Psychopaths beat cute little Pomeranian pooch to death; boast about it to grieving master; remembering Rudolf Hess

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Generation Psychopath….. “We beat it 2 death lol hahaha”

A South Florida family is facing an unimaginable loss. Their beloved seven-year-old Pomeranian dog was mercilessly beaten to death by an unknown assailant. They

…..Remembering Rudolf Hess


Rudolf Hess in Spandau prison….The vile, Jew-loving witch Margaret Thatcher had him mercilessly strangled because EVEN the Soviets (under Gorbachev) were willing to mercifully release him after 22 years in solitary, and 46 years total imprisonment by the Jewnited Kingdom.

rudolf-hess-spandau -prison-trenchcoat

His sole real crime: trying to contact British peace activists and end the fratricidal bloodbath of WWII. (Hitler secretly was 100% behind the desperate plan, and disavowed it only because it failed. Hitler knew the US would enter the war eventually IF Britain stayed in — using England as a staging ground for invasion and, in effect, a giant “aircraft carrier.”) What a beautiful soul Rudolf Hess was and is, wherever he is now.

His honor was loyalty!



…..Reincarnation evidence

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