UPDATED — SAVE TRUTUBE RIGHT NOW; Rebel of Oz on Fuehrer mistakes

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 Seven donations have come in: via cash and PayPal, from America and Britain. Good, but not enough! We need $250, and have $200. The TruTube server bill has been overdue for five days!

….Save Trutube NOW


I have spoken twice in the last two days with Mike Delaney, owner and founder of TruTube. He is both my comrade and my neighbor.  He is absolutely letting TruTube die and not working the phones to beg the moochers for any more money.

He has HAD it! Seven thousand users a day and no one can send him a lousy five bucks? Have you no shame? Month after month of this down-to-the-wire, no-donations bullshit!

His wife (mother of five adorable, well-behaved kids – a carful of blue eyes and smiles :-)  ) works overtime and even swing shifts — and I saw Saturday  the worry lines etched in her pretty face near the Ontonagon Post Office. Should they take the money their five kids need — and spend it instead on the server bill — so you can continue to mooch and watch for free?

As my last blog says:

“You can’t send five lousy bucks? This Marine says that’s B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!”

The-gunny-di-usmc-major -malfunction

Even I, always poor, and my GEICO car insurance was just canceled for

nonpayment, even I just sent him $70!

Why can’t YOU?


  • Skadi Jotunn Will be sending some funds via mail. PP and I don’t get along.
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  • John D. Nugent OK, thanks! Well, even if PayJew hates your guts, as they do mine 😉 , all you need to do is go out and buy a PP reload card at any store, put money on it at the register, and send me via Facebook or email – to john_denugent@yahoo.com — the scratch-off numbers on the back! 🙂
    (Or if by mail, then best is 1) registered mail and 2) if cash, then in aluminum foil!) hates your guts, as they do mine 😉 , all you need to do is go out and buy a PP reload card at any store http://johndenugent.com/images/PayPal-reload-card.jpg , put money on it at the register, and send me (via Facebook or email  to john_denugent@yahoo.com) the scratch-off numbers on the back! 🙂 Thanks, gorgeous!
    We are fighting so you and your baby can live in a safe world for white women and children! 🙂 John
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  • John D. Nugent A comrade wrote: “Dear John, of course I want TruTube to remain, but I can hardly afford my life on welfare.”
    I replied: “This is indeed a general problem now — real white poverty, and especially this applies also to the activists.But while we are as poor as you are, we also are in mortal danger.
    But if we go under, then your situation will become hopeless.”
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  • Zachariah Lanait Well, I have a malfunction called earth, I have nothing to do here. It is a planet of negative madness !!! I feel like an stranger here, LOL !
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John D. Nugent If you had good karma, and nothing to work on, you would not be here, comrade — nor would I. 😉

  • Zachariah Lanait Yup you’re right. I wish to wake up someday and find a new world with a noble global, united civilization, where humans are recognizable ! Like Germany in the golden age of the Fuehrer .
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John D. Nugent We chose to incarnate at this time, Zachariah Lanaith, to become selfless, to shed the ME-ME-ME; to embrace the WE; and thus to become heroes! If we deserve another Hitler, then we will get one!



I have a great idea so that forthwith Mike can stay afloat.


That is what I did! I paid Mike — and he put my “KILL THEM ALL” video on the homepage and it got fourteen thousand views! Check it out! 14,701 views: http://trutube.tv/video/31631/KILL-THEM-ALL-VIP-child-molesters-Arrest-Try-Sentence-and-Hang


(And another 1,000 for the German-subtitle versions ON TRUTUBE!  Here is one…)


$25 a day for MIKE times 30 days a month = $750 a month! This alone would pay his server bill and other website expenses!

If you made or found a video we need to see, then pay TruTube to feature it on the homepage!

On the other hand — do you realize the disastrous effect the end of TruTube will have?

JewTube (YouTube) already deletes any truly popular video that criticizes the Jews and is having an impact. The two smirking Jewboy  owners of Google, which owns Youtube, shut down YT channels right and left, including MINE.


Larry Page and Serge Brin hope TruTube goes down so there is no alternative to JewTube


With no warning the Google Jews shut my Youtube channel down in 2011 (and the Wikipedia article on me, my PayPal, and my bank account — and threw me out of my rented house; I ended up in the jew-owned, black & junkie motel-from-hell, called “the Boathouse” (now bankrupt), in Natrona, Pennsylvania)… This screenshot showed a wonderful video of Margi reading a poem about WWI by Hitler — all deleted with no warning.


But YouTube fears the competition from TruTube and that if Jewtube censors everything, the masses will leave them in droves and move over to TruTube!

So they leave up valuable videos about chemtrails, 9/11, Rothschild, banksters, MK-ULTRA. Obama’s birth certificate, Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, debunking of the fraudulent Jewish Holocaust, muslim immigration, black crime, Mexican illegal aliens, militant homosexuals and transgenders, vaccines, fluoride, etc.


