Russian Disclosure on Neuschwabenland and the Vril Society — by Robert Sepehr

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Very good video, and very IMPORTANT, as always with Robert Sepehr videos and books.

The only problem is Sepehr seems to confuse the Tall White species with the Nordics.

Yes, the Tall Whites have an arrangement with the US Deep State, but not the Nordics, who favor the Antarctic Germans and are fiercely opposed to said US Deep State.

The former are merely humanlike, very unfriendly, platinum-blond, extremely pale, and anti-human; the latter are white superhumans, fully human like us, but who look like Swedish athletes, and they are pro-German, sympathetic and want Earth Whites to win.

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

What all this means is we still have a fighting chance if WE undermine the Talmudic empire FROM WITHIN. No nordic aliens or Fourth Reich will rescue cowards. They cannot, and they have no desire to, either.

Fortune favors only the brave.

In the true Viking religion the gods could become so disgusted they destroy the souls of cowards — literally destroy their souls, and they are dead forever.

If this essay above teaches you white pride and wisdom about our universe, please donate. It took me years to research, write and update. 🙂

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  1. Here is more evidence that Trump is a committed Zionist, and may be a crypto-Jew. He studies Kabbalah with an Israeli Kabbalah teacher – the same Israeli who instructs Madonna in Kabbalah. This excerpt is from one of Trump’s books, titled “Trump: The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received,” page 188:

    Vanity Fair article on Kabbalah which mentions Eitan Yardeni:

    “Barr went on to study with Rabbi Eitan Yardeni, a quiet, good-looking, 41-year-old Israeli, who is a teacher at the Centre.”

    Eitan Yardeni:

    Tucker Carlson, who endorses the official “19 Arab hijackers with box cutters” 9/11 narrative in this video, and calls the interviewer a parasite for daring to suggest otherwise:

    … and who also gets the “god” treatment on The Daily Stormer for his “gassing” of every Jew he interviews, is also apparently a Kabbalist, because in this video interview with Alex Jones, he’s wearing a Kabbalistic red string on his left wrist. This likely explains why Carlson is allowed to humiliate every Jew he interviews – he’s probably part-Jewish himself, or is at least fully on-board with the Jewish agenda, like Alex Jones:

    The Kabbbalah’s red string – worn on the left wrist to ward off the evil eye:

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