My religion explained to a person with Buddhist and Christian leanings

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Many find this phrase somehow haunting and evocative, but are really not sure why. The reason is that we were never taught about — or were instructed to laugh off the idea that people reincarnate.
Most Westerners were indoctrinated by a Pauline version of Christianity which forbade our ancestral belief in reincarnation, and which imposed itself and its one-life dogma, using governmental force, on our various white ancestors between 300-1300 AD, 1) first within the borders of the Roman Empire, 2) later in Germanic central Europe via Charlemagne, by forced conversion and hideous torture in Scandinavia (ripping pagans’ tongues out!), and then via the conquest of the Baltic and Slavic countries, and the banning of their native religions. Only ONE European country adopted Christianity peacefully, Ireland.
Charlemagne has thousands of Saxons nobles beheaded at Verden in 782 for refusing repeatedly to abandon the Odinist beliefs of their ancestors, accept the assertion that their gods were only evil demons, bow down to the all-powerful god Yahweh of the Jews, and undergo conversion to the oh-so-gentle religion of Pauline Christian love. 😉
Charlemagne, a kind of Franklin Delano Roosevelt of his time, built an empire of blood while spouting lofty phrases aboit civilization. He also gaveall money lending to the Jews…..
Further, he gave Jews permission to enslave the pagan Slavs.  In fact, the word “slave” comes from the word “Slav”; the previous word was “servus,” from Latin,  meaning “servant.”  The Jews then sold the innocent Slavs to the Arabs. If attractive young women, they were forced into the harems of Arab (and later, Turkish) sultans as their sex slaves.
If men, they were sent to the galleys as rowing slaves, where they died in a few years of disease, starvation and exhaustion.
 Scene from the film “Ben Hur” with Roman galley slaves:

In Verdun, France (scene 1,200 years later of a huge WWI battle) Slavic boys were castrated by Jews — as pagans, said Charlemagne, they had no rights — and were shipped out of Marseilles, further south, to be sold to Muslims as eunuchs. Jews also ran the infamous Children’s Crusade……
Just when I thought the Jews could not get more evil….


Provence is a beautiful area from the southern French Alps to the sunny, sky-blue Mediterranean, boasting the French Riviera (or “Cote d’Azur, “azure [ = blue] coast”), and fields of lavender amidst golden mountains of light. Over 100,000 Americans and Brits live here, as did I in 2004-05.

Lavender fields in Provence

“In the eighth [Charlemagne], ninth and tenth centuries Western Europe had little to offer foreign traders except slaves, yet its privileged classes craved the luxuries and exotic goods which could be bought in the East. Muslim or Jewish traders established in Marseilles and Garde Freinet offered good prices for slaves.” (Robin Blackburn, The making of New World Slavery: from the Baroque to the modern, 1492-1800, Verso, 1997, p 43)


[JdN: Wikipedia’s dubious article seems to tut-tut the whole Children’s Crusade thing, but Wikipedia lies constantly: See especially its article on 9/11, blaring the regime’s ludicrous Arabs-with-box-cutters-roam-around-American-air-space conspiracy theory.

The head of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales, a crypto-Jew who majored in finance……

It deleted the entire article on me in August 2009, saying I was not a “notable person.” Which is no doubt why the Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the Washington Post have called and interviewed me, or come with six-man film crews for four hours. ;-) And not being “notable” is why the Yahoo search engine gave me 3.18 million hits (see screenshot below) on Sept. 6, 2010.

The traders discovered that the more successful they were, the more inventory they needed. And getting it was not always easy. And so they took to importing slaves: “also arriving at Verdun for onward trans-shiprnent to Spain or North Africa were Slavs taken prisoner in the East.”

(Robin Blackburn, The making of New World Slavery: from the Baroque to the modern, 1492-1800, Verso, 1997, p 43) Verdun is in France, close to the borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

My visit to Verdun in spring 2004. White boys and girls wer turned into Jew slaves here….and 1,200 years later, six hundred thousand white men, French and Germans, perished for absolutely nothing here durintg World War One in 1916, except the Jews hate whites and are greedy to make money off prolonged wars.

