RT (Russia Today) BLASTS Israel and LBJ for murderous attack on USS Liberty, especially author Philip Nelson and former US Marine Ken O’Keefe

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Gutsy former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe speaks openly of “JEWISH SUPREMACISM”!



Author Philip Nelson


I wonder how Putin-bashers and Putin-is-a-Jew-ers explain this Israel-bashing?

Ahh yes, he wore a yarmulke once (but did not look too happy wearing it.)

And he signed legislation banning Holycost denial in 2014, but only in the fourteenth year of his rule, and because it was during the world crisis over Crimea, the Malaysian passenger jet shootdown (300 civilians killed, and blamed wrongly on Russia), and over the civil war in eastern Ukraine, at a time when Putin was under huge pressure and the Russian armed forces were not built up enough to withstand USraeli pressure.

I love how Facebook commandos bash Putin, who has actual responsibility for something, for his motherland, for a country of 140 million people.


I love how they want him to go full-Hitler on the Jews when they KNOW what happened to Hitler, to Mussolini, to Khaddafi, to Saddam Hussein, and to Assad. And to the civilians in their countries.




AH leaves his bunker to inspect the Reich chancellory in April 1945

Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci. Some say they both were sexually assaulted before being shot and hung upside-down.


Khaddafi: Nothing like a rifle bayonet shoved up your rectum, put there by “US-backed rebels.”


The Jewnited Snakes killed Saddam’s sons too.


Syria today; a journalist cries on discovering 100 bodies of children blown up by ISIS


….but Putin should have gone full-Hitler. 😉 Then Russia would look like Germany in 1945.




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