Satanists seek to open temple in Detroit; satanists ritually rape and murder children across America and Europe

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[source: Russia Today:

The Satanic Temple plans to unveil a large statue dedicated to the devil in the city of Detroit later this month, despite intensified protests by church leaders and residents that have caused the original venue to back out of the event.

Originally slated to be unveiled on July 25 at Bert’s Warehouse in Detroit before the venue canceled its involvement, the 9-foot bronze statue of Baphomet, a goatlike idol with a man’s body, horns and wings originally associated with the Knights Templar. The statue reportedly weighs one ton and is made of bronze.

[JdN: Thjs image is, if possible , even more outrageous, showing a little black boy and white girl adoring this goat god. Anyone who has read my blog knows the profound links between child molesting, ritual child murder, high-level Freemasonry, kabbalah and satanism, and  can only be filled with horror and righteous hatred of such open, perverse, evil, child-destroying psychopaths.]


On its website, the Satanic Temple said the state “is intended to complement and contrast the Ten Commandments monument that already resides on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds.”

“The statue will serve as a beacon calling for compassion and empathy among all living creatures. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation,” temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said in a statement earlier this year.

Although the statue was originally meant to stand alongside the Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma, the state Supreme Court there recently ruled that the monument must be removed because government property cannot be used to show support for any religion. Now without a home for the statue, the Satanic Temple is considering applying for space near a 10 Commandments monument at the Arkansas State Capitol, according to Fox News.

“The message behind Baphomet is a reconciliation of the opposites, not this call to arms of one against one, but a merging of the two,” Director of the Detroit Satanic Temple chapter and national spokeswoman Jex Blackmore told Fox. “That’s part of the reason that it can only exist standing next to the Ten Commandments. That’s part of the message. We wouldn’t want to proselytize as a single voice in the public square.”

Until then, it’s planning a special unveiling in Detroit, home to the organization’s first chapter.

However, backlash from the community is making the event tougher to pull off than the group anticipated. Feeling the heat, Bert’s Warehouse pulled out of the event, leaving the Satanic Temple searching for another venue. The group told local WXYZ it was disappointed in the decision but that it still plans to continue with its unveiling on the same date at an unnamed location.

Local church leaders have banded together to oppose the statue and declared their intent to organize a protest on the same day the state is revealed.

“The last thing we need—in a city where we’re fighting against violence and fighting against economic problems and unemployment and the water crisis—is a statue dedicated to Satan right downtown,”Pastor David Bullock of the St. Matthew Baptist Church told Christian Today.

“They’re bringing a Baphomet statue to the city of Detroit valorising, elevating Satan. This is not even a real religion in my estimation,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Temple has marked the occasion as a special one, saying it will“serve as a call-to-arms” for the group to begin a fight “in the name of individual rights to free exercise against self-serving theocrats.”

A recent story by Vice News highlighted one aspect of this battle, describing the group’s effort to challenge laws restricting abortion on the grounds that such regulations actually violate a Temple member’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion. According to Vice, the Temple believes an individual’s body is “inviolable” and therefore only he or she can decide what to do with it. Because the group also believes a fetus is not a person, but rather “tissue that belongs to a woman,” it’s up to the woman and not the state to determine whether or not to keep it.



  • Chris Liguria Catholic priests have also abused children. Does that mean all Catholics are child abusers?

    I’m all for freedom of religion, but you can’t have that when the issue is completely one-sided. That one-side is Christians dictating what is good and what is evil based off their own interpretations of their own bible. Not everyone follows their faith or applies their book.

    We always talk about our politics having two sides: the judeo-marxist version then OUR truth version. The same concept applies here.
  • John D. Nugent I just blocked him. DISGUSTING satanists, stay far away from me physically, from MY Facebook page, and my blog! I have had personal experience as a child with satanists. Death to satanism and satanists!
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  • Pál István Sándor…/Judaisms-Pedophilia-Begins…

    If a Catholic priest happened to turn out as a pedo, he got his education from crypto -Jews and very likely were abused by them.
    See More

    Jewish cultural activists now trash Christianity in ‘Good…
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  • John D. Nugent Thank you very much, comrade Sandor. I will make a blog out of this, Ted Pike is a great fighter for truth. I blocked this Hindu satanist also btw.
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  • Matthew Jerabek It’s perfect for that hell hole. Whether they believe in anything or not makes no difference. They serve the beast.
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  • John D. Nugent The most brilliant thing the devil ever did was convince us he does not exist. Thus our guard is down. Same with his people. Through the media we are taught the Jewish conspiracy does not exist at all.

