Romeo of Alaska, a legendary kindly wolf; was this great man once also a kindly wolf?

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Reincarnation means humans come up from the animal stage, and here we see a wolf who had grown beyond that purely predatory stage and was friendly and loved dogs and humans.

Reincarnation Evidence

There also are many videos on YT of unlikely friends, such as cats and birds in the same house, and of course dogs and cats would not get along either without their human masters setting a new context.
With regard to Adolf Hitler, as I have often blogged, his nickname was ”Wolf,” which Winifried Wagner, the English daughter-in-law of the famous composer and genius, was allowed to call him, and her kids called him ”Uncle Wolf.”
He looked wolflike also (the Soviets in WWII always drew him this way in their cartoons, and the wolf is a common animal in Russia, as much as the bear), and Hitler had a lupine stare.
This picture, btw, I cropped out of a Life magazine photo from the 1930s — Hitler actually was at a party, listening to a conversation, and as yo can see, that intense look was his default setting! *;) winking
As we know the American Indians did totem poles (usually) to commemorate their animal ancestors:
When we speak of sheeple, or that someone is sly as a fox, or say they have a bovine look on their face, or someone ”pigs out” on food, or ”hogs everything” (just as the Jews do), or soldiers or Marines get into a special transport vehicle called a ”cattle car,” there may be a reason for this which, in a culture where reincarnation has been decried as nutty since it was declared a heresy in the 500s AD, we do not grasp why we say this or what we subconsciously are realizing!

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