Solutrea — to prevent more von Brunn tragedies

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I was saddened to hear of the death of James von Brunn in federal custody, and I told the Associated Press reporter who called me yesterday that “now we will never know the whole story of what really happened.”

I don’ feel like reviewing the dismal story, in which both an innocent black security guard at the Washington DC Holocaust Museum, Stephen Johns, a family man, was killed, and Mr. von Brunn as well, after six months, from his wounds and from old age, at 89.

I only remember him from a few phone conversations as an idealistic yet angry and bitter older man — and fiercely anti-Christian — who was petrified that Whites would not wake up in time.  I had heard he was unhappy staying with his liberal son, and offered him to stay with us for a spell. I can assure you that had he said yes, the June 2009 tragedy at the museum would never have happened.

In particular, Mr. von Brunn was furious at Jews for running and ruining our nation. So what is the point of shooting a black man?

Fate decided that on the very day that he died, the transcript of the Alan Colmes radio show last June 6th where I discussed the James von Brunn case and white preservationism — was being finished by a bright young Eternal Solutrean volunteer named Greg, who spent many hours typing out my and Alan Colmes’ fast and furious debate. You’ll see — the fur was flying.

Here it is now, this sophisticated slugfest with one of the most quick-witted Jews on radio or TV today, and after that come some remarks by others about the debate and my own comments on my strategy.

As for James von Brunn, let me say this: he tried by his act to strike a symbolic blow against the enemy of our people. I believe he harmed our cause as well as taking an innocent life. But I respect at least this — his courageous willingness, and that of any man, to sacrifice his life for his ideals, as I respect any man of any race or cause, including even Martin Luther King, who knew he was about to be assassinated and spoke of it — and in fact was killed the day after his fateful “Mountaintop” speech in Memphis in 1968.

And now, as the late James von Brunn, decorated PT boat captain in WWII, an accomplished writer and painter, and angry gunman, passes into history — may God judge his soul — here is both the transcript and the mp3 audiofile of my battle with the Jewish media host Alan Colmes over him, over Jewish guilt in America’s crisis, and over our sacred cause, white survival.

Jim, I wish you had been a Solutrean. This will be a long twilight struggle — with the other Tribe.

Picture from his website

* * *

ALAN COLMES SHOW June 16, 2009 with guest John de Nugent


Audiofile to listen to:  JdN_20090616_AlanColmes.mp3

COLMES: I’m Alan Colmes, I want to welcome John de Nugent to our microphone. He is a white separatist, and had some dealings with the man who shot at the Holocaust Museum, von Brunn, James von Brunn. Mr. de Nugent, thank you for coming on.

JDN: Thank you very much! Bonsoir à mes camarades francophones, {“Good evening to my French-speaking comrades”], Guten Abend allen deutschsprachigen Kameraden [same in German], Buenas tardes a todos los camaradas españoles [and in Spanish]. That was a greeting to my Solutrean comrades all around the world in French, German, and Spanish, and I greet you too, Alan Colmes, and I’m very glad you’re no longer working with that windbag, Sean Hannity.

COLMES: Well, first of all, let’s leave him out of it. I’m so delighted to hear a white separatist immerse himself in such multiculturalism, it’s, uh, fantastic.

JDN: [Laughs] Well these are all Aryan languages. When Mexican [mestizo]s speak Spanish in this country, they should be speaking Aztec, but they are using the advanced white language of Spain because Spain brought an advanced culture to Mexico.

COLMES: Uh – huh, well let’s get a few things straight here, first of all, I know that you use the term “white separatist” and not “white supremacist.” I know that’s a big issue for you —

JDN: It is.

COLMES: – if you are a white separatist, that means you would like to be separate from the other races, probably because you think whites are superior??

JDN: Oh, absolutely! The fact is that most races are white supremacists because everywhere in the world people are streaming, by millions of immigrants, into every white country they can. They are getting into shipping containers, they are getting into the wheel wells of 747 jets, they are crawling through the deserts of Mexico to get out of their Third World country — to get into Germany, Sweden, Russia, France, Canada, Australia, so all these non-white people themselves are white supremacists.

COLMES: My point is, if you think being white is better, wouldn’t that make you a white supremacist, and not just a white separatist?

JDN: No, not at all, because you’re talking about a slave owner sipping his mint julep while the black folks work out in the fields. We totally reject that. We want the same thing that Jewish people wanted, such as Theodore Hertzl, and you’re Jewish, they wanted a separate homeland where they would be safe from persecution. And that was the Zionist dream. I am an Aryan Zionist, I want a place where there can be White Heritage and Safety Zones where we will toil in our own fields, we will do our own back-breaking labor, we will raise our own kids, and we will have local control of our TV, and our music, and our movies, and police, and our economy, and we will control who immigrates —

COLMES: I’ve got a white-only area for you, the Republican party! Just kidding, that was a little joke there, but —

JDN: Well, actually, you know, the fact of the matter is [that] the Republican Party is the closet white party in this country. If they would recognize this fact, then they would be victorious.

COLMES: Alright, but if you believe in white culture, just to settle this part of the issue for a second, if you believe in white culture being supreme, if you believe it’s better being white, that whites have it over others —

JDN: No, it’s better for white people to be white! [laughs]

COLMES: You want to be separate because you think you are better than people who are of other backgrounds and cultures, and that level of pride would indicate that separatism is very close to supremacism, although you don’t like to call it that obviously.

JDN: Now, why do you Jews call yourselves “the Chosen People”?

COLMES: Well, I’ll tell you why, and I’m not particularly comfortable with that, uh —

JDN: But you do.

COLMES: phrase. Well, I don’t call myself — by the way I love when you call me “you Jews” — but uh, I uh —

JDN: Aren’t you Jewish?

COLMES: I am, but I’m not “you Jews.” My name is Alan. However —

JDN: Oh, I see.

COLMES: I — the Chosen People means —

JDN: God chose you, or you say God chose you.

COLMES: No, that’s not what I’m saying,.You’re answering me a question that I’m about to answer you. The Chosen People means that in many instances God has chosen Jews to suffer. God chose Jews to be persecuted. God chose Jews to go through all kinds of problems and suffering and survive in spite —

JDN: Oh, “persecutions”?

COLMES: Yes, in spite of the fact that they have gone through things like the Holocaust and have gone through all kinds of — and thrown out of almost every country they’ve gone to —

JDN: Well, why is it that no — you know, I had a girl in Junior High School —

COLMES: Good for you.

JDN: And I was acting like a jerk. and she said to me, “Oh sure, John, you’re right and all the world’s wrong!” Well, why is it that Jews have been expelled from every country they’ve ever entered?

COLMES: Bigotry.

