1. The Russian government offers tax breaks to parents to encourage them to have more children and also welcome foreigners from white countries who are encouraged to immigrate. As the economy recovers, people will have more children.

  2. Poland is also rewarding white families who have children. This article is from the May/June 2017 issue of The Barnes Review, page 59:

    “Rewarding Poles Who Procreate
    The population of Poland is currently about 38.5 million people but its people are aging rapidly – due to both Western-sponsored moral decadence ushered in after the fall of the Soviet Union and the immense emigration of workers, resulting from the country’s long-depressed economy. The EU-types and their NWO overlords insist the only solution is massive importation of racially, culturally and religiously alien immigrants. But Poland is 97.6% Polish, with an intense sense of national identity. Large numbers of immigrants would merely take jobs from Poles, overwhelm the social welfare system and cause a breakdown in societal cohesion. So the government has instituted family-friendly legal measures like extended parental leave. They also have begun paying 115 euros per month per child for couples who have two or more children. The program has had a notable impact, with birthrates at their highest ever and 400,000 babies due to be born by the end of 2017. The rate of population increase has gone up 12.5 times, from 0.08% to just over 1%. The rest of Europe and North America would do well to emulate the Poles.”

    These are common-sense measures to encourage white families to have children, which Hitler’s Germany also enacted. It would have been very easy to enact similar measures in Germany, Sweden, France, and the rest of Europe. But since those nations are completely Zionist-controlled, the agenda is instead to destroy white families and the white race itself by bringing in millions of violent, 70 IQ Muslims and Africans.

    Since Poland is a member of the JWO’s multicultural EU just like Germany, Sweden, and France, the real question is why the Zionists are allowing Poland to control its own demographic destiny, while the rest of Europe is forced to commit demographic and racial suicide. It’s probably because they know the patriotic Poles would never stand for massive immigration of Arabs and Africans at this point in time, and would overthrow the Polish government, so the Zionists are just rubbing their hands together and biding their time, waiting for a more multiculti-brainwashed, pussified younger generation of Poles who will not object to it. Unfortunately, Germany, Sweden, and France reached that stage years ago.

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