Six muslims did it — Englishwoman drugged, abducted, wakes up raped and battered in strange house; cops of course arrest outraged English protesters

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…Why England (and America) now are so pathetic


  1. low testosterone — the average American is 42, in middle age, FAT, and has as much estrogen as his wife, and Britain is likely in the same boat
  2. The many damn-fool wars and the drop in the birth rate of the best and brightest have changed the genetic quality downward

They don’t even LOOK the same — Brits in 1916 and 2016

3. Cultural marxism/feminism blasting white masculinity

4. Most hideously of all: every ritual rape and murder of a white child — thousands happen every year in Britain and the US — by Jews and their satanic goy minions releases, FROM THEIR AGONY, an energy of fear and doom into the noosphere (Rupert Sheldrake), THE AURA BILLOWING AROUND WHITE COUNTRIES.

We are talking here about a satanic RELIGIOUS FORCE.

The non-avenging of the rape or murder of white children is the biggest crime of all, and puts something into the air, a feeling of unexplained GUILT AND DREAD.

As Jack Sen has asked:

Why is it that not one Pakistani’s nose was even broken after 1600 British children were raped by muslims in Rotherham? What kind of man puts up with that? If that does not put men in the streets, what does?



This is is why I did this hit video, now at 46,000 views on all platforms:

For the ancient Greeks and Roman, the Furies, female gods, would curse the men of any clan or tribe that did not avenge WITH BLOOD all outrages on their women and children!


Vengeance is not an option, it is a command!



….This is why a new, masculine religion must arise, VIRTUS

With your financial support, I can STOP doing audiobooks for money and finish my great work on manhood.

It is vital to understand that our noosphere is filling up with unavenged pain and a feeling of dread and doom.

All black magick (with a “k”), all satanism, is designed to release the invisible agony of unavenged women and children into the spiritual aura around us, destroying men, who are our only salvation.

Their blood cries out to us.

Satanists seek to open temple in Detroit; satanists ritually rape and murder children across America and Europe

I hope, btw, that Trump does very well at the debate against Killary Klingon tonight. He symbolizes the Aryan alpha male, and she the castrating bitch. 😉

But suppose the Jews let him win, so there is no uproar, then kill him three weeks after his inauguration next January 20th so as to get in the puppet they really want, Mike Pence, his vice-presidential running mate, a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who disagrees with Trump about literally EVERYTHING?

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