JDN: Oh bigotry — so the whole world is wrong and the Angelic Jews…. Let me ask you about some Jews, and I think you should —

COLMES: By the way, it’s great to be a guest on your show. Go ahead, keep asking me questions.

JDN: Well, I’ve been on the radio plenty myself, so as —

COLMES: Go ahead. I love being a guest on your program.

JDN: [laughs] OK, I would like you, as an honest Jewish person — I admire a lot of your journalism, and puncturing of Sean Hannity —

COLMES: I’m not “puncturing” anybody, I’m not even a journalist I’m a talkshow host, but go ahead.

JDN: And you were a stand-up comedian when you started. I know; I’ve read.

COLMES: Oh so you did a little googl[ing] —

JDN: Yes I Wikipedia’d you. But I think the Jewish people should take some responsibility for the people who have caused the global depression we are entering now, the sub-prime mortgage phenomena was invented by a French Jew; then Barney Franks failed to oversee the sub-prime mortgage crisis —

COLMES: Of course, the Jew, the Jew Barney Franks —

JDN: Bernard Madoff stole fifty billion dollars —

COLMES: Let’s just single out the Jews.

JDN: Goldman —

COLMES: Let’s just single out the Jews.

JDN: I am – because they are the reason why this man [von Brunn ] snapped the other day.

COLMES: Look, it’s great —

JDN: Goldman Sachs….

COLMES: Wait a minute, you’re talking about the man — let’s get back, hold on for just one second, first of all, welcome to the Jew media —

JDN: [laughs]

COLMES: The man who snapped the other day, the man with whom you’ve had contact, James von Brunn, snapped because of the Jews?

JDN: There is a tremendous realization, as you see an endless parade of Jewish Wall Street names with mega-meltdowns on Wall Street, for example, Hank Greenberg, who —

COLMES: Oh another Jew! That’s a Jew name isn’t it?

JDN: Oh, Greenberg sorry, Greenberg’s Irish, my mistake

COLMES: Well it has Green in it —

JDN: [laughs] Well he took a lot of green – and the US tax payer is paying one hundred and fifty billion dollars —

COLMES: Well it’s interesting that you, that you — like to single out the Jews as if nobody else was running the country — we didn’t have Bush in office, we didn’t have Cheney in office —

JDN: They merely —

COLMES: It’s only the Jews who are the problem. But let me, let’s get to the issue at hand here. How well did you know, and on what level did you interact with James von Brunn?

JDN: I started receiving his e-mails about two years ago/ You know, suddenly you [get an] email and somebody’s sending you stuff; I never met the man, I’ve talked to him three or four times. I’ve called him a couple of times over the last six months; the last time was maybe two and a half weeks ago,

COLMES: What would you guys talk about?

JDN: Well, we talked about strategies for white survival, and he wasn’t talking any kind of violent talk, and I didn’t even read all of his emails, but I was concerned at the very end because there was a violent tone to his emails, and what alarmed me a little bit — but then I thought, maybe it’s nothing — was, he’d given away his computer. And for a man with a website and e –mail, —

COLMES: So you’ve — he was planning to do something?

JDN: Well, looking back now, I realize it, but I also thought he was like just so many other people… I had so many persons tell me: “I don’t even watch the news anymore, it’s so depressing, it’s all rigged and I can’t do anything about it.”

I thought he was [just] burned out and he didn’t want to bother himself — I mean, he was 89. Maybe he would try to enjoy life. And uh, then when I saw the news on the Internet, “Elderly Man/Holocaust Museum” I said “Oh my God,” and that’s what he did.

Now, something like this was wrong — and by the way now, the facts on this are very murky, because I have right on my website, you can go to my blog, and there was a young girl who was interviewed by CNN and she said that she saw one security guard shoot the other guard [Stephen Johns].

COLMES: I see, so it is your, and I’ve read what you’ve written about this, it’s your contention that your acquaintance, Mr. von Brunn, did not shoot the guard, but that it was friendly fire that killed the guard?

JDN: Well, it’s possible — I mean, friendly fire does happen, in other words —

COLMES: Well, it sounds like you’re making excuses for him.

JDN: No, I’m not at all, because if he did it, well look, he went in with a gun, either to shoot a Jewish person or to shoot a black person or something. I condemn everything from the moment he got in that car with that gun — he was a convicted felon, shouldn’t have even had a gun — everything he did was wrong, and it was wrong to that poor black man who was a family man, he had children; it was wrong for —

COLMES: Do you believe that he did not kill that black man?

JDN: I think we’ll have to wait to find out —

COLMES: You’re not sure that he killed him?

JDN: No, I think it’s murky, like the Kennedy Assassination. Who really believes the Warren Cmmission report?

COLMES: Well, I think there may be some eyewitnesses here, but, so you don’t believe his intent was to go to the Holocaust Museum and shoot anybody?

JDN: Well, I think, I believe it’s possible his intent was —

COLMES: He wasn’t going there to see the exhibits, right?

JDN: No, in 1981 he tried to arrest the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System —

COLMES: Correct, and he was arrested for kidnapping.

JDN: Right, and he did six and a half years.

COLMES: Yes, of a twelve year sentence.

JDN: This was a man who did not harm anybody the first time, now, it’s possible he went in there to abduct some of the Jewish officials at this so-called Holocaust Museum —

COLMES: So an 89-year-old guy with a gun goes into the Holocaust Museum and thinks he’s going to abduct Jewish officials?

JDN: Well, I don’t know. The facts of the matter is that the man was at the end of his tether, he had his Social Security cut in half by the government, he felt, in retaliation for his website. An awful lot of white people are afraid to speak their mind —

COLMES: Are you suggesting he was justified?

JDN: No, not at all. In fact it was not only morally wrong, but it was a catastrophe for the cause of white safety, because it makes us all look like we’re violent hotheads.

COLMES: It doesn’t do your cause much justice, does it?

JDN: All I can say is, he was a World War II vet, he was a captain on a PT boat just like John Kennedy, he fought for his country —

Artist sketch of James von Brunn at his hearing in September 2009

COLMES: I don’t think he was much like John Kennedy; he may have been a PT boat captain.

JDN: Well John Kennedy was a rabid antisemite as I’m sure you —

COLMES: No, no, no, there’s no evidence of that —

JDN: In his diary, he said Hitler was a great man. [;

Institute for Historical Review

Institute for Historical Review

Kennedy’s 1945 Visit to Germany

In late July and early August 1945, just weeks after the end of the war in Europe, the 28-year-old John F. Kennedy visited war-devastated Germany. Accompanying him on this tour was US Navy Secretary James Forrestal (whom President Truman later appointed as the first Secretary of Defense).

