”

Although the EKP do not condone racial hatred, facts are facts and the numbers simply NEVER lie. Blacks, and Islamic people regardless of racial background, are 23X more likely to commit violent crimes against their host nation’s population than non-Blacks and non-Islamic whites and Asians. In Sweden this has amounted to a veritable rape epidemic.

Sweden, once seen as the bastion of civility, now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which with a frequency of nearly 54 per 100,000, is almost seven times higher than the United States! and 20 times the European average!!

What makes this so tragic is that it has been facilitated by Swedes, some of whom are generally well-intentioned.

The evil on the left lecture us how in the interest of tolerance & its ugly stepsister political correctness, we are to accept things we know are morally wrong. Although the objectives of Cultural Marxism, Marxism in general, are far more sinister, for me being required to tolerate the intolerable by the invisible hand of political correctness, is just as unpalatable.

We are told that if we act in our own self interest, & someone gets offended in the process, that we have committed what amounts to a mortal sin. Worse still, is the fact that we are being forced to tolerate that which is intolerable, and embrace behaviours we know are morally wrong -and often times by the single least tolerant group of people on the face of the earth. Who might they be you ask?

We will leave you with a quote from the delightful Barbara Spectre, the American Jewess responsible for much of the madness.

barbara-spectre-quoteBarbara is set that European will embrace Islam, and mass third world immigration from Africa and the Mid East. She’s not been as active when it comes to seeing Israel follows suit. For more information please read, Who’s Behind the Islamification of Sweden? We will leave you with one of Ms Spectre’s quotes.

“Europe will not survive without Multiculturalism. We Jews will have a leading role in a country (Sweden) undergoing profound change” (ie Islamification, Africanization?)

“Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that transformation that must take place and are going to be resented because of our leading role…”  Barbara Lerner Spectre, founding director of Paideia, The European Institute for Jewish Studies.

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…..The Rape of Connie Francis


Connie Francis was a superstar Italian-American singer in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but a black racist raped and tortured her for three days in her motel room in 1974. (“Connie,” btw, was also my mother’s name….. and the first girl I had a crush on was Italian, a Lisa Versacci….)

The black openly told her it was his personal hate crime on her as a white woman.

From Wikipedia (

“1974–1981: Tragedy and return

After her modest success with “(Should I) Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree?” Francis began performing regularly again. While appearing at the Westbury Music Fair in New York, on November 8, 1974, Francis was raped at the Jericho Turnpike Howard Johnson’s Lodge and nearly suffocated to death under the weight of a heavy mattress the culprit had thrown upon her.[2] She subsequently sued the motel chain for failing to provide adequate security and reportedly won a $2.5 million judgment,[15] at the time one of the largest such judgments in history, leading to a reform in hotel security. Her rapist was never found.[16]”

No mention the perp was black, or that it was a hate crime, or the kinds of twisted, degrading sexual things he did to her. ‘Cuz that might be ”inflammatory.”

Dr. William Pierce ran all the details in his National Vanguard magazine, however….. to such a beautiful Italian-American girl with a sweet voice… She was so shook up, she did not perform for YEARS……….. “What’s Wrong with My World?”

…..Website visitors around the planet

18.1.2015 @ 17:54 : Köln, DE [COLOGNE, GERMANY]
Cologne Cathedral
18.1.2015 @ 17:50 : Riyadh, SA
18.1.2015 @ 17:49 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:49 : Brooklyn, New York, US
Brooklyn Heights “brownstones” (I lived near here in 1974-75)
18.1.2015 @ 17:47 : Germany, DE
18.1.2015 @ 17:47 : London, GB
18.1.2015 @ 17:45 : Chicago, Illinois, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:44 : Lyon, FR[ANCE]
18.1.2015 @ 17:44 : La Madeleine, FR
18.1.2015 @ 17:44 : Chicago, Illinois, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:43 : Poznan, PL
18.1.2015 @ 17:43 : Warsaw, PL
18.1.2015 @ 17:43 : Púchov, SK [SLOVAKIA]
18.1.2015 @ 17:37 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:35 : Switzerland, CH
18.1.2015 @ 17:35 : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:33 : Norderstedt, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
“‘The Wizard of Oz,” performed in Norderstedt (near Hamburg)
18.1.2015 @ 17:31 : Bielefeld, DE
18.1.2015 @ 17:31 : Aulum, DK
18.1.2015 @ 17:31 : Norderstedt, DE
18.1.2015 @ 17:28 : Riyadh, SA
18.1.2015 @ 17:28 : Northridge, California, US
18.1.2015 @ 17:23 : Cenkovce, SK [SLOVAKIA]
18.1.2015 @ 17:21 : Switzerland, CH
18.1.2015 @ 17:20 : Paris, FR
January 2014 parade “Jour de colère”: “French military: Overthrow this government!”
18.1.2015 @ 17:20 : Aldershot, GB
18.1.2015 @ 17:18 : Redmond, Washington, US

….Google search results on “JdN” hit new record — 4.9 million!