The huge empire of Charlemagne, a German traitor who forced his fellow Germans into his empire, into Christianity and into feudalism (making 90% of the population, which had been free, into “serfs,” that is, semi-slaves who could not be sold but who could be tied to the land and their job, and had to deliver a huge portion of their crops to their lords ….). Karl der Grosse (Charles the Great, or in French, “Charlemagne,” did all this evil — at the cost of 40 years of bloody wars ofn conquest and millions of innocent lives. reich-charlemagne

Then the criminal fool, at his death, divided this at least unified European empire among his three sons, who then waged war on each other and this is why Germany and France are separate countries today that fought innumerable bloody wars!


Was the whole purpose of Charlemagne to slaughter as many Whites as possible, especially the bravest, and beat the rest into submission to the Jew god Yahweh?

Reincarnation was not actually banned from Christianity until a very dubious church council in 553.  By all evidence, the New Testament that we have today has been massively tampered with, with some things taken out and others added, but we know there was a buddhist mission in Galilee around the time of Jesus, and there are a few inklings of reincarnation left in the NT, such as:L

1) Jesus’ disciples speculating that Jesus is the prophet Elijah reincarnated ( ….or the somewhat famous scene (Gospel of John, chapter 1) where Jesus is asked why a beggar was born blind.  After all, when could he have sinned to receive this severe punishment — if he was born that way? This implies reincarnation and at least one previous life (which is, btw, a secret Mormon teaching…that you have one life before earth).

Jesus does not talk about reincarnation in his answer, however, at least not the the Gospel of John as it was officially approved three hundred years later by a Roman emperor who himself was still a pagan. 😉

Emperor responsible for ban on rebirth doctrine

In 553 AD the Emperor Justinius had teachings on reincarnation banned.

“It seems reasonable to conclude that the so-called ban concerning the doctrine of reincarnation is the result of an historical error and contains no ecclesiastical authority whatsoever.”  The German author, Peter Andreas, expresses this point of view in his book, Jenseits von Einstein. Andreas gives attention to the concept of reincarnation and, particularly, to the manner in which any consideration of the topic was suppressed within the Catholic church — not by profound theological study, but by the action of a Roman Emperor.


“Beyond Einstein/The Search for the Formula of Destiny”



In a chapter devoted to reincarnation, Andreas writes:

 “The Christian churches have very little indeed to say about reincarnation. They can hardly be blamed because the Bible is apparently sadly lacking in this respect. In fact, we may ask, if the subject of reincarnation is so important — from the religious point of view — why is there so little mention of it in the Bible?

“The few Bible references indicate that from the earliest times supporters and opponents of reincarnation have waged bitter ‘war’. Jesus’ remark to Nicodemus, for instance, “Thou must be born again” can be interpreted as a reference to spiritual rebirth, according to the opponents of the idea (of reincarnation).

“Naturally, the Nazarene must have had his own reasons for not going more deeply into the subject. Perhaps he believed the truth to be too complicated for the limited understanding of people then, and that it was of greater importance to clarify the essence of his teaching and emphasise the message of love. He did not warn against belief in reincarnation.

Nowadays, there is little doubt that early Christians gave more credence to the concept of rebirth than was later the case. The main figure responsible for this change was no churchman but an ambitious, worldly and powerful figure Emperor Justinius. In the year 553, quite independently of the Pope, Justinius had the teachings of the church father Origen (185-253) banned by a synod. Origen had spoken out in unmistakable terms on the question of the repeated incarnations of the soul:

“Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives. Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings.”      De Principalis.

“Is it not more in accordance with common sense that every soul for reasons unknown — I speak in accordance with the opinions of Pythagoras, Plato and Empedokles — enters the body influenced by its past deeds? The soul has a body at its disposal for a certain period of time which, due to its changeable condition, eventually is no longer suitable for the soul, whereupon it changes that body for another.” Contra Celsum.


