So weenie Matt Heimbach wants to get ME out of white nationalism. ;-)

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James Endrody Told you Heimbach is a jew. Don’t bother talking to that jew infiltrator brother John de Nugent
John de Nugent James Endrody Maybe part-Jewish but more likely part-“Melungeon” by his looks, esp. the low forehead.
John de Nugent The Melungeons were shipwrecked Turks who waded ashore in Virgjnia and spread out into the Appalachians, retreating from the English Christians. The ugly sucker Abe Lincoln was also viewed by many as a Melungeon.
Margaret Huffstickler John de NugentMelungeon/Turkish sounds right, as that specific hairline in the darker segment of Bulgarians that I noticed when I was there was almost certainly a Turkish feature.
Paul Topete Matt looks no different then any other antifatwat in that pic.
Constantin Von Hoffmeister Why are you so obsessed with Heimbach?Manage

John de Nugent Because he is prominent, has been on tv many times, and has suddenly attacked, ridiculed and defamed me without any provocation whatsoever. Read the blog here:…

John de Nugent And because he is a fat pseudo-Christian weenie 
John de Nugent I and Jack Sen invited him to be our keynote speaker in December 2015. I had nothing against the guy — au contraire!
John de Nugent Margi scolded me for smoking my pipe, but “it’s a George Lincoln Rockwell thing.” 
Peter Carmody It’s a vice of mine, too. I am currently enjoying a blend of tobacco called champegn. I don’t smoke every day, though.
John de Nugent Peter Carmody On the rifle range at Parris Island (Marine boot camp) the dril instructors actually encouraged us to smoke. Why? Well, the good thing about tobacco is it makes you peaceful, alert and focused. (Coffee makes you alert but jumpy and anxious, esp,lin excess.) . Indian tobacco — not the additive-laced cigarette terbacky – also is not addictive. That is what goes into pipe tobacco. But it is not a habit to be recommended. I started with Rocky’s party in 1978, but now the Matt-meister and Parrott-beak have decided to ban me from WNism.
I was an actual stormtrooper and demonstrated in full uniform with three comrades right on on my own campus and in front of my own building, professors and fellow students: c…/jdn-1979-georgetown-get…
Layne Lawless And the point of this is? You feel threatened by gay men? C’mon, you’re a manly man. There is no way!
John de Nugent Layne Lawless The problem is not quietly gay individuals but the NWO agenda, of which gay militancy is one facet, along with soaring divorce and shacking-up rates, childlessness among the educated, low-T and low sperm counts, militant feminism, vaccines, autism, joblessness, white guilt, open borders, and the promotion of narcissism. The old gay movement, in contrast, just wanted gays to be able to live without physical danger, being fired, and excluded from medical and property decisions regarding their partners.

John de Nugent…/Georgetown-Hoya-Feb-15-1979…

Layne Lawless Wow! That’s quite a pot-pourri of social ills. I counted 13 of them! Are you sure they are all linked to the same source? You left some things out: hedonism in general, drugs, materialism, toxic/junk food, the Consumer Culture…I’m sure I could tSee More

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John de Nugent Layne Lawless Actually, Georgetown’s student council (incredibly for a Catholic school) had just expelled an anti-abortion group from the GU Student Council and admitted a militant gay group! I was advocating “get the faggots o-u-t” — out of the student council.” ..not at all “get the faggots.” But the word “out” was itself cropped out. That wording as it appears would indeed sound like appealing for violence against gays.  Having looked at this clipping now for 38 years, I forgot that this cropping causes a seriously wrong impression.  I wil have to add a caption to this henceforth.

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John de Nugent If you click on this and read the second paragraph, it confirms what I said:…/Georgetown-Hoya-Feb-15-1979…


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Layne Lawless OK, I get it now. Stuff that is not digitized is such a bother! I withdraw my objection. It was a dark time history IMO and things are somewhat different now. I personally think the whole anti-pro-abortion issue is divisive, and it causes chaos which is what ((they))) want. Women should be allowed to choose.

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John de Nugent I am reluctantly against abortion. I believe in individual rights, esp, in cases of rape or genetic defects.
But 1) sex is supposed to be meaningful, part of a committed relationship, and have real-world consequences;
2) the white birth rate is in the toilet. Every white baby killed in the womb is not a future mother or soldier in the coming racial end-phase conflict.
Of course, an abortion ban is the fundamentally wrong, negative approach. What we need is a white-baby-friendly world. We need white reservations with a white economy, jobs, schools, culture and health care. Who wants to bring kids into the world today? 

Paul Topete So crypto Heimbach wants you gone.

