Simon Roche: South Africa, the coming all-out race war, certain GERMANS to the rescue, Trump, WWIII — and the visions of the prophet Nicholas van Rensburg 100 years ago

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Simon Roche, 46, of South Africa. I interviewed him in TWO shows on Roche heads the office of in South Africa, a civil defense organization, and offers an absolutely astounding report that goes way beyond the “usual” dismal farm-murders to WWIII and an eventual white victory there.

Actress Charlize Theron is perhaps the most famous white South African today. Here she is on CNN speaking Afrikaans to CNN’s Piers Morgan to show him how her language sounds. (I mention her further down as well. She is unfortunately quite liberal, however, perhaps because any white woman of hated apartheid-Boer origin must say and do liberal things in public to save her career in leftist Hollywood.)

A former racial moderate and optimist, Roche served in South African Army Intelligence under apartheid (racial-area segregation), and then did contract work for the ANC (African National Congress) when it came to power, promising a “postracial rainbow nation,” harmony, truth and reconciliation,” and harmony.

Roche actually ran the inauguration, 23 years ago, of the first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and organized his state funeral five years before he finally died.

He however now sees the black-majority government as a “grotesque vaudeville,” the third black president, Jacob Zuma, as a disgrace and a criminal, and feels that an all-out racial civil war is coming very soon.

This is his website:

Simon Roche further reveals details of visions or prophecies from 1917 by a famous Boer seer, Nicholas van Rensburg. I had heard of this man eight years ago from a Boer woman in the United States.

A father of eight, NvR was a solid farmer, and then a volunteer soldier for the Boer side in the Second Anglo-Boer War (1898-1902).

The British Empire invaded two Boer republics in 1898, the Orange Free State and Transvaal, with a total of eventually 500,000 trained soldiers — after gold and diamonds (and later titanium, uranium and other rare metals) were discovered there.

The “Oppenheimer Blue Diamond” from South Africa recently sold for $57 million.

The Cullinan diamond mine

Blacks had to strip naked after every shift to prevent theft. Here is a modern agitational graphic, designed to incite hatred against whites and seizing their property.

Gold-mining in South Africa declines into chaos since the blacks took over; corruption, incompetent black managers, chaos in the railroads and electric power system:

World production is way, way up….. especially with Russia and China seeking to escape the domination of the US dollar and backing their currency with thousands of tons of gold in their vaults.

But in the new black-run South Africa,it is way, way DOWN.

The Afrikaners/Boers are no more “Europeans” than white Americans are. They have been in South Africa since 1652, and the British since 1806! (Whites have been in America, toiling with their sweat and blood, since 1620!)

A Boer cavalry attack; 45,000 Boer volunteers fought ferociously against up to 220,000 trained British soldiers at the peak of British strength.

British troops at the Boer siege of Ladysmith in 1900 

British troops were shocked to be regularly defeated, but it was by other white men, of racially similar stock, farmers who knew and were defending their own country. Lords Kitchener and Roberts finally began ordering the burning of every Boer farm and town. 64,000 farms were set ablaze, and the women and children taken away to death camps.

Lizzie van Zyl was one of 34,000 Boer women and children (Roche’s calculation) deliberately starved to death, or killed by disease, in British “concentration camps” (a word and thing invented by Lord Kitchener) to force the Boer men fighting in the field against the British invaders to surrender.

The icy Lord Kitchener, who died when the Germans sank his warship in WWI

All over the white world, both newspapers and many activists, including in Britain, protested in horror at this policy of exterminating white women and children so London could have gold and diamonds.

Millicent Garrett Fawcett, a very famous (and beautiful) English crusader for women’s issues, led a British government commission of inquiry into these horrors, which it found to be all too true.

This great song “Afrikanerhart” (“hart” means “heart” in English) by Bok van Bleurk shows the incredible courage of those men:


As for Nicholas Van Rensburg, he was anything but a “kook,” and was famous even as a child for visions of things that came true. He was a devout Calvinist Christian and upstanding citizen — anything but a gypsy, fortune teller or New Ager.

In many visions told to his devoted married daughter, Anna Sophia Badenhorst, which she often sent out in letters, NVR seems to have clearly foretold WWII and the German defeat,

….dark days for white South Africans,

White South African Tragedy

From a white-ruled and orderly country (school photo from 1977, 40 years ago)

….to a black takeover in 1994, then bitter white poverty…. 

….black riots, corrupt, lazy, and incompetent black police….

….and 74,000 black-on-white murders.



…..and then black presidents in both SA and the USA (a prophecy which caused him to be widely mocked and dismissed as a “loon” back in 1917!).