Andreas goes on to describe how Emperor Justinius managed to manipulate the 5th Ecumenical Council in 553 which resulted in the ban against Origen:


“Strangely enough, there was not one Roman bishop present at this conference; apart from six African notables there were only Eastern bishops present.

A curious feature of this Council was that although Pope Vigilius was in Constantinople at the time of the Council he did not attend. There had previously been conflict between Vigilius and the Emperor and the Empress Theodora [JdN: a former exotic dancer, btw….]

Justinius refused to accede to the Pope’s request for a stronger delegation of bishops from both West and East at the Council and then proceeded to convene the Council himself. The Pope did not attend, as a gesture of protest, and as an indication that he would not be held responsible for the Council. The ruling monarch did not have an entirely free hand, however, since official regulations drawn up during the eight sessions of the Council, which met over a period of four weeks, had to be officially endorsed by the Pope. This duly took place; the documents, however, only dealt with the so-called ‘Three Chapters’ controversy — the work of three scholars considered by Justinius to be heretics. The Emperor had already issued an edict against these men. No mention was made of Origen. Research suggests that suspicions about Justinius were valid. Neither Pope Plagius I (556-561) nor Pope Gregorius (590-604) mentioned Origen [the pro-reincarnation Church Father] when writing about the 5th Council.”


But up to now it has been accepted tacitly that the following is the official ban of the Council:

Whosoever teaches the doctrine of a supposed pre-birth existence of the soul, and speaks of a monstrous restoration of this, is cursed [in Greek, “anathema”].”

“How did this come about? No-one can say with certainty, but there are strong indications that by some ploy the Emperor Justinius was able to insist on the convocation of a Council, which was delayed, however, by opposition from the Pope. Eventually the first meeting of the Council took place on 5 May 553, not before the Emperor had managed to call several bishops to a meeting at which he (Justinius) presented his ‘Fifteen Anathemata’ refuting Origen’s teachings, and gained the endorsement of the attending bishops.

We can safely conclude that the Pope, who wished to boycott the Council, would certainly not have appeared at this meeting, which was precisely what Justinius had hoped for.

The meeting prior to the Council was used by the wily Emperor to curtail the Pope’s powers and to pronounce a ban on the teachings of Origen. His scheming succeeded far better than he could have imagined. The church accepted the ban as valid, having been imposed by the Council, and it then passed into established doctrine where it has remained for the past 1500 years.

This makes the idea extremely difficult to correct. The subject of reincarnation has therefore not played any role in Christian doctrine, in contrast with other religions.

(Andreas) “Thus it seems right to conclude that the ‘ban’ on the teaching of reincarnation is based on historical misrepresentation and has no ecclesiastical authority. It was in fact a ‘fait accompli’, brought about by Justinius, which no-one within the Christian church has dared to challenge in the course of some 1500 years. What is worse is that the subject has been totally ignored, as a glance at any encyclopaedia will show.” (Peter Andreas: Jenseits von Einstein, Econ Verlag, Germany.)

But let me go back to the haunting truthfulness of the Lamartine quote at the beginning of this blog…..

