Soft tyranny; habituation and horror filters; Reynouard freed!

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Clayton Douglas' website:

I was a guest again, yesterday, on the Clayton Douglas show, THE FREE AMERICAN. (

Here is the link to that show, where I go into the extraordinary concepts of 1) PSYCHOPATHS SEIZING POWER, 2) that juze (as well as armenians, georgians, chechens, etc., i.e. the Caucasian isthmus mountan peoples) are partial neanderthals, and 3) the concept of having had a life or lives on this planet before this one, which would explain truly evil beings who are beyond redemption. The other guest was “Apollinian,” an expert on the ideas of Nietzsche.

I am now going to run a photo that may shock you, just exactly as it did me. But it may be time to get shocked and lose our last pernicious myths about “Gentle Baby Jesus.” The fearless and divine man from Galilee said:

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a mans enemies will be the members of his household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:34-39 New American Standard Bible; see also Luke12:49-53)

JESUS CHRIST, speaking (as I said in my radio appearance, which you can hear above at the link) said to the JEWISH MISLEADERS of the Sanhedrin, who were leading the Jewish people to spiritual and material disaster (especially when the Romans annihilated them in AD 70 — see my powerful post HERE:

Francisco Hayez, The Destruction of Jerusalem

…..this Jesus said to the Jewish LEADERS:


And THIS is the Jesus that we must comprehend. Not the ju-loving wuss depicted in the co-opted churches that have betrayed Him.


Founder's Quote Daily

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. “

–James Madison, speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

It is crystal-clear that there are sincere juze, such as Norman Finkelstein, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon and many others. I would say that at least ONE PERCENT of juze are in fact good guys. 😉

This writer, Paul Greenberg, may be one of them. His article is excellent.

* * *

Jewish World Review April 22, 2009 / 28 Nissan 5769

Soft tyranny

By Paul Greenberg | After touring Jacksonian America in the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville would write a wide-ranging, eloquent and still highly relevant analysis of Democracy in America, the title of his masterwork. But he was interested in more than the America of his time. He was also intrigued by the future of democracy in America.

What shape, he wondered, would tyranny assume when it came to this new, ever-bubbling democracy? Being both a Frenchman seeking refuge from the violent swings of politics in his own country (from autocracy to democracy to terror and back again), and a student of classical political theory, he had little doubt that democracy would prove a prelude to tyranny.

Alexis de Tocqueville

He was in doubt only about what shape such a tyranny would take. For in this new, unique society, surely tyranny, too, would come in a new, unique form. He saw democracy in America as always teetering between its two desires: liberty and equality. Which would triumph?

After long deliberation, the answer came to him: In the end, an oppressive equality would settle upon the land. But it would be a velvet-gloved oppression new in the annals of man. He explained how it would work in a chapter entitled “What Sort of Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear.”


Who was Alexis de Tocqueville?
An aristocratic Frenchman who came to the U.S. in 1831 — when he was only 25 years old — and later wrote Democracy in America, a two-volume study of the American people and their political institutions. The book is frequently quoted by journalists and politicans.
When did he live?
Tocqueville was born July 29, 1805 in Paris. His parents were Herve-Bonaventure Clerel de Tocqueville, a descendant of a noble Norman family, and Louise Le Peletier de Rosanbo, granddaughter of Malesherbes and sister-in-law of [the great novelist] Chateaubriand. His older brothers were named Hippolyte and Edouard. He died April 16, 1859 in Cannes. Tocqueville is buried in the village of Tocqueville near Normandy.
What was his background?
Tocqueville came from an aristocratic background and he had a private tutor, the abbe Lesueur, until high school and then attended high school and college in Metz. He studied law in Paris and worked as a substitute judge in Versailles before coming to the U.S. In 1839 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as a representative of Valognes and later to the Constituent Assembly and Legislative Assembly. He briefly served as minister of foreign affairs.
Was he married?
He married Mary Motley, an English woman, in 1835. They had no children.
What books did he write?
The U.S. Penitentiary System and its Application in France with Gustave de Beaumont (1833)
Democracy in America (Volume I, 1835 and Volume II, 1840)
The Old Regime and the Revolution (1856)
Recollections (1893, published posthumously)
Are any of Tocqueville’s descendents alive today?
Tocqueville’s great-great-grandniece, Marie-Henriette Tocqueville, died in 1994. Her husband, Count Guy d’ Herouville, and two of their sons (one of whom is named Alexis) still live in France. Another son lives in London.
Why is his book, Democracy in America, so popular?
The book deals with issues like religion, the press, money, class structure, racism, the role of government, the judicial system, etc. — issues that are just as relevant today as they were then. Democracy in America has undergone several periods of popularity throughout the century, but it’s never been as popular as it is now. Scores of colleges around the country use the text in political science and history courses, and historians consider it one of the most comprehensive and insightful books ever written about the U.S.