Kennedy recorded his experiences and observations in a diary that was not made public until just a few years ago. (It was published under the title Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy, Summer 1945 [Washington, DC: Regnery, 1995].)

These diary entries show the youthful Kennedy’s wide-ranging curiosity and eye for telling detail — attributes that were also manifest in his two best-selling books, While England Slept (1940) and Profiles in Courage. Earlier in 1945, he had attended the opening session of the United Nations organization in San Francisco, and had visited Britain to view the parliamentary election campaign, covering both events as a journalist for the Hearst newspaper chain.

In Berlin, Kennedy noted upon his arrival there on July 28, “The devastation is complete. Unter den Linden [boulevard] and the streets are relatively clear, but there is not a single building which is not gutted. On some of the streets the stench — sweet and sickish from dead bodies — is overwhelming.” For the Berlin population, he reported, “The basic ration is 1 1/2 pounds a day — approximately 1,200 calories (2,000 considered by the health authorities for normal diet — the ration is only 900 calories in Vienna).”

Kennedy made several diary references to the ferocity of the Soviet Russian occupation of Germany. “The Russians moved in with such violence at the beginning — stripping factories and raping women — that they alienated the German members of the Communistic Party, which had some strength in the factories.”

“Raping and looting” by Soviet troops “was general,” Kennedy also reported. “What they didn’t take, they destroyed.” Elsewhere he wrote: “The Russians have pretty well plundered the country, have been living off it … The Russians have been taking all the able-bodied men and women and shipping them away.”

Lieutenant John Fitzgerald Kennedy. His father was very antisemitic:,_Sr. section “Kennedy’s Arrant Anti-Semitism”

He also took note of the impact of the devastating British-American air attacks: “According to our naval experts, the bombing of Germany was not effective in stopping their production, and production increased three-fold during 1942-1944.” Right until the end, Kennedy also reported, an adequate food distribution was maintained in the German capital: “The feeding in Berlin was extremely well organized, even in the most severe blitz.”

Ordinary Germans, he reported at another point, “did not realize what was going on in the concentration camps.”

Kennedy and Forrestal also visited Bremen, an important north German industrial and commercial center, and a major port city. As Kennedy reported, the Russians were not the only occupation forces to carry out wide-scale looting in Germany: “The British had gone into Bremen ahead of us — and everyone was unanimous in their description of British looting and destruction, which had been very heavy. They had taken everything which at all related to the sea — ships, small boats, lubricants, machinery, etc.”

He also noted misdeeds of US troops. “Americans looted town [Bremen] heavily on arrival,” he wrote. “People do not seem to realize,” he added, “how fortunate they have been in escaping the Russians. As far as looting the homes and the towns, however, the British and Americans have been very guilty.”

In Bremen, Kennedy wrote, the Germans’ diet “is about 1,200 calories — ours being 4,000.” In spite of everything, “none of the [American] officers and men here seem to have any particular hate for the Germans.”

Kennedy met and spoke with US Navy officials in Bremen. Because he had been commander of an American torpedo boat in the Pacific — the famous PT-109 — he had a special interest in the German counterpart — the Schnellboot or “E boat.” After looking into the matter in some detail, Kennedy concluded that the German version was “far superior to our PT boat.”

Hitler’s Place in History

After Bremen and Bremerhaven, Kennedy and Forrestal flew to Bavaria, where they visited the town of Berchtesgaden and then drove up to Hitler’s mountain retreat, which was “completely gutted, the result of an air attack from 12,000 pound bombs by the R.A.F. [British air force] in an attempt on Hitler’s life.” They then ascended to Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” lair high in the mountains.

Just after this visit, Kennedy wrote a remarkable commentary in his diary, dated August 1, 1945, about Hitler and his place in history:

After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.

He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

Less than a year after this European tour, Kennedy was elected to Congress in Massachusetts, beginning a political career that took him to the White House, and which ended suddenly with his death on November 22, 1963.


COLMES: And it sounds to me that you’re trying to justify some of your own views by tying in John F. Kennedy, now, come on.

JDN: In fact, John F. Kennedy, if you go to my website, —

COLMES: [laughing] I think that’s enough about the website…..

JDN: You’ll find out more about the fact that there is a strong, strong body of thought that says that Israel killed John F. Kennedy

COLMES: Well, you say a body of thought, I mean, a body of thought among white separatists perhaps, but not a body of thought among mainstream journalists, so let’s consider the source here, which would be you.

JDN: Half the country doesn’t even believe what’s in the mainstream media, they go to the Internet and on the Internet you’ll find —

COLMES: The Internet is the mainstream media.

JDN: The Internet is now full of truth.

COLMES: Right, well there’s lots of stuff on the Internet. Now, we’re going to take a quick break, and we’ll come back with John de Nugent. Uh, that’s a German name right?

JDN: [laughs] pronounces French style] “de Nuzhaw,” monsieur.

COLMES: Oh, it’s a French, a French name.

JDN: Yes.

COLMES: Alright, he is a white separatist — are you a member of any of these groups, don’t you post on Stormfront, that vicious anti-black, anti- —

JDN: I was banned from Stormfront, I was banned from Stormfront.

COLMES: Why is that?

JDN: I was banned from Stormfront after I was defamed as a “homosexual” – and I objected strongly to that.

COLMES: Are you a homosexual?

JDN: [laughs] I was molested as a child. There is nothing I loathe more than homosexuality — although I don’t hate homosexuals —

COLMES: You loathe them — but are you gay yourself?

JDN: [laughs] I’ve been married twice and have two children, so I don’t know, you can sleuth that out.

COLMES: No, I’m just wondering, since you brought it up, are you gay or not?

JDN: Am I gay? “Gay” means “happy”…

COLMES: Are you a homosexual?

JDN: No, I’m not a homosexual.

COLMES: Alright, we’ll come right back with John de Nugent, 877-4-ALAN.

COLMES: [Hebrew wedding clarinet music Hava Nagila is playing] Hey John, do you want to sing along? Hava Nagila, Hava Nagila …’re not singing!

JDN: You’re a good pillpuller [Talmudic debater] there Alan, you’re a good debater.

COLMES: Don’t you want to sing Hava Nagila with me?

JDN: Hah, actually, it’s a beautiful song..I’ve actually inadvertently dated two Jewish girls —

COLMES: “Inadvertently” being the key word.

JDN: Well, it wasn’t fair to their religion. It’s forbidden in the Jewish religion to marry outside of your religion —

COLMES: Oh really? Because I’m married to a Catholic woman… Does that mean —

JDN: Well you’re a bad Jew, you’re a bad Jew.

COLMES: Having you call me a bad Jew is a badge of honor.

