A Reich Christmas; Aryans in the Canaries and ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon

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…..BEAUTIFUL Christmas music during the Third Reich —


On Carolyn Yeager’s BlogTalk Channel,  Christmas music from the Third Reich


On Monday, Dec. 15 at 8pm Central U.S. time (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) Margaret Huffsticker [photo] returned with another great musical show — a tour of German Christmas music that was  heard and enjoyed during the Third Reich. Eleven selections were played, each enhanced by Margaret’s very able translation and commentary.

mishi tv and  me in zerbst 001

At the link above you can join them for a nostalgic two hours reliving and learning about the noblest period in modern European history – during the most beloved and special time of year, Weihnachten!

Leave the Jews, black thugs, queers, Mexicans  ISIS, and Obama behind for two hours of uplifting peace and beauty!


……high civilizations of the early Aryans


Here is an eye-opening blog, which clearly proves something that is very un-pc about early civilizations in the Near East, blue and green eyes all over the place, and not what we have been taught: :

….What is Eternal Solutreanism?


…..Today on Facebook

(On my FB page, where for another 20 days I am suspended from commenting or posting 🙂 )

This is the site of John D. Nugent, to whom I recently made a donation.

In my opinion there are no other candidates worth the money & with the potential to become president; maybe after  Donald J. Trump does, he will assume office. 🙂

If you want to read some well-written, raw, lawful & juicy truth (in Afrikaans, Russian, German, French & English), then head over there & if you become a regular reader, then aid his cause!

Please contact him, myself, Margaret Huffstickler or go here:


Cheers & hails!

White Nationalism and More…

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