PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by Talmudists — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article

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Russia’s number-one network (and Putin’s mouthpiece) used my website once and Alex Jones used it twice.

……After months of sabotage, my “Stripe” donations work again!

[(Nov. 16, 2016) No it doesn’t any more; the Jews got in via the Stripe plugin and hacked my site. Forget all this Stripe news except as a reminder how much the Jews fear my potential if I have money.]


It takes maybe one minute (on the right) to donate now!


PayPal, founded by the vile Jew Elon Musk (now with Tesla electric cars)  banned me for life in 2011, alleging even “fraud”! (“The Jew cries out as he strikes you,” as the Poles say.)


I got Stripe, which is about the same thing, a year ago, but starting in January it stopped working! I lost thousands in donations, and instead of working on my true vocation, the religion Virtus, I was doing audiobooks for pay again — and in the humid summer heat, cutting five lawns! Is THIS what someone who is on the biggest network of Russia 1 TV (see below) supposed to be doing with his time? David Duke, the controlled-opposition WN, is campaigning in Louisiana for US Senate!




Now Stripe is back and I can move forward with what we really need, a religion based on facts and truth, not mind control and fairy tales… a faith to unite us, make us act white and Aryan again, not like Jews and ghetto blacks, and become “a band of brothers”! And get ready to do what we know we need to do.

Exactly, click “like” on black-crime stories on Facebook! 😉




On my site, you can read things you get absolutely nowhere else!



……My website & its article on Trump, friend of Russia, jobs and peace, was featured on a major Russian TV broadcast on Sept. 11 and on Alex Jones on Sept. 14 — in two Jones videos!


(Also, of course, on Jewtube: .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLeIxP8onVc#t=49 See 2:23-2:37



….Here is the previous Alex Jones video

from 7:27-7:40


My original article (using a Paul Craig Roberts piece):

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

Screenshots from the Russia 1 and Alex Jones Shows:



This video below is the SECOND Alex Jones video featuring my article, 7:27- 40 (13 seconds, a long time on television)


And yes, Jones knows “who I am” and still did not block out my website and article.

Jones (Welsh name) as a fair-haired, light-eyed lad and today.


In fact, Jonesy mocked me, with his interviewee, the part-Jewish Mike Rivero of www.whatreallyhappened.com in a 2007 show on an article I put up on the once huge libertarian website www.libertyforum.org (which the Jews shut  down in 2009).

The topic was the reality and horrible  truth of Jewish ritual murder of white Christian children. 


St. Simon of Trent, a very documented and infamous case in England; the blood-letting from dozens of puncture wounds with a small knife is excruciating and terrifying to the dying child. Irt is part of satanic, black magic to cause the victim as much pain and fear as possible, and these energies are “fed on” by the demon and make him grateful to the people doing the sacrifice….. Absolutely hideous.


Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University of Tel Aviv, Israel exposed that Jewish ritual murder is a FACT.

Ariel Toaff

He is the son of the late Grand Rabbi of Rome, Eli Toaff, the one who met with Pope John Paul II in a Roman synagogue. This was his 2007 book:



Under dire threats, Toaff recanted the book, just as Galileo recanted, but he made sure the world got the .pdf of the book first. 😉

BLOOD PASSOVER Ariel Toaff 2007

It is dry and academic, and does not offer one single juicy quote, which I think Professor Toaff was afraid to do. It is basically 136 pages of evidence and details of how certain Ashkenazi Jews (he, however, is sephardic, btw, and there is huge animosity between the two groups…) abducted and killed kids, and, disastrously for them, obeyed a rule that the child’s body — as the body of a beast, a goy, a kind of human cattle — not be buried, just as we do not have ceremonies and “bury” slaughtered cattle, sheep, fish or swine. This meant throwing the body in the river or leaving it for animals to devour in the forest — where it could be found by outraged peasants.

Modern monument commemorating Saint Andreas of Rinn in Tyrol in the Austrian Alps. Under pressure, the modern, post-Vatican II Church has been denying the truth about Jewish ritual murder.


The book by Toaff basically says the Catholic Church and the Inquisition bent over backwards to NOT convict Jews of ritual murder except where the evidence was CLEAR.

