Robert Mueller, 9/11 cover-up mastermind, now in charge of Trump takedown

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Deep State’s Expert Hitman Takes Aim At Target Donald Trump

Posted on August 4, 2017 by State of the Nation

How is Mueller appointed special counsel? He was selected to cover up the 9/11 inside job as FBI Director for 12 years!  And he carried out his secret mission with extraordinary stealth and success; after all, the 9/11 perps are still very much on the loose.

State of the Nation

The screen capture posted above tells the real story about Robert S. Mueller’s rigorously hidden career path within Deep State.  It’s like a screenshot of his entire job history in government service that reveals his true yet carefully concealed purpose.  Notice the exact dates of Mueller’s double term as FBI Director as follows.

September 4, 2001 – September 4, 2013

In short, Robert Mueller is a fixer of the highest order for Deep State.  He is the ultimate inside man whose specialty is the cover-up of high-level crimes, much as his partner-in-crime James Comey was. Much more significantly, Mueller also functions as a top-tier white-collar hitman.


Special Counsel Mueller is also an extremely dangerous creature of the swamp who emerges from its depths to carry out the most essential components of Deep State’snefarious agendas.  In the present case, he was specifically chosen to remove President Trump from office, as well as bring down the administration.

MUELLER: A Creature of the Swamp Whose Mission is to Destroy Trump

A close examination of Mueller’s various appointments in the public sector reveals a meticulously groomed agent of Deep State who has been frequently selected to cover up government malfeasance and/or corporate crime.

False Flag Terrorist Attacks on 9/11

Now take another close look at the dates that Mueller served as FBI Director.  He was purposefully placed in that exceedingly powerful law enforcement position on September 4, 2001—just 7 days before the worst terror operation ever staged on U.S. soil.  And there he remained for 12 straight years until September 4, 2013 in order to implement the biggest criminal cover-up in American history.

What follows is the shocking testimony of an FBI special agent who was privy to critical information that indicated a major terrorist attack was in the works in the 9/11 time frame. The FBI not only willfully ignored her warnings, Director Mueller did everything in his power to bury the privileged information.

FBI Director Robert Mueller: Oversaw the Biggest Coverup in U.S. History—9/11

What better way to maintain the cover-up of the 9/11 inside job than to completely control the number 1 man at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?  And so they did.

Not only did the US government perps ensure a successful 9/11 cover-up by installing a traitorous FBI Director, they quite deliberately kept him in that position for 2 full terms so as to preclude any serious investigation.  In Robert Mueller, the treasonous cabal knew it found the perfect man who could be trusted not to uncover the deep conspiracy that brought down the Twin Towers. ROBERT MUELLER COVERED-UP 9/11

Special Note:
Inarguably, FBI Director Robert Mueller is more responsible for the cover up of the massive 9/11 criminal conspiracy than any other individual in the United States of America.  In his capacity as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, he undoubtedly knew of the terror attacks beforehand and did nothing to stop them.  After the false flag operation was completed, Mueller became the indispensable point man who ensured that no criminal investigation was ever conducted.  Mueller did not even present the appearance of conducting a credible 9/11 investigation.  As a matter of historical fact, there are so many holes and failures in the FBI’s response to 9/11 under Mueller that there can only be one firm conclusion: the FBI Director played an integral role in the CIA-coordinated black operation.  Given the enormity and profundity of the 9/11 false flag attacks, Robert Mueller is also implicated in the ensuing fake War on Terror that has destroyed whole nations…right up to this very day, 16 years later.  And, yet, Mueller now sits as Special Counsel going after a patriotic president with a vengeance.  Why? Because if he doesn’t, his obvious complicity in 9/11 can be used against him at any moment.  TPTB don’t even need the Pizzagate coercion mechanism to get this conspicuous pawn to do anything they want him to for the rest of his career.

Deep State

There are certain critical positions within the U.S. Federal Government, and especially within law enforcement, that Deep State is always determined to control.