From 1915 to 1930 was the heyday of the Second Ku Klux Klan in the US, and a “negro” president in the American future (America was 89% white, and both political parties were conservative on race) seemed unthinkable. This movie swept the nation, and President Wilson, who segregated the US Post Office,  watched it twice in the White House.

1925 Klan parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC

Over 3,000 blacks were lynched in the US between 1880 and 1920, and not a few up north. Negro rapist William Brown was publicly lynched and then burned in 1919 in Omaha, Nebraska. The idea of someday a black US president seemed absurd in 1917 when NvR made his prophecy. 

Mandela with jewish communist Joe Slovo

Barack Hussein Obama

and then Donald Trump.

Then follows a nuclear WWIII, fought by the US against Russia.

However, it is won by neither, but instead by a resurgent Germany (see below; this other Germany cannot possibly be the NATO-run country in Europe that is headed by ultra-liberal Angela Merkel, the welcomer of the “rapefugees”).

This other Germany (see below)

….allies itself with the white Boers in their life-and-death struggle to survive in a 92% black country, and after the destruction of much the northern hemisphere, a white empire is created in the huge, resource-rich continent of AFRICA.

In fact, because of WWIII, and the final German-Boer victory, Nicholas van Rensburg urged Boers to NOT leave South Africa, although things would become simply TERRIBLE for them under black rule.

In fact, he said that the situation would seem so bleak it would be “as dark as a night where you cannot see your hand in front of your face.”

But her foretold in 1917 (before dying in 1926) that “horror bombs” (his word for nuclear weapons, which would invented only in 1945, 28 years later) would make Europe, Russia and America into wastelands.

The book (and movie) “The Road” by Pulitzer winner Colman McCarthy of Providence depicts a nuclear-winter world.

Two of the four main actors are white South Africans, btw, the son, Kodie Smit-McPhee and the wife and mother, Charlize Theron.

This startling interview with Simon Roche is simply like nothing else you have EVER heard.

Do I believe in “psychics”?

I do believe in a higher world, and I state that from experience that I am convinced that our deceased loved ones can affect our lives in good ways. I also believe that “angels” know much more about the future that we are headed for than we do, especially if we do not change sinful and foolish behavior, whether as individuals or as nations.

I had a jarring experience with “the other side” in 1989 and report on it here:

Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2


What all this does is make white action urgent now, especially with Trump being pushed by the neo-cons into confronting Russia, and he has been doing so ever since the April 6 missile strike on the Syrians, Russia’s ally, on exactly the hundred anniversary of the US entry into WWI!!


Germans use flamethrowers during WWI


Yours truly at one of the Verdun cemeteries; 600,000 German and French men died here pointlessly. 

The Verdun “Ossuary” (bone building) 


“Hidden Government” by John Creagh Scott, originally published in 1954, tells the true story of Britain, America, South Africa, and the two world wars.

The author was a regular soldier who served with distinction in the South African War (referred to heavily in the Simon Roche interviews) and in the First World War. When he retired from the Army due to wounds received on active service, he settled down in an English country village and began to study politics and economics. He wanted to know:

 -Why honest Tommy Atkins [the average English soldier] had been compelled to fight peaceful Boer farmers and enable an International Diamond Syndicate to gain control of the South African mines?

 -Why ten million men should have been slaughtered in the First World War (described as “a war to end wars”) when the subsequent Peace Treaty so obviously sowed the seeds for a second and more terrible conflict?

 -Why the banks of the world create money lavishly out of nothing to finance these wars and yet for peace, credit is immediately restricted?

 -Why when the Second World War came “to defend the rights of small nations” these small nations were sold by their allies into a slavery worse than death?

Soon he came to realise what Disraeli had shown in one of his novels “”that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

In the early stages of his investigation he was bewildered and worried that great men whom he admired would make perhaps one brief reference continued on back to the “personages behind the scenes” and then forever hold their peace.

For nearly twenty years, Lt.-Col. Creagh Scott has been following up clues left by prominent men, for he has become convinced, as was Field-Marshall Smuts, that “there is some hidden pressure behind all the worries of Europe, Asia and America.”

Lest anyone should think that the title of the book suggests the realm of fiction let them ponder the words of the statesman Disraeli :”Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.”

The author shows how the hidden hand controls the governments of both Capitalist and Communist countries.”


….And now to the two interviews

There is an echo when Roche speaks — the sound was deliberately sabotaged by someone at Skype.


Part I, first half


Roche explains the Suidlanders mission and the racial situation.

1 in 64 whites have been murdered since 1994. The “national sport is rape” (black on white). SA is “the rape capital of the world.”