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…..US Army major Michael Aquino and satanic attacks on children

This info on Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino, US Army, is mind-blowing. This fiend is a high-level satanist in the US Army!


Michael Aquino –yes, those are his real eyebrows. Talk about OPEN, in-your-face satanism — he even displays up-twirled eyebrows, but his active practice of the worship of the Devil goes FAR beyond a nasty eyebrow fashion-quirk.


Below is a video with Michael Aquino in the 1980s on a Geraldo Rivera talk show, with my late friend Ted Gunderson speaking first. Ted, who died three years ago (with suspicious blueness under his fingernails, indicating he was poisoned) was a high-ranking FBI official with a thirty-year career, who ran both the Dallas and Los Angeles regional offices of the FBI. After his retirement, Ted became a whistleblower.

( At 1:40 in the video below Gunderson assets that absolutely there isorganized ritual murder of children by Satanists.

Gunderson in his office in Los Angeles. He administered over 600 FBI-Agents in this extremely important port city, which is a involved with Mexico and the rest of Latin America, Red Chinese imports, and Red Chinese technology theft, espionage and fake designer brand rip-offs.


Here is an extremely dishonest “puff piece”article in Wikipedia on the satanic cult called “Temple of Set”: which implies it is a harmless group of freedom-loving individualists. The Temple of Set was formed by Aquino after Anton LeVay (born as the Jew Howard Stanton Levy) died and his Church of Satan collapsed.

Note that the article baldly admits:

“History The Temple of Set was reconsecrated in 1975, by Dr. Michael A. Aquino, in a “Working of Greater Black Magic” that resulted in what believers regard as an inspired text titledThe Book of Coming Forth by Night. This Working became necessary when many Satanists, along with the majority of the Priesthood of the Church of Satan,[1] left that organization because of administrative and philosophical disagreements with its founder.[LaVey]

Anton LeVay, 1930-97, born Howard Stanton Levy


The Wikipedia puff piece also states:

“The Temple of Set is an occultist organization following the left-handpath.”

Well, for those who took Latin as I did, the word for left-handed in Latin is “sinister.”This is about as open an inside joke as you can get.

This video consists of excerpts from a two-hour televised show by the Puerto Rican Jewish host in 1987. Aquino is seen first at 1:53-2:05 and then 5:26-6:34. For pure PR reasons this hyper-hypocrite demands that child abusers be arrested. Then perform a “citizen’s arrest” on yourself, Aquino!

And note that Geraldo openly states regarding Aquino that he had performed satanic rituals in Germany, and Aquino does not deny this assertion. This is very important for the material found further below in this blog.


Much more recently, 2015 — and here Aquino claims he worked at Area 51


00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:20 Introducing Colonel Michael Aquino,
00:50 What it means to be a Setian.
03:25 Are entities really evoked by rituals?
07:30 John Dee, astrologer got Queen Elizabeth I.
09:15 Do people of power in the United States use ritual to maintain their power?
11:30 Research that went into Aquino’s new book Mindwar.
21:35 Who is the enemy in a Mindwar?
28:20 Is there a Mindwar against children?
30:15 Is the Monarch project real?
32:15 From a Setaian perspective, what is the scale of good and evil like?
34:00 Supernatural happenings during the MK Ultra experiments.
38:00 Aquino’s take on UFOs and multi-dimensional universes.
48:05 Wewelsburg castle and the nature of the crypt of Wewelsburg
53:00 Mindwar at the level of the objective universe.
56:45 Thank you and goodbye.

Some pertinent comments underneath:



This dude isn’t gonna tell you the truth about shit like Monarch. He has the highest security clearance you can possibly have; he’s not about to start blabbing.

corpus vile

Yeah he’ll talk nonce-sense. 😀


…The Host wants to talk about Satanic power and conspiracy at the highest levels…and the Satanist wants to talk about cooperation and getting people “to like each other”…way too funny!