How about the fake altRight joo infested shit gets the fuck out instead

James Endrody Exacafuckingmundo.
Brian Avran Paul I still cant figger out what all the fuss is about between John and Matthew. I mean, why, FFS. this is really stupid shyte. I’m still planning to go to the charlottesville event. looks like fun. and I trust my own jewdar to sniff out a heeb or heeb agenda. Let’s just call it a fact-finding mission. I am also a big advocate of reverse-infiltration. My combined genetic and soul memory does have a few perks
Sebastian Brandt John de Nugent you should not give this guy any attention. This is exactly what he wants.
John de Nugent This kind of attention he prob. does not want.
Sebastian Brandt I understand that you must defend your honour. But trust me, nobody gives a damn about Matt Heimbach. I didnt even know that this idiot exists.

Mary Nelson How come Matthew Heimbach is paying child support for Andrew Anglin’s half arab baby?

No automatic alt text available.
Brian Avran where does it say matthew john is paying child support?

John de Nugent I was never anti-Heimbach. In fact, I was on the board of British Renaissance, which invited Heimbach to England as the keynote speaker at the kickoff event in December 2015. (He was however banned from Britain for five years by then-Home Secretary, now PM, Theresa May.) I had nothing against the man and was FOR him until he attacked me.

This Marine has a policy: never hit first, but hit back, and hard — and every time. Let the word get around. Duke, Black, Taylor and others have learned this the hard way.…/inaugural-british…/

Layne Lawless John de Nugent, why do so many ppl hate you? It makes no sense!

John de Nugent

John de Nugent Three reasons, Layne:
1) COINTELPRO agents masquerading as WNs, and “turned” WNs whom the FBI “has something on” who attack me to stay out of prison, such as Henrik Holappa and Carlos Porter;
2) narcissistic and psychopathic individuals seething with competitive envy
(A long-time and major supporter since 2012 said to me a year ago, with a patient sigh  
“John, you’re presidential material — and these guys are just jealous dweebs. Of course they will hate you!”
Well…. And then I remembered how many people just hated John Kennedy because he unwittingly made them feel “inferior” — looks, charisma, ducation, eloquence, family… “the whole package” — without him intending to do so in the slightest…. He was not arrogant at all, but he remained “a giant among men”…. and they were not.
And being totally Khazar-wise to boot, he thus became the greatest threat to the Mogen David since that Austrian whom he praised in his secret 1945 diary …..
3) Most of all now, it is the “Hitler-reincarnation issue” that sets off dweebdom. This issue, explained and demonstrated on my site and a video, but agitating the projecting egoic minds of micro-führers, implies to them that people somehow should “bow down” to me, and their supporters should abandon them for me. (And that is their main objection.;-) ) 
Well, what I highlight constantly is AH was not a god. In fact, only the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression “made” him. (The bestseller by the Waffen-SS general, Léon Degrelle “Hitler: Born at Versailles,” proves this. Radicals and “kooks” have no chance during peace and prosperity.)
Most dismayingly, the Braunauer lost a winnable war because of his stubborn Russia policy of conquest.
Nor am I today any more than what you see, a talented mortal who means really well.
Basically, however, in view of these vicious and now increasing attacks, I must now seem to be a huge potential (but certainly not current) threat to the overall Khazarian plan… and who I am clearly “triggers” the swollen egos of the many little “micro-führers” all over the map. 
And maybe the immature amongst us feel “entitled to be saved” by a fictitious Divine Adolf, a being who never existed, then or now, and whom the gods never sent down to earth because the human race, as a whole, demonstrably does-not-deserve-to-be-saved.  
The masses hate truths that require sacrifice, and most WNs are part and parcel of that mass. Being wise to the JQ and race does not transform the CHARACTER!
But, keeping it real, it was the same exact thing in the 1920s. A staggering 96.4% of German voters rejected the NSDAP in the 1928 Reichstag election. Hitler was dismissed as a nut, although he was a very famous nut. … “No man is honored in his own family or country,” said Jesus.  And look how He ended up! “Hosanna in the highest, and hail the king of Israel” on Palm Sunday, and crucified five days later (“Good Friday”), abandoned by literally all. Even his fanatic supporter Peter “denied [knowing Him] thrice before the cock crowed.”
Believe me, Hitler Redux will be massively rejected this time too, and we see it already.
This is why a new religion is vital — so that whatever happens to me, the faith in our race and calling will “raise us up where we belong — where the eagles fly, on a mountain high” and for centuries and millennia of glory to come.



