Seeing Hitler realistically — a flawed hero, a mortal, a great man but not a god

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A god would have won the war!

Apollo was a god and immortal; Hitler was a man and mortal. Other humans and mortals — Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt — beat him!


…and had Hitler won the war, we would then not have had a “Hellstorm”, where 16 million Germans were raped and/or murdered…. and where the whole white race everywhere was taken over by the Jews.

(I and Margi did six of the voices on this hit documentary, now at 179,150 views!)


…..Did Hitler have some wild, animal, rock star charisma?

No. He came across as a (yes) very intelligent, sincere, clear-minded, resolute but also normal, ordinary person.

Margi and I translated the entire memoirs of Waffen-SS general Léon Degrelle for The Barnes Review magazine 2005-2007. The original title in French was the defiant “Hitler pour mille ans” ( = “Hitler for a thousand years.” ;-)  [])  In it, Degrelle, who was a tremendous Hitler supporter, nevertheless made two important remarks.
Degrelle was the most decorated soldier of the 400,000 foreign volunteers in the Waffen-SS.
I did in 2005 a voice-over DVD into English for one of his videos.
1) Hitler had no special charisma; the was just a very nice, smart, often charming man with tremendous self-control and willpower.
Degrelle wrote: “When you shook his hand, no sparks came out of his palms! He seemed absolutely like anyone else. …. But he was like an electric relay station of a higher power. It was a higher power — working through him — that made him great.”
2) Degrelle conceded that the whole world had ganged up on Germany in WWII and so it was defeated. But he wrote (again, as a fervent supporter of Hitler to his dying breath): “Yes, it was three superpowers against one, the US, the British Empire and the USSR against Germany. But that one country was very strong, and had most of Europe at its disposal.”
German-dominated Europe in 1942…. and Spain was also an ally of sorts.
Savitri Devi, the female WN and NS who wrote many great and profound books about Hitlerism, wrote in her great The Lightning and the Sun that Hitler, despite the stereotype, was in many ways too soft and gentle. She felt he was too much sun (truth and love) and not enough lightning (terror and brutality).  (Many were appalled at the way Hitler let 300,000 surrounded British troops go at Dunkirk in 1940. It was most of the British Army.)
At Dunkirk in June 11940 Hitler let the British Expeditionary Corps escape as a futile peace gesture. But England has been heavily Jew-influenced since 1066 ( and totally Jew-controlled since 1694, when the Bank of England was created.
Lothrop Stoddard, a major pro-white American writer of the 1920s and 1930s (, and author of the anti-immigration bestseller The Rising Tide of Color, interviewed Adolf Hitler in 1940 and said Hitler came across like any American political leader, charming, friendly, focused, and careful as to what he said…. not a word about him seeming godlike or supernatural. 😉
In his Into the Darkness (an account of his visit to wartime Europe in 1939-40,  he makes this rather clear.

At the far end of the room was a flat-topped desk from behind which a figure rose as I entered and came towards me.

Aufnahmeort: BerlinMaterial/Technik: Foto/ DruckSystematik: Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Kul turpolitik / Nationale Bauten / Berlin / Reichskanzlei
Aufnahmeort: Berlin
Material/Technik: Foto/ Druck
Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Kul turpolitik / Nationale Bauten / Berlin / Reichskanzlei

I saw a man of medium height, clad in a plain officer’s tunic with no decorations save the Iron Cross, black trousers, and regulation military boots. Walking up to where I had halted near the doorway, he gave me a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. It was the Fuehrer. For an instant I was taken aback by the astounding contrast between this simple, natural greeting and the heavy magnificence through which I had just passed. […]

the simple, undramatic, almost matter-of-fact meeting with the man himself…. […]

Though always pleasant and courteous, he makes no obvious attempt to impress or win you. When he talks, his eyes  get a far-away look, and he sometimes bows his head, speaking abstractedly, almost as though to himself. Whatever he may be to his friends and intimates, I came away feeling that, however interested Hitler may be in people collectively, he is not interested in the average individual, as such. […-]

Personal charm — Mussolini has it. At least, he turns it on even in casual audiences. I felt his magnetic aura when I was two yards away from him.

I didn’t get any such psychic reaction from Hitler, neither did I get any emotional “lift” from his conversation.