Andrew Reed

it seems to me that all of your detractors have no idea what you are on about, looks to me that most of them havent even watched the buzzsaw interview once from start to finish. i havent seen one post that is actually about mindwar the book in any way.

Laura Williams

He denied the fact that younger children are being used in black ops?  I think he protests a little too much.  He describes morality just the way I’d expect a sociopath to.  Shudder.  The energy feels way off with him and what he’s saying.

Google Plus Sucks

This is one of the best interviews I seen.

Quang Le

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone is the only point of LipTV. Everything else is tabloid garbage

John Wolf

I want to read mindwar


+John Wolf It can be found via Google (or your search engine of choice; filetype:pdf).


47:28. Mercury vortex engines which were developed and are currently in use…Way above TOP SECRET

Shawn Rocke

Col. Aquino loves dropping by all the forums, even on Google, I’ve noticed……It’s obvious that he finds extreme fulfillment and gratification in keeping up to date on the speculation surrounding him …. You don’t see celebrities doing this this to tabloids and on FB… seems intuitively like someone who enjoys believing they’re untouchable and have got away w murder….



Btw, I saw those same eyebrows on Max Larson, a high-ranking Jehovah’s Witness (who ran things more and more in his seventy-three years with the JWs and until his death at 96 in 2011) when I worked as a volunteer at the JW HQ in NYC in 1975.

(When my parents divorced, my mother got custody and dragged me into the JWs in 1970. I left as soon as I could, and it was not easy leaving a mind-control cult that deliberately cuts your ties off to all relatives and friends. But at age 21 I did, even though it meant moving to Europe to do so. I moved to Austria totally on my own — and partly to sever ties with them so they could not reel me back in.)

In fact, Larsen was the one assigned to prevent me from leaving their HQ when I became disillusioned. People like this look like and ARE reincarnated demons.



…..end of sidebar, and now back to Aquino


Interesting point from Aquino’s infamous US Army publication “MindWar” ( Here a screenshot of the opening of this document:



And now watch him advocate (back in 1980!) what we now understand to be the chemtrail-HAARP nexus of electronic brain-waves to exert mind control over the US population! In footnotes 19-21 (pages 9-10) he states:

* * *

19) Atmospheric electromagnetic (EM) activity: The human body communicates internally by EM and electrochemical impulses. The EM field displayed in Kirlian photographs, the effectiveness of acupuncture, and the body”s physical responses to various types of EM radiation (X-rays, infrared radiation, visible light spectra, etc.) are all examples of human sensitivity to EM forces and fields.

Atmospheric EM activity is regularly altered by such phenomena as sunspot eruptions and gravitational stresses which distort the Earth”s magnetic field. Under varying external EM conditions, humans are more or less disposed to the consideration of new ideas.MindWar should be timed accordingly. Per Dr. L.J. Ravitz:

Electromagnetic field constructs add fuel to the assumption unifying living matter harmoniously with the operations of nature, the expression of an electromagnetic field no less than non-living systems; and that as points on spectrums, these two entities may at last take their positions in the organization of the universe in a way both explicable and rational … A tenable theory has been provided for emergence of the nervous system, developing not from functional demands, but instead deriving as a result of dynamic forces imposed on cell groups by the total field pattern. Living matter on has a definition of state based on relativity field physics, through which it has been possible to detect a measurable property of total state functions. (Ravitz, “State-Function, Including Hypnotic States” in Journal of American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, Vol. 17, No. 4, 1970.)

20) Ionization of the air: An abundance of negative condensation nuclei (“air ions”) in ingested air enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess of positive ions enhances drowsiness and depression.

[JdN: I am adding this YouTube video about massive chemical spraying]

[JdN: I am also adding this YouTube video about DRIED RED BLOOD CELLS BEING CHEMTRAILED ONTO US!]

Calculation of the ionic balance of a target audience”s atmospheric environment will be correspondingly useful. Again this is a naturally-occurring condition – caused by such varying agents as solar ultraviolet light, lightning, and rapidly-moving water – rather than one which most be artificially created. (Detonation of nuclear weapons, however, will alter atmospheric ionization levels.) Cf. Soyke, Fred and Edmonds, Alan, The Ion Effect. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1977.

21) Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves: ELF waves up to 100 Hz are once more naturally occurring, but they can also be produced artificially (such as for the Navy”s Project Sanguine for submarine communication). ELF-waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to bothphysiological disorders and emotional distortion. Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF-waves endure for great distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well. See Playfair [JdN: An inside-joke name!], Guy L. and Hill, Scott, The Cycles of Heaven. New York: St. Martin”s Press, 1978, pages 130-140.

An excellent video expose  of this fiend:




The above is an article about massive child sexual abuse and satanism on an Army base in San Francisco. It is taken from a very major, mainstream California newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News of July 24, 1988



Were children really being sexually abused at the Presidio?
The Army didn’t want to believe it.
The prosecution didn’t think they could make a jury believe it.
But the parents believe it.

By Linda Goldston


Key excerpt regarding Aquino:

Larry and Michelle Adams-Thompson had noticed changes in their daughter’s behavior after placing her in Gary Hambright’s class four or five times in September and October of 1986. The girl, who turned 3 in October, had begun having nightmares and would wet herself when frightened. Her parents believed it was just “a bad stage” she was going through until they heard about the Tobin boy in January. The girl was taken to a therapist at Letterman Army Medical Center in February. In therapy, the girl talked about being sexually abused by Hambright and by a man named “Mikey” and a woman named “Shamby” whose identities were unknown. On Aug. 12, 1987, the Adams-Thompsons were shopping at the PX at the Presidio. Suddenly the girl ran to Larry Adams-Thompson and clutched his leg. He looked up and saw a man whom he knew as Lt Col. [Lieutenant Colonel] Michael Aquino.


“Yes, that’s Mikey,” the 3-year-old told Adams-Thompson. After being taken outside, the girl added, “he’s a bad man and I’m afraid.” As they were leaving the parking lot, the Adams-Thompsons saw Aquino’s wife, Lilith. Larry asked the child if she knew the woman.

“Yes, that’s Shamby,” the girl said.

The family went home and called the FBI.

When interviewed by authorities the next day, the girl identified Gary Hambright from a photo lineup and said she had been driven to Mikey and Shamby’s home by Hambright. There, she said, she was abused by Hambright, Mikey and Shamby in a room with black walls. She said that she had been photographed. She said Hambright and Mikey were dressed in women’s clothes and Shamby was dressed in man’s clothes.

The investigators drove her to Leavenworth Street in San Francisco. The girl was asked to identify any of the houses that she had been to before. While walking past 2430 Leavenworth, the girl identified the house as the one where she met “Mikey” and “Shamby.” It was the Aquinos’ house.

A search warrant was served on the Aquino home on Aug. 14. In attendance were agents from the FBI and the San Francisco Police. Because the abuse allegedly occurred on city property, it was to be a city case.

Among the items seized were video tapes, cassette tapes, notebooks with names and addresses, two photo albums one paper plate and two plastic gloves from the kitchen garbage, four plastic cases of negatives and 29 photos of costumes and masks. With his widow’s peak and arching eyebrows, Lt Col. Michael Aquino looks more like a pudgy Dracula than a high ranking Army officer with top security clearance. He is the founder and high priest of a satanic church, the Temple of Set. His wife, Lilith, a gaunt woman with long, dark hair, is a priestess in the temple’s Order of the Vampyre. The couple refer to the search as a “raid” and have branded the investigation a witch hunt.

“The Army has known about my religion for the last 18 years and has no problem,” Aquino told me in a telephone interview late last year. “Not one single person in the US. Army, with the exception of the chaplain, would have the remotest notion that I would be involved in anything like this.”

Indeed, Army spokesmen at the Pentagon label his military career as “extraordinary” and say he is entitled to his religious beliefs. As for his top security clearance, they say his openness about being a satanist makes him much less of a security risk than a homosexual or someone with drug or money problems would be.