Because we are beings that do reincarnate, this phrase rings true, because, unconsciously, we know that reincarnation is true.
Her is my essay on the proofs, which go far beyond mere feelings we may have…..
Even if we do not have specific, detailed memories of other lives, which is only true of about 5% of children — whose last lives often were brief and cut short by violence, leaving them with traumatic flashbacks to how they died — we come into this world with powerful likes and dislikes, things we gravitate toward — and people and things we shy away from without knowing why…..
I have often recalled how I gravitated powerfully toward Germany as a child of five and began learning the language. I was reading books at a very early age (in fact, my parents were nonplussed when I read off the ingredients on a bottle of A-1 steak sauce at one 😉 )
a1-steak-sauce-bottleI just went to the library, ignored the children’s section, and in the adult section found a German dictionary and grammar book, and got my mother to borrow them both for me. A year later, I chatted, though with difficulty, with a German female passenger during a flight on Allegheny Airlines (now US Air) to Pittsburgh to visit my great-grandmother — her maiden name was Berlin — before she died.)
I remember that this German woman was surprised at how much I wanted to speak German with her, an American boy and a stranger, just six…. Later, my fantasies as a teenage boy were of dating German girls…. and I found the sound of German in a woman’s voice not “guttural” (as many say) but very sexy….
No surprise that my first wife was Austrian, the second was from the German part of France ( Alsace-Lorraine), and the two long-term relationships I have had, one in the 1990s and the one now, have both been with American women with German last names, appearance and ancestry…..
Kay (her first name) from Michigan, an absolutely natural golden blonde…. Even her dog was blond! 😉
Margaret (2005-now), wearing a Tyrolean hat
This predilection I had as a small boy already for all things “Kraut” caused, frankly, amazement in my parents 😉 — who were of pure British ancestry.
My mother, Constance née Colwell
My father, James Waddell Nugent, with President Ford in the Oval Office (
Actually, my father had just a smidgen of German blood, just 1/8th, but he was part of the WWII generation, he was shocked as a Marine when FDR died, “our Commander-in-Chief,” and he and my mother both also were raised by parents of the WWI generation, who had been taught Germany was a powerful but evil country that America, as the rising superpower, destined to rule the world, was called upon by destiny to vigilantly control.
WWI poster….After 1918, Americans learned the atrocity stories against Germany were false, but there remained a latent fear of Germany because of the rough sound of its language, the sheer power of the German personality and the dynamism of its science, military and economy. Anglo-Saxons can easily be persuaded to see Germany as a rival.
My father was a pure anglophile, loved Winston Churchill with a passion [vomit 😉 ], drank Beefeater’s gin, and as a tourist visited (with the exception of a package tour of China to see the Great Wall) only English-speaking countries such as of course his native US, and then Canada, Ireland, England, and Scotland.  It drove my father “nuts” when I would speak German with my first wife, the Austrian, or then French with the second one, the Frenchwoman.  “John, we are in America, so speak English!”  (My view was that we rebelled against England — for good reason — its secret Jewish rulers  ( — and broke away from it, fighting two bloody wars (1776 and 1812) and that 90% of white Americans, furthermore, are NOT of English ancestry.)

So I certainly did not get my germanophilia in any way from either of my parents.

I wrote to a person who is in a way both Christian and Buddhist the following:
Your devotion to Jesus (as depicted by Paul) is knows as bhakti, that is, devotion to a god. And it is a perfectly legitimate path, one among many that lead to enlightenment. Many Buddhists make a god (that is, a divine being with superpowers, not a creator of the universe) out of the Buddha, a human who gained enlightenment and who specifically forbade his followers to worship him. 😉
I see Jesus not as a god whose death swipes away the sins of believers but as a highly advanced, enlightened being to came to warn us against the Jews, and lay down His life in the struggle against them. Jesus definitely existed, the Talmud discusses Him at length as — then — a recent figure in Jewish history, and  it admits He performed miracles (through black magic, they claim).
Princeton University scholar Peter Schaefer’s Jesus in the Talmud goes into the many attacks in this wildly evil JHeiwsh holy book against Jesus, who, they say is boiling now in hell in hot semen or,  say other rabbis, in hot feces…..
The best way to fight the Jews, He decided before He incarnated, and Jesus was definitely an avatar,  was from WITHIN their organization, within their culture, in other words, to BECOME (at least via his mother, Mary) a “Jew” by culture and upbringing for one single life. So this great Beiong  came to know Judaism and its toxicity personally and from the inside, the better to fight it.
John 8:44 “You are from your father, the Devil!”
Then, by denouncing and opposing it, and then being arrested on false charges, defamed, tortured and crucified to death, He showed the world of what extreme wickedness, at all times, then as now, in both 30 AD and 2014 AD, this hate-and-death cult is capable.
Jesus under arrest and Caiaphas, the high priest of the Jews
In Mel Gibson’s unforgettable 2004 film masterpiece, “The Passion of the Christ,” made over bitter Jewish objections,  Mary sees her son Jesus stumble while carrying the cross to Golgotha….. a deeply moving scene, and one which shows that Jesus was truly man as well as truly God, or a god…..

