Rebel site closes after 9.5 years; majority of chemtrailed readers becoming zombies

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… visitors worldwide

7/9 @ 3:59 : Bradenton, Florida, US
7/9 @ 3:58 : Uppsala, SE
7/9 @ 3:58 : Brusnengo, IT
7/9 @ 3:56 : Mass City, Michigan, US
7/9 @ 3:55 : Mérida, MX
7/9 @ 3:55 : Houston, Texas, US
7/9 @ 3:53 : Mérida, MX
7/9 @ 3:53 : Branchland, West Virginia, US
7/9 @ 3:53 : Budenheim, DE
7/9 @ 3:52 : Wilhelmshaven, DE
7/9 @ 3:50 : Wilhelmshaven, DE
7/9 @ 3:50 : Bucaramanga, CO
7/9 @ 3:50 : Festus, Missouri, US
7/9 @ 3:49 : Wilhelmshaven, DE
7/9 @ 3:49 : Fonsorbes, FR

….. Despite 7,000 readers every day, who however sent no donations, the Rebel site ( has closed after 9.5 years.

I guess it is because, through the infowars approach (sitting at your computer while the world goes to hell), the Jews have been beaten, and our work is done. 😉

A last email from the Rebel, a German and family man living in Australia:
Dear Reader,
It looks like this might be the last email you will receive from the Rebel of Oz. I gave it might best shot. I gave it 9.5 of my most productive years. My fight deprived my family of over 1 million Australian Dollars in foregone after-tax income, by committing career suicide. I even developed a strategy that could derail the Jew World Order, and yet I wasn’t even able to raise the monthly funds needed to run the Rebel Site. I have had enough.
JdN: 9/11 destroyed his 20-man IT business, and he began looking for the origin of this murderous tragedy. Discovering the zionist malefactor via reading Noam Chomsky and others, he launched the fact-filled “Ziopedia” website in December 2005, which later morphed into the Rebel site in 2009. A family man, he was soon blacklisted in his field. This was the Jeep Grand Cherokee he once drove in his pre-9/11 salad days. But a new life as a militant jew-fighter had begun.


I will give it until Friday evening. If the US$850 I’m still short for my July budget haven’t come in by then, I’ll call it quits. We had an opportunity to make it happen, but I can’t do it all by myself. I will give it until Friday evening. 

Time to say good-bye,
Your Rebel of Oz

P.S. To do your part to prevent this from happening, if you haven’t already done what you can, please use the donation form below the boxing kangaroo on the right sidebar of the Rebel Site or send your PayPal donation directly to my PayPal account That email address and my rebel_of_oz Skype account will be the only way to keep in touch.


…..Helping Mike Delaney of


I (and a North Carolina trucker driver and comrade named Jamie ) just spent two days helping Mike Delaney with a vital building project at his home, and the reason was that his “friends” utterly failed to keep their word and promise, and come up and help him as they had agreed to do.

His site is still several hampered by a major hack.

I was unable to proceed with my own vital work because instead I was swinging a hammer and firing a nail gun, and lugging lumber around at age sixty and with white hair. (I am still in excellent shape, but I was doing a young man’s job.) Meanwhile, those who could have helped and promised to do so, did not keep their word.

But I am sure they spent the last few days typing the words “nigger” and “Jew” all over the Internet 😉 and saying how niggers are lazy and Jews cannot be trusted. 😉 Well, that applies to a lot of whites today too.

All the more reason, comrades, to start the new Aryan religion, because most white people today, under constant, lifelong, Jew cultural influence, are now, unlike their ancestors,


incredibly foolish,

cowards staring at their own doom and doing nothing,

hate-filled, ungrateful narcissists, and finally

shameless promise-breakers.





……(John de Nugent speaking in accent-free, perfect German with large English subtitles) Damals und jetzt — Hitler and I

Comment in German: “Lieber John, ich habe gerade dein Video gesehen und bin tief berührt, von deinen Worten DANKE dafür, mit Tränen in den Augen sehr bewegend …. alles Liebe, R.”

Ich antwortete: “Liebe Kameradin, vielen Dank für diese höchst erfreuliche Mitteilung! John”

“Sehr gerne, lieber John. Meine Worte kommen aus dem Herzen. Nie zuvor habe ich eine ergreifendere Ansprache gehört.”