Those key positions include the Directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, among other crucial agencies.

Were a bona fide law enforcement officer to become the FBI Director, he or she could wreak havoc on the government due to the sheer depth and breadth of criminality that has existed over several decades.

For this and other significant reasons, Deep State will never permit an honest person to occupy any of the aforementioned directorships.  They just won’t.

That is, until the Trump presidency became their worst nightmare.

U.S. Attorney General

The primary reason why the Mainstream Media and Democratic Party have given Jeff Sessions such a hard time is because the U.S. Attorney General slot is also a VERY big deal.  Quite unfortunately for Trump, AG Sessions has dragged his feet on all the most urgent prosecutions, particularly those that would have put a HUGE dent in the Deep State juggernaut.

Now here comes Mueller the freight train looking to railroad Trump right out of Washington—forever! Mueller railroading Trump with grand juries, FBI officials put on notice

The decisive influence that the AG exerts over the current investigation into the fabricated “Russia collusion” story is absolutely critical at this time.  Deep State has been manipulating Congress to legislate unconstitutional law which will serve to further straightjacket Trump.  Not only are these illegal measures stripping the POTUS of vital powers, they are improperly giving executive authority to the Legislative Branch.

For these and other reasons, Sessions must be fired from his position post-haste so that Trump can appoint a courageous and high integrity Attorney General WHO WILL QUICKLY SET THE DOJ PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.  Whereas Sessions is a great patriot who has been exceptionally loyal to Trump, he clearly does not have the right stuff to take on Deep State. (Who does?!) It’s time for Jeff Sessions to go! Trump needs a pit bull AG.

Rest assured, there’s someone out there who can take on this difficult task. However, Trump no longer has the luxury of time for his “Night of the Long Knives” is quickly creeping up on him.  Deep State has harried him so much with their fake news and phony scandals that it must be difficult for him to think straight.  Nevertheless, Trump must successfully process this predicament, and much more, if he is to save his presidency.

Back to Mueller the hatchet man

There’s no greater threat to the Trump administration than hatchet man Mueller. This guy has been armed by Deep State to take out Trump by any means he deems necessary. There’s no question that the Special Counsel can execute any kind of quasi-legal jujitsu necessary to discredit — and incriminate — the POTUS.

Once Trump has been sufficiently tainted with fabricated evidence and false testimony, the impeachment process will begin forthwith.

Every day that Trump permits Mueller to conduct his witch hunt, the President runs the risk of getting kicked out of the Oval Office.

Mueller has already demonstrated that he’s wasting no time whatsoever in convening grand juries to do the dirty work.  It’s quite well known in legal circles that ‘A grand jury could ‘indict a ham sandwich’.  Which is why Mueller has multiple juries being impaneled. Report: Mueller Using Multiple Grand Juries in Russia Probe

Mueller is also hustling to prevent Trump from having him summarily fired for conducting such a partisan and legally flawed process.  The Special Counsel especially knows that there is now a rapidly accelerating race against time.  In this regard he has the perfidious Congress supporting him in every way. Senators Unveil Two Bipartisan Bills To Block Trump Firing Mueller

Bottom line

Trump has no choice at this pivotal point but to fire Mueller—yesterday!  Every single day that the Special Counsel is allowed to weave his sinister webs of deceit and treachery, the greater the likelihood that Trump will get caught in them.  The traitors and turncoats in Congress want to impeach and convict President Trump in the worst way.  Therefore—>

Trump has no choice but to have Mueller fired…
…and he better do it fast!

State of the Nation
August 4, 2017

Author’s Note

Of course, after Mueller is fired, he ought to be arrested and put on trial for his many crimes perpetrated against the American people.  The list of indictable offenses include high treason, premeditated mass murder, conspiracy to commit state-sponsored terrorism, major destruction of commercial property, among many other violations of federal law. Having been a party to these crimes while serving as FBI Director only makes the seriousness of his official misconduct all the more punishable as a capital offense.

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