If clear, after a full and fair trial, watched over by the popes themselves to avoid injustice and pogroms (mob violence),  the Jews involved were burned alive. Not only did they deserve extreme punishment but this also prevented mob violence; after all, nothing angers all loving parents more than the torture and murder of a child, plus the ritual murders also involved mocking Jesus or even crucifying the child as a representation of Jesus, whom Jews consider a horrible heretic and blasphemer, and of all Gentile Christian males as “idolaters.” (Se my video below of an Israeli girl ion a “comedy” tv show crucifying and mocking a Jesus monkey.)


……However, I never resorted to Jones-bashing.

I knew then and I know today that Alex Jones is getting a lot of good truth out there – -and yes, he attacks and defames “Nazis,” and he compares the JWO to Hitler, and yes, he never attacks “the Jews.”

It is always “the banksters” and “the globalists”….. who just happen to often have hooked noses. 😉

George Soros


At that time also, 2007, Jones’ wife (and the mother of his kids) was born Jewish; they are now divorced. I have a friend who knows the Christian author and minister Texe Marrs of Austin, Texas, who married them. (Marrs, btw, is now openly anti-Jewish: http://www.texemarrs.com/)

the onetime Mrs. Jones; she reportedly flipped when Jones had Duke on.


Besides all this, Jones’ lawyer, his radio network, and his headquarters building in Austin, Texas all belong to Jews.

The salient point for me is that Alex Jones gets people to second base, so to speak, and I am fine with that and I admire Alex Jones and his courage to go as far as he does.


Jones gets a lot of young men and women involved. Mike Delaney of 911MissingLinks was one of them whom Jones got on the path. These brainwashed youngsters would never join an openly racial or antisemitic organization.


Leon Trotsky, who was a mega-evil communist murderer, but also very intelligent…..

Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky around 1920


…. once said that some people or organizations are “conveyor belts,” which move people from the center and the moderate viewpoint to a more radical one, and this is the role of Alex Jones.


He moves people closer to the full truth about our dire situation and our real enemy.

It is not significant that he disagreed with David Duke on-air about the Jews.

It is significant that he had him on at all and let him speak. 😉


My father was a Marine Corps war hero in two wars, but he was petrified of the Jews.



He is lower-center and I am upper-left.


He stood up to President Ford over his closing a naval base in our native Rhode Island


He refused two demands by Ronald Reagan that he join the National Security Council.



But he was afraid of Henry Kissinger and the Jews, as all rightwing Republicans are, and said to me in 1979, “John, your [NS] activities could destroy my business and end the livelihoods of 72 people, my employees.”



Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi



Top ten percent of the class –you must take hard-science courses.


I replied:

“But Dad, don’t guilt-trip me with crimes the Jews would do to you. I don’t want your business destroyed, they do!

Where is freedom of speech? What did you fight for in WWII and Korea?

You just admitted the Jews DO control America and they terrorize the American people!

You are choosing the Jews over your own son!”


But at that point, grateful for my dad’s support of my college education and respecting his hard work of decades, building up Davis, Bateman & Nugent, a huge insurance brokerage in Providence, RI, I resolved to both stay active as an NS but go low-profile for his sake, using the name “Arthur Grogan” in my writing and activities –  until I finished Georgetown University with high honors.

So I personally understand how dangerous it is, physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically, to openly oppose the Jews and offer to lead that resistance. I understand Alex Jones.

I lost virtually everything in 2011 as a result of announcing I intended to run for president in 2012. The Jews hit me with everything, including the kitchen sink, losing thereby my money, my house, my love relationship, my two dogs, and my reputation among gullible WNs– when a massive defamation campaign by fake WNs (Duke, Black, Holappa and Porter) began online or via poison email and phone calls.

The FBI began also spreading around in my neighborhood that my assistant, Henrik Holappa, whom the feds had arrested in 2009 on a fictitious “visa violation,” exactly as with Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel, had really been arrested for attempted murder!

Margi, Holappa and one of our dogs on a glorious walk through the meadows and heaths of western Pennsylvania. In 2011 everything was gone.


My own neighbors glared at me in hate! Why do people believe rumors told by a stranger when they have met me, and experienced me as a nice, friendly, respectful, decent and helpful person??

Because The Peepul are on a low spiritual level.

Skilfull defamation campaigns, if tailor-made to perceptions, always WORK. For example, no one would believe that Peewee Herman was a wifebeater. He is too wimpy to beat a gerbil. 😉 But with John de Nugent… “What is the perception that we Jews can work with?”

Former Marine, big muscles, macho, deep voice, masculine jawline… So tell the goyim he is a wifebeater and dog torturer!

