Rebel of Oz on why the Jews chose Obama; SECOND DEATH THREAT; Jews blocking my TruTube videos on mobile phone browsers

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From The Rebel of Oz, Australia []

Why Obama?

Rebel of Oz

Barack Obama is well into his second term but – as far as I know -  nobody has properly analysed yet why the Jews made him US President. Call it shrewdness or pragmatism or greed,  but Jews always try to kill more than one bird with one stone.lucky larryTake 9/11 for example, that wasn’t just about enriching “Lucky” Larry Silverdick with a 16 billion Dollars insurance payout from the German Allianz Insurance, steal billions of Dollars worth of gold stored in the Twin Towers or destroy incriminating evidence hidden there on what happened to the hundreds of billions “lost” by US military, making sure that it can’t be traced back to Israel.
obamas mum
So why did the Jews make – of all people – a dick sucking cocaine addict Kenian born Muslim with a half-Jewish CIA “honey trap” whore mum and an aspiring pornographer and Communist agitator dad the President of the United States? Because he is such a great teleprompt reader?

They didn’t need to pick someone as disgraceful to be able to blackmail him if he doesn’t want to toe the line. Appointing a paedophile commie like Bill Clinton married to a man-hating lesbian ultra-feminist would have been fully sufficient.Bill clinton Pedophile article and young girl

I thought about this for a while now and - so far – came up with 3 reasons. I’m sure that if I think long enough, I will come up with a few more.

  1. Making someone that unworthy the US President is a demonstration of “Jewish Power”. Anyone who knows anything about the real Barack Obama must be in awe that the Jews were able to pull this off. It’s both an arrogant demonstration of power and a sadistic obedience ritual. None of the mainstream media, whether private or government, did reveal anything about him. Even as rumours became rife and all sorts of dirt surfaced, like his Kenian birth, his male spouse, his cocaine addiction and his sordy past, they ridiculed anyone who dared to ask questions or say anything.

….comrade reacts on earth did you find NAKED PICTURES OF OBAMA’S MOM!!! Holy craps, that’s priceless! He is going to be freaking pissed!

Obama 2008 AIPAC

Steve Zino “Obamamama” Roflao

…..Another report from a comrade who cannot access MY videos on TruTube

Ever since my April 20th video — VIP PEDOPHILES – KILL THEM ALL (29,000 views) — many things have happened. (Now with German subtitles)

–The FBI once again invaded my house while out as a terror tactic or perhaps to poison my food

–They began massive chemtrailing of this isolated frontier town of 1600 with two jets:


Here you can see it was two jets, for an isolated town of 1600 – but one hosting both John de Nugent (1.6 mio hits on Google)

and Mike Delaney of


Just Lake Superior to our north and vast forests all around; one hour by car even to a Walmart in Ironwood or Houghton; no malls, and thank God, no fast-food chains 😉


–Two phoned-in threats via recorded movie scenes (to make the voices untraceable):

Friday, May 15, 1:49 am


Thursday, May 21, 4:18 am




…..MY TruTubes being blocked on mobile phone browsers

A comrade in Pennsylvania wrote:

John, while the orbot app [] did seem to work at the time, I think it was because I was checking the first few vids on the first page of TruTube. As I said, orbot worked with all the videos — except yours. All of yours are blocked, it would seem, even on deep web and through orbot proxy. I tried pairing it with a number of browsers, and still only your videos seem to be disabled. Ssorry to tell you this,  John. Perhaps it’s something I cam missing but I don’t think so.

3 hours ago

I have been trying feverishly to find a workaround to access your vids. Since my last message I have found that TruTube is not actually blocked on all mobile devices, at least not anymore. I disabled orbot proxy and tried again through Google, and all the TT vids I played worked — except yours.

Could it be, to add insult to injury, they unblocked TruTube and only targeted your vids? Let me know what’s wrong here, or what I may be missing.

Also, due to the fact that I got the same result with at least six different browsers as well as with and without Orbot Proxy, I believe that whatever was done to your vids was somehow done to TruTube itself and was not an indirect attack or blocking of a certain device or browsers. If this is so it has to be a direct hack on TruTube itself, or at least on just your vids.

…..My videos page

For example:

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 1 My American colonial ancestry, Marine Corps service and education; the truth about those “chemtrails” in the sky

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 2 How chemtrails make Americans listless and zombie-like; HAARP in Alaska; the Star of David on the back of the $1 bill over the American eagle and its meaning; psychopaths; “chickenhawks” who love wars where they get rich and others do the fighting

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 3 Psychopaths manipulate the compassion of others to rip them off, and malign and defame as mentally ill or evil all those who expose them


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 4  LA  Times and Time magazine writer Joel Stein boasts openly that Jews run the US media, Hollywood and the US government, and gives detailed proof; Samuel Roth in the 1920s detailed this already and taunted Gentiles with how gullible and naive they are about Jewish power.

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 5  Barack Obama’s communist, jewish mother and the nude photos she posed for; the “Georgia Guidestones” monument, a kind of Stonehenge in the American South, and why killing 7 billion people is a good idea — for the “elite”; the forbidden story of Rachel Corrie, beautiful American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 6 The importance and sacredness of the very concept of truth for our nation’s survival; the truth about 9/11, solved in two minutes; 60 Israelis arrested by the FBI after 9/11, many experts in explosives And now READ this webpage!

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 7  The concept of “death ground” and desperate struggle; the Jewish takeover of the Bank of England and then of the whole British Empire and its ex-colony, the USA;


the Jewish triggering of the Irish Famine and the US “Civil War”; their instigation of WWI, WWII and communism (and thus the Korean and Vietnam Wars); murder of Defense Secretary Forrestal and then of three Kennedys; Third World immigration; the USS Libertyattack in 1967;  downfall of Nixon; the police state that began under Reagan and Oliver North; murder of CIA director Colby; the Oklahoma City bombing; vaccines; tranquilizer chemicals in drinking water; White-bashing US history textbooks; the sealed records of Barack Obama; “FEMA camps” and plans to execute patriots and dissidents; 10,000 three-story boxcars for moving arrested people to slave camps


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 8 the final Jewish goal a slave planet under a Jewish master race; your duty now; threats of nuclear war and pandemics; our coming victory through thinking of “we”, not “me.”


…..Donations needed urgently!

I am in mortal danger and need your donations. If I am forced to walk, lacking car insurance money, the easiest thing in the world is a hit-and-run as I walk along the highway.

I AM CLEARLY THE ONE THEY FEAR. They fear the coming Aryan faith! and rightfully!

jdn-kill-them-all-vip-pedo-2I risk my life; every Marine is ready to do that; but can you risk a few bucks?

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John D. Nugent I answered:

“It comes from knowing we reincarnate. I cannot die. You cannot die. Knowing what I know, were I a coward, I would suffer a horrible karma as a man.

For we know what they have planned for us. The Hellstorm video showed it.”

Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Documentary w/ Subtitles)


I am getting in a steady stream of small donations; and a comrade just sent me a video of him enclosing cash. But why not just go to the store and buy a PayPal reloadable card (even if you do not have a PP account), and scratch off & send me the number off the back and amount?



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