Prosecutor wants four years prison for Pedro Varela

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Pedro Varela is the charismatic and courageous publisher ( of many excellent and pro-white books in Spain, a man who knows how to attract youth to our Cause, and for decades, since his college years, he has also helped various Germans, Austrians and Belgians who had sought political exile in Spain, which under General Franco did protect various big-name national socialists and refused all demands to extradite them.

Now Franco is long-dead, the NWO is in power, and because of the 3,000 jews in Spain, in a country of over 30 MILLION, our comrade Pedro Varela now is facing four years in prison, because criticizing jews “incites genocide”!

It is INCREDIBLE that Mark Weber of the moribund IHR, an organization that was flourishing under Willis Carto but which he has nearly destroyed, says the Holocaust is no longer his main target ( The genocide/Holocaust fraud is the MAIN WEAPON used to IMPRISON our WN leaders and to criminalize and guilt-trip THE WHOLE WHITE RACE! Because, DON’CHA KNOW,

‘”We, the West, did not do enough to stop Hitler and save the Jews.”



To: Michael A. Hoffman II

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Because the videos appear to promote Holocaust Revisionism, in violation
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As I posted on the blogsite “judeosphere” (

I will NOT give up this fight.

Prima facie evidence the “Holocaust” is a fraud is that it must be protected by five- and ten-year prison sentences against SCIENTISTS, ENGINEERS, HISTORIANS and PROFESSORS.

However, I DO believe in the Holocaust. There was a real Holocaust, where 40 million white Russians were worked, shot, tortured and frozen to death by bolsheviks and stalinists in the Soviet Union. And Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitysn, who spent 11 years himself in the gulag, PROVED in 600 footnoted pages of Two Hundred Years Together in 2002 (why has this book not appeared in English?) that jews such as you, Mr. Zeskind, ran a giant share of the gulag death machine. In fact, eight of the eleven main death camps were run by members of an ethnoreligious minority that was just 1% of the Soviet population.

But after all, who was Solzhenitsyn? Just a trailer-park, delusional neo-nazi….but strangely, with a jewish wife…..and a Nobel Prize, and the highest medal of the Russian Federation, conferred by Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, personally on him.

Russia and the Jews

Russia and the Jews (.pdf file)

But there was no mass execution of the jews of Europe by Adolf Hitler, and to prevent the truth from being spoken, our leaders are being arrested, and so are scientists, engineers, professors and historians.

The Holocaust is the KEY LIE, the BIG LIE, used to gradually terminate our race. First, they get the leaders, picking them off one by one, and then they get the followers, which means YOU.




Below is the Spanish article and then my translation. (I gave a speech in Barcelona to Pedro’s group — in the beautiful, romantic and macho European language of Spanish — in July 2006.)


Barcelona.- El viernes arranca el juicio contra Pedro Varela, por difundir ideas nazis, as como, expresiones de menosprecio a una raza o etnia.

La Fiscala pide cuatro aos de crcel y 6.000 euros de multa para el propietario de la librera Europa, Pedro Varela, acusado de dos delitos continuados de difusin de ideas que justifican el genocidio cometido por el rgimen nazi.

Segn el escrito de la Fiscala, entre principios de 2006 y abril de ese mismo ao, el acusado, que ser juzgado el viernes, distribuy y vendi libros y publicaciones enalteciendo y justificando el genocidio cometido por el rgimen nazi de Hitler contra el pueblo judo, y con contenidos o expresiones de menosprecio a personas por ser de una etnia o raza.

Todos los libros estaban editados por la Asociacin Cultural Ediciones Ojeda, de la que Pedro Varela es director gerente.

El 10 de abril de 2006, por orden del Juzgado de Instruccin nmero 33 de Barcelona, se procedi al registro de la librera y se intervinieron 4.793 libros con el contenido mencionado. Tambin se hallaron folletos con publicidad de los libros editados por Ediciones Ojeda, as como un programa del ciclo de conferencias de la librera Europa.