================BACK TO GREENBERG….

Tocqueville envisioned a ruling power that would be “absolute, minute, regular, provident and mild,” one that keeps its subjects “in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances. What remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?”

Tocqueville didn’t use our contemporary term, the nanny state, but he described it with some precision, and a wry detachment. The soft tyranny he envisioned “covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes and stupefies a people




“I have always thought,” he added, with his usual insight, “that servitude of the regular, quiet and gentle kind which I have just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom, and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people.”

If you doubt the relevance of Alexis de Tocqueville’s dusty old ideas to today’s bright, shiny Twittering America, just look around at the web of maternal regulations we follow from dawn to dusk, and that hovers over us even as we sleep on mattresses with tags we are enjoined not to remove under penalty of law. Or just try to fill out your own income tax form without being shown the way by a certified (public accountant) guide.

Whether by intention, accident or just inertia, the maze of rules and regulations we live under, each with its own extensive bureaucracy to administer it, keeps growing much like the Internal Revenue Code. And all of it is always For Our Own Good, of course.

Today’s example: the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) passed last year [2007] in reflexive response to the fear of lead toys out of mainland China, which the law banned. But this sloppily drafted law also applies to old children’s books because of the lead used in their print. By now the act has had a number of surely unintended consequences. In this case, for libraries, schools, book stores, thrift stores and whoever might deal in old books.

Libraries and booksellers have begun sequestering this contraband, now deemed hazardous-and-dangerous to children’s health. As well they might, for exposing children to such sources of contamination carries a fine of up to $100,000 and a prison term of up to five years.

An official spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a Mr. Scott Wolfson, issued a notice/order to school libraries warning that, until further word from the sovereign CPSC, school libraries “should take steps to ensure that the children aren’t accessing those books.” (We no longer read books, we “access” them, just as events and decisions no longer affect us but “impact” us.)

I thought of the treasured volumes of kids’ lit on my shelves at home, the ones I’ve been saving for my grandchildren. My two sets of the Book of Knowledge are so old that one has a drawing of how the Panama Canal will look once it’s completed. 😉 Should I lock those forbidden books away, like incriminating evidence?

In the end, shall we have to commit the contents of old books to memory, like the characters in Fahrenheit 451, lest the book-burners send them up in flames? Think of the Russian poets in the Soviet era who carried their subversive lines around in their heads lest the KGB find evidence of thoughtcrime on the premises.

Those who construct Brave New Worlds always begin by erasing the past, for its values must be stamped out, lest the next generation realize that there was once an alternative to the New Order. It is no coincidence that Winston and Julia, the lovers in 1984, rendezvous above an antique shop. Their original sin is to treasure the past. After that, their fate is sealed; it is only a matter of time before the Thought Police come bursting in. These two subversives must be apprehended. And re-educated. For their own good, of course.



* * *

My commentary — Now’s THERE’s an angle — old books must be destroyed because the ink contains lead……



A reporter who, like me, is also a former Marine, expressed skepticism at even the POSSIBILITY that the devastating Haitian earthquake could be a test of the HAARP federal government scientific program. He pontificated:

John, the Pentagon didn’t cause the earthquake.