JDN: Well the fact of the matter is, every rabbi says, and I agree with them, that there should be no assimilation because the Jewish people will [otherwise] disappear, and what we want is for the white people around the world to be proud of their heritage and —

COLMES: I can’t get you to sing Hava Nagila a little bit with me?

JDN: Well my fiancée has a beautiful voice…..

COLMES: Oh you’re married, I mean engaged rather —

JDN: I can put her on the phone —

COLMES: That’s alright. Here is a comment you made when you posted to You said “Our comments on this shooting,” [and] you said this about the shooting at the museum,

“[We] must place the onus where it belongs, on the menace that Barack Obama,” actually you refer to him as Barack Hussein Obama, “and his terrifying Jewish clique represent to many millions of law-abiding white people, and it is the real threat of Obama that is driving more and more sincere whites to snap and take wrong and desperate measures.”

That sounds like you’re blaming Barack Obama for what von Brunn allegedly did?

JDN: I absolutely am blaming this Barack Hussein Obama, who cannot even produce a birth certificate —

COLMES: Oh stop it, don’t go off into crazyland! His birth certificate has been provided by the State of Hawaii —

JDN: No it hasn’t, only a computer print out —

COLMES: Let’s not even go there – because that’s not even the point of this interview and it’s so far out of the mainstream it is ridiculous.

JDN: Oh, no it’s not. Everybody in Pennsylvania’s heard of it —

COLMES: Yeah, they’ve heard about it, you’re in La-La-Land with that, sir.

JDN: Well, it’s just like when we had integration in the Sixties, which you, and Abby Hoffman, and Jerry Reuben, and all your Jewish friends —

COLMES: All my Jewish friends?

JDN: We would have a “racial paradise” —

COLMES: In fact, Jerry and I would get together and sing Hava Nagila on a nightly basis.

JDN: And then the “Chosen People” agreed that America should be integrated. We would be a happy paradise.

COLMES: Wait a minute, we’re getting off the beaten path here.

JDN: Oh, you don’t like my path?

COLMES: No no no, well, I don’t like your path at all, but how is it that Barack Obama is somehow culpable in the alleged act of James von Brunn?

JDN: Because first of all he has lied about everything! He promised change —

COLMES: What does that — how does that cause a guy to go shoot at a Holocaust Museum?

JDN: Because everything about him is one big lie.

COLMES: How is that responsible for a man taking a gun and shooting a guard in the Holocaust Museum?

JDN: He sat there for 20 years in the pew while from the pulpit the Reverend Jeremiah Wright said “God daaaamn America.” []

[add pic]

COLMES: Wait a second, and that is why James von Brunn took a gun to the Holocaust Museum, because of Barack Obama sitting in a pew?

JDN: In a black nationalist church —

COLMES: And that’s why a guy takes a gun to the Holocaust Museum?

JDN: Because people who are educating themselves realize he is a black nationalist, he is an anti-white racist —

COLMES: Wait, that makes it okay that von Brunn did what he allegedly did?

JDN: What Barack Obama needs to do is he needs to calm white fears about him, which are omnipresent in our nation —

COLMES: Wait a minute, if there’s so much white fear about Barack Obama, how did he get elected?

JDN: He got elected, first of all, well, only 32% of white people voted for him, and now it’s probably only 25%.

COLMES: You know,’s Barack Obama’s fault that von Brunn did whatever he did?

JDN: We get no choices every four years! We get two puppets, we get two white-skinned puppets, and now we get a white skinned and a —

COLMES: So in other words it’s not the white supremacist or the white, in your case “separatist” movement, or people like Stormfront or you know, those other websites, or the hatred or separatism put forth by your groups, had nothing to do with it –it was Barack Obama that caused this man to do what he did.

JDN: Everywhere I go around the United States, and I give speeches all over, white people are terrified of this man because he breaks his word. He promised change and there’s been no change except shoveling more money to Jewish billionaires

COLMES: But you’re not answering my question. I want it to be very clear that you are stating that Barack Obama is personally responsible for what this guy did.

JDN: Barack Obama needs to address the fear —

COLMES: No no no, yes or no, Barack Obama’s responsible for what this guy —

JDN: Why, are you some sort of prosecutor, “yes or no”?

COLMES: Yes, I’m prosecuting you.

JDN: No, I’ll answer your twisted questions the way I want to answer them.

COLMES: What’s twisted about asking you a very simple question? “Is Barack Obama responsible for what James von Brunn did?” Yes or no? That’s not twisted.

JDN: The direct decision was by this individual I’ve never met, James von Brunn, and very few people who are in the white survival movement are violent. I would tell you of one thousand people in the white survival movement — I’ve been in this movement for 31 years — the crime rate is ten times higher among big city blacks than among white nationalists.

COLMES: You don’t like black people, obviously —

JDN: Actually, I like black people, I don’t want black people to invade my neighborhood, destroy my schools

COLMES: Who do you dislike more, blacks or Jews?

JDN: I believe that black people have a wonderful joie de vivre [French: “ability to enjoy life”], they have gifts. Jewish people have gifts — science, music, money making. Music also, by the way…

COLMES: Who do you like — who do you hate more, blacks or Jews?

JDN: Well, I don’t know, lets ask that question to Baruch Goldstein – [Goldstein gunned down 29 Palestinians while praying in the second-holiest mosque in Islam, the Dome of the Rock, on February 25, 1994, on the Jews’ infamous Purim Day. Wikipedia ( “Israeli press reports stated that Goldstein refused to treat non-Jews, even those serving in the IDF, [Israeli “Defense” Forces], and this was reflected in comments by his acquaintances.”]

COLMES: Can’t I get one direct answer to a simple question — do you like blacks or Jews more?

JDN: For different things —

COLMES: Let me put it this way, if you had a black or a Jew live next to you, one or the other move next door, which would you prefer?

JDN: As long as he’s peaceful, a black person.

COLMES: Why would you prefer a black person move next door to you to a Jew?

JDN: Because a black person will not try to take over my life.

COLMES: But a Jewish neighbor will?

JDN: Jewish people —

COLMES: What are you, afraid you might be invited to a Shabbos [Sabbath] dinner or what?

JDN: Jewish people take over our economy, they take over Wall Street, they take over our movies, they take over our music. [Former president] Jimmy Carter said they’ve taken over our foreign policy –

[General discussion:]

COLMES: Yes, so in other words, if a Jew lived next door, you’re afraid they would take over your house, or…

JDN: In fact, Alan Dershowitz boasted that he kept Jimmy Carter off of the platform at the Democratic National Convention, a Nobel Prize Winner, President of the United States, he boasted of his power.


