Putin blasts Austria for letting muslim child molester go

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I hope we soon get a Putin/Trump team.


Putin Responds to Insane White Genocide Agenda in Europe, Explains Russia Won’t be Doing That

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2016





On Monday at a meeting for the Committee for Multiethnic Affairs in Astrakhan, Vladimir Putin addressed the situation of mass-immigration and multiculturalism in Europe, specifically citing the recent case of an Austrian court overturning the conviction of an Iraqi migrant who anally-violated a 10-year-old boy, and explained that Russia would not be following this model.

A migrant has just raped a child in one of the European countries. The court found him “not guilty” based on two things: the migrant did not understand the language of his host country, and he did not understand that the boy – and it was a boy – didn’t want this.

It doesn’t fit into my head what on earth they’re thinking over there. This is the result of the dilution of national values [identity].

I can’t even explain the rationale – is it a sense of guilt before the migrants? What’s going on? It’s not clear.

But a society that cannot defend its children today has no tomorrow. It has no future.

So relying on their [migration policy] experience is not the best thing to do, if I can be frank.

But we have a 1000 year history of forming a multicultural society – our understanding of [these intricacies] is much deeper.

I always laugh/rage when I see anti-Russian kikes in comments sections and on forums claiming that Russia is allowing Moslem immigration, or that they’re being overrun by non-Whites.

As the Czar says, they have a thousand years of “multiculturalism,” because they were and are an empire. They control non-White territories as European countries and America controlled non-White territories before the age of cuckoldry, when we gave-up all of our colonies for no good reason beyond “Jews say it’s mean.”

And in a 1000 years of this type of multiculturalism, Russia has remained blonde. There was virtually no miscegenation whatsoever, due to social taboos (basically just not allowing Jews to push feminism – people will naturally go with their own race if you’re not messing with them). And generally, Russia has not had problems with these non-White groups, who have tended to remain in their own territories, and have always been subjected to the rule of the White Russian majority.

However, this system cannot possibly work in the West, based on mass immigration. It has absolutely no relationship to that concept. These are people who had their own territories and were invaded and conquered by White Russians, forced to submit and pay tribute. We are doing the exact opposite – paying people from foreign lands to come live in our countries. [….]


I commented on this Anglin article


Andrew Anglin deserves major congratulations for consistently sticking up for Putin despite the Jew-instigated, fool-bought defamation campaign online against the Russian leader, claiming Putin is not to be trusted.

And frankly, ahem, so do I :slight_smile:, for my and my site’s consistent, loyal support for nine years now of this great leader https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=putin

Exactly as with Adolf back in the day (or anyone else they fear) the Jews call Putie a homo, pedo, closet jew and closet commie, and fools repeat it.

They ignore

1) that Putin’s grandfather was no Jew, but a simple cook, and his father fought as a common sailor and then as a soldier in WWII, and was severely wounded in 1942 — cannon fodder, and this has never been a typical Jewish military career in any country.



Jews always avoid combat, as Hitler saw in WWI, and they get a jew doctor to say they have flat feet or bad eyes. I saw this myself during the Vietnam War.

In the Marines as an enlisted man I saw NO Jews (because Marines are frontline combat forces); the only Jew I ever met in the USMC was unfortunately Harvey Philip Gold, my commanding officer.:rage:

Vlad himself has classic ash-blond hair, blue-gray eyes, and a roundish face like many other northern Slavs. He is a man from the ranks of the common Russian people, as Adolf Hitler was of the Germans.


He has been criticized by IDIOTS and by cynical agents for his policy of slowly and gradually taking Russia back, key government position by key government position, from the powerful oligarchs of Russian Jewry.

Why this strategy?

So to avoid the sad fate of Jew enemies such as Hitler, Mussolini, Kaddafi, Saddam Hussein, etc., who all ended up with their country invaded and crushed, and with themselves ending up at the end of a rope (or committing suicide).

Vladimir Putin would have been poisoned or otherwise assassinated had he been so foolish as to come out openly against the Zhids from the start. Even now he pretends to be their friend and he smiles at rabbis — while opposing the whole Jew World Order agenda and arming Israel’s most feared enemies, such as Syria and Iran.


The foolish Putinophobes among the comrades lack all understanding of the fact that yes, many Russians and Putin dislike Hitler personally, but not for his national socialism, or for the Germans’ bravery and intelligence, which all Russians truly admire. (I used to tutor Russians in Boston in American accent and know many Russkies).

Their dislike of Hitler is based on his low opinion of the Russians (which he shared with many other Germans, and with Anglo-Saxons in Britain and America to this very day) and on his slavophobic policies that unfolded during ”Operation Barbarossa.”

Hitler did not enter Russia to liberate it, but 1) to smash bolshevism and 2) to create more “Living Space” (Lebensraum) for the Germans, and this is a tragic fact, and the real reason for his downfall.

(No one has ever beaten Russia long-term, not the mighty Mongols, the nordic Swedes, the brilliant Napoleon or even our own Adolf the Great.)

I have supported Hitler 100% on everything else — even as a stormtrooper with George Lincoln Rockwell’s party! — and I have done so loudly and proudly at a huge cost to myself since 1978.

But the truth is that this caused my career and marriage suicide, so let no one blame Putin for not going full-Hitler!


I am most grateful to Putin that Russia-1 television (the top network for the under-35 set) showed my website for 13 long seconds in a key editorial on September 11 where the head of the network, Putin appointee Dmitry Kiselyov, warned Donald Trump against the danger of assassination.


What is significant here is that Russia-1 could have taken the quote they used directly from the website of the patriotic paleo-conservative and fmr Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts, but instead they took the Roberts quotation from my OPENLY ANTISEMITIC website.

AND they made a special graphic so my name and site (“johndenugent.com”) would be highlighted.

Then Alex Jones did TWO videos and showed this part of the Russia-1 report.

Since Jones knows exactly who I am (he and Mike Rivero of www.WhatReally Happened.com) mocked me on air in 2007 for promoting a book by an Israeli professor proving Jewish ritual murder of gentile children called “Blood Passover”) I can only conclude that Jones knew what he was doing — and is a very cautious, closet antisemite as well. (And I have other very strong reasons for believing this.)

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