Part I, second half (very bad echo)

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Roche discusses his 23-hour flight Johannesburg-Dubai-Orlando to speak to the American people.

Using the German Peters world map, which shows the accurate size of the continents, you can see the enormous, 19,000-kilometer flight (12,000 miles)

Thousands of textile factories have closed in the Atlantis area, 40 km north of CapteTown, because clothes now come from China!

The white man Simon Roche was the project manager for two presidential inaugurations and for the Mandela funeral.

People can own guns….. but there are so many attacks that some do succeed… Ambushes or night attacks, killers hidden in house, the white family betrayed by the gardener.

16-foot-high walls with barbed wire and electrified wires

“We all know someone who was murdered.”

Roche himself was hit with an ax on the skull, he has a stab wound in his back; he was shot at; the mother of his kids was robbed of everything in the home.

He was a moderate during apartheid; served in Army intelligence; believed in reconciliation and racial harmony was possible

He is disgusted at those blacks with no willingness to accept any responsibility; they always blame someone else.

He is speaking to American Christians and to preppers.

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The “Seer Nicholas Van Rensburg” (1864-1926) all his life had an uncanny gift.

But he lost credibility when predicted a black govt in SA, and said even that “the first [black president would be] deemed a saint; princes and presidents would come and pay him homage; when he dies, he will get seven days of honors in a glass coffin.”

Zuma: his very evil second successor; lives in a $20 million mansion; has had seven wives (four currently); he also built a luxury compound for his witch doctor.

NvR predicted, just before the racial civil war erupts, a great drought, then the civil war; black and brown skinned migrants woulds flood into Europe; there would be a resurgence of conservatives in the white northern lands; a “black boy” would hold the reins of power in US “over the white cattle”; he pivots the US to the east, as Obama said in 2012;

Then he would have a white male successor; a man with hair resembling a wig, curled up around the edges;

…he would have a “stern gaze”

…. and “look across the water toward South Africa.”

Turkey (or some country in that area that once belonged to Turks, such as Palestine/Israel) would goad Russia beyond tolerance.

Russia invades Europe; the US joins the war; nothing is left of Russia after the “horror bombs”; but the US too is brought to its knees and becomes a minor power; England tries switching sides during the war and the US becomes furious; England and other countries are “completely destroyed.”

“weapons too terrible for me to describe”

Part II, first half

Van Rensburg foresees three burning haystacks — meaning THREE world wars.

Germany loses the first two. But WWIII is between America and Russia, and after the whole northern hemisphere (which would include China) is devastated, it is Germany that comes out on top, and helps the Boers to survive and thrive anew.

Obviously, this cannot possibly refer to the Occupied Germany of the traitorous Angela Merkel.

Signs of WWIII approaching:

–wave of brown and black migrants into Europe

–Western political leaders arise who wish to keep the traditions of the West (Trump, Putin, Orban, Brexit, Marine Le Pen?)

–great drought (SA now in year four of the worst drought in 107 years)

Part II, second half

……On van Rensburg (Wikipedia)

Siener van Rensburg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Siener van Rensburg
Born Nicolaas Pieter Johannes Janse van Rensburg
3 August 1864
Palmietfontein farm, Potchefstroom, South African Republic
Died 11 March 1926 (aged 61)
Rietkuil farm, Ottosdal
Resting place Van Rensburg cemetery, near Ottosdal, North West Province
Nationality Transvaaler
Known for Prophet
Spouse(s) Anna Sophia Kruger
Children (10)[1] Willem Jacobus, Anna Sophia (Badenhorst), Anna Catharina, Maria Elizabeth
Parent(s) Willem Jacobus Janse van Rensburg and Anna Catharina Janse van Rensburg

Nicolaas Pieter Johannes (“Niklaas” or “Siener”) Janse van Rensburg (3 August 1864 – 11 March 1926)[1] was a Boer from the South African Republic – also known as the Transvaal Republic – and later a citizen of South Africa who was considered by some to be a prophet of the Boere (a segment of the Afrikaners). Consequently, his nickname became Siener (Afrikaans for “seer” or “soothsayer”). His seemingly accurate predictions of future events were typically wrapped in a patriotic, religious format. During the Boer War he soon acquired a reputation which made him a trusted companion, if not advisor to General de la Rey and President Steyn. The true extent of his influence with these figures is disputed,[4][5] though the devoutly religious de la Rey seemed to have considered him a prophet of God.[4][5][6]

[JdN: Many of the Boers were neither of Dutch nor Huguenot origin, but of Low German ancestry, and “Rendsburg” is a small city in Schleswig-Holstein.]