As a “Jew” culturally (in reality, Jesus was born a Galilean, and Galilee is called “Galilee of the Gentiles” [Galil ha Goyim] by the Jews and Israelis), Jesus was the best one to denounce it to the world, which in a lesser way is also true of Brother Nathanael (Kapner), a Pittsburgh Jew who became an Orthodox monk and now has his own crusade for Jesus and against Judaism. (


The tragedy of how a man who preached love, humility and turning away for greed and lust for power, Jesus, suffered defamation, extreme torture and finally excruciating death (after being legally railroaded by the Jews, who used the Romans as their executioners, as they later used the Americans, Russians and Brits to execute Germany in 1945,  this event involving Jesus — His life, His Teachings, and His noble death — havehelped mankind for 2,000 years to understand the nature of Jewish evil, which is the greatest threat that the human race has ever faced.

“The Holy Talmud”


“If Gentiles [any non-Jew] refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence.”

– Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivunim (official publication of the World Zionist Organization), August, 1984, pp. 151-156

“We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.”

Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981

Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [“rich slave owner”] and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, October 18, 2010, spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, in Israel, and a former Chief Rabbi of Israel. He is seen here with the PRIME MINISTER of Israel (1999-2001), EHUD BARAK, now the Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Yosef is a major religious leader with hundreds of thousands of followers, and is a chief coalition partner in the current Israeli government.

“When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2,800 slaves.” – Simeon Haddarsen, Talmud, folio 56-D (photo of the Talmud below)

Below is a video from an Israel TV “comedy” show, and the hate-filled girl is nailing a “Jesus” monkey to a cross, and as he wails “No, no, no” she calls Jesus (“Yeshu” in Hebrew) a “Nazi” who should “stop whining over a few nails!” Find it on YouTube at “Insulting Jesus on Israeli TV – צליבת ישו – The Crucifixion of “Yeshu.”


We are saved by the same bravery and self-sacrifice for good as Jesus displayed as a man who knew thirst, hunger, grief and fear. Truly God and truly man, as a church council put it.
I consider the idea of sin a Pauline construct… Humans are not wicked — but they are former animals in earlier lives. We reincarnate from various birds and higher mammals. Young souls (the majority) retain many of their recent animalistic features. (This is why some men like hunting, killing, boxing, etc. They literally were recently predatory animals who liked the excitement of tracking and killing.)
When the Talmudists call Gentiles goyim, that is partly accurate. Many young souls were in fact not predators at all, but instead literally cattle in their last animal life.  They are easily led, they are giving and they are gentle. Others were wolves, dogs, ears, monkey, rats, rabbits, birds of various kinds, etc. They are creatures of deeply rooted, primitive, instinctual habits and desires. And their nature carries over to their first few human lives in most cases.
On a humorous note: One study claimed men think about sex 200 times a day. In reality, part of that is just looking at a woman’s chest….. How often does a man look at his wife’s chest…. as if he were checking: “Are her breasts still there?”  😉
Now Hitler’s first name, Adolf, means “Noble Wolf,” “Wolf ” was his nickname, and he had many wolflike traits, and even a resemblance to a wolf. (See more on that below.)
He was not a young soul, but he certainly had the wolflike nature, that of the “alpha male,” of “the leader of the pack,” which for his mission was good.
Shangri-Las song: “Leader of the Pack”
And now some real, primitive humanimals, the majority of the people: Go here to 26:00 to 28:14 (link:

Screenshots from this video!