“Yeah, yeah, I can SEE it. Guy probably has PTSD from ‘Nam or something. He must be BRUTAL!” 😉


The same thing applied in 2003 when the US jewsmedia was doing its French-bashing.

Now, Russia, France and Germany all refused to go along with the American invasion of Iraq, and said there is NO proof that Saddam had “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Russia’s Putin, Germany’s Schröder, and France’s Chirac all openly defied the US and said attacking Iraq was a crime against peace.


But comedian Dennis Miller, especially on the Bill O’Reilly show, called the French “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,” and FOX and others began harping on how the French were “cowards.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheese-eating_surrender_monkeys)


Yes, the Weh4macht beat the French in 1940… but they also stomped the Brits (who fled at Dunkirk across the Channel), AND the Dutch, Belgians, Danes and Norwegians.


Why didn’t Miller call the Germans or Russians “cowards” too?

Because the American public (wrongly!) perceives the French as make-love-not war. But whatever one says of the Germans or Russians, cowards in battle they have never been.

So a skilled defamation campaign works with the stereotypes or perceptions that really are out there, and exaggerates them.

And the purpose of the French-bashing was to warn Russia and Germany what COULD also happen to them….

Such as claiming the modern Germans are closet Nazis (cue the Holocaust violins) or the modern Russians are dangerous, bearlike invaders and threateners…. which the Jewsmedia in fact has been doing since 2014, when the Ukraine-Crimea thing began.

And The Peepul have no idea that, as Adolf Hitler said, the Jews are master liars.

See this blog now on how Edward Snowden revealed an actual GOVERNMENT MANUAL on how to defame dissidents!



In 2011 I had a 2500-square-foot house, and a staff of five. But Carlos Porter, David Duke and Don Black began spreading, among other lies, that I was a “n—-r-lover” because I had a black volunteer, unpaid, six-foot-five, btw, who was pro-white, a young man from Los Angeles who had seen his own neighborhood go downhill after the whites were forced out and blacks and hispanics took over. He was one of my two webmasters, he had good IT skills, and he also helped me do videos. Carlos Porter actually wrote me and asked: “So what is this thing you have for nigger cock?”

Shame on the thousands who, filled with their own wickedness, CHOSE to believe his filth, and never even ASKED me if any of this was true!

Image result for john de nugent ekastown

The next photo was taken in my room in a Jew-owned, druggie, barfight & black-whore-filled motel-from-hell in Natrona, Pennsylvania, called “The Boathouse”…..I  shot major videos, for lack of a better location and funds, in this very room of mine, praying that the Jew owner — who btw was partly raised in Texas and liked Alex Jones — would not be listening outside the door. 😉



When I first moved “downhill” into these horrible quarters, I was so shocked at my downfall that I could not sleep for about 60 hours (even after the exhausting physical work of moving a whole house — tons of stuff — with two paid teenage helpers, into paid monthly storage).

Finally, a friend told me a trick:

“Listen to your absolutely favorite music as you lie in bed.”

It worked! I fell asleep, but I still got a wicked urinary tract infection due to the stress and had to get some prescription meds. (This had actually happened to me once before, back in 1977, when I had to leave my beloved Austria (I was an Austrian-German in my last life), a country which also is one of the most beautiful on earth,  and return to America, which by comparison was bone-headed, flat and ugly…. The artistic side of me was in grief.

From this…..


I moved to this! McDonalds Plasticland! Plastic food and plastic people! People who do not read even one book a year…. who think Abraham Lincoln was the president in World War Two!


UGLINESS everywhere! Fat people! Ignorant people! Ignorant and proud of it!

And we had just been defeated in Vietnam, President Nixon had resigned after Watergate, and President Jimmy (WTF, “Jimmy” Carter?), a lying, hypocritical nerd, had as president filled his whole Cabinet up openly with Jews.

I hated coming back to that “Losing” America of the 1970s after the spotless beauty and culture of Austria in the Alps, and the gorgeous clothes….


….where even farmers and workers read something called BOOKS and had the classical music station on in the kitchen! 😉


Going forward again to 2011, in my unconscious it was most of all a searing pain that I had done nothing wrong, and yet had lost almost everything, and it hurt the worst that people believed the lies against me.

In my upcoming new religion, Virtus, we will learn how to deal with mind-boggling levels of stress, AND UNFAIRNESS, and BOTH survive and THRIVE!

Today I am more successful than ever, because shedding the ego helped me shed the stress. I went on a long walk in December of 2011 and asked God to help me find peace inside — so I can carry on and AWAKEN THE SPIRITUALLY DEAD.