I wrote him:
* * *
Dear Charles,

So you just know that….that this angelic government would never modify the weather or natural events.…..

HAARP — what do you KNOW about it, brother Marine? Are you privy to everything the Lincoln Labs do? MIT is one big ultra-secret weapons lab. I know — I taught American accent to scientists at MIT for five years. Another is the Natick (Mass.) Army special weapons base.

Here is the government (that lies about virtually everything)’s innocuous explanation of HAARP, but read between the lines:

400,000 dead — A good test. I am not saying I know Haiti was a HAARP test, merely reporting on speculation that it was……like the 2004 tsunami that killed 400,000.

Read about the Georgia Guidestones:

Do YOU advocate, Charles, that the world population be reduced by NINETY PERCENT? That it drop to 500 million? As in the 1800s?

This does! In granite, in public, in multiple languages:

They’re hiding in the best place possible, in broad daylight, the Christ-hating cabal.

You know, I WAS in USMC Intelligence for a reason….

They are boasting what they are doing, and getting us used to it.


Habituation is the psychological process in humans and animals in which there is a decrease in psychological response and behavioral response to a stimulus after repeated exposure to that stimulus over a duration of time.

“There are too many people….”

“There are too many people….”

“There are too many people….”

The horror filter goes up. We block things out.

It becomes overwhelming and we stop thinking about how a militant homosexual activist who advocates fisting to 14-year-olds can be Obama’s safe-schools “czar.” We just screen it out.

What a nice man….”Kevin Jennings”…..


He just wants to stick his whole fist up your anus.

It is fine to be a grunt, brother Marine, and be physically courageous. What we also need is mental courage. To face the horror. And do something about it.


HAARP is a Pentagon technology — to among other things cause earthquakes.

Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and Climate Change
The manipulation of climate for military use

By Michel Chossudovsky

VIDEO: HAARP Weather Control (video)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake (including video)

Oil in Haiti – Economic Reasons for the UN/US Occupation
By Marguerite Laurent
Global Research, January 22, 2010

Haiti Has Larger Oil Reserves Than Venezuela, Say Scientists
(An Olympic Pool Compared to a Glass of Water)

Haitians Dying By The Thousands As US Escalates Military Intervention
By Bill Van Auken

* * *

I got this email re HAARP and Haiti….

* * *

The further you stand back from a canvas, the better you can see the overall picture. Steam emerging from the ground, unusual aftershocks, etc. are the close-up view, the brushstrokes. Those are like the videos of the Twin Towers, where the demolition explosions are clearly visible.

As we step back, we see an obviously pre-planned operation unfolding, with a carefully orchestrated agenda: blocking aid to maximize fatalities, cover-stories about non-existent security problems, take-over of the country by massive US troop invasion, preparations for permanent occupation and then there’s the oil, which we won’t hear anything about in the mainstream media. This is like the pre-planned operation that began unfolding on 9/11, with the instantaneous creation of the mythical Al Qaeda, the satanization of the elusive Bin Laden, the phony War on Terror, and the fascist Patriot Act.

When you have a pre-planned operation ready to roll, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to make the launch dependent on some unpredictable event that might never happen, such as an earthquake or a surprise terrorist attack. HAARP is available, and HAARP has the capability to target an earthquake in a specific location. With this far-back perspective on the canvas, the evidence from the close-up view is not surprising, and provides confirmation. It’s like if a red jacket is found at a murder scene: it becomes real evidence if the primary suspect has recently ‘misplaced’ just such a jacket.

========HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST VINCENT REYNOUARD APPEAL PUSHED BACK TO NOVEMBER 2010! have reported on Vincent Reynouard many times, the intrepid French writer whom Margi and I know, a man with an engineering and mathematics background over in France and Belgium, who has been disproving juish lies — designed to inflict a guilt trip on the whole white race — for well over a decade.

Despite having a large family, the French and Belgian court systems, especially under the “French” ju president Sarkozy, had previously been viciously persecuting this comrade, and yet astonishing good news came out yesterday. Strange and wonderful things are happening.