Early life[edit]

Van Rensburg was born on the farm Palmietfontein in the Potchefstroom district, the son of Willem Jacobus Janse van Rensburg and Anna Catharina Janse van Rensburg. He only received 20 days of formal school training at the Rooipoort farm school, and spent much of his youth as a cattle herder. He could never write, but assisted by his mother, he learnt to read from the Bible. He never read anything else.

At age 16, he participated in a government expedition against the rebellious tribal leader Mabhogo. He contracted and survived malaria on the expedition and afterwards settled near Wolmaranstad in the then western ZAR. At age 21 he was an elected elder for the Hervormde Kerk, perhaps due to his scriptural knowledge. He married Anna Sophia Kruger in 1884.

Boer war[edit]

Van Rensburg and his brother Pieter were commandeered to participate in the second Anglo-Boer War under General Sarel P. du Toit. Van Rensburg however remained unarmed and never fired a shot. His contribution was to be a stream of visions and prophesies for the duration of the war.

As the seer would later explain, he believed that a nightly visitor woke him only a day before the outbreak of the war, with a message that his work was dedicated to God.[4]

Following this vision, van Rensburg was beset with a fear that would not dissipate. When this disturbed state continued into their sojourn in Kimberley, his superiors sent him home. Experiencing no relief, he returned to the Siege of Kimberley, where he believed a new vision had revealed to him the defeat and loss of life that the war would bring about.[5] Shortly afterwards, possibly at Graspan, his disturbed state lifted permanently as a soldier was wounded on his side, as, according to van Rensburg, another vision had forewarned. Van Rensburg then travelled with general Piet Cronjé but escaped the encirclement by British forces at Paardeberg. Subsequently, he travelled with different commandos, where a number of apparently accurate predictions established his reputation.

A report of his visions attracted the attention of General de la Rey, who recruited Van Rensburg for his commando.[5][7] On 7 December 1900, General de Wet found himself cornered against the Caledon River, which was in flood, while British forces were assailing his position. When his surrender appeared imminent, a message from De la Rey was delivered by a Boer scout. Van Rensburg had allegedly foreseen the situation and the message outlined an escape route, which was duly followed, leaving the pursuers to flounder in the torrent which De Wet had just traversed.[8] De la Rey, also hard pressed by his enemy, dispatched Van Rensburg to accompany President Steyn to Roodewal, De Wet’s safe retreat in the northern Free State. Here Van Rensburg advised them to wait upon two horsemen which he described, who arrived the next day with a message from acting President Schalk Burger.[8]

*** the “De la Rey song by Bok van Bleurk”

This 2005 song has become legendary amongst the Boers



On 13 September 1901, van Rensburg found himself in the camp of Commandant Roux at Rietkuil near Vredefort. Sensing imminent danger, he advised those present, who had just retired for the day, to depart from the camp at once. Roux was slow to take heed, and his men even more so, as scouts had not observed enemy units. Van Rensburg, his wife and children escaped on a cart, shortly before the greater part of the camp was captured in a surprise attack.[9]

Flight from the enemy[edit]

In January 1901 Van Rensburg had a vision indicating the flight of three Boer women, who were soon found and rescued by his host Willem Bosman.[8] Days after rejoining De la Rey’s commando he had visions of members of his own family being captured, and asked for leave to assist them.[8] The Van Rensburg family fled from their farmhouse as British forces approached, but the wagon train carrying the elderly, women and neighbours was surprised and captured by traitors the following morning. Van Rensburg’s parents, eldest daughter Hester and four younger children were subsequently interned at the Mafeking concentration camp.

Van Rensburg, his wife, eldest son Willem and two daughters travelled with a group which managed to evade their pursuers, and Van Rensburg once again joined De la Rey’s commando. Upon meeting his wife again in mid October 1901, they found their farmhouse destroyed. Van Rensburg’s ominous premonition concerning their daughters, Anna and Maria, was confirmed when news arrived that they and two relatives had died during an outbreak of measles in the concentration camp.[1][8]

Closing stage of war[edit]

Van Rensburg was present when Commandant Van Aardt’s company returned from the action at Yzerspruit on 25 February 1902. Van Aardt was in a despondent state as his brother was missing in action. Van Rensburg however assured him that his brother was neither dead nor captured, but alive, though in great pain. The wounded soldier was returned to camp the same evening, carried on the horse of a burgher who found him.[9]

Before the Battle of Tweebosch, Van Rensburg gave a number of predictions indicating how the enemy would approach along the Harts River, and when he deemed them most vulnerable. He also envisaged how the victory would enhance De la Rey’s reputation. Methuen‘s force collapsed in the face of De la Rey’s sudden attack on 7 March 1902, and Methuen was captured.[9]