JdN deer crossing Butler Freeport rail July 2 2010


How I was not broken as a child by the federal regime’s Manchurian-Candidate program FOR THE CHILDREN OF HIGH MILITARY OFFICERS, unlike David Duke:

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”

……Original video on Russia 1, at 01:25


За желание дружить с Россией Трампа могут застрелить

The Russian’s analysis is dire — Trump is in grave danger — but it is accurate, and so is Alex Jones’ commentary on both the Russian report and on how Trump is in danger for planning to

“throw the (((oligarchs))) out of America as Putin did in Russia.”

oligarch = Jew, like Khodorkovsky, who via crime (fraud, embezzlement and money laundering) became the richest man in Russia with $15 billion, then did ten years in Siberia in prison — and then was released by Putin and sent out of Russia, like several other oligarchs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Khodorkovsky)

Former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky speaks during a news conference in Donetsk

Vladimir Putin; only a ruthless former KGB man could outfox the Jew oligarchs (though he has not gotten them all, and Russia has many problems such as corruption and dependence on oil exports)


Russia 1 (“Rossiya 1”) This is the number-one channel in Russia, especially among the young. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia-1




The announcer is Dmitry Kiselyov:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Kiselyov  Wikipedia says (and I agree with him) that he is strongly against the homosexual normalization/glorification agenda, and has (correctly) linked ISIS to factions in the US government. Alex Jones says he is basically the mouthpiece for Putin himself.




…..Gaybama cloaks White House in gay colors after Supreme Court and blackmailed Chief Justice Roberts legalize “gay marriage”



HANGZHOU, CHINA SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) and US President Barack Obama meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Alexei Druzhinin/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS (Photo by Alexei DruzhininTASS via Getty Images)
HANGZHOU, CHINA SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (L) and US President Barack Obama meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Alexei Druzhinin/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS (Photo by Alexei DruzhininTASS via Getty Images)


G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit


Russian police do not harass quiet homosexuals but arrest gay “pride” marchers in Moscow — Slava Rossiyi! (Glory to Russia!)

Gay rights activists kiss as they are detained by police officers during a gay rights protest in St. Petersburg


…10 years of consistent John de Nugent support for Vladimir Putin (not as an angel, but, just like Trump, a brave and clever leader who defends his country)

2006-09 on various forums and 2009-2106 on my website: https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=putin



My 2014 video (23,000 views on all platforms) on Hitler’s one terrible error: attempting to conquer Russia, not liberate it and create an invincible Russo-German alliance against the NWO, enemy of all nations: https://www.sonnenrad.tv/video/Virtus-video-9-Hitler-then-and-Now-Progress-through-realizing-mistakes-Ger-Engl/0a8af310c610a004bb64329c0e953a3e

(Deutsch) John de Nugent blickt auf die Fehler in Hitlers Karriere zurück und nach vorne.
(English) John de Nugent looks at the errors in Hitler’s career and then looks forward. I show Adolf Hitler as a very great man and friend of working people UNTIL he invaded Russia to enslave it. Dr. Josef Goebbels wanted a policy of liberating Russians from communism and an alliance with Russia, as did the great unifier of German, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1871-92), and many German officers on the Eastern Front agreed with Goebbels.


Holodomor (deliberate bolshevik starvation program) in Ukraine


Ordinary German troops comfort a little Slavic girl


German medic bandages a wounded Russian civilian woman.


 Many leading Bolsheviks were not Russians at all, but Jews and Georgians



Hitler’s great mistake in Russia

Russians wanted to serve in the Waffen-SS to destroy communism and be free of ‘Talmudic and bolshevik Jews, but not slaves of a new master, Germany.  But Hitler rejected this, even after Stalingrad in January 1943 and even until autumn of 1944, when it was too late and the anti-marxist Vlassov Army of Russians had no enthusiasm to fight a losing war. Here was captured Soviet general Andrei Vlassov. who wanted to build a five-million-man Russian National Liberation Army, but Hitler twice refused.



My video on Hitler, before a backdrop of a decrepit steel mill in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area:

–how Hitler helped the white working class
–his own working-class jobs
–how Jews caused the Great Depression to continue for 11 years and why
–reason why the the Great Recession of 2007 continues to this day, with testimony before Congress (the House Banking Committee) by the Jew Neil Barofsky, head of the bank bailout (TARP program) to US Representative Dennis Cucinich of Cleveland, Ohio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troubled_Asset_Relief_Program

Barofsky says the Fed is bribing the banks with high interest rates to lend the bailout money right back to the Fed — and not lend it to the suffering American people.