France's crypto-Jewish president of Hungarian and Greek-Jewish descent, Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been married to two Jewesses. His current wife is infamous for posing for nude shots.

But first let me restate Reynouard’s “crimes”:

1) He has had the INCREDIBLE COURAGE, based on his belief in our white race and his strong Traditional Catholic faith, to DEFEND THE GESTAPO, although it was arresting and even, yes, torturing (as an interrogation technique, and without sadistic motives) some few French terrorists who were in the violent Rsistance during the German occupation! THAT is unheard of even among revisionists! I did a large post on this article by Reynouard.

2) He has OPENLY GLORIFIED ADOLF HITLER on the cover of his magazine Sans Concesssion! Unbelievable, in FRANCE! We must remember that France and Germany have fought many bloody wars, and the two countries just have very different personalities as well, with the Germans being more uptight, military and stiff in their bearing, and the French more laissez-faire, more Keltic and Latin about things, like the Gauls they have been for 2000 years……

3) Vincent has “denied,” that is, DISPROVED, the number-one most-infamous supposed Nazi-SS atrocity against the French — virtually memorized by all French school kids — the supposed “SS massacre at the French village of Oradour.” (Several hundred villagers died during a battle between a communist branch of the French Resistance, which had abducted a German officer to mutilate and kill him, and SS troops, which culminated in an explosion in a church full of both villagers — and also weapons and explosives. Here is a summary of his case here:

“Oradour” is the number-one Nazi-bashing myth used to make the French hate all Germans, like the training for Pavlov’s dog to salivate when the bell rings, and to hate all nationals socialists. And our Vincent Reynouard takes this central myth on.

And he never uses his family as an EXCUSE to fall silent: “I have to think first of my family!” (If we all think first of our individual family, then 1% of juze in the population can rule the other 99%!)

Let me tell you that ONLY a truly RELIGIOUS belief in the immortality of the SOUL — and the necessity to do one’s duty toward God, truth, justice, country and race — can fortify a man enough (a family man with seven children!!) to attack every sacred lie that his fellow countrymen have been fed.

(Let me say as an aside that France and Belgium have produced many more heroes than just Vincent Reynouard, who have all undergone truly horrible persecution without buckling:

–the great professor Robert Faurisson [prosecuted and also physically assaulted many times, and his jaw even shattered by French juze’s boots]

–the revisionist Georges Theil, fined ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS

–Franois Murat [killed by cowardly juze using a car bomb in downtown Paris! and his wife was crippled]

–Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the Front National Party [his eye was stabbed out by a leftist in a Marseilles bar],

–Jean-Louis Berger, who lost his teaching job and became almost penniless, etc.. and under severe stress contracted colon cancer and died.

It steams me no end to hear myths by WASP bigmouths about the French being cowards — when some of the bravest men I have ever met have been FRENCH.

This French professor’s jaw had to be wired shut for weeks after a gang of French juze jumped and stomped him with their boots near his home. What “heroes” these juze of the “Betar” are! What psychopaths, kicking a Frenchman, Robert Faurisson, in his own country for exercizing freeedom of speech! (Faurisson is also half-Scottish and speaks excellent English, btw.)

There are plenty of cowards in France, yes — but also millions of them in Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and America as well. Look at how the murder of Dr. David Kelly is now being swept under the rug in England by “Lord Hutton”! And how many Brits are taking to the streets to overturn the criminal government which MURDERED this patriot???? and just sealed his file for seventy years???? (See yesterday’s post:

But a nation is also defined by its “few, the proud” — by its finest examples as well. George Washington was NOT a “typical” American — he was extraordinary – but I am still proud to be an American because of our George Washington.