The loss of TruTube will affect the survival of the entire white race!

Your own family may die because you let TruTube die!


Without the Internet, I think there would already have been a second and worse 9/11 attack on the US, with 30,000 killed not 3,000 — then martial law. I believe Bush and Cheney, working with Netanyahu, would have set off a mini-nuke somewhere in the Midwest, then shown bodies of fried blond children, and after that sent SWAT teams out to round up the “white supremacists,” saying they are working with Iran or with “Al Qaeda”!

That means arresting, torturing and killing YOU! Do you seriously think they don’t already have your IP address and location? You are already on the A or B arrest list!

It is the Internet that is keeping the American cops and military aware of, and disgusted by, these BIG LIES by the Jews ! It is the Internet that is staving off the worst!

I met a guy in Pennsylvania, the son of my landlady there. He was on a Jungle World cruise at Disney World in Florida and while dining sat across from a recently retired Army major and his wife. The major had left the service after 18 years. Why did he not stay in for 20 — and get a bigger pension? HATRED OF OBAMA.

The major told him: “All the officers loathe this guy. We know about the birth certificate [THANK TO THE INTERNET; CERTAINLY NOT NBC NEWS!] When it is announced the President of the United States is coming to visit any base in the US, every officer who can, takes leave (military-ese for “vacation time”) so he does not have to line up, or salute, or shake the hand of this faggot monkey.”






Now, beyond this, ALL MY VIDEOS are on TruTube. Thousands of dollars in production costs. Thousands of hours of WORK. Look at this screenshot from my videos page http://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking/

ALL ON TRUTUBE! YOUTUBE WOULD DELETE THEM IN A HEARTBEAT if they “took off” there viewer-wise!


We are now going to risk Margi’s private PayPal account (Mike’s was just closed).

Send as much as you can TODAY to mhuffstickler@outlook.com and write on itFOR MIKE DELANEY” He will get every penny.

Margi Huffstickler and I



If you have no PP account, just buy a prepaid/reload PP card at any store — and send me the number off the back!





OR send money TODAY directly by PRIORITY OR EXPRESS MAIL to Mike Delaney, General Delivery, Appleton WI (Wisconsin)  54911




John de Nugent, Mike Helms and TruTube owner Mike Delaney
John de Nugent, Mike Helms and TruTube owner Mike Delaney

Or write Mike directly TODAY at



…..Hitler’s Two Most Deadly Mistakes


Hamburg fire storm caused by Allied terror bombing

Hamburg fire storm caused by Allied terror bombing

Rebel of Oz

Firestorm caused by the bombing of Hamburg deliberately killing tens of thousands of civilians

I’m fully aware of the fallacy of hindsight bias, knew-it-all-along effect and creeping determinism. However that doesn’t mean we can and should not try to learn from other people’s mistakes, no matter who.

Adolf Hitler deeply loved the German people, but read or watch “Hellstorm” to see how badly things turned out for them. Millions of German soldiers killed in action and another 3 million deliberately starved and frozen to death in American and Soviet POW camps. 1 million German civilians killed in British and American “strategic bombing”, that were designed to maximise civilian deaths. More millions of German civilians killed trying to escape from the bestialities committed by the Soviet troops. And every single female from the age of 8 to 80 that those animals could get theirs “hands” on, raped over and over again, many of them dozens of times.

Mistake 1: Hitler attempt to rescue the German minority in Czechoslovakia and Poland

murdered and castrated

He might have been the greatest statesman of the century, but he still made a couple of terrible strategic mistakes. He knew that the Americans, British and Russians were itching for a war with Germany. He knew that the Polish government, on Western instructions, was allowing Jewish Communist gangs to brutalise, rape and kill the German minority by the hundreds of thousands, to entice Hitler to militarily intervene and thus provide an excuse to declare war to Germany. He also knew that Germany was militarily far out-numbered with regards to military strength and was unlikely to win a war against all three. To bet the survival of his country on the hope of keeping the US out of the conflict, was beyond braveness, given the experience of World War I.

In hindsight, what he should have done differently is to let the Poles and the Czechs brutalise the German minorities, no matter how heart-breaking that would have been. He should have just recorded it, reported it and protested against it with all available means. The worst that would have happened to the Germans abroad is that many more of them would have been murdered or forced to run for their lives. That’s no worse than what happened anyhow 5-6 years later, on an even larger scale, but at least world opinion would have been on the German side and the losses contained.

In the meantime, he could have thrown all of Germany’s considerable resources in the development of the atomic bomb and the Tesla free-energy based “miracle weapon”. Then, after doing so, he could have dictated the terms. Nuking London, New York and Moscow would have gone a long way to convince the enemy to treat the German minorities in Poland and elsewhere with decency.

