Sheriff calls again saying FBI wants to ”ask some questions”

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Recently reelected Sheriff Dale Rantala of Ontonagon County, Michigan, like all sheriffs, is the top lawman in the county, and the FBI goes through the sheriff if they are not investigating or arresting someone themselves. It seems they are on a fishing expedition, the second in four weeks. 


John de Nugent got his SECOND call in a month from Sheriff Dale Rantala (who actually is a friendly, fair and competent lawman) on December 13, 2016, advising him that the FBI had again requested to speak with him to ”ask some questions.”


John, [this is ] Sheriff Rantala, 1:52 [pm]. I have a question. The FBI would like to call you tomorrow, or you can call them tomorrow. But seeing [that] you are not in, we will talk. Give me a call, like, 8:30 [a.m.] tomorrow, [(906)] 844-4901.

They want to ask you a few questions, and if you wish, you can come down and make the phone call, or whatever. But if you can call me at 8:30 that would be awesome. Thanks. Bye.

[hangup sound]

[Voice mail announcement:] ”End of messages”

The first call had come on November 22, 2016, which by amazing coincidence was the 53rd anniversary of the Jewish murder of President John F. Kennedy (for blocking Israeli acquisition of The Bomb) on Nov,. 22, 1963, and almost exactly the one-year anniversary of the threatening phone call to John de Nugent from the White House of November 23, 2015.


1) Israel’s leading role in the murder of John Kennedy…

2) White House harassing call of Nov. 23, 2015:…

3) First call from sheriff (Nov, 22, 2016) saying the FBI wanted to speak to him:…


  1. Whose side is the Sheriff on? Yours or the FBI’s? Maybe it is time that the only duly elected peace keeper starts protecting you from harassment from agents of bureaucratically appointed Chiefs!
    Maybe you should ask the Sheriff how many deputies he could send to protect you if the FBI or State Police attack you?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion.

    The other side of the coin is making crystal-clear that under no circumstances will I be taken into custody. Otherwise, it would already have happened years ago. I go everywhere heavily armed, I was a crack shot, I am unafraid to die and my house is barricaded day and night. All they can hope to get is a Randy Weaver-Waco-300 Spartans-Alamo scenario.

    The Edgar Steele murder-by-prison shows what the worst of the feds are really like.

    I can say this: I do not must preach there is life after death, I know it. And I prefer to live in the afterlife, if need be, to existing, a miserable slave, under the Jews.

    Once one grasps that we are eternal beings, then death and the afterlife are infinitely preferable to ”being taken into custody without incident.”

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