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Never, ever, ever quit!

The well-dressed white nationalist always goes into town appropriately. After unbarricading the front door,  I stop out with these little friends (a nickel-plated .380 pocket pistol, a .40 caliber in a holster, and a combat knife) under my coat in case ”someone” fantasizes about ”taking me in for questioning.” I both open- and concealed-carry, with the combat knife also concealed.  Someone bought me a breakfast at Syl’s Diner the other day, saying ‘‘I admire a man who open-carries.” 🙂

My father used to teach hand-to-hand combat in the Marines, and had five notches on his Smith & Wesson Detective Special from Korean work. (

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….Things were really dark, literally and ”Internetically” yesterday (Day 94 of the permanent website hack)




My webmasters were astounded that even they could not even get into my site to see what was wrong!

This was an unallowed change of my IP address, and Siteground dragged its feet as usual in looking for a solution. In fact, it did not help at all. My principal webmaster found a workaround.

It all reminded me of the previous hack:

a special, customized virus put on my site to add an extra 30 seconds to the opening time.

(This reminds me how in WWII the Brits built special bombs for destroying specific German battleships and dams.)

Nov. 1944:  the British sink the German battleship Tirpitz in a fjord in Norway, 1200 German sailors perished.


So I have had now two webhosts in a row who have been gotten to by the Jews, InMotion and then Siteground — a company which had given great service for nine years.

My webmaster told me yesterday ”of all the sites on my server, only yours is down.”

Then on top of it we had brutal weather, 6 degrees F (-14 C) and 40 mph (64 km/h) winds, leading to a wind chill of -46 F (ALSO -40 IN CELSIUS).

– 20° F to – 60° F
Extremely cold. Frostbite likely. Outdoor activity becomes dangerous

THE HIGH WINDS then led to a three-hour power outage.


I have gas heat, but the fan does not blow the heat into the house if the electric fan is off for lack of ”juice.”

The door light (next to the little American flag) snapped and is hanging in the photo. (That is my defiant Trump sign taped up on the front of the house to avoid SJW vandals.)

This is a blizzard — blowing snow. My house on the left is invisible due to snow flying sideways, some of it whipped off the surface of the snow on the ground.

I walked toward a friend’s house on Zinc Street.

Zinc Street is the lower white dot. (The upper white dot is on Lake superior and where I had another ”experience.”)


I stood there, stunned to see what looked like a hand reaching out from the one tree to the fallen tree.

It seemed to say to me: ”Y0u cannot save the whites as they are now, fallen into every sin. You must change them INSIDE, and then only will they remember they were once a noble race, a race worth saving, and that means worth fighting for.”

I then went to the beach (the white dot above), on Lake Superior. The sky was a sheet of gray, the waves were roaring, and the wind howling.

As I watched, suddenly the sky parted and blue shown through and sunbeams. Out at sea — on this immense  lake — the blue crack in the clouds began to extend from out in the lake to gradually right over my head!




–16 December 2016 Donation of exactly $88 😉 via Stripe from JF in Nevada with this notation:
Merry Christmas, John! To the man who gets calls from the White House, visits from the feds, and shut down more than anyone else.


—-12 December 2016 book and videos on Christ from a new and interesting perspective, written by a fmr Marine, and sent to me by P in New Hampshire

Adolf Hitler was fascinated by Jesus, read extensively about him and had a heavily underlined New Testament, all found in his private library (Scroll down here 3/5ths to to the heading ”He likes reincarnation — but not the Jesus part”).

–12 December 2016 Book on early whites in America, including white copper miners in the Bronze Age — right here in Ontonagon 3000-1200 BC — sent by S in Idaho


–9 December 2016 cash from S in Germany


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


I have two webmasters, one of whom has eight kids to feed and homeschool. I must send them funds. Your support is vital.


….Humanimal attacks girl referee – how our race has fallen


This creep is the captain of the team! And she is a top referee who officiated at the 2012 Women’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 

Hit from behind while concentrating on the game — look at her neck fly back


Ms Benvenuti at the Rio Games

How can you create a white movement when whites are only acting like animals?

How can there be white pride if only our skin is white, but our heart is black?

With your help, Virtus will change the whites.

To the man who gets calls from the White House, visits from the feds, and shut down more than anyone else.

…..See also

”Why are they after you so much, John?”

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