Layne Lawless John de Nugent Jesus’ crucifixion was part of God’s plan, according to the Bible. People on earth were just carrying out His plan, so the way I read it, no one is to blame, perhaps not even Judas, or even the Jews. I don’t care about this, since I’m not Christian, but am familiar with Protestantism. You are right about all the little fuehrers; there are lots of chiefs and not enough Indians. I don’t find your position to be enviable and I never have. Perhaps that might be for good reason. We can speculate later. No one has a strategy for success, or any real ability to fundraise even.
John de Nugent Lesson to Heimpudge, Parrotbeak and all others: If you are bashing me, it will get back to me.  Some of your supporters are mine too.
John de Nugent Former Marine Corps intelligence — and Army infantry machine-gunner both.
Dimitri Rydoszkavich Heimbach praising Black Confederates and diverse Confederate support is just like Civic nationalism
John de Nugent I am okay with blacks who support our race.
Layne Lawless I am OK with POC’s (ppl of color) having their own racial groups to promote their welfare. The problem is, we need just ONE, and we don’t have it. Promoting your own self-interest is natural and normal; it’s only whites who promote other groups above themselves. That’s twisted, perverted, and degenerate!
Andrew Barmore Layne Lawless WAY FUCKED UP
Clay Souder What did Heimbach say/do? Screenshot or link?
John de Nugent Like all cowards, he spread it via phone, PM,and Skype so it would not be anything google-able…same weasily tactic used by Duke, Black and Linder. Write Heimpudge yourself!
Wilhelm Joharsányi What blend do you smoke?

John de Nugent MacBaren Golden Extra, but only when I am pissed.and in a Rockwell mood. 



John de Nugent Rocky walks right up to Marxist Lucifer King

John de Nugent To Parrotbeak: shirt off and 63 years young. Let’s see you in six years at 43.

John de Nugent I am running this photo because over and over, various Millennials are constantly blasting “boomers” such as me, and calling me openly an “old man.” I blocked Parrott-beak for calling me exactly that on the thread. These are primitive, and also flabby, cowardly people who have never killed a man, have almost never been in a fight, and lifted nothing heavier than a computer mouse.  It is a two-edged sword, yes, to run such a pic, but it also sends a message that I am still dangerous. The meme “old man” is literally a danger to my safety.

John de Nugent Ancient Greek adult men worked out and were liable for military service until age 60.
Matthew Rafael Enough
John de Nugent The two Christians can always apologize. If so, I take it down.
Matthew Rafael There’s no reason to add to it
John de Nugent I may be about done.
John de Nugent But I am probably going to publish the proof of the $200 that my friend Jack Sen sent to Matt Heimbach in November 2015 — via Matt Parrrott. This is the thanks he and I get.
Randall Carey I guess I’m not familiar with this pudgy cucktard……Heimie bok….thank Odin.
John Laski If you are not familiar with him then refrain from personal attacks. It only makes you and any movement you stand behind look ignorant. Stay focused on the true enemy, brother.
Randall Carey John Laski I DID take a look at him ….stuff that John has been posting. I think John is on target. Sorry if that offends you but….Not really. And WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?
Johann Kiel You are the only one that speaks the whole truth, John.   That is why they hate you so much 
John de Nugent Thanks — and for the truth about “white nationalists” — that understanding the race and J question does not improve a man’s heart, character, and behavior at all. 
Most WNs are a product of the miserable, amoral and even psychopathic environment around us.
Johann Kiel Sadly yes… so much division and hatred… “white sharia” as an example 🙂
John Laski As I wrote on your other post, it’s time to end this irrelevant distraction. Our struggle is so much bigger than this BS! Both of you are relevant to our struggle brother. We are all relevant. Each playing a significant role, each an intricate part of a great machine. That machine needs all the parts working together! When others that follow your posts join in, take sides and make personal attacks, it weakens our struggle. I’m not putting this on you. I don’t care what started it. I only care what ends it. As always, for faith, for family and for folk!
Sebastian Brandt I totally agree with you John Laski
John de Nugent John Laski, Thank you for this and if they apologize for attacking me out of the blue, after first blocking me, and retract their attacks on me, and furthermore acknowledge that I and Jack Sen of British Renaissance sent Heimbach the sum of 150 British pounds (US$200) in November 2015 when Heimbach was down and out, VIA MATT PARROTT, who begged us for the funds for his buddy Heimbach — then I will take my stuff down too.
Is that not more than fair, considering they started it? I forgive when I see repentance. Forgiving an ungrateful narcissist is enabling him/them to do it again to the next victim. Sebastian Brandt, you know as well that I have helped people financially when they were in a tight spot.
Randall Carey The question here should be…which of the two is the most like G.L. Rockwell ? Which is the ELDER here? Which has EARNED his right to LEAD? Anybody can be a “keyboard commando”….NOT everybody can shoulder an assault rifle or USE a heavy machine gun….See my point?

John de Nugent Thank you so much, Randall. The truth is I knew many men who knew Rocky intimately. One was my late, great Italian-American friend Ralph Grandinetti (front and center here)

John de Nugent He and I collaborated on this amazing book on the true Reich solution for the JQ:…/final-solution-madagascar…

John de Nugent I also knew very well Spiro Lagoulis, another Rocky stormtrooper and a Greek.
John de Nugent And of course I and Margi were friends with his successor, the late, great Matt Koehl.