The Army did not suspend his clearance when he joined the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey, in 1969. Nor when Aquino founded his own satanic church in 1975. Nor when Aquino while on a NATO tour of Europe in 1982performed a satanic ritual in the Westphalian castle that had been used as an occult sanctuary by Heinrich Himmler’s SS elite in Nazi Germany. [JDN: SEE FURTHER BELOW!!!] Nor did the Army move to suspend Aquino’s top security clearance during the sex abuse investigation. “The nature of the investigation that prompted the search of his house, and I understand some of his belongings were taken by police, really is a question for the San Francisco Police Department,” Maj. Greg Rixon, spokesman at the Pentagon said Aquino, who now works as a program analyst at the Army Reserve Personnel Center in St Louis, has vehemently denied ever meeting or having in his house the young girl who has alleged he abused her. He unsuccessfully tried to have court martial proceedings initiated against Adams-Thompson.

In a Temple of Set newsletter sent out two months after the search of his home, Aquino accused Adams-Thompson, who is an assistant chaplain for the Army, of trumping up the allegations as some sort of Christian vendetta “Also relevant is his profession as a Christian clergyman; I certainly doubt that he would have made such an outrageous accusation against any Lieutenant Colonel who was not known to be a prominent Satanist”

In April, Aquino wrote a four-page letter to the head of a children’s advocates group in Southern California warning that “we do not intend to see a replay of what happened in Nazi Germany, when the reluctance of the Jews to challenge those who systematically and falsely accused Judaism of heinous crimes-including the sexual abuse and ritual murder of Christian children- led to violence against them.”

Aquino said that the Temple of Set neither prescribes nor tolerates any form of harm, sexual or otherwise, to children or animals. “It is made clear in our membership publications that, should we have any reason to think that a member is engaged in any such activity, he or she will be immediately expelled and reported to the appropriate law enforcement or animal-protection authorities.”

In a February appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show this year, Aquino said that satanists “are not servants of some God; we are our own gods; we are our own decision makers. And people naturally fear this.” Their beliefs, he said, are “most closely aligned to that of Plato.”

Neither Aquino nor his wife has been charged in connection with the case.

…..Ritual murders at Castle Wewelsburg and the Extern Stones in Germany

I just finished watching the full (one-hour) 2003 German documentary rituellen Missbrauches in Deutschland (“Life in hell: the struggle of the victims of ritual abuse in Germany”).

Clearly, Satanists did ritual child murders in the 1990s and in the year 2000 specifically at the Wewelsburg, the famous onetime SS school-castle (., which was many centuries old…. and in a way practical for that purpose because it had ritual rooms (it had belonged to a bishop), it had been a prison and had chains on the walls of its dungeons already.

(Castle is slightly upper-left on a hill)

A further motive for satanists: 1) desecrate it as Himmler’s castle, 2) discredit somehow thereby the SS and thus the Third Reich, and 3) try to end it as a source of some mystical Aryan power, or 4) twisting the power for evil, or, of course all of the above…..

Wikipedia’s articles in English and in German on the Wewelsburg mentioned nothing about these massive allegations of child murders there……
To me it all suggests the Satanists want very badly to 1) weaken the Wewelsburg energy or 2) capture it… and certainly try to “ruin” any future enjoyment of it by us after our victory. It will really need a ritual cleansing…As will the whole Federal Republic of Germany…..The German ID card, the Ausweis
Ornaments brought in by satanists for a 2000 ritual murder at the Wewelsburg


I assume that the reason the media has not made a big thing out of this is that if satanists hate NS, then by extension their lord, Satan, the ultimate in evil, might hate Hitler, Himmler and the values of NS…….This has to be a main thrust of my final video. I have seen people SEETHE when one brings up child molesters and murders of children. Nothing infuriates people, more, not even 9/11.


Ritual scenes from the basement of the Wewelsburg: goat head, red snakes, inverted crosses, children raped (lower left), chests punctured, being hoisted up and bled)

The details, btw, were beyond the word shocking. I will just say that two sisters went on camera, accused their own parents, the father being a Protestant minister, and both confirmed on camera that the older sister was forced to give birth (from rape) to a baby, then kill it with a dagger, and open the chest cavity, take out and eat some of its heart.

Of course, no one has been arrested, despite many witnesses stepping forward, identifying other victims on photos, and describing the perpetrators using the same or similar names.

Interestingly, one redheaded girl says the children being held in captivity never talked to each other, and would not talk to each other today even as adults. In most cases, they were forced to commit various crimes, from the horrific one one above to killing cats and kittens.