On 17 March 1902,[10] President Steyn, in the company of De Wet and Hertzog, arrived at Zendelingsfontein, De la Rey’s headquarters near Klerksdorp, to consult De la Rey’s physician about an eye ailment.[8][10] Van Rensburg was once again dispatched to guard the president. Around the 23rd he had a vision of English troops arriving, but the president was unwilling to heed his warning, until De la Rey intervened urgently on Van Rensburg’s behalf. The president departed for the safety of the Molopo River on the evening of the 24th. British troops arrived at Zendelingsfontein during the early hours of the 25th and captured two of De la Rey’s adjutants.[8][11]

Gaining entry to General Kemp‘s war council in the bushveld region, he soon warned them against attacking a retreating enemy, which would leave them vulnerable to encirclement. At the subsequent Battle of Harts River on 31 March 1902, some British units did fall back, though some Canadians stood their ground until overpowered by burgher forces. Kemp, though partially or grudgingly heeding the seer’s visions, was generally reluctant to give him credit.


When the Union of South Africa came out in support of the Allied Powers in World War I, Van Rensburg allied with the rebels. The rebellion received a fatal blow even before it started, when the influential general Koos de la Rey was accidentally killed on 15 September 1914.

De la Rey, when killed, was en route to General J.G.C. Kemp, who subsequently organised the rebellion in western Transvaal. On 2 November, Kemp addressed a public meeting at Vleeskraal, near Schweizer-Reneke, with the locally influential Van Rensburg at his side. Van Rensburg also addressed the assembly, and assured them that his visions indicated they had little to fear. 610 men then joined the rebel cause, and with conscription imminent, the number of rebel volunteers grew to 1,800.

General Kemp decided on a company of 720 men, mostly farmers, which included Van Rensburg and his son. They departed immediately on a journey to join Manie Maritz in German South-West Africa. After a desert trek and much hardship they linked up with Maritz’s company on 29 November. Rebels under De Wet and Beyers were rounded up by South African forces in the days that followed.

Returning to South Africa, Maritz and Kemp engaged government forces at Nous, Lutzputs and finally at Upington, on 3 February 1915. Van Rensburg’s son Willem was mortally wounded in the Upington clash, and the whole rebel force captured, with the exception of Maritz who fled via German South-West Africa, to Angola and from thence to Portugal.[12] Van Rensburg, like his comrades, received a prison sentence. He however served about a year, first in Boksburg, then in the Old Fort, Johannesburg.[8]

Post-war years[edit]

After his release Nicolaas van Rensburg returned to his farm Rietkuil, near Wolmaranstad. Some of his visions were then recorded by reverend Dr. Rossouw. Van Rensburg’s daughter Anna Badenhorst also recorded a set of visions up to his death at age 61. The latter set is considered to be difficult to interpret and not very coherent.

With the outbreak of World War II, the collections of visions were considered inflammatory. Distribution was prohibited and some copies seized on orders of prime minister Jan Smuts. Upon Anna’s death her handwritten documents were transferred to Lichtenburg museum’s archives, where they were rediscovered in 1991. The farm and van Rensburg family cemetery are located 11 km from Ottosdal, in the North West Province.


His mother perceived his visions even as a toddler, and noticed that these seemed to disturb him. General Hertzog described him as someone continuously distracted by a maze of imagery and symbolism.[13] In all, some 700 visions have been recorded.

The nature of his visions invariably concerned the welfare of the Boere, the Netherlands and Germany, and were experienced by him as visual imagery to be interpreted afterwards. When the image of the sisal plant occurred in his visions, he for instance interpreted this as a portent of an important meeting, assembly or parliament.

He is believed by some to have made many accurate predictions of local events, including foretelling the death of general Koos de la Rey[5] and the political transition of South Africa after his own death.

At times his visions also concerned international events, among which the start of World War I[4] and the rise of Communism.[8] He was unable to interpret some of his own visions. These, written down, are still open to interpretation, and believed by some to pertain to future events.

Reitz’s assessment[edit]

Boer soldier Deneys Reitz‘s account of the Boer War contains a colourful objective account of one of the seer’s predictions (shortened):[6]

… a prophet, a strange character, with long flowing beard and wild fanatical eyes, who dreamed dreams and pretended to possess occult powers. I personally witnessed one of the lucky hits while we were congregated around the General’s cart. Van Rensburg was expounding his latest vision to a hushed audience. It ran of a black bull and a red bull fighting, until at length the red bull sank defeated to its knees, referring to the British. Arms outstretched and eyes ablaze, he suddenly called out: See, who comes?; and, looking up, we made out a distant horseman spurring towards us. When he came up, he produced a letter from General Botha, hundreds of miles away.

