Ritual murder of white kids at the onetime SS castle of Wewelsburg by top American satanists

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2) Ritual murders at Castle Wewelsburg and the Extern Stones in Germany============  

I just finished watching the full (one-hour) 2003 German documentary rituellen Missbrauches in Deutschland� (“Life in hell: the struggle of the victims of ritual abuse in Germany”).� http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KoP31LIm81s



Clearly, Satanists did ritual child murders in the 1990s and in the year 2000 specifically at the Wewelsburg, the famous onetime SS school-castle (.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wewelsburg), which was many centuries old…. and in a way practical for that purpose because it had ritual rooms (it had belonged to a bishop), it had been a prison and had chains on the walls of its dungeons already.


(Castle is slightly upper-left on a hill)


A further motive for satanists: 1) desecrate it as Himmler’s castle,� 2) discredit somehow thereby the SS and thus the Third Reich, and 3) try to end it as a source of some mystical Aryan power, or 4) twisting the power for evil, or, of course all of the above…..

Wikipedia’s articles in English and in German on the Wewelsburg mentioned nothing about these massive allegations of child murders there……
To me it all suggests the Satanists� want very badly to 1) weaken the Wewelsburg energy or 2) capture it… and certainly try to “ruin” any future enjoyment of it by us after our victory.� It will really need a ritual cleansing…As will the whole Federal Republic of Germany…..The German ID card, the Ausweishttp://johndenugent.com/images/Ausweis.jpg
Ornaments brought in by satanists for a 2000 ritual murder at the Wewelsburg

I assume that the reason the media has not made a big thing out of this is that if satanists hate NS, then by extension their lord, Satan, the ultimate in evil, might hate Hitler, Himmler and the values of NS…….This has to be a main thrust of my final video. I have seen people SEETHE when one brings up child molesters and murders of children. Nothing infuriates people, more, not even 9/11.

Ritual scenes from the basement of the Wewelsburg: goat head, red snakes, inverted crosses, children raped (lower left), chests punctured, being hoisted up and bled)


The details, btw, were beyond the word shocking. I will just say that two sisters went on camera, accused their own parents, the father being a Protestant minister, and both confirmed on camera that the older sister was forced to give birth (from rape) to a baby, then kill it with a dagger, and open the chest cavity, take out and eat some of its heart.

Of course, no one has been arrested, despite many witnesses stepping forward, identifying other victims on photos, and describing the perpetrators using the same or similar names.

Interestingly, one redheaded girl says the children being held in captivity never talked to each other, and would not talk to each other today even as adults. In most cases, they were forced to commit various crimes, from the horrific one one above to killing cats and kittens.

I always wondered why my brother would never contact me for any reason, never send birthday or Christmas cards, I never sent him any, and to this day no one in my family sends birthday cards.


PS Here are more notes I took:

Satanism: getting power to be a god; self-deification

life is in blood, so blood power

children had to kill cats “for starters”http://johndenugent.com/images/testimony-pastor-daughter-forced-to-kill-cat-age-4.jpg
had to watch other children being raped
one saw 11-year-old brother screaming and twitching; he finally committed suicide
–sibling victims do not want to talk to each other afterward
–special initiation: open grave in graveyard next to church; girl had to take heart out of a fresh cadaver; then enter church with lodge officials, lay self on altar; sexual things done to her; the victim should do evil things too and also feel powerful; trained then to do rituals and kill children; child gets recognition and praise for every crime it does;
–German policewoman: The rule is that if there is no Anzeige (criminal complaint) by the victim, there can be no investigation whatsoever, no mater how much suspicion or proof. A� victim must step forward and, with his or her real name, make an accusation before any investigation can BEGIN…..and then go nowhere (which the documentary says, in quiet disgust).
–adults who were victims do not come forward because they too have committed crimes (under duress)the pastor’s daughter at the Externsteine, forced there to murder a 14-year-odl girl; victims
fear being indicted themselves. But usually there is no body.http://johndenugent.com/images/victim-at-externsteine-supposed-to-slit-throat-and-gut-girl-victim.jpg
–three dirty, cold cellar roomsthis former East German girl….http://johndenugent.com/images/anonymous-young-teen-speaks-out-in-half-shadow.jpg…. whose parents were well-situated communists, described…a holding roomhttp://johndenugent.com/images/basement-torture-chamber.jpgGirl being heldhttp://johndenugent.com/images/child-bound-blindfolded-in-waiting-room.jpgchild being electroshockedhttp://johndenugent.com/images/drawing-child-electroshocked.jpg
.http://johndenugent.com/images/drawing-child-in-cage.jpgRed–haired girl taken to a fire place created on the floor of an abandoned factory basementhttp://johndenugent.com/images/red-haired-small-child-dragged-between-adults-in-black-to-fire-factory-basement.jpgchild being bledhttp://johndenugent.com/images/self-drawing-child-being-bled-basement.jpg
–satanists take many photos during these crimes for online porn offerings (and I add: for blackmail)Children on all fours and with a golden ring on a finger (not visible): all this means to the sickos “you can do anything to them and they will cooperate, being�well broken-in”
—http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KoP31LIm81s#! Use segment 25:27-44 or to -26:38 child dragged toward fire (I remember being dragged and to this day if I see a person dragged on a rough floor it gives me a horrific feeling)
–children never talk, dead-silent, while being transported to and from abuse locationhttp://johndenugent.com/images/self-drawing-grim-child.jpg
–child aborted in sixth month and sacrificed on the spot, on the ritual fire location of Wewelsburg
–children must harm other children–use of reversed words by satanistshttp://johndenugent.com/images/satanism-reversed-words.jpg“Do what you want” (in English and backwards, a modern version of the Aleister Crowley phrase); a child is tied up in a wooden box to be sexually molested by hooded figureshttp://johndenugent.com/images/tied-child-in-box-do-what-you-want-backward.jpg
–witnesses recognized each other, recall similar-sounding names of perps
–high priest, cloaked, called himself Manngott, “Man-God”
–38:43 at Externsteine woman, then 17, threatened with death if she talked, then ordered to slit throat and filet a 14-year-old girl, then praised after doing it for the “great job”http://johndenugent.com/images/german-victim-pastor-daughter-not-multiple.jpg
–victim says that being forced to harm or murder another child is much worse than any rape or torture
–regular mode of operation to always make victims into perpetrators
  • a German expert, Renate Rennebach, former MP Member of the Bundestag in Berlin, 1990-2002, 12 years,
  • http://johndenugent.com/images/red-haired-small-child-dragged-between-adults-in-black-to-fire-factory-basement.jpg
  • around 53:18, she says:
  • “They have a network; we have none.”
–girl raped (see picture directly below) at 13, gave birth at 14 (sister, then 10, witnessed and confirms this). Forced to eat part of the placenta, then forced to kill her own child by stabbing the baby in the chest, then to open the ribcage and eat part of the heart; then all the hooded figures around the altar ate of the heart too; the high priest “Atama” with a black-gold mask on guided her hand in the stabbing and chest-opening.This was the only time either of the two sisters, who acted numb and zombylike. usually on-camera, got teary.The same girl (right below) who had to kill her baby was also raped on an earlier occasion on a church altar by a goat after being smeared in a stinking substance.http://johndenugent.com/images/victim-says-molested-by-goat.jpg
–constant use of 666….. in this form: three sixes (666) with the balls touching and thus three whirling armshttp://johndenugent.com/images/666-combined-symbol-german-satanists.jpg
Judaea delenda est.Wikipedia article on Jerusalem with coordinates of the city
MY 2012 discovery
child being raped (erect penis of priest) at the Wewelsburg, who has been stabbed in the heart and blood is being taken out by syringe while he is vomiting and streams of tears fall; several victims have come forward testifying to the same details and even the same perpetrator names and no one has been indicted.


wrist slit while hoisted up by feet — all these are practices described in Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff


…….My biggest video ever, 54,000 views on all platforms



……We need a new, true Aryan religion to turn wusses into warriors — blogging about powerful pedophiles wil not exterminate these vermin

Virtus, meaning in Latin “the masculine virtues,” is the religionb I am creat5ing and I need time to write the key book on this and what my lives have taught me.




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……Comment from someone who says she knew Aquino

Hi, John,

Thanks for your link.  I scanned through it, but I can only view a little bit of that kind of thing at a time.  I’ve seen drawings like that before — and maybe even those.  Vigilant Citizen has similar drawings up on that website, such as with the dissociated artist, Kim Noble.  Her drawings are really telling, I think.
I used to believe in reincarnation — for decades, but I don’t seem to believe in that any more.  I fell from Christianity into New Age for many years.  Now I’m working hard at Yah and Yashuah.
Are you sure you really escaped at age 10?  Yes, programming tends to break on occasion.  BUT, you’re NEVER supposed to remember this kind of mind-control abuse.  It reminds me of the title of Springmeier’s book, “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Totally Mind Controlled Slave.”  These perpetrators don’t let people go… EVER, if they’re still alive and useful — not even at age 10 and not after they spent time and $ on a person from surely much younger than 10.  I remember now that tried to run away — more than 2x.
BTW, I knew Michael Aquino when I was a younger person; but I don’t think it was related to that Castle.  Aquino is a very scary person indeed, and he’s still alive.  He appears to be like teflon.