I always wondered why my brother would never contact me for any reason, never send birthday or Christmas cards, I never sent him any, and to this day no one in my family sends birthday cards.


PS Here are more notes I took:

Satanism: getting power to be a god; self-deification

life is in blood, so blood power

children had to kill cats “for starters”

…had to watch other children being raped

One saw 11-year-old brother screaming and twitching; he finally committed suicide
Sibling victims do not want to talk to each other afterward
–special initiation: open grave in graveyard next to church; girl had to take heart out of a fresh cadaver; then enter church with lodge officials, lay self on altar; sexual things done to her; the victim should do evil things too and also feel powerful; trained then to do rituals and kill children; child gets recognition and praise for every crime it does;
–German policewoman: The rule is that if there is no Anzeige (criminal complaint) by the victim, there can be no investigation whatsoever, no mater how much suspicion or proof. A victim must step forward and, with his or her real name, make an accusation before any investigation can BEGIN…..and then go nowhere (which the documentary says, in quiet disgust).
–adults who were victims do not come forward because they too have committed crimes (under duress)the pastor’s daughter at the Externsteine, forced there to murder a 14-year-old girl; victims fear being indicted themselves. But usually there is no body.


…..three dirty, cold cellar rooms

This former East German girl……… whose parents were well-situated communists….
…… described…a holding room
Girl being held….
A child being electro-shocked…..
A red-haired girl is taken to a fireplace created on the floor of an abandoned factory basement.
A child is being bled.
–satanists take many photos during these crimes for online porn offerings (and I add: for blackmail)
Children on all fours and with a golden ring on a finger (not visible): all this means to the sickos “you can do anything to them and they will cooperate, being well broken-in”

.! Use segment 25:27-44 or to -26:38 A child is dragged toward the fire. (I remember being dragged, and to this day, if I see a person dragged on a rough floor it gives me a horrific feeling.)

……children never talk, dead-silent, while being transported to and from abuse location

–child aborted in sixth month and sacrificed on the spot, on the ritual fire location of Wewelsburg
–children must harm other children
-use of reversed words by satanists
“Do what you want” (in English and backwards, a modern version of the Aleister Crowley phrase); a child is tied up in a wooden box to be sexually molested by hooded figures.
–witnesses recognized each other, recall similar-sounding names of perps
–high priest, cloaked, called himself Manngott, “Man-God”
–38:43 at Externsteine woman, then 17, threatened with death if she talked, then ordered to slit throat and filet a 14-year-old girl, then praised after doing it for the “great job”
–victim says that being forced to harm or murder another child is much worse than any rape or torture
–regular mode of operation to always make victims into perpetrators
A German expert, Renate Rennebach, former MP (Member of the Bundestag (the German parliament) in Berlin, 1990-2002, thus for 12 years, says, around 53:18:

“They have a network; we have none.”

–girl raped (see picture directly below) at 13, gave birth at 14 (sister, then 10, witnessed and confirms this). Forced to eat part of the placenta, then forced to kill her own child by stabbing the baby in the chest, then to open the ribcage and eat part of the heart; then all the hooded figures around the altar ate of the heart too; the high priest “Atama” with a black-gold mask on guided her hand in the stabbing and chest-opening.This was the only time either of the two sisters, who acted numb and zombylike. usually on-camera, got teary.The same girl (right below) who had to kill her baby was also raped on an earlier occasion on a church altar by a goat after being smeared in a stinking substance.
–constant use of 666….. in this form: three sixes (666) with the balls touching and thus three whirling arms

Judaea delenda est. Wikipedia article on Jerusalem with coordinates of the city
–A child being raped (erect penis of priest) at the Wewelsburg, who has been stabbed in the heart and blood is being taken out by syringe while he is vomiting and streams of tears fall; several victims have come forward testifying to the same details and even the same perpetrator names and no one has been indicted.