Adems se encontraron seis banderas, una caja con diferentes portadas del libro ‘Absolucin para Hitler’, una esvstica de hierro, un busto de yeso de Hitler, cuatro gorras militares y un casco.

La Fiscala considera que Varela es culpable de dos delitos, uno por difundir contenidos que justifican los regimenes que han intentado destruir a un grupo racial, y otro por difundir libros con expresiones de menosprecio por pertenecer a una raza o etnia.

* * *


Barcelona .- On Friday starts the trial against Pedro Varela for spreading Nazi ideas and expressions of contempt for a race or ethnicity.

The prosecution called for four years in prison and a 6,000 euro fine for the owner of the “Europa Library,” Pedro Varela, charged with two counts of dissemination of ideas that justify the genocide committed by the Nazi regime.

According to the letter of the prosecution, between early 2006 and April of that year, the accused, who will be judged on Friday, distributed and sold books exalting and justifying the genocide [WHAT A FRIGGING 100% LIE!!!!!!!!!!!] committed by the Nazi regime of Hitler against the Jewish people, and containing expressions of contempt for people for their ethnicity or race.

All books were published by Ediciones Ojeda Cultural Association, the managing director of which is Pedro Varela.

On 10 April 2006, by order of the Magistrate’s Court number 33 of Barcelona, the police proceeded to inspect the Libraria’s books and 4793 were seized with such content [AND ALL PEDRO’S COMPUTERS!!!]. Also leaflets were found advertising books published by Ediciones Ojeda, and a program of the lecture series Bookseller for Europe.

Six flags were also found, a box with the book Acquittal for Hitler, an iron swastika, a plaster bust of Hitler, four military caps and helmets.

The prosecution believes that Varela is guilty of two offenses, one for broadcasting content that justify the regimes that have attempted to destroy a racial group and another, for disseminating books with expressions of contempt because persons belong to a specific race or ethnicity.


This is why we need the SOLUTREAN SOLUTION.

Or we will have THIS:





======================HAITI — THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE=============

Here (second half) was my previous post about HAITI:


Ill leave you with this picture below that says it all: Haiti from outer space, with the deforested black-run half of the island on the left, and the part-white-Spanish part of the island, called the Dominican Republic, on the right.

Deforested Haiti and Dominican Republic

Deforested Haiti (l) and the Dominican Republic (r)

Even from space, you can tell the African influence. Yes, white countries have their corruption and incompetence too, but the level of chaos in black countries in Africa and the Caribbean, and in black-run cities in the United States, or black-run school systems, is breathtaking. This is why my webpage for African-Americans is friendly but frank:

Blacks can have a much better life when they collaborate with whites.

A friend joked the other day to me: the Africans expelled from Rosarno, Italy last week for ruining the city ( should move to Haiti, which now needs more Africans…. 😉

But no African wants to move TO another African-run country, just away from it.

I suspect that African-Americans would demand at least $200,000 each to move back to Black Africa. Because they, like other races, are white supremacists. They think white countries are best, especially for them.

Black Haitians Committed Genocide Against Whites in their Revolution

by Paul Fromm

In their revolution, Haitians massacred and committed genocide against the the White (French) settlers who had made this tropical land bloom and rich. Tens of thousands of Europeans were shot, hanged, hacked, raped, poisoned and burned alive.[The lowest estimate is 24,000, according to Thomas Ott, The Haitian Revolution, 1789-1804.] Haiti has been a poverty-stricken, violent, degraded basket case ever since.

The following appeared in Time Magazine in 1965, slightly more honest and less politically correct times.

