Russian video portrays many Western men as pathetic wimps; great letter to me from German woman

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“Conchita Wurst,” stage name of a degenerate Austrian male who won the huge Eurovision singing contest in 2014, singing in English, not German, in typical post-1945 ass-kisser mode to his Jewmerican overlords






….Russian medical doctor, male, BRUTALLY knocks out two drunks who groped his nurses


. (main action is in the first 40 seconds…)


…..Contact and support; German female donor writes me searing letter of despair

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS




(I transcribed this below for heightened legibility. As you read it, consider how many Americans or Brits today could even write such a letter in flawless English in their own native tongue?

Note how she says, typically German in the best sense, at the end of the top half of page one, “I am always learning new things and trying to improve myself.”

A German once friend and businessman corrected me when I said “Germans are hard-working”with this:

“John, any donkey pulling a cart is ‘hard-working.’ But he never changes or learns. he jsut plods along.

A German wants to change and improve his working methods every single day of his life.

We are fleissig, not hard-working, and this is a word the English language does not even have, but it should.

We are never, ever satisfied with the status quo. That is the Dr. Faust in us; we will never say ‘Day, stand still, you are so beautiful. Now I need nothing more.'” 







Transcription (and as usual, I have added photos):



I am a longtime reader and my “subscription” (30 Euros) is waay overdue.

Thank you for your work on behalf of our folk and our race.

I am indebted to you because I learned many valuable things reading your blog.



The books and films that you recommended were great and very informative.





“Fathers and Daughters” — moving family drama with Russell Crowe; “God is dead, life sucks, then you die” does not comfort a bereaved little girl

Is mommy really watching over me in heaven, or are you just saying that to make me feel better?



I am always learning new things and trying to improve myself.

White South African Tragedy


Regarding the situation right now, politically and spiritually — well…


Austrian police take away in a plastic coffin the blood-covered corpse of a Viennese widow, age 72, who was raped with a broom stick, stabbed, and her throat was cut, after she had been tortured for hours using a hot clothes iron by a Muslim Turk migrant whom she had scolded for smoking against the rules in her apartment building. 


ABD0001_20160116 - WIEN - …STERREICH: Eine 72 Jahre alte Frau wurde am spŠten Freitagabend, 15. JŠnner 2016 tot in ihrer Wohnung in einem Gemeindebau in Wien Favoriten entdeckt. Aufgrund der AuffindungsumstŠnde ging die Polizei von Mordverdacht aus. Im Bild: Der Abtransport des Leichnams, augenommen am Samstag, 16. JŠnner 2016. - FOTO: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET



Bleak…. more than bleak …




German woman weeps after Munich McDonalds massacre

A woman reacts following a shooting rampage at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany July 23, 2016. REUTERS/Michael Dalder


And yet I have the strange feeling soon ‘something’ is going to happen that may be a game-changer (is that a word?). [JdN: Yes, it is, and that is a perfect word choice. 🙂 ]

Mr. Trump is definitely not the ‘strong Redeemer’ or even the great leader as Anglin & co. like to call him.




But, but: things happened that ‘they’ did not plan to happen that way — and ‘they’ are nervous and even panicky.


Maybe a window of opportunity and a lasting spiritual shift?

Have people ‘red-pilled’? The 100-Monkey phenomenon? Extramundane happenings?

We sure “live in interesting times,” as the Chinese curse goes. 😉

Last week I was in Frankfurt…




….and in Duisburg.

(JdN: Canadian couple in front of the 1000-y/o-castle in Raesfeld near Duisburg)



It was terrible. In the inner city and close to the central train stations…

Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof



…it feels decidedly third-worldly, demographic-wise.



They are replacing us …



…..with the worst of the worst.

Sarcastic Turkish teens ridicule German woman on the street



Migrants walk on the platform after arriving by train at the main railway station in Munich, Germany September 13, 2015. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle


For these people (90% are military-aged men) are clearly an underclass even in their own hellhole-countries.


Many of them even look like ‘men with a mission.”

Negro kick-boxes German police at Frankfurt airport


They exude an arrogance and smugness of frightening proportions. Unreal.


The German government has spent 300 million euros on German-language courses for “asylum-seekers”; 2% have completed them. They demand to be waited on in English, and then go out and loiter on street corners calling out to German girls and women “Du willst ficki-ficki”? ( = Disrespectful use of the word “”thou,” used only for family, close friends, and house pets, and then “You wanna f–k?”)


Arab groper rejoices at getting off with a fine


What a painful contrast to the completely crushed and demoralized Germans of today.



Brutally starved by Americans or worked to death by French and Soviets in 1945 after they had honorably fought and legally surrendered as POWs under the Geneva convention


German soldier weeps in 1945 to see his destroyed home town 


[They are] victims of 70+ years of the most brutal and relentless brainwashing imaginable.


If there were angels, they would weep. [JdN: There are, but they want action, not weeping.]


I don’t want to end my letter on such a somber note, but there it is – what can I say?

Down with ZOG!

ORION! [Our Race Is Our Nation]

All the best, and stay safe, and best wishes.


A.S. (European thirty-something, female)


……My answer

Dear racial sister and comrade,

Many thanks for the moving letter and equally for the vital financial support.

During the short-lived Occupy movement in 2009-10, they used the phrase about the “99% versus the 1%.”


The great British poet Percy Bysshe Shelly wrote a fantastic poem about this.. how a huge majority lets a tiny majority trample on it… “we are many; they are few” after British soldiers, cavalrymen with sabers, had massacred 15 British workers and peaceful reformers and injured 400 in the outrageous 1819 “Peterloo massacre” (



Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many—they are few!”


The key is this: a new Aryan religion that will mobilize the white MAN to fight,

the white WOMAN to support him,

and the non-whites to follow him

against the ONE enemy, the Jew and his traitorous goy lackeys.


This is MY destiny and my calling, to build and spread this religion of VIRTUS, now that the political system is totally rigged.





(Deutsch) John de Nugent blickt auf die Fehler in Hitlers Karriere zurück und nach vorne.

(English) John de Nugent looks at the errors in Hitler’s career and then forward.



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