–His wrist is slit while he is hoisted up by feet; all these are practices described in Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff




Alex, this is John de Nugent speaking. You and Mike Rivero had a yuckfest at my expense in 2007 when I began promoting awareness of Profession Ariel Toaff’s book Blood Passover, with the truth that some Jews DO ritually torture and murder Christian children and drain their blood out for use at Passover.
You speak contemptuously of what you call “Nazis.” .
Yet the fact is that it was Germany and Hitler who stood up to the Jews who now are lying about YOU. Stop bashing the Third Reich in order to vainly kiss the Jews’ butt.  The Jew is the enemy of all races.If “Nazi,” as defined by you, is a master race trying to conquer the world and enslave or exterminate all who resist, then precisely the JEW is the “ TRUE” NAZI!
You have been happy for years to bash people like me, but now that the Jews are after you, now you protest.

If the world had listened to Hitler and not destroyed him, with three superpowers ganging up on one brave, scrappy country (Germany), today you would not be talking about a NWO because there would be no NWO, Alex, and no ADL to harass you, Alex.
It is the Jew World Order. It is not a New World Order, for it is as old as the Talmud, 2000 years ago, that preached a slave planet ruled by a Jew master race. Get that through your loud skull: Jew World Order.
And you know this, because antisemitic author and pastor Texe Marrs, also of Austin, Texas, married you and your wife! 
You told Mike Delaney, back when he was just a 9/11 truther, not yet a white nationalist or an antisemite as he is today (see his, that the Jews are the ones behind the New World Order!

Here I was the other day helping Mike (upper left) during a construction project, handing him a nail gun. I helped him for two days, and for two days a month ago, cutting high grass, and helped him raise about $700 for’s survival.


The Great Seal of the United States since 1935 (Roosevelt) has this Star of David at the top. Go out and find a one-dollar bill, Alex, and take a hard look at the back.

Again, Alex, verify this 666 for yourself:
And Hitler was no satanist. The JWO is the satanists. The Jews are the satanists. Satanists desecrated the SS castle at Wewelsburg with child murders, rapes, and the painting of “666” all over.
Below is my major story on that — so sickening that most cannot get through it. SATANISTS HATE HITLER, ALEX JONES!
So why do you hate Hitler?
This article is so important I have added it to the bottom of this very blog. (See below!)
Warning: there ain’t nothing the Jews have done worse than this. This is why judaism must be banned under the RICO Act and dissolved as a criminal, psychopathic, and truly genocidal mind CULT. It is not a religion, but a nightmare of slavery and death for all humankind. The Jews are the Nazis. Hitler was never a Nazi.
The people of Germany came to LOVE a man who rose from the working class himself, became a war hero, then entered the thankless task of politics to rescue them as the leader of the nation from the Wall-Street-caused Great Depression, and the years of hunger, joblessness, humiliation and despair that Wall Street JEW STOCK SWINDLERS had caused both Germany and the world.

And now we need another man like him. Or better. For America, our mindset and our own traditions of political freedom.

But this was a man who did not rule by fear, and who was deeply loved.

And that is why he rode in an open car, top down, with hardly a bodyguard.






7/11 @ 11:35 : Ober-Ramstadt, DE
7/11 @ 11:34 : Long Beach, New York, US
7/11 @ 11:33 : Naples, Florida, US
7/11 @ 11:32 : Bangkok, TH
7/11 @ 11:32 : Ober-Ramstadt, DE
7/11 @ 11:31 : Mexico, MX
7/11 @ 11:29 : United States, US
7/11 @ 11:28 : Germany, DE
7/11 @ 11:28 : Israel, IL
7/11 @ 11:28 : Rochester, New York, US
7/11 @ 11:28 : Lappersdorf, DE
7/11 @ 11:26 : Florence, Alabama, US
7/11 @ 11:26 : Adelaide, AU
07/11 @ 11:48 : Signal Mountain, Tennessee, US
07/11 @ 11:48 : Chicago, Illinois, US
07/11 @ 11:47 : Friedrichsthal, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
Friedrichsthal is near Saarbruecken, where my mentor in the 1980s, Hans Schmidt of the Waffen-SS division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” was born and raised. Here some high school gymnast girls and one Friedrichsthal boy.
07/11 @ 11:47 : Signal Mountain, Tennessee, US
07/11 @ 11:46 : Madison, Mississippi, US
07/11 @ 11:46 : Iran, Islamic Republic of, IR
07/11 @ 11:44 : Lubbock, Texas, US
Mormon Temple in Lubbock. Many average Mormons are very good people and unaware how their religion, like almost everything else, has been taken over at the top by the NWO, as Mitt Romney showed. Mormon architecture, which is both beautiful and a bit “weird,” consistently reflects an awareneness of the reality of Atlantis, the styles of which were taken over by Egypt.
07/11 @ 11:44 : Utrecht, NL [NETHERLKQANDS = HOLLAND]
07/11 @ 11:43 : Krakow, PL [POLAND]
07/11 @ 11:43 : Tbilisi, GE[ORGIA]
07/11 @ 11:41 : Kiel, DE
07/11 @ 11:40 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
07/11 @ 11:39 : Johannesburg, ZA [SOUTH AFRICA]

