RUSSIA PUTS BLM ON TERRORIST WATCH LIST; Getting Americans more used to hate-speech laws and white genocide, Facebook HQ hoists huge BLM sign; powerful WN graphics to use

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Facebook placed a massive “Black Lives Matter” sign on its Menlo Park headquarters Friday just hours after twelve white or light-complected hispanic Dallas police officers were shot, with five being actually killed, by a member of a Black Power political organization, Micah Johnson, whose own mother was white.
It seems mulattos with white mothers are the most dangerous, resentful blacks of all; see Barack Obama.


Ann Dunham and Barack Obama




Hey, BLMs, read this! Do white lives matter too?



My experience with them has been the chilling effect on free speech for me as an American, whose ancestors came here from England in 1635, and one who embraces the right to free speech and to criticize anyone.

FB censorship began in the late autumn of last year, 2015, with more and more warnings and suspensions (first for a day, then for a week, then a month, and twice), and finally the kikejews deleted my account without any notice, despite my 2400 FB friends.






This atrocity of deleting a huge account with many posts, one on which I spent a huge amount of time, committed by this vile, hook-nosed kike who is married to a chink, this Mark Zuckerberg, I now consider a badge of honor.

Zuckerberg took the whole Facebook concept from the Winkelvosses, two Aryan twin brothers, Harvard grads and Olympic athletes.



Now Kikeberg is worth $40 billion, through honest, hard work, of course.

Angela Merkel, the German-genociding traitress, urged Zuckerstein on 26 September 2015 to censor FB posts more rigorously, and he has done so.

HANDOUT Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) spricht mit Facebook-Gründer Mark Zuckerberg am 26.09.2015 zu Beginn des Arbeitsmittagessen des UN Private Sector Forums 2015 "Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals". Staats- und Regierungschefs treffen sich beim Gipfel der Vereinten Nationen für Nachhaltige Entwicklung Foto: Steffen Kugler/Bundesregierung/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) speaks with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on 26.09.2015 at the  UN Private Sector Forum 2015.

Russia Put Black Lives Matter On Official ‘Terror List’

Posted on July 10, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News // 32 Comments

Image removed by sender. Russia put Black Lives Matter on 'terror list'

Russia are planning to place Black Lives Matter (BLM) on their ‘terror list’, officially recognising the group as a “racist terrorist organisation”.

The Federation Council is setting in motions plans to place BLM on the Federal Security Service’s (FSB) “Unified List of Organizations, Including Foreign and International Organizations That Have Been Recognized As Terrorist [Groups] By Russian Law”.

According to this report, SLEDCOM derives its authority to conduct this terrorist investigation of Black Lives Matter based on its authorization under Federal Law of 28.12.2010 No 403-FZ to conduct preliminary inquiries relating to “the protection of rights and freedoms of man and citizen” regardless of international borders.

The initiating document issued by Chairperson Matviyenko advocating that Black Lives Matter, its founders, and its funders, be listed as a terrorist organization, this report continues, relates to this “racial-hatred” groups advocating the killing of American law enforcement officers in order to “incite/inflame” “racial passions” in the United States—and whose “tactics/rhetoric”, if transferred to Europe, would pose a grave threat not only to the Federation, but, indeed, all of the continent.

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Evidence presented to SLEDCOM by Chairperson Matviyenko supporting her request, this report notes, contains both public and classified materials—including the Black Lives Matter “tacit support” of the assassination this week of 5 American police officers in Dallas, Texas, and the attempted assassinations of American police officers in Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee too.

The Black Lives Matter “racial-hatred” group, this report continues, was founded by American-based communist activists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi who self describe themselves as “queer Black women” and whose organizations members have penetrated into the top echelon of US political elites as evidenced by their over 90 minute meeting with President Obama in the White House this past February.

To the greatest concern(s) of Chairperson Matviyenko relating to Black Lives Matter, however, this report says, are the tens-of-millions of dollars being given to it by billionaire Obama regime supporters Tom Steyer and the heir to the Taco Bell fortune, Rob McKay (otherwise known as “Obama’s trust fund baby”)—as well as US tech giants Google, who gave $2.3 million to this “racial-hatred” group, and Facebook—who stunningly erected in front of their main headquarters building a massive “Black Lives Matter” sign just hours after the Dallas police officers were gunned down.

Rob McKay, this report continues, provides the main “funding conduit” to Black Lives Matter through his communist inspired Democracy Alliance (DA) organization aided by hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—both of whom have raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As to why these elite, and white, billionaires, along with US tech giants, are funding the “racial-hatred” group Black Lives Matter and its “queer Black women” founders, this report notes, is listed as the “highest concern” of Chairperson Matviyenko in her referral—but which answers for have yet to discovered.

