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  1. This doesn´t surprise me anymore.

    I will share with you two incidents involving TV:

    The first incident was with a local TV station owned by jews when they transmitted the last soccer ( called football in southamerica and non-english european countries) world championship which as you know was spectacularly won by Germany in Brazil.

    This was a very beautiful match, where even the brazilian fans cheered Germany in spite of having been eliminated by her in a previous match.

    The German victory came near the end of the game. Immediately after the end of the game, without even making a pause for TV-commercials (which at this time would gave an exceptionally big audience), they started a film about evil nazis. They obviously had it prepared. Really rotten.

    Further away in time, when the fall of the Berlin wall happened, there was a rash of anti-german films IN ALL TV AND CABLE CHANNELS. Even some commercials played on the theme.

    All this is rotten to the core and i call it “The mark of the jew”.

    In less notable situations you can see all kinds of TV shows and hollywood films where, for example, the villain of the movie drives a mercedes car, the criminal has a christian cross tatooed, a pair of girls where the lesbian one is portrayed as reasonable and the christian lady is put as crazy. If you keep an open eye while watching shows, movies, and even commercials, you will discover details which sometime last less than a second and which sometimes seem so out of the general theme, that it becomes evident a conscious effort is being made to incorporate such details, and perhaps even subliminals, into the show, film, movie, or commercial. The mark of the jew…

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