Reason? So the Great Recession can continue — and Jews can foreclose on more and more homes, farms, businesses, cars, etc, for 10 cents on the dollar.

(The visual sharpness of this video is low; the jews hacked my computer, and this is the only footage left, a copy of a copy.)

……Putin strongly supports the Christian heritage of Russia….



But in this Israeli TV video, Jesus is mocked as a whining monkey: https://www.sonnenrad.tv/channel/video/Mocking-and-crucifying-jesus-monkey-quotYeshuquot-on-Israeli-comedy-tv/398f2fd28ba12c7747a9526f761a506f/3


…..Reincarnation (we all reincarnate) is now scientifically proven at the University of Virginia

And this means, among other things, that famous national socialists also return and must learn from their mistakes, such as anti-Russianism and antislavism, and improve their karma in this life: https://www.johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/

I was a well-known German in my last life.



My translation of a review of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” 




…..My Hillary comment today: Here is the only kind of white male that Lesbillary likes

(graphic from “B-Strick”)






….Russian search engine Yandex, the Google of Russia, runs this very broadcast by Russia 1 that featurews my blog on the Trump assassination danger


……My comment under the YouTube Alex Jones video:




John de Nugent

John de Nugent 55 seconds ago (edited)

MY SITE IS ON THIS VIDEO AT 7:27-40. The Donald has his flaws and VERY New Yawka brashness, but he is a real American hero. The Hilldebeest must be stopped! And Donald John Trump is, IMO, literally the REINCARNATION of General George PATTON. https://www.johndenugent.com/english/i-endorse-donald-trump-for-president-the-literal-reincarnation-of-george-patton/


….Alex Jones calls John de Nugent? Hmmm

Margi is not sure….neither am I.


(prank 😉 but I went along with it…. for a while 😉 )


I laughed so hard a tear came out :p

Barret Arquette

Awesome we all need to laugh this hard:) life is too short my friend!

Foul Phil

Thanks 😀

San dro

I would rather have a drink with a skinhead.

Ella Rathe (aromarin)

eine etwas seltsame Begrüßung und Konservation, ist das in US so üblich?

Tommy Dooney

these alex jones sound boxes are fuckin hilarious

Michael Hagan

John handled himself very well.

Space Marine

The jews are the enemy of man


+Defelial All religion is the enemy to the Imperium

Zenkai Yamabusa

+ninny65 And atheism

sphinx m

alex jones as a jewish wife. john de nugent is forming a black and white alliance against the jewish Zionists. first method the jews use is to ridicule! second is to cause war and be guilty of the death of many poor innocent peoples.


LOL, he caught on quickly, it was funny though.

Pillage TheGoyim

Nugent’s speaking the truth. It’s a matter of PUBLIC RECORD that jews have authored every gun control bill in America: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=783. National Review is just one of hundreds of jew-owned publications that have run interference for and have diverted attention away from the jews/communists and their mission of sovietizing America. We must put them out of business. Then out of America. Like 100 countries have had to do throughout history: http://biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm. Truthmonger.info


From a soundboard?

….This was the prankster, my own video editor!


……Two Bushes and Obama against John de Nugent

Two Bushes and Obama against JdN

……Obama White House calls my house with a threat and menaces two friends as well who support me

UPDATE Why White House hates and threatened me and friends; Amanda Blackburn, RIP; Miley Cyrus goes all-Satan; reports Obama flying in Syrians at night



WH: “Are you John de Nugent?”

–JdN: Yes.

WH: “We want you to know we are watching you.”

–JdN: Good!



…..I ask for YOUR support

Obama fears ME and the new religion to awaken the slaves to freedom!

Before it is too late?

What more proof do you need?


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS



  1. Jones isn’t a shill? I bet if he David Duked you you would call him one! So I have to ask, why did the Jews let your donation site back up? Looks like you are staying with your prison guards good luck but watch the fire! If you sit with the enemy I have to consider you one.

    • Hi, Joe.

      Actually, Jones has never attacked me overly, and in fact just indirectly promoted me. If he attacked me in more than a perfunctory way, I would viciously counter-attack as always.