Randall Carey I’m pretty sure we know a lot of the same people. I was once fairly active with the National Alliance…and some other organizations. In-fighting CAN be a major problem….But I still have the most respect for the “old fighters” and will usually hold out judgement on newcomers….until they do something to actually IMPRESS me…Don’t see that a lot these days.

John Laski If we lead together in truth, honor, loyalty and love for our people, no one will stop us. That’s how I see it. I’m not looking for an individual leader. I’m looking for everyone to do his/her part. Those who step up and are able to take a more prominent role, I will support as I have and always will. This is not about which of the two are more capable of leading. This is about both working together along with all of us.

Hrothgar Standish What kind of tobacco you use in the pipe? After dinner i use Lane 1-Q
John de Nugent I only smoke when seriously pissed off and in a Rockwell mood. 
John de Nugent Margi is a health-food person and persecutes me like ZOG if I smoke too much.
Don’t mess with no redheads! That woman has a knife.…/Margi-slicing-kitchen-sarver…

Hrothgar Standish You aint livin

No automatic alt text available.
Gary Allen white nationalist behave like children. If i didn’t know better one would think it is deliberate. No wonder one the public shun it
Sheri Leigh Goodine It’s bound to happen. We are individuals and will naturally start fighting in any group when the views are limiting.
Gary Allen Sheri Leigh Goodine All the time openly on facebook for all to see. White nationalism is full of agents and idiots.
Sheri Leigh Goodine Gary Allen Yes. People, in general, have a hard time with loyalty. Just like with the Tea Party, which was full of people wanting the spotlight for themselves. It becomes all-consuming and eventually the movement-of-the-minute is a thing of the past.
Gary Allen if we don’t engage in real politics then it’s for us all
Layne Lawless Unfortunately, I have seen the damage that smoking does. If you don’t get cancer, you will get COPD, which is no fun.
Bob Pira Matt Heimbach is just a snot nose little punk!
Margaret Huffstickler I hope he is not really smoking tobacco, Layne!
Layne Lawless Maybe the pipe is just a prop.
Layne Lawless After all, tobacco didn’t kill GLR.
John de Nugent Layne Lawless Bullets are indeed far more likely for me than cancer.

Chappy Chapman Lol, John, you were into white nationalism when Heimbach was still dating Jewish chicks.

John de Nugent Is this pic for real? !
Chappy Chapman John de Nugent Sure is, this was his ex-gf. Heimbach was kosher once upon a time.
John de Nugent Chappy ChapmanOMG…. You know, I genuinely appreciate a man who can admit he was wrong, grow and evolve. But I never advocated for the enemies of my race, nor slept with females not of my own blood. My instincts were strong even as a kid, before I had any book knowledge, about “us” and “them.” 

Chappy Chapman John de Nugent Yeah, I always thought Jewish chicks were fugly, same with black chicks and other non whites. Nothing like an Aryan beauty.

Charles Krafft No old timers in the WN movement make me laugh harder than Pastor Martin Lindstedt and Alex Linder. No kidding. Thank G-d for Sam Hyde and TRS’ Daily Shoah team. If David Duke droning on like a dial tone for another year was all there is I would have hung myself by now.
Randy Steppen I don’t know that Lindstedt really qualifies as WN old timer. He’s lucky traditional rural White values are checked or he would have been tarred and feathered and ran out of his area long time ago, and if he returned then he would have been lynched. In pre modern times he would have burnt as a witch. In ancient times, sacrificed in a bog.
John de Nugent I was told for a fact he was a confessed pedophile, but had gone straight.
Richard Nichols Sir, you are legendary in the movement. Those that speak ill words of you — they are not worthy enough to scrape dog-doo off the bottom of your shoe. Your record speaks for itself. They will never accomplish a fraction of what you have done. God bless you, sir. I am honored to call you friend.
Charles Krafft Andrew Anglin has provided some very welcome comedy relief, but he still cain’t sling hillbilly invective like ‘ol Pastor Lindstedt.
John de Nugent Thank you so much, brother Richard Nichols. That gave me a little extra skip in my step.

Edward O’Sullivan This Guy?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, hat and outdoor

Wilhelm Joharsányi These internet fights are so petty and stupid. Whatever happened to brotherhood and respect?

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Gary Allen Wn movement is now a joke.

Margaret Huffstickler Are you being ironic, Wilhelm? Henrik Holappa, pictured with John, turned against the White movement and teamed up with “Hate Speech International” to denounce his old comrades:

John de Nugent Margaret Huffstickler Again, WE never attacked HIM. He turned around and attacked us — after living and eating for eight months in our house, and you, Margie, spent $2,000 on his lawyer for political asylum!

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