Ramlike human



Cattle-man 😉
Boar-man 😉
NBA player Patrick Ewing and a gorilla
Beaver-faced Abrahm Foxman, Jewish director of the ADL
Snake-faced media baron and Jew Donald Newhouse
Rat-faced American Jewish leader of the early 20th century (I am searching for the name)
(l) Larry Page, Jewish co-founder of Google, wiht the other co-founder (r.), fellow Jew Sergei Brin
Establishment Christianity and Buddhism, which is closely related to my own Vedanta (and I am not inventing a new religion at all, brother, merely tweaking Vedanta for the Westerners of our time), are at odds on many things, yet you seem to like both and that is fine. For example, you believe in reincarnation as a Buddhist, yet this is a heresy to regular Christians. You believe in salvation via Jesus, but the Buddha did not believe in salvation through another man or a god. Maybe you had some wonderful incarnations as a Christian priest, monk or just a loyal believer. When you think of Jesus, powerful good feelings return, that is cool, and Jesus IS a path to enlightenment.

I renounced wealth and applause decades ago for my path, like the Buddha, who was a man as I am.

I would remind readers of good will that I left behind, like Prince Gautama, who became the Buddha, a life of wealth for our Cause! Gautama, of a royal Aryan-Indian family of kshatriyas (the warrior and king caste), was in line to become king, but he had a compassionate nature. His father, the king, forbade the servants to allow Gautama to leave the royal palace and see the misery outside the palace walls. But the blue-eyed Aryan boy Gautama did escape — and realized with horror the terrible hunger, disease, poverty and despair of the common people outside. He began asking why mankind must suffer — and in the end became enlightened, and the Sanskrit word for this is the “Buddha.”

Selfish ego — living for oneself — he realized, is the cause of all suffering! Selfishness is focusing on “Me,” and not on WE!

This is the downfall of our race and of all Gentiles in the spiritual struggle with the Pharisee Jew, who seeks to make us selfish, thinking “every man for himself” and at each others’ throats because every man is a cynic, in it only for himself, and true friends with no one, not even his own wife and kids! In an evil society, everyone loathes everyone else! There can be no unity against the Jews where there is no love or honor among their foes!

Nine different photos of statues of the Buddha in India, China, and southeastern Asia, all depicting the Buddha as he was, a blue-eyed white man


My father and I in 1990 in his gated community, “Seagrove,” before his mansion in Vero Beach, at 1789 Coral Way North. (He died in July 2013, and his widow, my Canadian stepmother, moved.)

2006 family pic (me top-left, Margi bottom-right)


My father with President Gerald Ford in the Oval Office


with President Ronald Reagan


Side view of our house (current real estate worth: $686,000) at 214 Nayatt Road (673 Middle Highway) in Barrington, Rhode Island, overlooking Narragansett Bay


View from this house of the golfing “fairways” at Rhode Island Country Club and Narragansett Bay


Aerial map; Barrington is the richest town in Rhode Island (state population 1.2 million)


Frontal street view


And this is what I gave up. Because of my views, my father disinherited me — and I found out in 2012 that he had died from a member of his church. He was buried on my 58th birthday.

We all are transdimensional, comrade, we all are godlike, we all are immortal, and we all need to learn more here about actually practicing humility, responsibility and love. But all three semitic religions state “My way or the highway.” I reject such intolerant, murderous dogmatism. I agree with Immanuel Kant, the great Enlightenment German philosopher whom I read in the original: “We lowly humans cannot understand God.”
Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! No man is free if another is a slave!