General de la Rey opened it and said: “Men, believe me, the proud enemy is humbled”. The letter contained news that the English had proposed a peace conference. “Coming immediately upon the prophecy, it was a dramatic moment and I was impressed, even though I suspected that van Rensburg had stage-managed the scene. Of the general’s sincerity there could be no doubt as he firmly believed in the seer’s predictions.”



……The Fourth Reich

Robert Sepehr’s amazing 2016 video on the German Fourth Reich .
–“Operation Highjump” (1946-47), which was organized to “explore” the Antarctic, was a totally military expedition decreed at the highest levels (ordered by Defense Secretary James Forrestal, planned by the Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz,
…and carried out by an American hero, Admiral Richard Bird). It involved 4,700 men, 33 aircraft, 13 ships, two seaplane groups, an icebreaker, a submarine and an aircraft carrier [the USS Midway!]” Clearly the US Navy was terrified of aggressive penguins (perhaps German-speaking?)
–The “Highjump” task force converged from three directions exactly on New Swabia, where the Reich had a base in 1938-39…
–in 1958 the U.S. military dropped three atomic bombs on the Antarctic (as part of a “physics experiment,” of course…)
–the name of the 1958 task force which returned to the scene, consisting of 1,500 military personnel and nine ships, was “Task Force 88”.
Hint, hint — I think at this stage the humor in the choice of the number “88” should be obvious to everyone. (The numbers 88 in numerology mean the letters HH, which means “Heil Hitler.” Lest anyone think there are no occult types at the Pentagon, D-Day occurred at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month of 1944, and 44 is a multiple of 11…. and we had 9/11, the John Kennedy murder on 11/22, and on and on.)
In any case, for those seriously interested in the momentous topic of whether the Reich survived the war as an operating force, one should consult the ten books by Joseph Farrell, Ph.D. (Oxford) on the massive survival of the Third Reich in the postwar period (though he focuses more on South America). For Farrell, National Socialism now lives on as a financial, high-tech and nuclear-weapons network. The Reich is now, ironically, like the Jews before 1948, a racial, monetary and ideological network — with feared agents everywhere, but a country nowhere — so it is still quite handicapped.
In modern Germany, the books of Jan Van Helsing and Reiner Feistle are widely read by nationalists and state that not only did the Reich survive, but, in a kind of “X-Files” scenario, it has some unusual “friends” who, like Hitler himself, are, shall we say, under the sign of Taurus….
Task Force 88…. indeed. 😉
By the way, President Dwight Eisenhower visited San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina in 1960. Not exactly a world capital? No, but still rather important. I invite everyone to consult Wikipedia ( or any search engine to learn who else lived nearby (inside the Andes Mountains). Maybe someone with nuclear weapons, scalar technology, zero-point energy and a terrifying weapon called Die Glocke (“the Bell”)… part of a postwar Reich without a country.

Massive, mysterious object detected by satellites under Antarctic ice — the German Fourth Reich?

…..Simon Roche interview with anti-NWO radio host Brittany Pettibone



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–7 March 2017 Euros and a book (Boa, written by a courageous child psychiatrist who uncovered an epidemic of police-protected child molesting on the Dutch island of Aruba), sent by A in Holland


–3 March 2017 Euros from A in Germany


“Dear Mr. de Nugent,

A much belated Happy New Year to you.

I hope you are doing well (and enjoy good health). I wish I could do more to support you financially. Alas, it is not possible. 

Like many others I work full-time yet can barely make ends meet. 

This system sucks big-time. Frugality or outright poverty for working (!) Germans, luxury for invaders, who never worked a day in their useless parasite lives.


However, this cannot last and something’s got to give. 

Our lying, thieving political con men are not the solution. They are all part of the problem.

Divine intervention and retiribution, yes please!

I enjoyed your writing very much and learned a lot. Please be very vigilant and stay safe. All the best and ORION [Our race is our nation]. Down with ZOG!  [initials of the sender]”

–2 March 2017 gift t-shirt from the Bahamas from J in North Carolina

 photo t-shirt-jamie-freeport-bahamas_zpsz6obclpf.jpg

…..Everyday news in the “rainbow nation”

Woman held up for two hours and raped

Criminals looting from evacuated and burnt family homes

Land grabs are rumored to start on August 3rd.

……My email to a friend and Resistance Radio subscriber

I have to pay a Russian for ten hours of sound-editing work to fix the sound. The Jews sabotaged this recording in every way possible. 

Basically, it is saying almost all the whites and all the Jews will die in WWIII — except for the Antarctic Germans and half the Boers. But the whites do win, and then they rebuild. 