SLEDCOM investigators, though, this report continues, do note that many American dissidents have long voiced concerns that the Obama regime is attempting to incite a race war in the United States—including former US Congressman Allen West who in 2013 wrote about his fears of a race war occurring, and just yesterday, another former US Congressman, Joe Walsh, threatening President Obama with “war” and warning Black Lives Matter demonstrators to “watch out”.

With Black Lives Matters gangs being tear gassed in Phoenix (Arizona) last night, and in Oakland (California) their attacking a police building and calling for more police deaths too, this report concludes, Chairperson Matviyenko’s referral to place this “racial-hatred” group, it founders, and it funders, on the FSB’s terrorist organization list has been “provisionally approved” pending further investigation.

….BLM rallies planned

Violent anti-police rallies in 37 US cities are being promoted on the dark web for THIS FRIDAY, July 15, beginning at 7 PM eastern US time.  
SuperStation95 has obtained access to this information and if it goes as planned, many cities in the United States will erupt in ferocious violence, under the guise of being a “Nationwide Call To Action” against police brutality.
While this “National Call to Action” is what appears on the regular Internet to lure people in, on the Dark Web, it is being called a “Day of Rage” and plans are being pursued for hideous and widespread violence!
The cities named in the Dark web posting are listed below.  We will NOT publish the organizing locations so as not to aid in this hideous effort.
    1.. Phoenix, AZ 
    2.. Tuscon, AZ
    3.. Little Rock, AR 
    4.. San Francisco, CA
    5.. Oakland, CA
    6.. Los Angeles, CA 
    7.. Denver, CO
    8.. Washington DC: 
    9.. Atlanta, GA
    10.. Tampa, FL
    11.. Orlando, FL
    12.. Miami, FL
    13.. Chicago, IL
    14.. Des Moines, IA 
    15.. New Orleans, LA
    16.. Baltimore, MD
    17.. Boston, MA
    18.. Detroit, MI
    19.. Lansing, MI
    20.. Ann Arbor, MI
    21.. Minneapolis, MN
    22.. St. Louis, MO
    23.. Carson City, NV
    24.. Manhattan, NY 
    25.. Newark, NJ
    26.. Durham, NC
    27.. Columbus, OH
    28.. Cleveland, OH
    29.. Portland, OR
    30.. Philadelphia, PA 
    31.. Pittsburgh, PA
    32.. Nashville, TN
    33.. Memphis, TN
    34.. Austin, TX
    35.. Salt Lake City, UT
    36.. Seattle, WA
    37.. Milwaukee, WI
How many of these cities will be a repeat of Dallas?
How many completely innocent police officers will be attacked?
How many completely innocent civilians will be hurt?
How much property will be damaged?
Why are these protests being organized when statistics compiled by government, and verified by media show that of 509 persons killed by police in the USA so far this year the racial breakdown is as follows:
  White 238
  Black 123
  Hispanic 79
  Unknown 46
  Other 23
More white people have been killed by police than blacks, you don’t see white people rioting and trying to kill police.  
Speaking of killing police, it should be noted that so far this year 124 police officers in the USA have been killed in the line of duty.  That’s right, more cops died than Blacks.
Why is it, in a nation of 350 Million people, this reaction is being fomented over 123 black people being killed?  It makes no sense, unless the REAL reason is to attack American society as a whole, to weaken it; to make it turn against itself . . . to destroy the nation.
In whose interest is it to weaken and destroy America?
Who benefits from all this chaos, tumult and harm?
How many of our fellow citizens will continue to be willing pawns in this nefarious agenda? 
One plan uncovered, which calls for turmoil and violence to be built-up and built-up on the way to its crescendo at the Republican and Democrat Conventions!
This plan calls for so much violence, so much turmoil that the perpetrators hope to force the imposition of MARTIAL LAW, with the hope of actually postponing the election in November!
That’s the goal, America.  Take away the most fundamental form of our advanced civilization!  Voting.
Who benefits from that?
Wake up America.  We’re being “played” against each other, for someone ELSE’s agenda.  Don’t fall for it.

……….Some powerful graphics














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  1. A BLM terrorist can post a Facebook pic of a Black Panther slitting a White Police Officers throat and the Jew Marc Zuckerberg won’t take it down and you John, tell the truth on F.B. and get deleted. It is hard to get the truth out in a Jew Owned and Operated World….
    It looks like the Kike, George Soros who funded BLM will have his Negro’s and self hating White’s out in force at the RNC at Cleveland to terrorize Trump supporters!

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