Red Bull can kill you; Monster energy drink and 666

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Avoid This Beverage to Reduce Your Risk of Having a Stroke and Heart Attack




Did you know that Red Bull could kill you? Red Bull increases your risk of heart attack and stroke dramatically.


Red Bull is a caffeine-loaded energy drink that causes your blood to become sticky and leads to heart problems. After just one hour of drinking Red Bull, your body becomes abnormal, and you become at risk. It can be so bad that some countries are considering banning it, Norway, Uruguay, and Denmark have already. Bottled water used to be the fastest growing beverage business but now energy drinks have become larger. More than 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull are sold each year, not to mention all the other dangerous energy drinks.

Do Energy Drink Really Live Up To Their Name?
Well, it depends on how you look at it. Red Bull does contain caffeine and sugar that can give you a quick burst of energy. Although it does not last long and when you drink too much you will crash, feeling lethargic and will crave more.

This is the list of benefits of Red Bull. This list was found on their website, it includes:

-Improved Performance
-Increased concentration
-Increased Endurance
-Increased Metabolism

Do Energy Drinks Have Health Benefits?
They do not have many benefits to the body, but they do have traces of vitamin B and it also contain the amino acid taurine. No one really knows how the compounds of Red Bull are affecting young people that are drinking many to stay awake at night.

Who Should Avoid Energy Drinks Like Red Bull.

-Pregnant or Lactating Women
-People who are sensitive to caffeine
-If you have been suffering from anxiety
-If you suffer from high stress
-If you suffer from chronic fatigue
-Have high blood pressure
-Any blood clotting disorder

Mix With Alcohol Red Bull Can Be Potentially Deadly.

Scott Willoughby, a lead researcher, stated, Red Bull can be deadly when combined with stress, high blood pressure, or alcohol. When you combine alcohol and an energy drink, you are adding a stimulant with a depressant, which can be very dangerous. Lately, a very popular thing to do in clubs or bars is to mix drinks like “Vodka Bulls” or “Yager Bombs.” This result to your body is unknown at this point, but researchers do know that the combination of heavy stimulants and heavy depressant can cause heart failure. This is not just a theory more and more reports are being aired on the news of people dying for this problem.


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…..My comment

In my experience, if you  are dead-tired but must stay awake, such as while driving, Red Bull will keep you awake when coffee will not. I used it just once, while driving 857 miles from western Pennsylvania to Upper Michigan, and with just two hours sleep I made it, thanks to two cans of Red Bull. But I have never touched the stuff since. 😉

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The logo of Monster Energy drink is the Hebrew letter for six! Six-six-six!


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