OBVIOUSLY, I wish another outcome — one where the whites of the northern hemisphere get a leader, yours truly, and Trump moves against Jewry via a presidential coup.
Otherwise, he will go down in history as the worst white leader of all times, the most craven bootlicker of Jewry ever, and I doubt Trump wants to be knows for that!
As I said to Margi (photo) last night, there can be details in any given narrative which, because they are embarrassing and not helpful, actually strongly suggest authenticity.
For example, when Jesus, dying on the cross, moans “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”, this sign of utter misery, pain and despair seems to contradict the whole Trinity idea of Jesus as being God Himself.
But it was so famous an utterance that it could not be suppressed.
In the same way, when van Rensburg prophesied in 1917 negro presidents of South Africa and America, he faced instant mockery and doubts of his very sanity.
That was a world back then that was run entirely by white males. All the continents, including Asia, were white-dominated. White Spanish men ran Latin America, not mestizos, and white colonial empires ran Africa, Asia and Australia. China was utterly dominated by whites, who had carved out spheres of influence.
(The US too  had an empire too — Panama, Puerto Rico and the Philippines — and it regularly sent the Marines into Mexico, Central America and Haiti to impose or overthrow regimes.)
NvR’s vision of negro presidents was thus literally unimaginable. Blacks were viewed as being obviously mentally inferior, and incapable of running a nation.  This caused some of his supporters to desert him.
He would have had zero motive or benefit from putting that seemingly ludicrous prophesy out. The only reasonable explanation is that he actually had this vision, and he felt duty-bound to God Himself, and to his Boer people, to reveal it, mostly to prevent them from moving to the northern hemisphere, where they would not find safety but instead die in a nuclear war.
And now, with Trump in the grip of the neo-cons, and even the wiglike, duck’s-arse hairstyle fulfillled, we see the man who will fulfill the vision unless whites wake up and soon.

Van Rensburg foresaw a leader of America who was a “black boy,” and then would come a white man with a stern gaze, fluffy hair and a ducktail hairstyle (pluis kyl kuif) who would attack Russia.

A horrific karma is coming up on the Anglo-American world that did Dresden and the Hellstorm. I pray I can avert it.
German woman raped and killed by the troops of American general George Patton in Zerbst, Saxony-Aanhalt
I suspect I (or those around me) will be safe from an atomic conflict up here in the UP of Michigan. There are no military bases here or nuclear reactors to melt down and explode, spewing radiation, and the prevailing winds in the region would NOT blow radioactivity this way.
But the rest of the US will be in serious trouble, my dear friend. I must seek to wake this country up before it is too late. I really doubt Trump wants what is coming.

PS I prefer to think this is not set in stone.

But we reap what we sow. Either the white world repents for savagely crushing a noble Germany, or it will go under. l can see no reason whatsoever for any divine or angelic forces to pull any strings for the 90% who are wilfully ignorant, selfish cowards and do not even care, to the point of any serious action, about what will happens to their own kids. 

PPS I got a radical, absolute 7-day ban on FB, through the 18th, for using the word “tranny.” No one can post anything on my wall, not even on my behalf, to alert my readers to this.



…….A final treat: The South African Army in action (music video by Bok van Bleurk)



  1. Dear John:
    Good article, i think many readers will find it interesting and (lets hope)useful.
    I have read about this theme in several websites, but always some points come to my mind:

    1) I have never read about “duck arse” coiffured US presidents predictions before the actual apparition of Trump. Van Rensburg sites exist from before the Trump era.
    2) If a White home is actually created in SA, i think it would be only a temporary heaven, since there would still be dozens of millions savages around them, and also plenty of jews to infiltrate both black and White in order to Re-establish chaos.
    3)The “antagonism” between the US and Russia shouldn’t be given all too much credence. Both are governed by the same invisible hand, and they always have made common cause against a third party. Not only in ww2 but according to Van Helsing also in the “international geophysical year” in the height of the “cold war”! There exist more examples of this.
    4) Why has nobody never attacked “the city” , the (or one of the)head of the snake where even the Queen can only enter with permission and has to behave humbly? No “cold warriors”,not even Hitler seem to have dared.
    5) If the international evildoers are known by name, address, and deeds, why no arrests?

  2. Dear John:
    Please be advised that my above comment only represents some of my musings and are not questions to JdN.
    Those things can easily take a lifetime of searching and still not produce a fully satisfactory answer.
    So, its for your information only.