 … donate for a new Aryan religion that will transform Whites from cowards to heroes!

…..The name of this religion….

How do these Somalians even get to Sweden? The nation is broke, racked by civil war, and Sweden is 11,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) away.

But there is money to be made flying them, and social workers and bureaucracies to make money showing them all their benefits (up to 3,000 euros/dollars a month).

When people know all this is wrong, but also see an every-man-for-himself situation or mood, or the bribe is huge, or the blackmail is devastating, or all of these come together —AND THERE IS NO AVENGER — 90% fall into line, take the money and say nothing…. then go home and drink their guilt away.

Still, only a literal pedophile and/or satanist can say what that prosecutor Jonsson said… As a prosecutor, he knows exactly what kind of a crime wave Somalians cause. He knows they will rape, torture and kill Swedish women.

(In fact, a Finn told me of a case where laughing Somalis raped a Finnish woman and then cut off with scissors her clitoris, you know, “African circumcision,” it is called…..)

People have no idea the Somalis do not “just” rape……………

There is no species of liberalism conceivable that can justify what he prosecutor said. That is a man who consciously sold his soul to the devil. Because you couldn’t fabricate that level of lunacy.


sociopath-next-door-cover-, martha-stout

We must face the relentless, merciless fact:

We live in a cryptoplutopedophilocracy ;)…. the secret rule by RICH, protected child molesters:

Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Bushes, Ken Starr, “Prince” Andrew, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, Donald Trump — all involved in Jeffrey Epstein mega-pedophile scandal


Top Zionist lawyer, anti-antisemite, and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz




Prince Andrew and the American sex-slave girl Virginia Roberts,

whom Epstein “rented out” to him for especially cruel, sadistic sex games


Shocking new video from Florida.



Florida School for Boys

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Florida School for Boys
Florida Industrial School for Boys Marianna.jpg
Postcard illustration, date unknown
Marianna, Florida, United States
Coordinates 30°45′36″N 85°15′18″WCoordinates: 30°45′36″N 85°15′18″W
School type Reform school
Established January 1, 1900
Opened 1900
Status For sale
Closed June 30, 2011
Gender Male
Age 8 to 21
Enrollment 100-564
Campus size 159 acres (64 ha)
Campus type Rural

The Florida School for Boys, also known as the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys (AGDS), was a reform school operated by the state of Florida in the panhandle town of Marianna from January 1, 1900, to June 30, 2011.[1][2] For a time, it was the largest juvenile reform institution in the United States.[3] A second campus was opened in the town of Okeechobee in 1955.

Throughout its 111-year history, the school gained a reputation for abuse, beatings, rapes, torture, and even murder of students by staff.

Despite periodic investigations, changes of leadership, and promises to improve, the allegations of cruelty and abuse continued. Many of the allegations were confirmed by separate investigations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2010 and the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice in 2011.[4] State authorities closed the school permanently in June 2011.

On August 6, 2013, Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet issued a permit allowing University of South Florida anthropologists and archaeologists to excavate and examine the remains of any and all boys buried at the Dozier site.[37] Exhumations began on August 31; according to an Associated Press report:[38]

Robert Straley, a spokesman for the White House Boys, said the school segregated white and black inmates and that the remains are located where black inmates were held. He suspects there is another white cemetery that hasn’t been discovered. “I think that there are

at least 100 more bodies up there”,


he said. “At some point they are going to find more bodies, I’m dead certain of that. There has to be a white graveyard on the white side.”

Bones, teeth and artifacts from grave sites were sent to the University of North Texas Health Science Center for DNA testing. In January 2014 the University of South Florida announced that excavations have yielded remains of 55 bodies, almost twice the number official records say are there.[39][40]

By 26 September 2014 the remains of three boys, George Owen Smith (reported missing since 1940), Thomas Varnadoe (reportedly died of pneumonia in 1934) and Earl Wilson (died in 1944), had been identified.[41]


And the entire elite controls each other by interlocking, mutual blackmail for sex crimes against children. (this is also why the Catholic Chr8uch can never be purified from within… It can only be dismantled from without. The priests have dirt on the bishops, who have dirt on the cardinals, and vice versa.