      In 1944 Stalin demanded that Finland switch sides and attack the Germans, their brothers-in-arms, a close ally whom they really liked, appreciated and respected — or else Finland would be occupied and get “the full treatment” (mass rape, torture, death, arrests, the gulag, and a totally soviet, openly communist puppet government).

      The Finns went through the motions… they terminated the alliance, they “declared war” and they moved some troops around…… until Stalin issued another threat, direr, that he would annihilate Finland if it did not seriously attack the Germans.

      So they did, but weeping. It was called the Brother War.

      I know two people who personally really know Alex Jones. He is doing a lot of good. MANY have gotten their start watching Infowars.

      It is his dharma to take people to second base, to resume the baseball analogy, and IMO it is mine to drive them all the way home.

      As for Stripe donations it was endless work by my webmaster that solved the conundrum, not any favor by Jewry.

    • John, you are wasting your valuable time with this certifiable fruitcake. One moment he thinks like some hot-tempered chick, next moment he is the only genuine anti-Jewish dissident. In reality though, he just an fugly old crackhead who overdosed several times. In other words, he is human trash. His multiple-personality disorder is the least of his problems.

      • I know you have had your run-ins with Joe.

        My main disagreement with him is that he wants an a-racial national socialism, which IMO directly contradicts both 1) plain reality and 2) Hitler’s own teachings.

        I wrote him recently and said surely he would concede that Bassett hounds and Jack Russell terriers do not look or behave the same. So why should different kinds of humans behave the same? I got no answer. Basically, Joe is a kind of liberal…. “don’t confuse me with the facts!” ;-))

        However, he does produce interesting stuff on controlled opposition and on the Jews…. I TRY to get along with everyone, unless they attack me. Then the knife comes out. 😉

  2. Is it true that Putin thinks that Stalin was a great leader ? This arch criminal had the power of life and death over millions of Russians and he wasn’t even a Russian – he was Georgian.
    Hitler made mistakes like everyone else who was ever born. He was a human being like everyone else. It would be good though if Putin could release the Stalin era archives pertaining to Operatsiya Grosa (Operation Thunderstorm) which would show what caused the soviet-nazi clash in the first place. Stalin was getting ready to attack Germany in 1941 and Hitler beat him to the punch –

  3. Putin in his patriotic views is a typical Russian (except he is hard-working like a German and rarely drinks. 😉 )

    Here with a photo of his dad as a WWII sailor at a ceremony honoring the war generation


    He is proud of his country and its major-power role in the world. He loves Mother Russia, warts-and-all, as he should.

    Why should he love “the Nazis” for despising the Slavic peoples and Russians in particular?


    If the Germans had decided most Americans were fat, abysmally ignorant, and either sheeple or bullies, and that they should be replaced by Germans, would WE resent that, even if that view had some validity?

    Putin views Stalin as they all do, as demonstrably both a great leader and a great criminal, who wiped out incredible numbers of the best individuals in the country in both the gulag and in human-wave infantry attacks during WWII.

    As a politician, Putin does not go against what his fellow countryman think, anyway. Look at Trump saying now Obama was born in the USA…. they all lie because the people do not want the truth.

    Mundus decipi vult, as the Romans said, “the world wants to be lied to.” As Fleetwood Mac sang (1987) “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”


    If I did not talk about reincarnation or aliens, and stuck to the basics, like Jones (NWO), Duke or Anglin (Jews-‘n-Blax), I would have five times more readers. 😉

    But it is not my dharma in this life 1954-? to kiss asses, and flatter the masses…. but to teach and uplift those who are tired of being bewildered and knowing only one part of the story.

    The reason the Jews fear ME is I think in centuries, as they do. And I fear God and no man.

  4. I’ve been saying this over and over John, Anglin is not your friend, the entire WN movement so far has been a joke. Nobody takes it seriously and for good reason. I also find it pretty suspect how Nathanael Kapner has his donations on his site available as tax right offs in the form of a charitable donation. Why would the jews allow a fellow jew the gift of having the option of sending money to him bashing jews to be able to be written off as a charitable donation? He’s a mentally ill con man which is pretty obvious from his videos. He went from being homeless to being in a nice home all from a website bashing jews, and he is a jew. Wake up John already, even I can’t take you seriously when you keep sticking up for these shills. There’s always going to be infighting, start from the ground up. If you can get a religion status and have tax deductible donations a lot more people would be sending you money. All anyone has to do to be taken as a credible source lately is “name the jew”. It’s old and it’s gotten nobody anywhere, except the jew kapner who now has a charitable status, all for running a website. Pathetic.

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