  3. This is off-topic, but Alex Jones really is the former comedian Bill Hicks, who faked his death in 1994 and later replaced the real Alex Jones, who was likely assassinated by the NWO in 1999 for uncovering something they didn’t like. When I first heard about this, I dismissed it, but after doing quite a bit of research on it, I believe it’s true. The gap in Bill Hick’s front teeth, the gravelly smoker’s voice, the gravelly yelling, Alex Jones’ producer Kevin Booth, who amazingly was also Bill Hicks’ friend and helped Bill Hicks cover the Waco, Texas massacre in 1993. Here is that video, in which Kevin Booth holds the microphone for Bill Hicks, who makes fun of the people inside the Waco compound, shortly before they were all killed by the U.S. government:

    What are the odds that Kevin Booth, a totally unknown person to the general public, was Bill Hicks’ friend and producer, and later became Alex Jones’ friend and producer? The first video below shows the real Alex Jones, who had perfect front teeth (no gap), had a different hairline, and looked and sounded completely different from the same “Alex Jones” later that same year (1999). These videos make it very clear that “Alex Jones” is really Bill Hicks playing a role for the NWO – he’s controlled opposition. This also explains a lot of Alex Jones’ crazy yelling outbursts, which the original, real Alex Jones never did, but which Bill Hicks was famous for:

    • Intriguing!

      I read the fascinating book by Dr. James Fetzer

      In one chapter, it purports that the real Paul McCartney of the Beatles was killed in a car crash and another gifted English soft-rock musician replaced him. This other individual was several inches taller and looked a bit different. All live touring ended.

      I was skeptical at first but in the end became absolutely convinced Fetzer was right.

      Published on Jun 21, 2015
      James Fetzer was born in Pasadena, California, and graduated from South Pasadena High School. ( He majored in philosophy at Princeton University, graduating magna cum laude in 1962. His senior thesis won The Dickinson Prize.

      He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps upon graduation and was trained as an artillery officer. He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and supervised recruit training in San Diego for two years. In 1966, soon after his promotion to captain, he resigned his commission to enter graduate school.

      Having earned his master’s degree from Indiana University, he studied at Columbia for a year, then returned to Indiana University, where he completed his Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science in 1970.

      He was appointed an assistant professor at University of Kentucky and received the first Distinguished Teaching Award presented by UK Student Government in 1973.

      He became full professor with tenure at the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1987 and was appointed Distinguished McKnight University Professor in 1996, where he remained until retirement in June 2006.

      He’s published more than 100 articles and reviews, and 20 books in the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and evolution and mentality.

      He’s become an outspoken critic of what really happened on 9/11 and has been a leading advocate for truth-seekers across the world.

  4. Is this Kitchener beast the same Kitchener after whom a city in Ontario, Canada, is named?
    In Kitchener, ON live a great number of people of german descent.
    I believe the city had a german-sounding name prior to nowadays.

  5. Do not be to sure about no radiation in the U.P.! During the above ground nuclear tests of the 1950’s and 60’s, Northern Minn., Wisc. and the UP had the highest levels of Strontium 90 in the mid-west as the prevailing winds dumped radiation here. The government measured radiation levels in the cows milk.

    • Source of this information? I need facts.

      The new nukes have about a three-day radioactivity. (Literally no one benefits from lasting radioactivity, including foreign enemies and especially foreign conquerors. And think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People live there now.) The lasting problem is downwind of exploded nuclear power plants. I know this personally from an expert.

      But this contains good info:

      The van Rensburg says the US will still exist but recover slowly, and not be the superpower it was. Some areas of the US will be uninhabitable, and others will gradually recover. This prophesy by a farmer a century ago, decades before the Bomb was invented, is consistent with what atomic scientists say.

      • I have lived in the UP all of my life and I just was remembering what was in the local newspapers at the time about fallout, which was carried by the winds and storm that started out west and passed through this region.

        Sorry, nothing in recent internet publications to look up.

        But if nuclear silos are hit in North and South Dakota we can expect fallout in the UP, and it will be coming from a closer source and would depend how many bombs are set off to determine how much radiation we would be exposed to.

        Back in the days of above-ground nuclear testing, the explosions were infrequent and people who lived close by survived over the years.

        All I am saying is that we would get some radiation but most likely it would not kill us.

        • I understand.

          Wiki reports (

          “…the current U.S. force consists of 450 Minuteman-III missiles in missile silos around Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota; and F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming.”

          The distance from the nearest, Minot Air Force Base, to Marquette in the UP of Michigan is 739 miles (and 655 to my Ontonagon).

          Minot is well north of the UP, and if the radioactive fallout should drift only straight west-to-east, it would affect the Canadian upper half of Lake Superior, not the US side and the UP.

          The greatest danger of long-term contamination would normally be east of nuclear power plants, unless a full-scale nuclear war disrupted wind patterns.

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