(I replied) Hi, comrade.

How did you know Aquino? And wow!

I am not into Christian Identity, though of course it has excellent values and goals, and I have friends who are CI.  In my new religion reincarnation will be explained in such a way that it will seem really solid, as it is, and as the foundation of everything, as Henry Ford once said.

Himmler and Mengel as MK mind controllers….. I must very strongly disagree. I was livid reading Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan (her MK life) and how the German Jews raping her said they were Nazis.

Dealing with the Jews is just a question of hygiene, as Himmler said. *;) winking

Yes, one can break from MK, and I did. How I did it is in my new religion. The ability to dissociate is a natural thing, or we could never form new and better relationships. We have to process thoroughly life’s lessons and then forget, or we could enjoy nothing and never get a fresh start.

And via reincarnation one must dissociate from the life we had. Not just as in “that was then and this is now,” but this life is not me, just a role I am playing as best I can in at this time, but really I am an eternal being, as are you, comrade. And this life now is just one chapter of my, of your, of our ascending to a higher Aryan life.

The comrade then repeated the assertion that Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Mengele were involved in nefarious things. She also sent me this artwork by an MK victim:
I replied:
The Karen Noble material was fascinating, and thank you.
It is my life mission as a warrior to annihilate them. My healing, comrade, will be complete when they die horribly. That is karma, for them to fully experience, after trial and conviction, divine retribution using human agents.
The Furies in ancient Greece would curse a tribe that would not avenge its murdered loved ones. “I am the one they shoulda killed,” as I wrote you, instead of just letting me run away at ten, because now I am their nemesis. I will help people to heal, but most of all, I will end the need for such healing.
This is my vow.
Sorry, but unless you met Himmler and Mengele, and either saw their photo IDs or recognized them from photographs, you simply cannot say you know they tortured white kids.
MKs can be, and are programmed to believe and say absurd things, and to accuse the good guys.
And ever heard of actors? Come on. “By way of deception” is the very motto of the Mossad.
It is clear the Jews are behind MK, as all this kabbalah stuff shows, and a hundred other things, and they were the total enemies of the national socialists. 
I know I broke free from MK because I ran away at ten, and, yes, I had divine protection that I was not then “eliminated” for leaving the program. I was also never fully broken in by them for that reason – that I left at ten. 
My will was too strong to ever be broken. Tortured, yes, traumatized, yes. Willing to commit crimes — no. Was it terrible? Oh yes. The whole purpose of the Manchurian program is to ensure that the person, trained to be a puppet VIP in my case, never discovers they suffered TBMC.
I have been exposing the jew and MK/Aquino for years now, and so far a guardian angel has continued to watch over me.
My dharma is to show that one can overcome the most horrific things possible, and that PTSD is beatable. This is so important because half the population now is literally crazy, just as the JWO intended, preparatory to us giving up and asking the Jews wearily to just run everything, a state of Gentile exhaustion which the Protocols list as a goal.
I have written in great detail how I ran away at ten, and how I have memories without big gaps from then on.
But it was only when I called a hotline and let out the primal scream to end all such screams *;) winking that the healing began.
The proof that I regained my own nature was, among other things, how women related to me. Women are well-known to be drawn to self-confident, successful and good-looking men.  I, however, oozed insecurity and self-doubt until the day I called that hotline and began regaining myself.
Today, I am considered very smooth, confident, and, despite endless, endless NWO harassment, as accomplishing major things and therefore garnering JWO ire.

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My late friend Ted Gunderson was an FBI official for 28 years, then a whistleblower. His specialty after he retired was investigating and exposing satanic SHERIFF RANTALA OF ONTONAGON COUNTY, MICHIGAN CALLS ME — FBI “WANTS TO SPEAK” WITH ME; WHITE HOUSE ABDUCTED MY ASSISTANT 2009; THREATENED ME EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO – John de Nugent
No, comrade, the “Nazis” did not rape and torture white children. That is what the Jews want the world to think.
Thanks, however, for your very interesting information. But the slurs against the national socialists, frankly, do anger me. They loved children.

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