The daughter of a US Army warrant officer told me her father got out after 20 years because “he couldn’t stand all the homosexuals among the top brass.” And that was twenty years ago!)

Sometimes I think my new religion should have this admittedly rather long name:

“The Avengers of Women and Children.”

For short, “the Avengers”!

I do like it actually, as it can include everyone with a noble heart, with a knightly nature, Whites, and Blacks and all other races whose actions prove sincerity.


There is nothing more primal and animal than sex, and our right to enjoy it as part of fun and love, the procreating, under God’s miraculous power, of the new generation of humanity.

Sex must not be a searing instrument of TORTURE and MISERY.

And there is no more basic instinct than to protect our children, and then all children, from harm. So they grow up with love, and protected.

Wehrmacht soldiers comfort a little Ukrainian girl


Adolf Hitler loved children. Mussolini wrote his mistress, Clara Petacci, that Hitler was “sentimental” — he teared up when he saw kids.




Women and children cried with joy when they saw him after years of hunger, terror and despair under judeo-“democracy”.

And men became HEROES! Hitler brought out the greatness IN them!

GERMAN GIRLS and MEN after the staggering German victories of 1939-40


How heart-rending to see a child suffer. A vile Jewess named GREENBERG does paintings of white children crying.



But hey, all white kids, for GREENBERG, are Nazis deep-down….


They want our children to suffer. Because they are DEVILS!

crying little blond girl

And I can assure you of this: As a survivor myself,  I will neither forget nor forgive. I had nightmares until I was 49, and they stopped only because I finally got counseling, and it was very painful counseling. No real man, especially a Marine and son of a Marine, wants to recall times when he was small, powerless, degraded, humiliated, verbally, physically, and sexually abused, stomped into the ground, made catatonic with terror — and his innocence and childhood taken from him.


I asked a survivor of a horrific foster home how he felt about the possible new name, the Avengers of Women and Children:

[19:41:50] RD: Yeah.
[19:42:31] John  de Nugent: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like it?
[19:42:45] John  de Nugent: “The Avengers”
[19:47:21] RD: Sounds good — 10.
[19:54:01] John  de Nugent: YOU MEAN IT? Please tell me how it makes you feel. I am asking because the name of this religion is as important as the content.
[19:54:55] RD: Unbridled, John, with all my heart.

The flag has always been both a flower and a spear. The flower is our women and children, and the spear our necessary vengeance. Because vengeance is ALL the psychopath understands, the consequences to HIM, his own agony.

Let us give him what he needs!


As I write in the end of this blog, regarding little Mary Phagan, molested and strangled in 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia by the Jew Leo Frank (

Anyone who understands the strategy of Talmudic Jewry sees that trashing our heroes and spitting on all that to us is holy and revered is the core of the psychological war upon us!

To sadistically break our pride!

Every goy man a disarmed slave, every gentile lady a humiliated slut!

confederate-memorial-day-honored-in-charleston-scIt all reminds me of the searing question found in the great  song “Ah, may the red rose live alway”… by the great Irish-American composer Stephen Foster [photo], born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Stephen_FosterHis keltic musical genius also gave us the national classics “I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair,” “Camptown Races,” “Old Susanna,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” “Gentle Annie,” and “My Old Kentucky Home.”

Here now is “Ah, may the red rose live alway!” with the question we all must answer…. sung by Thomas Hampson (

Here are the lyrics to “Ah, may the red rose live alway”

Ah! may the red rose live alway,
To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?
Lending her charm to ev’ry ray
That falls on her cheek of light,
Giving the breezes kiss for kiss,
And nursing the dewdrops bright.
Ah! May the red rose live alway,
To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?
Long may the daisies dance the field,
Frolicking far and near!
Why should the innocent hide their heads!
Why should the innocent fear?
Spreading their petals in mute delight
When morn in its radiance breaks,
Keeping a floral festival
Till the night loving primrose wakes….
Ah! May the red rose live alway,
To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?

During this radio show, where I am interviewed by host Tom Metzger, from exactly 23:03 to 24:20, Margaret Huffstickler, of Keltic ancestry like Stephen Foster and Mary Phagan….sings the first verse of this poignant song. Why indeed should the BEAUTIFUL be the the ones dying, why are  INNOCENT the ones fearing and hiding their heads?

And not the WICKED? The answer to that is in OUR HANDS, to take action!  23:03 to 24:20

Margi, who knows too what rape is, with me, overlooking Lake Superior in Upper Michigan…..


This is a battle between good and evil,

and I thank God that our mission is clear.

We must destroy them — before they destroy us.

My video on the movie “Machete”: (

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