Rising British star Jack Sen’s new video: Brits on the beach open up frankly on refugee crisis

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Jack Sen about to go out and be a reporter for the first time


Jack Sen does a home fire drill and rescues fair damsels. 


….BNP-TV (on Youtube) makes a short film on the British public’s opinion on the immigration crisis — with a new BNP spokesman, Jack Sen



[Source: https://www.facebook.com/jacksenukip/posts/1472168633110690]


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Dear friends,

We spent the day at the seaside this past weekend, in order to gauge public opinion on immigration into Britain, and the inept way Westminster [the government] — led by spineless [British prime minister] David Cameron, has handled the current migrant crisis.


Although the crisis has yet to reach Merseyside’s idyllic coastline [ = Southport, near Liverpool, NW England], I wanted to visit Southport and see how members of my grandparents’ community viewed the situation.


Southport pier


Sen sets the viewer up for his mission– to ask Britons what they REALLY think about the immigration-invasion.


I was also curious if the public recognised that UKIP [ = United Kingdom Independence Party], in spite of all the populist rhetoric spewing from Nigel Farage’s mouth, were offering little in the way of solutions.

JdN: Farage’s minions threw Jack Sen out of the supposedly anti-EU party — where Sen had stood a good chance of winning a seat for them in the recent parliamentary election. The dashing yet personable Sen (and his lovely wife and child) were charming the public and his party. And being 1/4 Indian (but from northern India, full of light-complected people with ancient blood from the “Aryans”) he has befuddled the lefties and threw the “he’s-a- bloody-racist” antifas off their stride. 😉 “How can a part-Indian want Britain to stay British?” Well, maybe it’s LOVE. 😉

Former City of London stockbroker Nigel Farage talks the pro-Brit talk….but says he wants no cap on immigration, just a “referendum on leaving the EU” — an idea promptly hijacked by Tory prime minsiter Cameron (there being no honour among thieves).


Farage’s UKIP party had been riding high in the polls until it expelled the courageous Jack Sen for addressing both the power of zionists (such as David Cohen, head of TV programming for the dominant BBC) and the muslim and African migrants flooding in.  With Sen sacked, the voters decided UKIP was politically correct like all the rest, and it suffered disaster.


(The real migrant issue is “compatible” – If all refugees were Swedish super-models, there probably would be no problem. 😉


No one in Britain (or the BNP) is objecting overmuch to Sen’s winsome half-Swedish

wife. 🙂 )


Sen politicking with the former Home Secretary (most powerful official in Britain after the prime minister), Allan Johnson


UKIP loved Sen until Benjamin Satanyahu said no. 😉


In total, I spoke to several dozen people from all walks of life, the vast majority of whom were wholly against any more immigration into Britain. Most folks I spoke with in fact agreed with the BNP position, that until this mess is sorted, an outright moratorium on immigration needs to be implemented. Sadly some of the more expressive people I encountered were literally too scared to go on camera – their fear of being branded racist palpable. The prospect of losing one’s job, friends or children, can have that effect and I empathised with them due to events in my own life. So my question: If the vast majority of the people I encountered during my day out were vehemently opposed to our government’s handling of the immigration crisis,

JdN: Sen, with a vibe like a good son, gets Britons to relax and express their true feelings on the taboo immigrant topic.
where since 1972 any racial comment is illegal.


— who exactly are the BBC speaking with when they engage the public? Politicians, the wealthy, their comrades in the mainstream media and the sorts of pathologically altruistic do-gooders the BBC find to go on camera, live far from “culturally enriched” communities and the sorts of people one meets on a day out at the sea.

These traitors will never understand what it’s like to struggle to make it to the end of the month, nor what it feels like to see one’s community forcibly changed beyond recognition without their permission.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the video, feel better knowing you are not alone and will tune in again when I hit the streets to discuss inhumane Halal and Kosher slaughter, the exploitation of children, and other issues impacting the country.

