Queen doffs shoes, dons headcovering, and listens to Koran in mosque; Congress bans Confederate flag at cemeteries

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Queen takes off shoes, dons headcovering in mosque and listens to Koran:

Queen Elizabeth II listened to a recital of the Quran at an Ottoman-era mosque Wednesday, the second day of a state visit to Turkey. Her shoes removed and her…

…..After fraudulent “Charleston shooting” Southerners have no rights now



Funny, I thought Southerners were still Americans….

Private citizens will no longer be allowed to place Confederate flags on the graves of their ancestors who fought and died in the war. This is no longer America….
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  • L.A. Chancey Fortunately, my ancestors were landowners and our beloved ones are in private cemeteries.
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  • John D. Nugent This is more proof that the liberals are totally obsessed with minorities and their screams of “sexism, racism, and homophobia” and have no respect for the rights and needs of normal people, the living or the dead.
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  • John D. Nugent And don’t Confederates have a right to freedom of expression such as a tiny Dixie flag to show what they fought and bled for?
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  • Greg Hurles 98% Of Congress Are Khazar/Zionist Puppets!

    Greg Hurles's photo.
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    • Richard Leo replied · 1 Reply
    • Guy Paul Derby II If they try to pull this BS out in some of these Southern woods and try to take away the people’s firearms, they’re going to have another war on their hands, believe me..
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    • John D. Nugent I truly believe our time has come.

      Germany and Austria are being overwhelmed with black and arab “refugees ” now and an Austrian comrade named Klaus, who had been very pessimistic about people ever waking up called me on Skype to tell me that he was t
      alking to some regular working folks at a construction site about the immigrants and they said bluntly “WE NEED ANOTHER HITLER.”

      At some point, and we are at it, and must use it, the outrage is defeating the brainwashing.
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    • Kerry Frank Congress is the enemy. Washington is the enemy., The Confederate Flag represents true freedom and they can’t stand that. They want us to forever be dependent on them
  • John D. Nugent I think that the gay marriage thing is also sickening people. Most are far from getting used to it.
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    • L.A. Chancey Marriage is endowed by almighty God indelibly uniting a man and a woman in holy matrimony.
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    • John D. Nugent Yes, one swears before God in His house “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for as long as we both shall live.” It is an oath of loyalty, of being semper fidelis.
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  • John D. Nugent Bishop Williamson, the courageous Traditional Catholic biship who has debunked the Holohoax, said the reason why marriage was a sacrament in his church is that like birth and death it is not supposed to always be fun or easy, “happily ever after.” It is one of the great challenges of life, growth and maturity, and a challenge most fail at..
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  • Paul DiBenedetto Sad to see that the federal government has learned nothing from the civil war as they ignore “states rights” and enforce heavy handed, petty federalism.
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