Mistake 2: Hitler’s attempt to expel the Jews to Palestine or wherever

…..My comment

Very thought-provoking…..

I can tell you this, that Hitler was fully aware of the risk of a two-front war. AND he feared that his entire élan and momentum as a fearless leader would dissipate if he refused to save the Volksdeutschers of Poland after saving the Austrians, Sudetenlanders and Saarlanders.


And the Psycho-Poles of Rydz-Smigly would have just “amped up” the atrocities and humiliated the German nation. I mean by that building literal death camps to kill Germans by the tens of thousands.

In reality, Hitler had only bad and worse choices.

A German lady comrade whom I met up in Quebec, who had been active in the Hitler Youth [i][Bund Deutscher Mädel][/i], and was a great old gal, told me her father once said to her, when she spouted the optimism that Germany would win the war:

“Go bring me the globe.” So she did. He said: “Look, my dear, at all this red — the British Empire. Now look at this blue, the United States of America. Now look at this mass; that is the Soviet Union. And now find our little Germany.”


She said she was floored. 🙁

Animation of WWII in Europe


It is the Kali Yuga. My religion must make people feel great inside about doing their duty, no matter what, and attract the real powers into aiding us. Right now, we are like Father Tiso in Slovakia 😉

I can tell you that when Ribbentrop announced on Sept 3, 1939 that Britain had declared war, Hitler looked at him with disgust. Ribbentrop had assured him that Britain would back down, because Chamberlain did nothing to stop him before.

AH fully understood British resolve — and that Britain would pull America in behind.

As he said to Finland’s Field Marshal Mannerheim in 1942, his plan had been, after Poland, to smash France and Britain in October 1939, but it rained cats and dogs the entire month — terrible mud and visibility for a blitzkrieg using tanks, trucks and aviation.

Did AH have bad karma? Yes, but is whole planet has bad karma. 😉 Aldous Huxley said earth is the purgatory of another planet. It is the planet where the selfish, foolish and cowardly go.

Btw, Joseph Farrell (many excellent books — see Amazon — he has a PhD from Oxford) explains convincingly the supposed blunder and provocation of Germany occupying the rest of the Czech territory in March 1939. Uranium – for The Bomb.


And Germany did succeed in building the Bomb, but

1) it was too primitive to change the course of the war, producing insufficient blast, lots of radiation and heat, and failed to knock over any steel-reinforced concrete buildings (see Hiroshima photos!! — that one, Nagasaki and Alamogordo in July 1945 were all German bombs, given the Americans as part of a temporary armistice deal involving the Germans relocated in the Antarctic), and

2) the Anglo-American air forces, as the Americans threatened the Germans at a meeting in neutral Switzerland, would have dropped poison gas on Germany using 17,000 bombers.


Rochus Misch as SS telephonist and bodyguard heard every Hitler phone call, and Hitler occasionally discussed the war with him.


As I say, Hitler had just bad and worse choices. He was no god, nor an angel…. and neither are we, his fellow mortals on this sorry planet.

It will take a new factor, a spiritual upheaval. The material world was on the side of the Jews then.. and is even more so now.

Nor is the white man on top any longer. We need allies among the rising colored powers — and Russia.


This song is literally true….



  1. This Hitler bashing has been featured a few times recently John, if only different decisions had been made…if only this or that. Hitler tried to fix the mistakes of many others before him, how far back in history do you wish to go back?, if only the Romans had completely obliterated the jews then…

    • Reincarnation means we are here to learn from our mistakes.

      WE need institutional memory as a race, because the Jews study THEIR mistakes.

      This is what is called in the military a debriefing. 😉 After the mission you examine what went right and what went wrong.

  2. Danzig was administered by the League of Nations – http://www.danzigfreestate.org But the Polish government stated that if Germany landed troops there it would still mean war with Poland even though it wasn’t Polish territory! If Hitler hadn’t invaded Poland I think Poland would have invaded Germany and even so the British would still have supported them. Roosevelt as well. It didn’t matter what Hitler did war was already planned by the enemies of the reich and decided upon by them.

    • True… good points.

      But did you make any donation to me, Delaney or the Rebel? How about the heroes of OUR time who are fighting? Or did you just sort-of “skip over” that part? 😉 How will any further discussions be possible if our sites go down?

      When Mike Delaney gets his money, then you may post — if I like it! Stop deluding yourself that posting shit will pay his overdue TruTube bill! Posting is not reality! And what happens to my four years of videos — if his site goes down? YouTube will not carry them. They already closed my JewTube channel! Whom are you fooling? Not me! Do you think I did not see that you did not send one penny during this CRISIS? And now you tried posting more Netshit? Am I supposed to be “grateful” you post news-about-jooze that did not cost you a cent — or more than 5 seconds of your time?

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