“In an interview with Shalom TV, the Harvard Law School professor says he “pushed” Barack Obama “very hard to make that decision,” Dershowitz said in an interview with Shalom TV. “Barack Obama had to make a choice between his Jewish supporters and his anti-Israel supporters like Jimmy Carter, and he did not choose Jimmy Carter. And that was an embarrassment for Jimmy Carter and a show of disrespect…..It was a good decision, a wise decision, a moral decision,” Dershowitz added. Carter did appear in the convention hall after a video of the former prersident helping with Katrina relief was shown at the Denver gathering. But he did not make any remarks from the podium.]

COLMES: So you’d rather have a black next door to you than a Jew —

JDN: Don’t you remember that, that Alan Dershowitz boasted, he kept the President of the United States ,Jimmy Carter —

COLMES: We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll open up our phones when we get back. […] We’ll come back, get you a nice brisket, John de Nugent, white separatist, in correspondence with James von Brunn at one point […]

[“Beef Brisket” is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest made popular by Ashkenazi/European Jews. Brisket is a popular Jewish holiday main course usually served at Rosh Hashannah, Passover, and Shabbat.]

COLMES: I’m Alan Colmes, white separatist John de Nugent is with us….Before we get to our phones here […] you want a white separate economy, a white separate government in general…. If you’re not going to get it politically, would you achieve it by force?

JDN: Oh we definitely want to achieve it politically. Look, the seven great states of the Confederacy with two great generals — well, three, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest —

COLMES: Yeah, they’re all dead.

JDN: They tried to break away. We have no intention of having a show of force with the Federal Government, even though it has become a tyranny. What I want is a standoff where the Federal Government guarantees “We will not touch the First Amendment (freedom of speech); we will not touch the Second Amendment” — our God-given right to own guns and have ammunition for them, which the Constitution merely recognized —

COLMES: Do you know that, given the fact that we have our first African-American president, you know, we’re moving in a very different direction than the one you’re prescribing for America, what —

JDN: Well he’s [Obama’s] a very bright man…. he’s also half-white 😉

COLMES: That’s nice of you to say. What expectation do you have that your political goals will be achieved any time soon?

JDN: Well, I ran for Congress in 1990, in the Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee – [see Scroll down to “1990 Tennessee Republican primary for US Congress“]

COLMES: As a Republican…

JDN: Yeah, although they disavowed me, I ran as a Republican because I’m not a hypocrite, I’m open and honest [about my racial views] —

COLMES: I understand, but my question is, what likelihood do you have of you realizing your political goals any time soon in this country?

JDN: I did very well. I think that, except for electronic voting machine fraud, I probably actually won the 1990 —

COLMES: Still, that does not answer my question —

JDN: And now the racial problem is much worse because of the Mexicans flooding in, in addition to the other problems. I believe that should I run in an overwhelmingly white area, that I can win for Congress or other high office — — and millions of white people, not only around the United States, but people in Germany, and England, and Scotland, and Canada [would support me]–

COLMES: Didn’t you say you had the goal, you want to be the President of the White Americans basically?

JDN: I would like to be known as the “President of the Americans,” because this country was founded by white people from Europe, and they built it and they sweat for it, and now that it’s been built up, all these others, the Third World peoples, have been flooding in and — —

COLMES: Now, I was born here, where should I go to live?

JDN: Well, you should go to Israel, because for two thousand years, the Jews have said “Next year in Jerusalem” – []

COLMES: Well not every Jew has said that, but —

JDN: Oh, you’re a bad Jew, you’re admitting you’re a bad Jew —

COLMES: Oh I’m a horrible Jew, I should be banished from this country, and —

JDN: You’ve married a Catholic girl. That is illegal in Israel — it is illegal in Israel to do what you did.


COLMES: So I’m going to be banned from this country and Israel? Where am I going to go? Would you take me in?

JDN: Okay, we’re having an interesting banter here, but let me make one serious point here — — and that is, that the Solutrean Movement has no intention of forcing all white people or anybody to do anything. We want a nationwide vote where areas that want to be “White Heritage and Safety Zones” can choose that, and white liberals who like the status quo, and black people, and Hispanics, and gays, and Jews, and everybody — if you want the status quo, or if you want to create a Black Heritage and Safety Zone, you could do it in your area — this is the opposite of Hitlerism, this is Thomas Jeffersonianism

COLMES: What do you do if you’re Sammy Davis Jr.?

JDN: [laughs] That’s good, I like that. Sammy Davis Jr. was never fully accepted, just like Elizabeth Taylor was never accepted — you have to be born of a Jewish mother to be truly accepted — because Judaism is a racial religion, you must have a Jewish mother genetically, and you know that, Allan.

COLMES: Let’s go to our phones here, Daniel in Riverside California, with John de Nugent. Hello Daniel.

Caller: Hi, Alan!

COLMES: Yes, sir.

Caller: You know what, I love your show as always, but this guy, this guy makes me sick. He shames me for being white. My grandfather was Jewish. My grandfather died not too long ago — no, let me finish dude, you’ve been spewing your hatred for like the last ten minutes, now you let someone else talk, okay? — My grandfather fought for this country in World War II —

JDN: – to kill German white people, to kill German white people!

Caller: [shouting] Let me finish!

COLMES: Hold on John, let him finish.

Caller: He was in the camps, he was in the camps, okay? He had the tattoo. I heard his stories; I saw his pictures. How dare you —

JDN: He was in the camps or he fought? Which did he do, fight – or was he in the camps?

Caller: He did both! He was captured, he’s not listening to me, he fought, he joined from this country under the United States military, he went to Germany to fight those racist bastards!

[Note: No captured American GIs were ever put in concentration camps, not American Jews or any other US citizens. If he was in a concentration camp BEFORE he came to America, why wasn’t he exterminated as a Jew?]

JDN: Okay, so you’re merely a Jew, okay, and you’re proposing the Jewish agenda. Okay, thank you.

Caller: You know what, dude? Uh –uh, no, no, I don’t think so. You know what? You want your segregated little white world? Fine. We’ll put you all on a nice big shuttle and send you to the moon, how’s that?

JDN: Little threat of violence there — listen to this guy…

Caller: How dare you! You make me sick! You make me sick!

JDN: Oh, do you want to kill me? Do you want to kill me?

Caller: No, you know what, I’m not going to do anything like that because I’m not stupid like your friend.

COLMES: Alright, thank you, sir.

JDN: My “friend” who was a member of MENSA [an association for people with genius IQs] , a naval officer, and a successful executive in New York City —

COLMES: Are you talking about James von Brunn —

JDN: First of all he wasn’t a “friend,” but I won’t accept [that he was “stupid”]–

COLMES: Are you proud to call him a friend?

