Red Ice Radio — Nick Griffin and Jack Sen on darkening demographics and why politics still matters

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Nick Griffin & Jack Sen – The Battle for the Future of Europe – Hour 1
March 25, 2016

Nick Griffin, described at various times as “the most dangerous man in British politics” and “the most successful far-right leader in British history,” has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15. In 2009 he was elected as a member of the European Parliament while leader of the British National Party. Mr. Griffin is now Vice-President of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Political Adviser to the British Unity Party.

Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended. Jack then served the British National Party as its North West spokesman in 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute and finish his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets.”



Nick and Jack discuss their current political engagement and the series of films that BRPI is producing to document the work of British and American Nationalists and create a permanent public record unsullied by the warped and inaccurate accounts of the anti-European establishment and its controlled media. We sum up the main concerns being addressed by genuine Nationalists, including the Islamification of Western Europe and the overarching state of dispossession the indigenous population is experiencing. Jack and Nick explain how the White birth rate decline transpired at the same time as 2nd wave feminism, and we look deeper into the deliberately provoked, divisional force of this anti-male hysteria. We also talk about the Zionist thrust to create a multicultural mishmash out of the West, and the issue of popular alt-news outlets glossing over the relationship between immigration and the rise of terrorism and everyday violence. We touch on the turf wars going on inside the Muslim faction within Europe, and how attacks by radical terrorism networks are fueling more cause for the federalization of the European police force. Then, Nick and Jack outline the APF’s objectives and its metapolitical mission to shift the Overton window to the right.

For the members’ segment, we focus on the steps that must be taken to turn around the ailing state of England and Europe at large, which involves a bit of a debate over the viability of the current political system. Nick illustrates the sheer corruption and manipulation that surrounds the election process, and he describes his infamous Question Time lynching on the BBC that surprisingly resulted in a quadrupling of the BNP’s poll ratings. Then, we look to the possibility of a European civil war erupting and the feasibility of an armed resistance by average citizens with an aversion to firearms and, conversely, the muslim population that is infatuated by and fully loaded with advanced weaponry. Later, we discuss how Europe can rid itself of the liberal, cultural Marxist, SJW infection that has stolen the pride and identity of its people, and we consider how renewed ethnic cohesion can reinvigorate a desire for young people to have children and stand by traditional family values.


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……My notes on the show (both halves, the free first half and the members-only second half, and shame on those who steal it)

The show actually was a kind of sneak-peak at the three-part interview of Griffin by Sen that has just come out. I will begin showing that tomorrow.

NG [Nick Griffin]: the time for a new political party like BNP is no longer there; the demographics have changed in Britain to the point one cannot come to power by the ballot box [JdN: as Hitler did in 1933]


Henrik Palmgren, host of Red Ice, said people seem to be waking up.

N: „We’ve been saying it for decades and so just saying it isn’t enough.“  And now they do get it, but now they also feel doomed and that nothing can be done!

[JdN: In other words, by the time the last dolt wakes up, it is too late.]

Accepting we will be a minority, and becoming one that defends itself.

Palmgren visited Belgium three years ago; Whites walk with their heads down, atomized, with no social contact with others on the street — non-whites everywhere. Gorgeous buildings built by whites and muslims on the street.




NG: the ladder of radicalization [JdN: Trotsky called it a “conveyor belt”]; a soft-core anti-islam party can lead people to visit more radical websites, read more “extreme” books and meet true nationalists.

[JdN: Examples in the States: Tea party, Alex Jones — many START there but advance….]

We must interact with the soft nationalists, “fish in those ponds” – they oppose the right things [JdN: but will not name the Jew]

Griffin on how the BNP [British National Party], once getting 14% of the vote, was sabotaged:

  1. The Establishment smears the party and its leaders [evil Nazi, fascist, wants to gas the Jews]
  2. The Conservatives make false promises [“this time we are really going to get tough on immigration”]; and creating fake nationalist parties which the media does NOT demonize because they are controlled — good example UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party of Nigel Farage, which expelled its own candidate, Jack Sen]


Sen’s book on how he used UKIP — and how it dropped him like a hot potato when it realized he was a REAL nationalist and could not be controlled or a cuckservative


  • 3. Get internal strife to break up the party from within

Griffin on British changing demographics: It is not just migrants pouring into London, where he grew up, and breeding; it is also that every year for 30 years, 100,000 English have left the capital. 

A half-million non-whites enter Britain every year and 300,00o English leave (for America, Canada, Spain, etc.)

That is an 800,000 change every year, not to mention huge black and muslim families breeding.

Griffin’s savage mistreatment at the 2009  “Question Time” show — the  week after Question Time BNP approval went way up from 4% to 22%. The BBC never had NG on live again! [Biased Wiki article:]

Griffin was verbally attacked by a London panel of Jews, non-whites and leftists as a vile hater, homophobe, islamophobe, and antisemite

Farage, the cuckservative, fake nationalist, former Conservative and City of London [ = Rothschild] broker, has been on “QT” more than any other politico, 22+ times…



Griffin: Hungary’s 10 mio pop. to nosedive to 2 mio due to the white birth dearth! It is not just immigrants but whites having no kids! Western Europe may be lost; nationalists may need to regroup in Central and Eastern Europe; and at least warn THEM to act.

Griffin: Guerillas need rear bases — Eastern Europe as the base for the reconquista of western Europe?


A truly nationalist speech (hinting at, but not using the word “Jew”) recently by Hungarian prime minster Viktor Orban: .


Jack Sen asked Griffin: Can we not repatriate the non-whites?

NG: Repatriation [making them leave] would mobilize them around Islam; the gov’t supports them staying, and the int’l bankers [JdN: with hnbooked noses 😉 ] would crush the economy of any white nation that “stepped out of line”;

Sen: White British have become pathetic wimps. In the gyms almost everyone lifting weights is a muslim or black. Whites are playing on their PlayStation.


Sen’s new video on getting strong:

Jack gets threats all the time, and so I found this short video “interesting on several levels.” 😉 That is 240 pounds of iron he is going to move 14 times.


Young Englishman strips naked on the street as ordered by bullying negro hardly bigger than he is during 2012 riots



Jack: English today have a horror of forearms. His wife’s girlfriends were shocked she shot and ate a duck 😉 Non-Whites have lots of firearms and bigger weapons.

Reestablishing patriarchy as an ideology is key

Nick: Society is riddled with cultural marxism [hence the Aryan religion is needed]

He calls television „the gogglebox“ 😉

Griffin recalled how in 1968 in Belfast, Norther Ireland, 10,000 people moved in a single night as the Protestants and Catholics violently separated after generations of living together.  The whites and muslims could also radically separate. In 1968 400 IRA fighters kept 27,000 British soldiers busy!

Next blog: Jack Sen interviews Nick Griffin

Jack, wife Natalie and little Alexa


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