So why did the German people react so rapturously to him?
1) he was a loving and strong leader who really cared, and
2) because they had been through such incredible trauma for almost 20 years, since WWI had broken out. After years of hunger poverty, terror and despair, Hitler did not NEED rock-star charisma, just to truly care, to act vigorously and successfully, and to solve their many real, horrible problems.
And that is why you see pictures like these:
Look at the anguish in the face of these Austrian girls in 1938, upper- and lower-right.


……Now I have written at least one hundred blogs since 2007 praising Hitler.

I am the one who did these hit videos on his wonderful achievements, and the love and profound gratitude the Germans felt for this great hero of world history.

….ADOLF HITLER – in feeling his continuing presence “MY HEART WILL GO ON”

….. A FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS after Hitler’s staggering military victories of 1939-40


Hitler saved the Germans from years of hunger, poverty, physical danger and utter despair — and a physically and psychologically exhausted nation loved him as their messiah.

(From this German blog of mine, and I think most American comrades do not realize I am the only WN activist in American who speaks and writes in flawless German…. and then people who cannot even read German, have never been to Germany (or Europe), and have never served in the military or been in politics, as I have, try to tell me all about Hitler or WWII! 😉 :

Dem harten SS-Mann steht die Liebe ins Gesicht (Even the hardened SS man has love beaming on his face.)


Anyway, I wrote someone who, deep-down, while an atheist, somehow thinks Hitler was a god  😉 …


Dear J:
Hitler was an absolute nobody until age 31, who was never promoted above corporal and this despite two Iron Crosses. He was considered odd.
He blew the 1923 Munich putsch by releasing his enemies, the Cabinet members, and by not seizing the newspapers, telegraph, telephone or railroad stations. The putsch had had some prospect of success – this was the year of huge German outrage due to the Great Inflation (a million marks for a loaf of bread, etc.) and the French occupation and rape (economic and literal rape) of the Ruhrgebiet, the industrial heart of Germany – but instead Hitler got over 20 of his friends killed for nothing. 🙁 (He was shot too, as in WWI, in the thigh.)
Hitler  was then suicidal, but his landlady talked him out of it. (I am not knocking the man at all, just establishing the sober facts. His life was a series of ups and downs, of brilliant moves — and also a few serious blunders.)
After the terrible disappointment of March 1928, when his party got 2.6% of the vote (= 97% of the German people rejected him)…

After eight years of speeches and marches, “the great Hitler” was rejected by 97.4% of the German people. Because, Germans (like everyone else on this purgatory planet)  consist mostly of selfish, foolish cowards and this is why democracy is lunacy. The Germans had not suffered enough. Hunger,  poverty and fear of communism forced them into Hitler’s arms, not anything he did.,_1928


Hitler was a flawed hero for a flawed people. Why should the Germans — or anyone else –  DESERVE a perfect leader if they themselves were profoundly morally flawed?

This is a deluded karmic fantasy that God is supposed to send us a leader and he is supposed to save us, when we refuse to even help him to save us!





we-buy-things-unneeded-with-money-unhad-for people-unliked.jpg

 One good thing Churchill said 😉
Think about it — had the cowardly, selfish and foolish German people responded to Hitler in 1923 during the Beerhall Putsch, or at their second chance in 1928 — when he ran NSDAP candidates all over Germany — and had he come to power around that time, the Jew-Georgian-run Soviet Union was still weak.
It was still recovering from the devastation of the Russian Civil War of 1917-21. It was not yet at all the massive, military-industrial juggernaut that Stalin would transform it into by the year 1940!
Hitler could have won a war with the USSR far more easily in the 1920s! Nor was there a Roosevelt in power in the 1920s to arm the Soviets as in 1940-41 Roosevelt aided Stalin, but instead anti-communist Republican presidents (Coolidge and then Hoover).
(The Jews triggered the Great Depression partly to get rid of the honest, humanitarian, anti-communist German-American, Herbert Hoover, and put in their man, the part-Jew Roosevelt.)
But The Peepul refused in 1923 or 1928 to heed Hitler!
Just as the American people refused to heed the increasingly disgusted Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh!
A great American hero, Henry Ford
They loved his car
 …but not when he talked about the Jews!
Lindbergh’s own “America First Committee” publicly disowned him for this statement, made on nationwide radio from Kansas City.
The motto of all humanimals for the last 3,000 years:

“I sure hope SOMEONE ELSE stops the Jews! ‘Cuz I got too much to lose!”