JDN: I wouldn’t accept the defamation of anybody. He was not an idiot; he was an accomplished man —

COLMES: Are you proud that he was a white separatist like yourself?

JDN: Well, you know, it’s like the Republican Party, there are all kinds of Republicans, all kinds of Democrats —

COLMES: Well, I’m just wondering, does he make you proud to be part of the same philosophy?

JDN: The pro-white part was very good. What he did was very counter productive and he killed an innocent man.

COLMES: You don’t think what he did was related to the pro-white part?

JDN: If he believed that white people are suffering a gradual war of attrition and are suffering slow genocide, and he snapped, [well], he decided to take direct action.

COLMES: Sounds like you’re making excuses for him.

JDN: Well, sounds just like the Jewish people who, after World War II, left Europe, and they went to Israel and they drove out the Palestinians, and they said the time had come for direct action. That’s what the Zionists did — they drove out 600,000 Palestinians

COLMES: But it sounds like you’re making excuses for what von Brunn allegedly did?

JDN: Well are you making excuses for what the Jews did when they drove out the Palestinians?

COLMES: Not at all.

JDN: Oh, so do you condone what they did?

COLMES: First of all, you’re not going to turn it around on me, you’re the one making statements about von Brunn. It sounds like you’re excusing his behavior and trying to write it off to white rage, as if that’s okay.

JDN: Well, you know, all throughout the 1960’s when the blacks burned down Washington D.C., and Detroit, and Boston, and New York, etc. etc., everybody told us white folks that you have to understand the source of their anger.

You don’t want us to use that same logic

COLMES: So you’re in sympathy with him?

JDN: He’s a human being who made a terrible mistake. Haven’t we all?

COLMES: Do you sympathize with him?

JDN: [laughs] That’s a little pilpul there; you’re trying to catch me with a word there.

COLMES: Do you sympathize with him?

JDN: I pray for his soul.

COLMES: Do you sympathize with his behavior?

JDN: I’ve answered your question.

COLMES: No, you haven’t answered my question: Do you sympathize with him?

JDN: How about Baruch Goldstein — do you sympathize with him?

COLMES: No no no, why can’t you give me a direct answer to these questions?

JDN: Well let’s see, the correct word is – I called him because I was worried about the violent tone of his emails, and then he told me he was fine, he was okay, although he had money problems and wasn’t getting along with his family and so forth, so… he’s just another mortal, he’s a sinner, you know. The Jewish people —

COLMES: Do you sympathize with him or not? Why can’t you answer me?

JDN: Boy I tell ya what, you’re gonna try to beat this into the ground. I’ll tell you what, I believe —

COLMES: It’s a simple yes or no question —

JDN: “Sympathize.” In the meaning that you mean, no. Okay?

COLMES: Alright.

JDN: In the meaning that you mean, no. I believe however, because I am a Christian —

— unlike the Sanhedrin, your Jewish ruling body which crucified Jesus Christ and tried to blame it on the Roman Army, whereas they forced Pontius Pilate, saying, “If you do not crucify him, we will tell Caesar you are no friend of Caesar” – well that’s just what the Bible says. But hey, you only believe in the first half of it, the part about the Jews being the “Chosen People” —

COLMES: Alright, we’ll continue in a moment, we’ll take your calls, [BREAK]

COLMES: I’m Alan Colmes, John de Nugent our guest, white separatist, had email exchanges and a couple of phone calls with von Brunn, the guy who shot the guard allegedly at the Holocaust Museum. Jim in Seymour Connecticut, hello Jim.

Caller: Hey John.

JDN: Yes, hello.

Caller: Hi, I’m very curious. We all know that there are people that are murderers, thieves, crooks in every race. Why is it that when people, let’s say Barney Frank, for instance, if Barney Frank was a German or Frenchman or Englishman or Ukrainian, you wouldn’t refer to him by his race. You would identify him as an individual who has done a horrid thing. Well, why when it’s a Jew it’s automatically linking his behavior with his race, his Jewishness? What is that all about?

JDN: Okay, that’s a fair question; it’s a very good question. On my website,, I talk specifically about psychopaths in power. In 2005, a Harvard psychologist, Martha Stout, University of California Berkley, PHD, 25-year veteran researcher there, produced a very important book called The Sociopath Next Door, – “sociopath”/”psychopath” — used them in almost the same meaning.

There are people in our society, and there are groups of people in our society, who have no conscience and they have no shame. I grew up in Rhode Island; I actually had many Jewish friends as a boy, and I also knew a lot of Italian kids, and Irish kids, and French Canadians and so forth, and I was a WASP.

What I found was that a lot of people in the Italian-American community had at least one relative who was in the Mafia and it was a source of their money. You didn’t cross the mafia, you weren’t in the mafia, but you didn’t fight it either. And what I say with Jewish people is this: I have known very nice Jewish people — in fact I was briefly was a member of a Jewish organization called Tikkun,, by Rabbi Michael Lerner —

COLMES: You were a member of Tikkun?

JDN: Absolutely.

COLMES: With Lerner?

JDN: Rabbi Michael Lerner.

COLMES: I know Michael, yeah. He’s been on this show.

JDN: I have great respect for him, I’ve met him once briefly at a Hillel meeting in Brown University. I was going through a phase where I was really trying to understand all Jewish people. Just as there are all kinds of White Separatists, there are all kinds of Jewish people, and in his book Jewish Renewal he was saying “Look, some of this antisemitism we trigger ourselves by arrogant behavior towards the Goyim, towards the Gentiles,” and I said it takes tremendous courage to do that, and I got on his website [in 2002], and there he was on some Toronto, Canada TV show — one of those little video clips – [this video is similar, although not the Toronto show:] facing off with Alan Dershowitz, who for me is a Jewish supremacist, and Alan Dershowitz was literally, his jowls were twitching with rage, and Michael Lerner — he’s a kindly, roly-poly, sweet, nice Jewish man — he was a Sixties radical, then he became a therapist, and he studied Reformed Judaism —

COLMES: Yes, he’s a progressive Jew.

Thank you for the call.

We’re getting on a huge tangent, but let me bring this back to earth. On your website, and think about what the caller just said, on your website, on your Bio, you talk about being in the Marines, and led by the Jewish Captain Harvey Philip Gold, and then you talk about you were nearly murdered by the Dutch Marine, as confirmed in an article by the Jewish captain. Whenever you refer to him, he’s the Jewish captain. Why do you need to underscore his religion every time you mention him in you bio?

JDN: Because he persecuted me, because he is a Jew, and I am anti-Jewish. It was very relevant to the situation. I was nearly murdered by these brainwashed, nice white Dutch boys, these Dutch marines, because their heads were full of the Holocaust story.