Here is now the email I got from Vincent yesterday:

* * *

De : Vincent Reynouard
Objet : Audience [hearing] du 26 janvier [January]

Je sors du palais de justice de Bruxelles o devait avoir lieu mon procs en appel (appel du jugement de juin 2008 me condamnant un an de prison ferme et environ 20 000 d’amende pour dlit de rvisionnisme). L’audience, qui devait initialement avoir lieu en septembre 2009, avait t repouse ce jour. Mais ce 26 janvier au matin, mon avocat tait indisponible, car il devait plaider dans un procs se droulant devant les Assises. L’audience a t reporte au 9 novembre 2010, au grand dam des avocats de la partie adverse… Je rappelle que les faits datent de juin 2001. L’avocat gnral s’est toutefois voulu rassurant ; d’aprs les textes en vigueur, la prescription ne sera pas acquise avant 2013. L’argument n’a cependant pas plu aux adversaires, si bien que l’audience du 9 novembre a t classe “prioritaire”, ce qui signifie qu’aucune remise ne sera accepte.

"Sans (No) Concession" March-July 2009

Je suis ressorti libre du Palais de justice et je ne me suis pas attard dans les environs, prfrant tout de mme repartir au plus vite sous des cieux plus clments.
J’ai profit de ce passage Bruxelles pour aller voir mes enfants. J’ai pu me faire confirmer que, suite ma radiation de la population belge, la famille ne bnficie toujours pas d’une protection sociale ni des allocations familiales. Marina espre que ses dmarches aboutiront enfin dans un dlai raisonnable. Pour l’instant, elle ne vit que de la charit d’amis que je remercie du fond du coeur…
De mon ct, je ne suis plus inscrit nulle part. Je pense me faire prochainement domicilier quelque part en France afin d’obtenir une carte de Couverture Mdicale Universelle. Mais rien n’est encore fait.
Merci encore une fois tous ceux qui nous soutiennent dans l’preuve. Le combat continue.
Vincent Reynouard.


* * *

I just left the courthouse in Brussels where my appeal was to be heard (appealing the court ruling of June 2008 condemning me to a year in prison and a ca. 20 000 fine for the offense of revisionism). The hearing, originally scheduled to take place in September 2009, had been pushed back to today. But this morning my lawyer was unavailable because he had to plead in a trial conducted before the Assises court.

The hearing was today postponed to November 9, 2010, to the chagrin of the lawyers for the opposing party …

[JdN: I note that this November 9 was the date of Hitler’s putsch being crushed: but also of the fall of the Berlin Wall….and btw, Hitler’s putsch made him a superstar in Germany, although it failed militarily. Ten years later Hitler was chancellor, and 20 years later ruler of Europe.]

I remind all that the facts of my case date back as far as June 2001!

The attorney general has however tried reassuring [the Jews] that according to current legislation the statute of limitations will not be reached before 2013.

But this argument has not pleased our opponents, so the hearing on November 9 was classified as “priority”, which means that no further postponement will be allowed.

"Sans Concession" by Reynouard of August 2009

I went out a free man from the courthouse and I assure you I did not linger in the area, preferring to seek more clement skies. And I enjoyed using this visit to Brussels to see my children. I must unfortunately confirm that following the official cancellation of my status as a resident of Belgium, my family still has no medical protection, rental help or foodstamps [since I went underground].

[My wife] Marina hopes her efforts will lead finally within a reasonable time to restoring these. For now, she lives only from the charity of friends, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart

As for me, I am not registered anywhere now as a resident [being “on the lam”]. I think I may soon seek residence somewhere in France to obtain a card for universal medical coverage. But so far nothing has been done.

Again, thank you to all who support us in this race. Our combat continues.

In friendship,





Cher Vincent,

Mais je trouve ca merveilleux! Repouss jusqu’en Novembre! Je continue de croire que les Juifs ont peur.

Dans le procs contre Pedro Varela, qui aura lieu ce vendredi (en trois jours) pour crits qui produisent “incitation au genocide”) les mdias n’en parlent point!

Holappa relach, Duke relach, Irving libr, Kther galement….. Mais Mahler en prison car il le veut, il a voulu provoquer son martyre et “prison a vie’ avec son “Heil Hitler” devant le magazine Der Spiegel et en plus a Munich et en plus a Michel Friedman, ancien chef des Juifs d’Allemagne… Froehlich et Honsik, oui, ils ont reu des peines lourdes mais malheureusement ce ne sont pas des camarades jouissant d’un grand soutien……

Les Juifs veulent d’abord fermer l’Internet antismite, avant d’emprisonner les activistes ATTIRANTS — donc le projet de loi finlandais punissant de quatre ans de prison la VISITE aux sites “haineux”….