07/11 @ 09:21 : Kragujevac, RS [SERBIA]
07/11 @ 09:20 : Steinheim, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
07/11 @ 09:20 : Baja, HU[NGARY]
07/11 @ 09:20 : Slidell, Louisiana, US
07/11 @ 09:19 : Florence, IT
07/11 @ 09:18 : Rapperswil, CH [SWITZERLAND]
07/11 @ 09:17 : Germany, DE
07/11 @ 09:16 : Bad Woerishofen, DE
07/11 @ 09:16 : Leksand, SE [SWEDEN]

Henrik Holappa the Finn lives here — in a picturesque part of Sweden.


07/11 @ 09:14 : Berlin, DE
07/11 @ 09:10 : Germany, DE
07/11 @ 09:10 : United Kingdom, GB
07/11 @ 09:09 : Camrose, CA

07/11 @ 07:26 : London, GB
07/11 @ 07:26 : Grimsby, GB
07/11 @ 07:25 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
07/11 @ 07:25 : Helsinki, FI
A Finn donated some key equipment, including a bidirectional microphone we are now using.
07/11 @ 07:25 : Hamburg, DE
07/11 @ 07:24 : Makati, PH
07/11 @ 07:22 : Germany, DE
07/11 @ 07:22 : Bayswater, AU
07/11 @ 07:21 : Vilnius, LT
07/11 @ 07:21 : Kosice, SK [SLOVAKIA]
in 1939 “the world’s most evil man” broke up the artificial state of Czechoslovakia and made Slovakia independent. This move was decried in the jewspapers worldwide. In 1992 Slovakia broke away on its own from the artificial state of Czechoslovakia.
07/11 @ 07:19 : Sydney, AU
07/11 @ 07:18 : Switzerland, CH
07/11 @ 07:18 : Horsens, DK
07/11 @ 07:17 : Coimbatore, IN
07/11 @ 07:14 : Nashville, Tennessee, US

07/11 @ 08:57 : Auckland, NZ

07/11 @ 08:56 : Elko, Nevada, US
07/11 @ 08:52 : Sugar Land, Texas, US

07/11 @ 08:51 : Chicago, Illinois, US

07/11 @ 08:49 : Newton, New Hampshire, US

07/11 @ 08:48 : Redmond, Washington, US
07/11 @ 08:46 : Navotas, PH [PHILIPPINES]
07/11 @ 08:44 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
07/11 @ 08:40 : Saskatoon, CA[NADA]
07/11 @ 08:40 : Palmdale, California, US
07/11 @ 08:40 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
07/11 @ 08:40 : Cebu, PH
07/11 @ 08:39 : San Jose, California, US
07/11 @ 08:39 : Cebu, PH
07/11 @ 08:35 : Port Saint Lucie, Florida, US
07/11 @ 07:45 : Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, US
07/11 @ 07:44 : Amarillo, Texas, US
07/11 @ 07:43 : Schwerte, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
07/11 @ 07:42 : Madrid, ES [SPAIN]
07/11 @ 07:41 : Saint Cloud, Florida, US
07/11 @ 07:41 : Decatur, Georgia, US
07/11 @ 07:37 : Tertnes, NO[RWAY]
07/11 @ 07:37 : United States, US
07/11 @ 07:36 : Tertnes, NO
07/11 @ 07:36 : Des Moines, Iowa, US
07/11 @ 07:35 : Bergen, NO
07/11 @ 07:33 : Mountain View, California, US
07/11 @ 07:33 : Vienna, Virginia, US

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