COLMES: Full of the “Holocaust story”?

JDN: The Holocaust story, yes.

COLMES: Are you a Holocaust denier?

JDN: I am a Holocaust disprover, and the fact is —

COLMES: You’ve disproven the Holocaust?

JDN: Any story that has to be protected by imprisoning people who question it, such as in Canada, Australia, all of Europe —

COLMES: [Sighs] Yeah…..

JDN: Why does the Holocaust need to put people in prison for five years who question it, Alan?

COLMES: Well, the Holocaust doesn’t put people in prison —

JDN: Do you want that in America? Do you want to put Americans in prison for 5 years?

COLMES: Of course not. I want people like yourself to express your views no matter how bizarre.

JDN: Well, in Canada they can’t do it.

COLMES: That has nothing to do with whether or not the Holocaust happened. We can disagree, John, we can disagree with laws in other countries; we can disagree with how they handle free speech. That is not the issue here. You’re diverting attention once again from they key issue when I ask you if you’re a Holocaust denier. You going off on laws in other countries on how they treat Holocaust deniers, while the fact is you yourself —

JDN: Well first of all, you’re using a twisted — you’re using a combat word here. “Denial.” To be “in denial” is when someone has a drinking problem and they are in denial about it.

COLMES: Did the Holocaust happen?

JDN: There was absolutely a Holocaust. In fact, Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book, Two Hundred Years Together, published in 2002, this is a Nobel Laureate, and never published in English strangely enough, all 1,200 pages of scholarship, he said that forty million white Christian Russians and Ukrainians were slaughtered, and the majority of the people that ran the gulag that murdered them were Jewish Bolsheviks.

[ See “Russia and the Jews”]

COLMES: Was there a Holocaust against Jews?

JDN: I believe there absolutely was a Holocaust by Jews.

COLMES: By Jews. Was there a Holocaust against Jews?

JDN: I’ll tell you exactly what happened. At the end of the war, Jews died like flies in the camps because Germany was being pounded to smithereens by Allied bombers —

COLMES: So the Allied bombers killed the Jews! Why were the Jews in the camps? What were the Jews doing in the camps to begin with?

JDN: It caused a collapse in the food and the medicine.

COLMES: Why were the Jews in the camps?

JDN: Just like the Civil War camps in the North and the South, it was overcrowding, lack of food and medicine —

COLMES: Why were the Jews in the camps?

JDN: Because they were interned, just like we interned the Japanese as enemy aliens who would have been committing sabotage

COLMES: So the German government interned the Jews, is what you’re saying.

JDN: Just like Franklin D. Roosevelt

COLMES: But did the German government kill the Jews and put them in ovens?

JDN: No, only those who died were put in crematories.

COLMES: Oh I see, after the Allies bombed them.

JDN: No, because the German economy — have you ever watched “World at War,” with the Royal Air Force —

COLMES: I tell you what, I gotta take a quick break, […] and then we’ll come back we have to wrap this up, so let’s just pick this up in a few moments when we get back with John de Nugent, and then we’ll take your calls after that. [BREAK]

COLMES: I’m Alan Colmes, talking to white separatist John de Nugent. Mr. de Nugent, you see, do you understand how language like yours can lead, and extreme views like yours, can lead to, in extreme circumstances, to what happened at the Holocaust Museum last week?

JDN: I think that white people really feel that they’re being slow-tortured here.

You know, when I was a boy, we [whites] were 90 percent of the country. And now, we’re hurdling down rapidly to being only 50 percent, in just one man’s lifetime.

White people really do, Alan, feel threatened, and the same thing that caused Theodore Hertzl to say “We need our own homeland for Jewish people –”

COLMES: So why don’t you — if you want your own homeland, why don’t you go to Iceland, or Greenland, or some other —

JDN: Iceland is filling up with Vietnamese! Every white country —

COLMES: Go to Finland or somewhere.

JDN: Finland is filling up with Somalians and with Sudanese

COLMES: Go to some other country, go to Antarctica, go claim a place before someone else takes it over —

JDN: Why should I leave my own country that my people

COLMES: Why should I? Why should I leave my country?

JDN: It’s not your country.

COLMES: It’s not my country? Okay. [laughs] I was born here.

JDN: You’re a United Stater, I’m an American. My family came here —

COLMES: I was born in America, I’m an American, I was born here!

JDN: No. If you wouldn’t be loyal to Israel, and to the Jewish “Chosen People”

COLMES: I’m loyal to the United States; I’m not an Israeli, I’m an American.

JDN: Let me ask you a question:

If there were a war between United States and Israel, would you bomb Israel, and kill Israelis?

COLMES: I wouldn’t bomb anybody, I’m not a bomber. I’m not even sure I’d fight. I’m a conscientious objector. Anyway, we’re just out of time, Mr. de Nugent. Thank you for your time tonight.

JDN: Okay, thank you, Alan.

COLMES: Thanks for being with us.


I decided to publish, edited, some conversations I had on Skype with some white comrades during the breaks in the FOX Alan Colmes radio show. I always appreciate good instantaneous feedback about how I am doing and how I can improve my service to our folk.


A “Skyper” (Skype chat) named “G” contacted me during the breaks and wrote:

John — GOOD JOB!   Keep on making it “Your Show”.   Let him chuckle, but you’re doing a good job by taking the offense.
Great to keep up the “White Separatist” thing ….. The whole “Supremacist” thing is what HE IS DOING,  not you.
[6/16/2009 11:21:56 PM] G: Yeah,  NOBODY BELIEVES THE MSM [mainstream media] any more!

No matter WHAT he says,  you’re talking past him, and the message is GETTING OUT!  Good Job!
[6/16/2009 11:30:50 PM] G: Just keep talking past him …. a dose of his own medicine.
[6/16/2009 11:30:56 PM] G: Great job, John.

We LOVE those TANGENTS!   Educating the White people!  Great Job!
[6/16/2009 11:52:28 PM] G: God!  You’re killing him!   Fantastic!
[6/16/2009 11:53:41 PM] G: You’re putting out “memes” which will make the “sheeple” question a lot of stuff.  Excellent.  Colmes is living PROOF that Jews are not all that smart.  He gave you the opportunity, on HIS SHOW, to work for OUR cause.  Of course, not just anyone could have done what you did.  But I’m still totally amazed that he let you make all the points you did.
[12:04:26 AM] G: That “caller”, and his “hate”, was a good example of how “they” are driven up the wall.  He worked for “US”, whether he knew it or not.

[12:04:49 AM] G: Damn!  This was a really great “thing”!
[12:05:25 AM] G: I’m sure lots of other people are hammering you with skype stuff.  Just want to let you know you are VERY APPRECIATED!   Keep it up!

