Reversing circumcision

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I got this interesting email:


Dear Mr. de Nugent,

After reading up somewhat on your site, and your position on Jews, I was wondering if you had heard of a startup called Foregen. Since you are certainly ‘Anti-Semitic’ and against Jewish usury, Israeli hypocrisy, among some other things, I bring this up because if this startup company I’ve heard of succeeds with their goal, they might be able to change the entire situation of millions of men mutilated by the Judaic tradition of circumcision.
Here’s a link to the foreskin regeneration startup’s website which also contains some info on the science of regenerative medicine.

They’ve been making pretty decent progress and may be able to start human clinical trials within a few years.
A vast number of American men end up circumcised due to the false given medical reasons of reducing HIV, urinary tract infections, etc. For quite the while, it’s always been true that you can never undo it when it is done to you, but thanks to Foregen, the Jewish mutilation should become reversible.
I’d predict that assuming they can get the ball rolling on succeeding with trials in a few years, this could become quite the highly demanded thing, especially once sufficiently undeniable numbers of cases occur with men who report the large beneficial impacts in having an intact penis.


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  1. Thanks, Mr. de Nugent. I never expected you’d make a post on it after my email.

    Quite the interesting topic, given what large numbers of people have had first-hand experience of being Jewed [via circumcision]. Hard to imagine this procedure will not resulting in quite the fallout. Even as a full-time student, I’ll have to donate to these people; they’re doing us ‘Goyim’ a great service.

    I have to thank you for what you’ve put together with this site. You’ve gathered quite a bit of helpful information in one place. I’d never expected there was this much proof on the Solutrean topic until seeing this site. Great resource, and will be looking through in detail.

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