“Es hat begonnen! Auf zur großen Schlacht gegen die Krieger von El(Engel)-Schaddei(Schatten)! Sammelt euch, sucht Verbündete und stürzt dieses System! Heil Hitler! VERBREITET DIESES VIDEO, TEILT ES UND HELFT MIT! NATIONAL SOZIALISMUS JETZT!!! FÃœR ALLE VÖLKER DIESER WELT!!!”

Wow! Das war eine echte Rede, eine echte Präsidentenrede! Und mir gefiel sehr, wie Sie über die Dritte Welt gesprochen haben!”


Translation: “Dear John – I just saw your video and I am deeply touched by your words THANK YOU for it, very moving, tears in my eyes …. all the best, R.”

“Dear comrade, many thanks for this delightful response.”

“Very happy to say this, dear John. My words come from the heart. Never before have I heard a more touching speech.”

“It has begun! The great battle against the warriors of El (angels) Schaddai (Shadow)! Gather, seek allies and crush the system! Heil Hitler! SPREAD THIS VIDEO, SHARING IT AND GIVE HELP! NATIONAL SOCIALISM NOW — FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THIS WORLD!”!

“Wow! That was a real speech, a real presidential speech! And I really liked how you talked about the third world!”

in French: (in French) “Wow ! Un vrai discours, un vrai discours de président! Et j’ai bien aimè comment vous avez parlé du tiers monde!”

…..don’t let kitty read the Koran



On people with bad karma, chemtrails are having a huge effect. I recently had to make a trip to the doctor in Houghton, the nearest large town, about 60 miles away, and saw during my bus trip that the entire sky for the whole length was chemtrails.

constant hooked shapes


The enemy is very scared of a WN haven being created here, especially with the area being

–98% white, and

–one of three adult residents being a military veteran (87,000 out of 300,000 total),

–many skilled hunters, both male and female,

–large amounts of serious white poverty,

–outrageous utility rates and car insurance premiums,  double or triple the rest of the country,

–fed-jews deliberately shutting down paper mills, copper mines and shipbuilding.

(This county, Ontonagon County, is both one of the whitest and is the very poorest in the state of Michigan, not the Detroit or Flint area.)

A Washington Post article on “racism” produced this map, showing the UP of Michigan as one of the “most racist” areas of the US in terms of frequency of use of the n-word online.

April 28 at 8:23 AM
(Upper Michigan is the topmost red section, right on Lake Superior.)

Now, the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was released from imprisonment “after a finding by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Salmon P. Chase, that there was nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibited the secession of states. If secession was not illegal, neither Davis nor any other Confederate leaders could be guilty of treason”.

Any State’s right to secede had also been the contention of various Yankee newspaper publishers who were imprisoned for the War’s duration, without habeas corpus, by the Constitution-flaunting President Abraham Lincoln. One presumes that secession remains legal and within the bounds of the Constitution.

Now you know why they are chemtrailing this area like crazy after first Mike Delaney and then I moved here.

They must cripple all white activists, and zombyize their readers and the masses, using now the supposed Charleston church massacre (whether it was real, or fake, or was a real mass murder under mind-control, is now irrelevant) to take guns and free speech from all white males.

[from Sofia Smallstorm’s]

The feathery, streaky things you see in this picture are not clouds. They are the result of material left in the wake of jet aircraft, and are referred to by government agencies as mere “contrails,” but the jet contrails we saw as children never ended up as clouds. Do airplanes make clouds, Mommy? NASA would have us think so, but as someone once said, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.


Variations on a Theme
Here are examples of what’s being done. Is this something we should have been told about? BEFORE they began? The spraying is occurring onchemtrail-plane every continent, but no government agencies or officials are willing to discuss it. “Chemtrails” are denounced as a hoax by the Air Force, NASA, and other so-called authorities. Whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely going on!
A plane leaves a trail which fattens and becomes rope-like, spreading into a white mass.


Notice how, instead of dissipating, the trail unfurls and twists like a ribbon.

As older trails widen into layers of “overcast,” new trails disperse and create more “clouds.”


The sprayed material literally dripping from the sky, descending on our trees, soil and heads.

Prism effects are visible as sunlight shines through reflective and refractive materials.


Christmas morning in California, 2010. Would “pilots” be this dedicated? Unmanned aircraft?


Pulsating frequencies create ripples in the layers of “clouds.” Google “HAARP,” located in Alaska.


The beautiful Sierras … by the end of the day the trails will have spread, whiting out the sky.

Parallel lines like this have striped many parts of the world for more than a decade.



They’re calling this cirrus uncinus, a new form of “hooked” cloud.