The forlorn, hate-filled little Caribbean Island

In the 1780s, its foreign trade approached $140 million a year, with vast profits from sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and indigo

In 1804, a former slave named Jean Jacques Dessalines proclaimed Haiti a free and independent nation and became its Governor General. “To draw up the charter of our independence,” he felt, “would require the skin of a white man as parchment, his skull as an inkwell, his blood as ink, and a bayonet as a pen.” Dessalines died by an assassin’s bullet within three years. His successor, Henri Christophe, cared little for charters, black or white. He proclaimed himself King, set up a ludicrous aristocracy (including such titles as the Duke of Marmelade and Count of Limonade), and ruled as a merciless despot until 1820, when his officers revolted, and he committed suicide by firing a silver bullet into his brain. …

No sooner had the Dominican Republic declared its independence in 1821 than it was invaded by neighboring Haiti, which occupied the country for 22 brutal years. The Haitians banned all foreign priests, severed papal relations, closed the University of Santo Domingo, and levied confiscatory taxes. …

Over the next century, dictator followed dictator in Haiti. By 1910, rebellions had ousted 13 of Haiti’s first 18 Presidents. Then, in the space of 47 months, one President was blown up in his palace, another was believed poisoned, three were deposed, and the last was grabbed by a mob and hacked into small pieces.

President Woodrow Wilson finally ordered U.S. Marines to occupy the country in 1915. They remained 19 years, and gave Haiti the only true peace it has ever known. Acting through puppet Presidents, they disarmed rebels and bandits, built roads, irrigation projects, sanitation facilities, and organized schools and hospitals. F.D.R. withdrew the Marines in 1934, and Haiti returned to its old ways: nine governments in 20 years, the last headed by Franois (“Papa Doc”) Duvalier, 58, a onetime country physician who took office in 1957, proclaimed himself “President for life,” and ruled through voodoo mysticism and the strong-arm terror of his 5,000-man Tonton Macoute secret police. …

“Haitians,” says Duvalier in his soft whisper, “have a destiny to suffer.”

And if his people complain, they can pray, from a 63-page Catechism of the Revolution turned out by the Government Printing Office and circulating last week in Port-au-Prince. The Lord’s Prayer: “Our Doc who art in the National Palace for Life, hallowed be Thy name by present and future generations, Thy will be done at Port-au-Prince and in the provinces. Give us this day our new Haiti and never forgive the trespasses of the enemies of the Fatherland, who spit every day on our Country. Let them succumb to temptation and under the weight of their own venom. Deliver them not from any evil. Amen.” (Time, May 7, 1965)

The Province of Quebec has as its motto: “Je me souviens” (I remember). Indeed, let’s.

* * *

Now, read Dr. Harrell Rhome on Haiti’s accursed use of the most atrocious black magic and voodoo, and then your understanding will be complete as to the terrible karma of this wicked black half of that Caribbean island, which just suffered at least 200,000 dead in the earthquake: WARNING — SCHOCKING CONTENTS

* * *

I need money to finish my book, print my door-to-door materials, to train witnessing teams, and to get $2000 worth of DVD reproduction machines transported here from North Dakota, because my key book IS A DVD (text, photos, music, videos, and I also talk directly on the video in a heart-to-heart fireside chat to the reader).

You can send a money order, cash, a check to John de Nugent, or use PayPal (to

John de Nugent

213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055

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  1. A comrade sent me this email:

    * * *

    I saw first hand [as a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War] what Monsanto’s Agent Orange did to the entire south bank of the Saigon River as we went up and down that thing numerous times….but for all the sickening devastation it had done to the landscape… .wiping out any trace of foliage…that in no way seemed to stop Charlie [the Vietcong communist guerillas] from getting right in there with his B-40s (fueled by grain alcohol made directly from, and courtesy of, the surplus wheat “our” government was then so charitably and generously lavishing on the USSR, North Vietnam’s ally) and pasting the be-jesus out of our convoy and blasting the mike boats that were used for mail barges and other logistics…

    After I got back, I saw what it did [physically] to those [US soldiers] who had been there.

    Monsanto…. .a name to solemnly hate…..a worldwide monolithic conglomerate to smash beyond recognition. …in the name of our own health, what little we have left of it. As with our Constitutional freedoms, it is time to take it to the streets. It is D-day and H-hour for sheer survival …and survival is not a spectator sport.

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