The magic of Adolf (= “Noble Wolf” in Old High German) Hitler
…was that 1) he really, truly believed with all his heart in uplifting our race, and he loved our race, and 2) he was a worker, warrior and then only did he become a leader, not born at all with a silver spoon in his mouth. He rose through the ranks from the bottom.
In my religion, I cannot and will not avoid the charge that I too am a “Nazi.” Instead, I tackle the direct challenge of making our hero radiate like the sun of light and warmth that he was and that he IS, because we too now, like those Germans then, are facing disaster, despair and defeatism.
But God sent an advanced soul to us, and he is still a legend today. The National Geographic video on him (found below on this blog) uses extensive colorization via computer software, and it is fascinating to see the early and rather handsome Hitler come fully to life through the use of color, escaping that far-away feel of the old “black & white.” You expect the man this way almost to walk right in through your door!
But if he came back now, and you did not know who he was, or of his great destiny, would you go out on a limb now to support him, the skinny watercolor-postcard painter and wartime corporal, and by no means a former officer, a former general?
Or would you “wait and see how all this plays out” like millions of others? Can we afford to wait and not take the plunge?
beyond history
Hitler as an Exemplar of Indo-European Ideology
Sunday, 21 April 2013
[All video and photos added by John de Nugent]
Hitler in 1923, colorized. His hair was ash-brown, like that of most white people,  and especially of most Bavarians and Austrians, with deep-blue eyes. (See further below for a colorized video from National Georgraphic about his life, which on the one hand is full of vile Jew character defamations and Holocaustianity, replete with the usual creepy music ;-),  but offers on the other hand some incredible colorization so Hitler – and his followers — emerge from “black and white world” and become more real to us living today in the year 2013.)
WHAT IS IT about Adolf Hitler that continues to fascinate the world? Why do people, especially those of European descent, find him so endlessly intriguing? It is not just his followers and sympathizers who find him captivating: even his enemies and those who are conflicted about him fall under his spell.
Clearly, there is something about Hitler that resonates deeply in the Aryan psyche, on a sub-rational level. Something about Hitler attracts us all, even if we do not understand what it is. It goes beyond words. And the more one learns about Hitler, the stronger this attraction becomes.
Part of the answer to the enigma of Adolf Hitler is that we see in him, to one degree or another, an idealized reflection of ourselves. He is more than just one Aryan man: he is an exemplar of all Aryan humanity.
Georges Dumézil and Indo-European Ideology
The French scholar Georges Dumézil (1898-1986) [see photo] was the father of modern Indo-European studies. Following the Second World War, academic, scholarly investigation into Aryan prehistory and origins came to an almost complete halt. Research in this field was deemed to be politically incorrect (to use a more modern term).
His masterpiece was The Sovereign Gods of the Indo-Europeans
Due to its association with National Socialist racial theory, the very world “Aryan” itself was declared out of bounds, and was replaced by the more neutral term “Indo-European.” For some two decades following 1945, Indo-European studies were only acceptable if they were strictly limited to the realm of comparative linguistics, that is, tracing the common origin of words in the various languages of the I-E language family.
Dumézil was one of the scholars in the tiny, tightly-circumscribed field of Indo-European linguistic studies. Unlike his colleagues, however, Dumézil was daring enough to think forbidden thoughts, and to go beyond the bounds of what was academically acceptable. In studying ancient I-E texts from many lands, especially those of a mythological nature, Dumézil noticed that they had more in common than just a similar vocabulary. Rather, they also described a common society, that was based on a common ideology or way of looking at the world.
JdN: Some think the Indo-Europeans or Aryans started in the Hungarian-nothern Yugoslavian area. They might be right. I have seen truly amazing blue eyes in Hungarians (not to mention their overall nordic looks, great courage and high culture), though the Hungarian language today, reflecting the Hun and Alanic invasions, is not Indo-European, just as modern Turkey no longer speaks an IE language but the ancient inhabitants of what then was called Anatolia did.
The various I-E mythologies, including those of the ancient Greek, Roman, German, Celtic and Indo-Iranian peoples, were all polytheistic. In each, there was a community of divine beings. The individual gods and goddesses of one mythological tradition had a corresponding deity in the other mythologies. For example, the Germanic Thor corresponded closely to the Roman Mars and the Vedic Indra.
Furthermore, each god each had a distinct social role to play in the divine community, that was likewise a reflection of a social role in actual I-E society, such as the chieftain, the warrior, the smith, the mother, and the farmer. Dumézil perceived that the mythologies of the ancient and prehistoric I-E peoples described a social hierarchy that was common to all of them. This structural hierarchy in turn was a manifestation of a common I-E ideology, or thought world.
In essence, what Dumézil was saying was that our distant Indo-European (Aryan) ancestors not only had a common language, but also a common religion and a common social structure. He later expanded this further to include a common legal system.
The implication was that this common I-E patrimony was genetically based, that is, that it is encoded in our genes and not just transmitted culturally from generation to generation. (Dumézil never made this claim himself, but left it to his students to elaborate on the basic research that he did.)