Ils ont peur de ces sites, et des martyres a personnalit ou “aura” attirante.

J’ai dit a une camarade il y a longtemps que toi, avec ta famille, et ta gentillesse, et ton courage, tu serais le martyre idal, et le Juif comprend que ton emprisonnement leur nuirait aussi longtemps que la Toile reste ouverte.

Bonne continuation….et encore des Sans Concession!



Dear Vincent,

I found this news wonderful! You are still free and your appeal is postponed until November! I continue to believe that the juze are afraid.

In the trial against Pedro Varela, to be held this Friday (in two days) for producing literature that [sic] “incites genocide” the media does not even speak of his trial! Why NOT?

Henrik Holappa released by the Finns, David Duke released by the Czechs, David Irving released by the Austrians, Kevin Kther by the Gemans ….. But Horst Mahler is in a German prison because he wants to be; he wanted to provoke his martyrdom and “life imprisonment” with his defiant “Heil Hitler” in the presence of the reporter for the leading German magazine Der Spiegel –in Munich of all places and to the loathsome Michel Friedman of all people, trhe former head of the “Central Council of the Jews in Germany” …

Michel Friedman, chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany — until he was criminally investigated for using cocaine and sex slaves (white girls from Ukraine, abducted and taken to Berlin). His police file was “accidentally”‘ faxed to a pizzeria…. 😉

As for Gerd Honsik and Wolfgang Froehlich in Austria, yes, they received heavy sentences (each over six years!) but these comrades do not enjoy widespread celebrity or support ……

I am convinced the juze want to first close down the antisemitic websites on the Internet before attempting to imprison any more attractive and charismatic activists.

So the Finnish bill punishing persons with four years in prison for VISITING antisemitic websites must be STOPPED…..

The juze fear these sites, and martyrs has personality or “will” attractive.

I told a friend years ago that you, with your family and your kindness and your courage, all together you are the ideal martyr, and the Jew understands that your imprisonment would adversely affect their image — as long as the Internet remains free.

Bonne continuation [“Good continuation” — a French phrase of encouragement]…. still No Concession!


=============MY ANALYSIS






============GRUBACH ON WEBER

Subject: Paul Grubach discusses Mark Weber and the current Revisionist Crisis
[JdN: As you read this, think of the sacrifices of Vincent Reynouard, who from the underground has produced five magazines in a year and Mark Weber has not produced ONE magazine in five years!
Or think of mine and Margi’s…. who spent 2000 dollars just on a lawyer for Henrik…. 😉 ]
* * *

Dear Friends,
Of late, Mark Weber is generating a lot of news stories on the web sites of the enemies of Revisionism. The bees’ nest that he has stirred up has no sign of going away.There will probably be much more written about him in the near future by the enemies of Revisionism.Among other things, Weber has drawn erroneous conclusions in regard to diaries of Joseph Goebbels. This has done damage to the Revisionist movement. (I will address this issue in the future.) Weber
At this time, I would like to address another important issue that surrounds Weber. In recent his recent fundraising efforts for his IHR that is on the brink of extinction, Mark Weber has made this claim: “In this critically important struggle, no comparable institution matches the IHR’s record of focus, achievement and resolve.”
This is blatantly false, and I think Mark Weber knows it. Letme start out with this simple point.Under thefine leadership ofRichard Widmann,we Revisionists have created the onlineRevisionist journal, Inconvenient History.
I would be quick to point out that weare not paid for this work and we do the work in our spare time.

