Scripted b-s from noble-hearted survivors of Dylann Roof’s “victims”; is “racist killer” really John Christian Graas?

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…..Black video blogger rips “Dylann” survivors a new hole

As with Sandy Hook, this is clearly scripted and BAD acting.

……Dylann Roof a Hollywood actor?

18 mins ·

Margaret Huffstickler's photo.
Margaret Huffstickler's photo.
Margaret Huffstickler's photo.
Margaret Huffstickler's photo.
Margaret Huffstickler's photo.
Margaret Huffstickler's photo.

What about these two–John Christian Graas and Dylann Storm Roof–see any similarity of expression? I do.

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…..the supposed manifesto of Lizard Eyes


…..the whole thing is bogus — the massacre was annouced a day before it happened!


As the Confederate flag goes down in South Carolina, remember the US flag is also a “symbol of hate” for Mexican illegal job-stealers in California. Just try wearing the American flag on a t-shirt in any high school in southern California. The principal will send you home to change.



…..For more of my articles on this false flag, see”Dylann”

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6/23 @ 4:36 : Frederikssund, DK
6/23 @ 4:36 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
6/23 @ 4:36 : Bloomfield, New Jersey, US
6/23 @ 4:35 : Morocco, MA
6/23 @ 4:34 : Buffalo, New York, US
6/23 @ 4:34 : Boston, Massachusetts, US
6/23 @ 4:33 : Virginia Beach, Virginia, US
6/23 @ 4:33 : Finland, FI
6/23 @ 4:31 : Kaarst, DE
6/23 @ 4:30 : Finland, FI
6/23 @ 4:29 : Orlando, Florida, US
6/23 @ 4:25 : Virginia Beach, Virginia, US
6/23 @ 4:13 : Winnipeg, CA
6/23 @ 4:12 : Eltville, DE
6/23 @ 4:12 : Enterprise, Alabama, US
6/23 @ 4:12 : Menlo Park, California, US
6/23 @ 4:11 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
6/23 @ 4:09 : Deinze, BE
6/23 @ 4:08 : Paris, FR
6/23 @ 4:07 : Carquefou, FR
6/23 @ 4:07 : Germany, DE
6/23 @ 4:06 : Edinburgh, GB
6/23 @ 4:03 : Balve, DE
6/23 @ 4:00 : Rouffilhac, FR

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