[after my segment was over, G concluded]

Great!  And the seeds you planted are still reverberating on the Colmes Show. The current caller is questioning the “chosen” status.   See …… even if you don’t “win”, you DO win!   I love it.
[12:20:36 AM] G: Even though Colmes “changed the subject”,   callers are still on YOUR TOPIC.  That’s why you “won” ….

Hey, I’m still listening and they’re STILL on “your” topic!  See ….you win.

Another skyping comrade, C, had this exchange with me during the breaks and after the end.

Excellent interview John
[12:00:16 AM] John de Nugent: thanks, brother!
[12:00:56 AM] C: Went a lot longer than you anticipated I guess
[12:08:29 AM] John de Nugent: from scheduled 15 minutes to 60 minutes!

[12:09:44 AM] C: you did quite well

[12:49:39 AM] John de Nugent: another Skyper tells me that they are still talking about me now on Colmes
[12:49:51 AM] John de Nugent: 50 minutes after I went off!
[12:49:52 AM] C: Interesting. I’ll go tune in
[12:50:30 AM] C: that one Jew was quite impressive with his complete and utter rage!
[12:51:12 AM] John de Nugent: and his bull!
[12:51:26 AM] John de Nugent: he said his grandpa was a soldier AND in a camp and he had a tattoo! Which is it? Since when did the Germans tattoo captured American soldiers!? The Germans treated our soldiers very well, and just one reason is that the US was holding hundreds of thousands of their prisoners. Only 1% of American soldiers died in German captivity!
[12:51:46 AM] John de Nugent: It killed that Hebrew when I scoffed: “You are MERELY a Jew.”
[12:52:13 AM] C: lol
[12:52:21 AM] C: It didn’t make any sense what he was screaming.
[12:52:33 AM] John de Nugent: American soldiers never got tattooed! Only concentratiion camp inmates and the SS themselves, for their blood group, etc.
[12:52:41 AM] C: he fought against the Germans (“a Jew killing white Germans,” as you said, not a hero) and he was, at the same time, supposedly in a concentration camp getting tattoos!
[12:52:42 AM] John de Nugent: only 1% died in the Germans’ POW camps
[12:52:47 AM] John de Nugent: they were treated relatively with kid gloves, for wartime, not unlike “Hogan’s Heroes”
[12:53:50 AM] C: i was quite impressed with how you avoided falling into the interviewer’s traps, it probably ran so long because he was desperate to get you to say at least something that could be used against you
[12:56:22 AM] John de Nugent: he was really beating that thing about “do you sympathize with von Brunn?” into the ground….
[12:56:57 AM] C: yeah he didn’t want to let that go.
[12:57:09 AM] C: damned if you do, damned if you don’t
[12:57:43 AM] C: LOL, someone just called you “gay” on Fox news radio
[12:58:00 AM] C: expected, of course
[12:59:13 AM] C: I’m not quite sure what is going on right now though, it seems like Colmes is taking 10 phone calls a minute in which the caller shouts something ‘controversial’ and gets hung up on, er and now its over
[1:04:06 AM] John de Nugent: this Hebrew is taping and replaying his ridicule of his own callers!
[1:04:19 AM] John de Nugent: what an arrogant Khazar jerk!
[1:04:44 AM] C: yes, I heard that
[1:05:00 AM] John de Nugent: i never ever, ever thought anyone would call me gay after all the women I’ve err, been with ….but maybe that is it…..
[1:05:11 AM] John de Nugent: Nerds who are jealous want to call me gay….
[1:05:33 AM] John de Nugent: I need a better comeback.
[1:06:18 AM] C: it was a bit shaky on the radio, because you didn’t directly say you were not homosexual until the end, instead trying to explain your position but he didn’t want to take a hint, just a direct answer..
[1:13:10 AM] John de Nugent: I guess I was very offended that anyone would ask me such a personal question anyway!! And why a liberal would ask that, bizarre….
[1:13:18 AM] C: true
[1:13:21 AM] John de Nugent: it’s a sign of a trash culture
[1:14:04 AM] John de Nugent: and here I am in a committed relationship with a woman I have talked about a hundred times online, I’ve run her picture a hundred times in various posts, I’ve been married 2x before and have shown pix of my kids as children and as adults and still this sicko obsession… it shows what a psychopathic, gossipy and abusive “National Enquirer” & judaized society we live in
[1:14:25 AM] C: yep
[1:15:01 AM] John de Nugent: and it shows that the Internet enables questions that in a bar would get your nose broken.
[1:15:08 AM] C: haha
[1:15:19 AM] C: i’m listening to this guy talking (it’s a replay on fox news), he’s quite the a—–e to his callers as you commented… wow

[1:15:37 AM] John de Nugent: this Jew hates his own callers!!

[1:15:46 AM] John de Nugent: he mocks them constantly

[1:15:53 AM] John de Nugent: despises them all unless they are liberal enough

[1:16:04 AM] C: yep

[1:16:53 AM] John de Nugent: Well, it’s 1:16 am, and the antisemitic monster returneth to his lair for beauty sleep
[1:17:04 AM] C: good night, great job, John!

I wrote a comrade who praised the show:

Dear Bob,

Thanks. I have 31 years of Jew experience – I grew up around them – and a determination to never be on the defensive…. I listened to him interviewing David Duke (on Youtube, 2/08) and he had even the experienced Dukester always explaining away his statements; it looked less strong than usual for David.

Look, we have freedom of speech in America, it is OUR country, and I fully intend to use it.

Yes, we are the best race, which is why immigrants flood into all white countries and never into each other’s country if they can help it.

Yes, while I have had Jewish friends I dislike Jews as a group.

No, the Holocaust never happened, except the Holocaust of the Slavic peoples – 40 million – by Jewish bolshevik commissars.

Yes, Karl Marx invented communism and yes, he was Jewish, and Stalin used Jews to run 8 of the 11 major death camps in the gulag. So said Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn in a 2002 book no American publisher will print, Two Hundred Years Together.

To paraphrase an unforgettable Doors song, Bob:

* * *

the time to hesitate it through,

the time to wallow in the mire.….

Come on — white man — light my fire.



  1. Hail comrade,
    I´d like to express a couple of thoughts.
    I would have reminded the Jewish MC that Judaism is no religion-not being universal-, no race-one just needs to look at them, so it is only a criminal organization. His children are not Jewish and will never be citizens of Israel as he can be.
    About James von Brunn, sympathy or compassion for him as well as for his alleged victim, yes, sympathy or agreement with his ideas, yes, sympathy or affinity with his MO, no, if he had survived death penalty would be appropriate.
    The callers were planted.
    John, you came out with flying colors. God and the truth is with you.

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