Radio interview with Mike Harris on Veterans Today: I pretty much predicted Trump’s victory; Jews sabotaged both our Skype AND the phone to prevent this interview

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The first hour was with me on the election; the second with famous 9/11 and globalism expert Dr. Kevin Barrett (also a great interviewt!).

I had just done three straight successful Skype conversations –BUT the Jews suddenly sabotaged the sound when I was supposed to go on-air. I could not hear Mike, though he could hear ME.

Then they messed with the phone! I had to use the speakerphone!

You can hear the proof of this sabotage from the beginning to 5:05! Then they began half-jamming the PHONE CALL!


As I pointed out in the show, recorded at 7-8 pm EST on the evening of Election Day (Tuesday, November 8th, a week ago),  no matter what the (oftne lying) pollsters said, four factors militated for a Trump victory:


1) the more popular nominee of the two parties wins (Trump)

2) after two terms the public usually throws the ruling party (Demoncrats) out of the WH

3) if the stock market is down July to October, the ruling party (Demoncrats) loses


4) the Bradley Effect — cowardly whites, afraid to be un-p.c., don’t tell polltakers the truth ( = that they intend to vote for the “islamophobic, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, proto-fascist” Trumpster 😉 )

My blog covered all this constantly. 🙂


Trump win by counties; in mine, Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he won 60-38 over Killary; in my old county in western Pennsylvania he got 74%. Here you can click on your county to see the specific result:

I go over the White House actions specifically against me;



Threatening phone call “WE ARE WATCHING YOU” from


(202) 456-1414

Trace of the threatening phone call by the Ontonagon County Telephone Company



Obama’s slutty Jewish and marxist mother, Ann Dunham (I was IMO the first American blogger to release these pix — in 2008)


…..we discuss the rumors that Michelle Obama is a “tranny;” the murder of Ashley Turleton, a wife and mother of three who was chief of staff to a Long Island congresswoman, and who knew about Obama being a bisexual….


I also go into Barack Obama’s JEWISH grandfather….

Obama's Grandfather at War


I also discuss the theft of my (probable) victory in the Republican primary in the Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee

McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville

Video of this shocking theft of a possible John de Nugent victory as an OPEN WHITE NATIONALIST who proclaimed:


“Titanic” movie opener; my family, military and political background and European sojourns) Tennessee Congressional race 1990 and voting machine fraud (09:40-19:01)



I also discuss my experience as a resident briefly in the 1990s of Vermont with Bernie Sanders, who won his elections for mayor, Congress and US Senate by landslide, and yet the Demoncrats foolishly did not nominate 1) a proven, charismatic, populist election-winner and 2) a change-agent in a year when the public WANTED change:


I also discuss the reason why Hitler became a great leader — his mentor Dietrich Eckart, a man with vast experience in the theater world:



Hitler stands hatless in snowy rain to salute his late friend in 1933 at the inauguration of a memorial to him.




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