Now, contrast this withMark Weber’s record.As former IHR editor, Ted O’Keefe, so rightly noted,Mark Weber isthe world’s only salaried Revisionist. Revisionism is supposed to be his full time job, for which he is paid around $45,000 per year. Yet, Weber does not now, nor has ever, produced an online Revisionist journal, despite the fact that he has ample time on his hands to do so, and heisadequately paid for hislabor.
As former IHR employee Ken Usher pointed out, Weber wouldrather sit around,type out lengthy correspondence on this computer, chit-chat about current politics, talk on the phone to his wife and friends, and send out newspaper clippings toabout 1000 people. (Mr. Usher was in a position to closely observe Weber’s work habits for many years.) And, oh yes, every once in a while he speaks on an obscure radio talk show, writes a short essay for his web site, or sponsors an “open house” in which about two dozen people show up for food, drinks and “spirited conversation.” Weber does very little of any real value.
Directly contradicting what Weber wrote, the IHR under Weber’s leadership has demonstrated a lack of achievement. As a leader of the IHR, Mark Weber has driven the once thriving think tank to the brink of extinction. He destroyed the Journal of Historical Review; he destroyed the IHR’s book publishing arm; he destroyed the IHR newsletter; and he destroyed the yearly IHR conferences. After years of prodding, the lazy Weber briefly sponsored a weekly Internet Radio Broadcast. But, like most of Weber’s projects, it disappeared in a short time.
Weber has a proven inability to get his work done. Many years ago, he was supposed to write a book entitled The Final Solution: Legend and Reality. Weber never finished the book, even though he had ample opportunity to do so.
[JdN: I knew a member of the the Curry family, Virginia — whose father, William Curry, supported Weber for years while his book never appeared.]
If this demonstrates anything at all, it shows Weber’s lack of focus and resolve to get a job done. Now, contrast this record with that of Germar Rudolf. Germar, who is no longer active in the Revisionist movement, was hunted around the world by the German government, and he operated on a miniscule budget. Yet, despite all of the adversity that this brave Germanic dynamo faced,Germar produced two journals and a countless number of books!!!!
One more example: Bradley Smith.
Revisionist spokesman Smith operates on a very miniscule budget, and he is recovering from cancer. Despite this adversity, the good soldier Smith still produces a monthly Revisionist newsletter. Yet, the healthy Weber who took in millions of dollars over the years from donations, has next to nothing to show!!!!!!!!
For years, many people told Weber to move the IHR to a less expensive location in order to savemoney. He refused to do this. It was only after Weber literally drove the IHR to brink of extinction that he chose to move the IHRto a less expensive location. Did he do this to save his approximately $45,000 per year salary????
In past fundraising letters, Weber refers to the “robust sales of educational materials.” A large proportion of the books and tapes he sells were inherited from the glory days of the IHR, when Willis Carto was in charge.The Weber-led IHR hasproduced very little of real value.
Mark Weber led the charge to drive Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby and Spotlight out of business.Weber defeated Carto and company in court, and Weber took in about one million dollarsfrom Carto. And what does Mark Weber have to show for his years of legal battling and the one million dollarstaken from Carto?Next to nothing!!! The IHR inon the verge of extinction!!!!!!!!! Once again, directly contradicting what Weber wrote in his fundraiser, this shows a lack of achievement, resolve and focus on Weber’s part.
Now, let us compare Weber’s record to that of his enemy, Willis Carto. The elderly Carto lost his home, Liberty Lobby, and his Spotlight. Yet, Carto and company arose from the ashes, and went on to create the American Free Press and the Barnes Review. It is Weber’s enemy Carto that demonstrated focus, achievement and resolve, and not Weber.
What is MarkWeber to do???
This missive is not meant to degrade Mark Weber. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one thousand times, Mark Weber (in my opinion) is an outstanding writer, speaker and debater. I believe he could have been an outstanding historian. Let us hope that Mark Weber acquires some real resolve and focus, rises to the occasion, anduses hisobvioustalentsmore productively. Only time will tell if Mark Webercan show somebackbone andarise from the ashes like his enemyWillis Carto did.
In addition, let us hope that Mark Weber publicly addresses the claims of the anti-Revisionist writers that continue to use his essay,”HowRelevant is Holocaust Revisionism?” as a battering ram against the Revisionist movement.
So, if Mark Weber shows substantial improvements in his productive output, and he publicly addresses the claims of the anti-Revisionists who are using his material against the Revisionist movement, I for one would be willing to “cross the aisle,” shake hands and welcome him back to the Revisionist movement.