Warmest regards,
Jack Sen

Gary Tumulty Is this the kick start to “Sen on the Streets,” mate? Great vid —  already texted you that though, my friend.
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…Jack and I talking on Skype

I have been supporting Jack as a young man “with the right stuff” for a while now. Someone leaked some cheques I wrote him and it made the front pages in Britain.



14-million-circulation Daily Mirror (UK) „exposes“ BNP spokesman Jack Sen allied to John de Nugent

by John de Nugent on August 8, 2015[edit]

[1:39:25 PM] Lumberjack Industries: I am glad you like the video!
[1:41:51 PM] John de Nugent: Well, from now on I’m calling you “Jack Sennedy” 🙂

[1:46:59 PM] Lumberjack Industries: Haha - thanks for that!! But hope I don’t get shot!!
[1:47:26 PM] John de Nugent: No, stick around a bit longer 🙂 But remember, dying young and handsome was a smart career move for Kennedy. 😉 Today he’d be a wrinkly old codger of 98. 😉

Anyway, you are doing real well at putting people at ease. A good politician or reporter can get folks to open up.

“There aren’t enough jobs for our own people here!” 


Just double your natural humility to halve the envy — the Old Guard always needs to know that the fresh new face respects the veterans and their sacrifices in a very tough, uphill battle.

[1:52:23 PM] John de Nugent: I have always wanted to try this line about immigration, just to lighten things up: “…but if the refugees were all Swedish super-models, would you still keep them out?” 😉
[1:53:05 PM] John de Nugent: Though humorous, this also resets the dialogue subtly.
[1:53:30 PM] Lumberjack Industries: This is true.
[1:53:44 PM] John de Nugent: Because the reality is — it is not just they are illegal; they are also not the sort of migrants who easily fit in, unlike the Romans or the Germanic Anglo-Saxons. If anything, they made Britain even more efficient, neat, orderly and brave.





Anglo-Saxons arrived after the Romans left.



Even if Britain had full employment and they were legal, Britain would still not want disruptive newcomers.
[1:53:52 PM] Lumberjack Industries: This is 100% true. It’s why the media uses the Syrians. Some are upper-class and better-looking than some of the Africans and Pakistanis. Lots of cute Syrian kids crying…
[1:54:42 PM] John de Nugent: Many Syrian kiddies are dark-blondish even…
[1:54:49 PM] Lumberjack Industries: They use decent-looking northern-Indian and Syrian kids to sell it. Show us instead beheadings and machetes!!!
[1:58:40 PM] John de Nugent: Did you see this dynamite migrant video? Very powerful video on the new refugee invasion:


[1:59:46 PM] Lumberjack Industries: I have seen it — bloody brilliant, and makes you want to fight. No respect, no humilty, no gratitude… Invading and swaggering into our countries. Doesn’t it make you want to put on body armour and get your hands dirty?
[2:01:17 PM] John de Nugent:  Yes, esp. the one African yelling “Money! Money!”

In your interview, I like the bearded guy who says the influx “is immoral and unethical; charity begins at home.”

People really were opening up to you, Jack! 🙂 It is just a shame they cannot come right out freely and say “Britain does not need immigrants from radically different countries.”

The woman or wife in the fifth minute makes another good point —

“Why don’t the muslim countries help their own? Why must a Christian country help them?”

Btw, three Hungarians and a German sent me good photos and graphics yesterday.


One, a blond, blue-eyed Hungarian beauty, sent me this:


Another German wrote me:

Look here, John. Like Big Brother in George Orwell, they plaster slogans everywhere now about “tolerance” — even on a packet of “Fisherman’s Friend” cough lozenges! And below it “More diversity for Germany.” The slogan in the corner says “If they are too colored, you are too brown.” [Brown = meaning “Nazi” — they hit us with that club daily.]

.fisherman-s-friend-germany-tolerance-diversityWhy should we take refugees when the American CIA and Mossad cause these wars?


A German wrote me:

We are irate at the filth the “refugees” leave behind in buses. The rumor has it the bus lines get 5,000 euros a trip to bring these people in.


Anyway, I agree, Jack — Good job!



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I had to take this springtime pic before I cut the lawn. 😉


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