As if the others had nothing to lose!
I lost my Marine Corps career, my house, my entire family, my inheritance from a millionaire and — three times –everything I owned, including last year!
Why are YOUR losses more important than mine?….. 😉
Back to Hitler…. After the 1928 electoral debacle, he then penned the Second Book — and then scrapped it. ;-)
Mein Kampf did not sell well and his publisher warned AH that the second book would only compete with it and further depress sales of MK, which was piling up unsold in the warehouse.  (Sorry, does this puncture your balloon about The Divine Adolf? ;-)  Is this “sacrilegious”? )
When his own niece, Angela Raubal, who lived in his apartment at Prinzregentenstrasse (= Prince Regent Street) in Munich (it still stands) committed suicide in September 1931, Hitler was insane with grief — he pondered suicide again — and the political scandal was gigantic.
The Jewspapers put natürlich the most twisted interpretations on it. (You can see more on this 9/10ths down here: Traces of Evil: Prinzregentenstraße)
 Adolf lived on the third floor.

 AH, Goebbels, Raubal and others at lunch


Well, Hitler was a plugger (and a Taurus the Bull if there ever was one — if you believe in real astrology, as I do), and he did survive this huge crisis. Voters forgot the jew-spread Raubal rumors, and the Great Depression got worse, and so did the terrifying, genocidal threat of the Soviet Union right next door — which ran the German Communist Party, the second biggest party in Germany.

Depression-era NSDAP election poster: “Our Last Hope– Hitler”



Hunger pushed the working class into Hitler’s arms, and the dread of bolshevism (right next door in the USSR) the middle and upper classes.



But because Hitler was mired in the idea of a German superpower,  he invaded the Soviet Union to drive the Slavs out of their own homeland as subhumans (which of course some of them are, as are some Americans and Germans too 😉 ) and to establish a German lebensraum.
A White Russian girl– if she is not Aryan, who is?

READ THE FACTS BEFORE YOU WHINE. Hitler’s great mistake in Russia – John de Nugent

The result of trying to enslave — and not liberate the Slavs and partner with them — was the destruction of the Reich.
Just so you stop worshipping the guy. Maybe he came back to learn more. 🙂
We all reincarnate, to learn painful lessons and apply the wisdom so excruciatingly acquired.
And now we cannot come to power legally. Unlike Germany in 1925, the Jews control the entire media, police, government, media and military, all of it, and most white countries are 20-50% non-white now. These minorities are taught the Jews are their rich friends (LOL)  looking out for all the weak minorities in the struggle against “white racism.”
This time, it will take a new religion to unite all Gentiles and ex-Jews in a cosmic struggle of light against darkness, and then the governments of the world that resent and hate the US government (such as Russia, China and other BRICS countries) will see in us the allies THEY need for their goal: to end the tyranny of the Jewnited Snakes government OVER THEM.
Why did the American Revolution succeed? Because it was in the French, Dutch and Spanish interest to support anything, whether they liked it or not, that weakened the British Empire.
. Only 10 percent of Americans supported the struggle for their own freedom,  George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, and others were appalled. But the French roval fleet beat the British Royal Navy in the Battle of the Chesapeake on September 5, 1781 ( and the British were doomed.


We must rethink every method and idea, everything except the great goal — a jew-free and happy national-socialist world!




I hope that this blog makes an important point clear, that both leaders and followers need the great spiritual quality of humility:

1) the follower, to ask “Am I supporting leaders enough, or am I holding back at the critical moment (such as 1923 or 1928), criticizing with cheap shots, and straddling the fence while the fate of everything hangs in the balance?

And 2) the leader must ask himself in turn: “Am I listening enough to the feedback of eminent men?”

Goebbels had grave misgivings about Hitler’s anti-Russian, not just anti-Soviet policy, which was enunciated in “Mein Kampf” in 1924, and carried out 16 years later in “Operation Barbarossa.”

In fact, Goebbels felt there was more likelihood of a wary, practical alliance between a Germany ruled by a “socialist workers party” (the NSDAP, which, not for nothing, sported a red flag) and the Soviet Union than any possibility of a real alliance with the judeoplutocrats of the City of London — who ruled and still utterly rule Britain, and have done so since the Bank of England’s founding in 1694.





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  • Christoph Messner We should not forget that most of old Germany’s treasures were built before Hitler and therefore the good ones among the aristocrats and peasants also have to be commemorated.
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  • John D. Nugent Well, I stressed too that humanity does not DESERVE someone better than Hitler. It is not as if we were a race of heroes. 😉
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Michael Chaisson Yes Hitler was a man a great man and a wonderful human who died for us all…Our truest modern-day hero IMHO.
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