Paul Grubach
* * *
I replied to Paul:
* * *
Abe Foxman, Lennie Zeskind and Morris Dees are pleased: “Weber admits the Goebbels diary, which they all knew about, proves the Holocaust DID happened….which means Weber is accusing the other revisionists of knowingly defaming the Holocaust survivors and eyewitnesses. Maybe we can sue them all now for deliberate defamation….. Get me Alan Dershowitz or Cass Sunstein on the phone.”

Very well written, Paul….but now I think Weber has simply gone over to the dark side. The juze are using his Jan 09 declaration and use of the supposed “Goebbels Diary” to say:

“You see, the revisionists knew all along that the Holocaust happened!”

Paul, you are a nice guy, but Directorium Weberi delendum est.


PS I refer you to my post yesterday, where I and Madame Gilda brought back Uncle Adolf in a sance. 😉

And der Fhrer said to me from the beyond:

Ziss time, no more Mr Nice Guy! 😉





==================CELEBRATING DIVERSITY! 😉

To end for once on a politically correct note, here is a nice photo from Germany:

On a serious note, the German panzers were visibly equipped with tall, excellent antennae for communications (unlike, for example, Polish or French tanks) — and the cannon on the Landkreuzer was from a battleship!

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  1. Celebrate Diversity….the birthplace of the tank as we have come to know it could well be Stockton, California, where, in 1909, the first Caterpillar “track type tractor” was designed and prototyped by Benjamin Holt…the original company still stands there (last time I was in the city) right on the Blvd so named in his honor. This was largely to be expected since Stockton is pretty much the umbilicus of the predominantly agricultural San Joaquin Valley…shortly thereafter in the Great War in 1914, the earliest Cats were immediately pressed into service towing heavy artillery at the front; in no time flat the idea of simply mounting a large rifle on the tractor itself evolved and voila!!!…the tank. But to the Brits probably goes the lion’s share of credit for being the first to create an exclusively dedicated vehicle from the keel up as a fully functional armored weapon…the term “keel” was intended: when first built in Britain, they were regarded as a naval craft to be manned by RN personnel…the program was highly secret and to divert public curiosity they were dubbed “tanks”. When you boarded a “tank” you were to salute the colors on the stern, then the quarterdeck just as is routine aboard any naval vessel….
    In his deeply moving novel, IM WEST NICHTS NEUES (All Quiet on the Western Front) Erich Maria Remarque who saw it all in the trenches of West Flanders near Torhout with the 2nd Co., Trench Battalion Bethe, 15th Reserve Infantry Regiment, describes the totally pervasive feeling of futility that is simultaneous with the sight of the metallic crawling monsters against which nothing the Germans initially had at the time was effective aside from a very direct hit by a heavy artillery round….hardly and not about to be outdone by the Brits or any of the rest of the Allies in what Ulich Verange (Francis Parker Yockee) referred to as the “grim creativity of war”, the Germans wasted no time in developing and fielding track-laying armored units of their own such as the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V which, with their seven 7.92 Maxims and 5.7 cm main rifle, operated in groups of five and could easily take on anything the Allies had…..interestingly, the notorious race-poisoning propagandist, Ashley Montague, openly admitted in one of his treatises that if World War I could have been decided by scientific ingenuity alone, the Germans would have won hands down and that the only reason they lost both conflicts was due to being grossly outnumbered by the sheer masses of their enemies.
    Lighting off Operation Barbarossa on June 22nd of 1941, specially designed PzKpfw (PanzerKampferWagen) III armored vehicles (Tauschenpanzer) crawled completely submerged along the bottom of the Bug River like U-boats to re-emerge on Soviet soil near Patulin and meet ten times their number of Russian armored columns in furious action. It is said that the conflict between NS Germany and the bolscheviks from 1941 – ’42 witnessed the appearance of strange weapons that would be considered highly advanced even by today’s standards

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