Man-made Pacific sunset, just gawgeous!




….Peace of mind is coming!


I JUST DELETED EIGHT COMMENTS and blocked seven “FRIENDS” on my Facebook page.

IF YOU CANNOT DONATE ONE DOLLAR TO ACTIVISTS, DO NOT POST ON MY PAGE And no, you are not an “activist” by posting a link or video on Faceberg.

An activist is someone who has the Joint Terrorism Task Force come three times to your house, who is thrown on the street three times in one year, who sees three squad cars from Homeland Security and the state police come and arrest his assistant on a bogus violation and throw him in solitary for 87 days — THAT IS AN ACTIVIST.

Then have the Wikipedia article on you deleted, your PayPal account closed for life, find the FBI was in your house and your kitchen, where your food is located, and sprayed large red SS’s on your carpet or put strange objects on your cutting board.

Have your millionaire father disinherit you, and your own kids send you a threatening letter from their lawyer, and read defamations about you being a homosexual, pedophile, and con man all over the Internet. THEN you are an activist. If you cannot send one dollar to support the true activists, such as Mike Delaney, Andrew Anglin, the Rebel or me, get off my page and stay off it. Go on Stormfront with the other big-talk weenies and call yourself “VikingSS14/88.” wink emoticon And though you cannot afford one dollar to help an activist risking his LIFE, then go out and buy eight bucks worth of beer.

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  • Caelian Viol Sinus Hear, hear!, send a donation you cheap plebs. Even Jews support there own.
    • John D. Nugent No, ESPECIALLY Jews support their own and that is why they are defeating us. I just blocked seven people who objected to the very idea of contributing even one dollar. Loss to the cause = zero.
      Like · 3 · 18 hrs · Edited
  • Paul Lovett I was defriended by a Hispanic friend on Facebook who I worked with while I was in the Army, which was probably because of my anti-illegal immigration posts. Whatever the reason was I am not back peddling because I am not a hypocrite. Be respectful to other peoples but make your point and be firm. No one respects wishy-washy men, especially the opposition. It is better to be respected and disliked then to disrespected.
    Like · Reply · 4 · 21 hrs
  • Chris Liguria I lost my career I worked 10 years towards due to our politics, though my employer would’ve never known had a vindictive cunt ex-girlfriend not ratted me out to them and provided a few screenshots of my racial political opinions (she used to frequent our circles and called herself NS). Some of us have lost a lot but keep quiet to bide our time.
    Like · Reply · 7 · 21 hrs
  • John D. Nugent The issue is not whether politically incorrect average comrades lose money, clients, job or marriage, all of which I have also experienced and other activists whom I know personally, The issue is leadership: that high-profile activists risking their very lives, and whom the government and media come down on, are getting zero financing, and are failing ONLY FOR THIS ONE REASON. As Tom Goodrich, author of “Hellstorm,” wrote me: “WNism would sweep the world if it were not perpetually broke.” It is of course sad when privates and sergeants get killed and if too many are taken out, it is serious, but it is far worse in wartime when colonels and generals are wiped out, such as Stonewall Jackson for the South, for then you have no leaders at all, and that is what the Jews want most — that we have no leaders.
    Like · Reply · 2 hrs · Edited
  • Erich Köhler I had the FBI investigate me as well. When I was a sophomore about 2-3 years ago, I was reported for making terroristic and radical right statuses on my page…which I never did. I mean what I was posting were my opinions on whatever it was I was talking about. So FBI and homeland security talked to me, my parents and teachers, etc. Believing in something the majority of the world sees as taboo can be dangerous.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 4 mins
  • John D. NugentWell, when all the key websites that are not controlled opposition have shut down for lack of financing, your worries will be over. The peace of mind that comes with total surrender to final genocide will be here. And then, thank God, no one will be “begging” for donations ever again. 😉 For we all will be slaves or dead.
    A former Marine asked me what my theory was about chemtrails.

    I replied:

    Theory? They are mind- and mood-control, and more. I have been blogging about them for seven years.

    If you want to turn gray overnight, watch this videos by Sofia Smallstorm:

    From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology


    THIS WILL ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS AND REALLY NEEDS TO GO VIRAL BECAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Definitely worth your while to educate yourself. It is about creating a slave race that cannot rebel and will become an asexual drone species of 500 million workers or warriors (Orcs, to use Tolkien’s word), genetically modified to serve only their ultimate masters (the Jews, which she does not say), with the other seven billion accepting their death by disease, war, hunger and infertility.


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