Later, the scholars Marija Gimbutas, Edgar Polomé and Roger Pearson would build on Dumezil’s work, and expand the field of Indo-European studies to formally include not just linguistics, but also mythology, archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology.
Functional Tripartition
.The essence of Dumezil’s theory of Indo-European ideology is termed “Functional Tripartition.” There are three levels to the I-E social hierarchy, each of which serves a certain social function:
First Function: Sovereignty or leadership

Second Function: Force, which enforces the decisions of this First Function

Third Function: Productivity, which provides the material basis for society
An illustration of the functions from mythology is provided by the Germanic gods:
First Function: Odin, king or lord of the Gods

Second Function: Thor, defender of the Gods

Third Function: Frey, God of prosperity and fertility
Each of these deities was honored with a statue at the great heathen temple in Uppsala, Sweden: one god for each function.
A Swedish king in Uppsala offers himself naked to the gods, heroically, as a human sacrifice, during nationwide despair as a famine of many years physically destroys the nation.
Dumézil wrote numerous books explaining and expounding various aspects of this theory. In English, his most popular and readily available book is Gods of the Ancient Northmen.
A concrete example of the three functions in I-E (Aryan) society may be found in the three estates of the medieval world: those who pray (priests), those who fight (knights) and those who work (peasants). There is also a reflection of this tripartition in the US Constitution, as well as in the government described by Plato in The Republic.
Every person reading this can identify the function to which he belongs. Indeed our, very social identity is determined by the Dumézilian functions.
Hitler as Exemplar
Adolf Hitler’s life was nothing if not eventful. In the short 56 years that he was on Earth, he fulfilled in turn each of the three functions in an impressive manner. He progressed from the lowest to the highest, and then recapitulated and consolidated all three simultaneously.
Third function: Hitler the Worker. From adolescence through his enlistment in the German army in 1914, Hitler was a laborer and an artist. He was not afraid or hard work or of getting his hands dirty. He was honest, conscientious and productive. He later wrote, “Honest work, no matter of what type, is never a disgrace.”
Mary and Jesus, by Adolf Hitler Munich, 1912
Second function: Hitler the Warrior. From 1914 through his discharge from the army in 1919, he was a soldier. Hitler was not just another anonymous infantryman: he was an outstanding soldier. He was composed and resolute in battle; he was the first to volunteer for dangerous assignments; he was a good comrade to his fellow soldiers and loyal and obedient to his superiors: he was a solder’s soldier, and was highly decorated for bravery.

First function: Hitler the Political Leader. From 1919 through 1933, he was the Führer of the NSDAP. At the moment of Germany’s deepest humiliation and debility, Hitler stepped forward and offered himself as a political leader. Starting with nothing, he built the strongest political party in Germany. Surviving numerous crises, he led it to victory against seemingly impossible odds. He proved himself to be a leader of consummate skill and ability.

Combined functionality: Hitler as Exemplar. From 1933 until his death in 1945, he recapitulated each of the three functions simultaneously as Führer and Reich Chancellor. He assumed personal responsibility for governing the New Germany, for defending it and for ensuring its material prosperity.
Adolf Hitler was indeed the living embodiment of the Indo-European ideology described by Georges Dumézil. In that sense, he was not just one Aryan, he was all Aryans. Each of us, no matter who we are or what our lot in life is, can look to Hitler as a model, for Hitler is the exemplar of Aryan humanity.
Both in the conduct of his public and private lives, Hitler defined what it meant to be an upstanding member of our Race. Is it any wonder that Aryans the world over find him a compelling figure, and that he appeals to people, even when they do not know why?
Hitler’s life defines what it means to be an Aryan. Well might Francis Parker Yockey write of him: “He represented the new aesthetic type which will form and inspire all coming leaders in the West … As long as men survive, they will always be inspired by the Hero and his legend. He lives on in spirit and continues to take place in the world of facts and deeds.”
James Harting is a noted Hitler scholar and Movement historian.

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