President Richard Nixon proposed single-payer National Health Insurance in 1974; Demoncrats shot it down; Nixon on the Jews; Trump, strike the Jews before they strike you

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In 1974, 42 years ago, Richard Nixon, with whom my father was friends,  proffered his affordable healthcare plan (NCH) — a single-payer plan.

Nixon’s Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Words

Health care researcher and supporter Gary Freed MD MPH stated that Congress considered the NCH plan “socialized medicine,” “a radical liberal plan” and a “jobs killer.” But that Congress was controlled by the Demoncrats in 1974, and Nixon was going down the toilet over Watergate. The Demoncrats thought they would be able to get a better plan through with a Democratic president, and didn’t want Nixon to get any credit, so the visionary plan never saw the light of day.

By 1977, when Carter was sworn in, the landscape had completely changed, and the landscape would be totally unrecognizable in 1981 when Reagan was sworn in the Republicans took the Senate.

The Demoncrat rejection of Nixon’s health plan was one of the most petty, stupid partisan moves of all time, AND INDIRECTLY CAUSED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF WHITE DEATHS as financially struggling Americans avoided going to doctors and hospitals at the first signs of trouble or disease — because they lacked the funds and the coverage.



…..Nixon and the Reverend Billy Graham discuss the Jews

Nixon blasted Jews even to Kissinger

[source: major Israeli newspaper]

By  [Jewish Telegraph Agency] | Aug. 23, 2013 | 1:58 AM|

nixon-points-indexFormer President Richard Nixon is heard making anti-Semitic statements in discussions with visitors to the Oval Office and by telephone in White House tapes that were released on Thursday .

The 340 hours of tapes, which cover the period from April 9, 1973 to July 12, 1973, were released by the Nixon Presidential Library. They are the last set of tapes that will be released by the library.

In a phone discussion in mid-April with Henry Kissinger, a Jew who at the time was the national security adviser, Nixon expresses concerns that Jews would torpedo an upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit.

“If that happened,” Nixon said, “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history.”

He added, “If they torpedo this summit,  and it might go down for other reasons, I’m gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80 million people.”

He continued: “They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest, and it’s about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he’s an American first and a Jew second.”


Nixon with the esteemed evangelist, the Reverend Billy Graham, at a prayer rally in North Carolina


The Reverend Billy Graham, the most famous evangelist in the world for 30 years, said by phone to President Richard Nixon on February 23, 1973 (

Well, you know, I told you one time that the Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called “the synagogue of Satan.” They’re the ones putting out the pornographic literature, they’re the ones putting out these obscene films. And the people [the Bible-believing Christian Zionists and Israel-supporters] that have been the most pro-Israel are the ones that are being attacked now by the Jews.

(Nixon said in a later phone conversation with Reverend Graham that after he was re-elected in 1972 he wanted to “do something” about Jewish control of the US media.

But then came Watergate and the media hysteria against Nixon, just like what we now see against Trump. The worst of all is TV. You can FEEL the evil coming out of that box!


I do not have pix of my late dad with Nixon, as I do of him with Ford and Reagan, but my father was very involved with Nixon. He was the Rhode Island chairman of Nixon-Agnew (for president and vice-president) in 1968 and 1972 and ran Republican patronage (getting federal jobs for Republican activists) for New Englanders from 1969-89. He served as Aide to the Secretary of the Army from 1973 to 1976, thus under both Nixon and Ford.

He was the Republican candidate for Governor of Rhode Island in 1974, chaired the election campaign of Ronald Reagan in New England in 1976 and served as Chairman of Reagan-Bush for President in 1980 and 1984 in Rhode Island, during which time he was also White House Clearance Officer, chairing a Federal Advisory Committee.
With US President Ronald Reagan



My father, James W. Nugent, is here just short of calling President Gerald Ford, in the Oval Office, a boneheaded moron for insisting on closing the Quonset Naval Air Station in Rhode Island in the 1970s while spending billion$ on a new out-of-state US Navy military facility. My father lost this battle, and a year later Ford lost his to Jimmy Carter. Ford was known for playing football without a helmet.
With US President Gerald Ford

…….family photo January 2007

(upper row, l. to r.) John; his brother Todd; his son-in-law José Irigoyen;
(lower row) His stepmother from Prince Edward Island, Canada, Helen; his (now late) father James; his elder daughter Ingrid, then getting her master’s at Duke Univ.; (she is now mareid and a mother of two); and my ladyfriend Margaret


My father’s view on the Jews was that they were extremely powerful. He was bitter because whereas he had twice sponsored Jews to PREVIOUSLY Jew-free country clubs (Rhode Island Country Club and Wannamoisett Country Club), he THEN went on to lose his huge insurance contract with the giant Rhode Island-based toy maker Hasbro (Has-senfeld Bro-thers), makers of “GI Joe” and other toys, to, as he put it, “the synagogue.”

Yes, Hasbro (the Hassenfelds) gave all their insurance to some fellow Jew who also offered insurance.

In other words, he had INCLUDED Jews in his two country clubs but they EXCLUDED him from insurance, his business and livelihood, because he was merely a goy, a Gentile. HE was fair to THEM — but they turned around and were unfair to HIM.


My father once said to me:

“The Jews can be very vicious, John, You have to be extremely cautious with them. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing, especially the Israelis.”

As he said these last words, he looked directly at me, warning me as a father would.


However, I thought then, as I still do now, what is the point of not fighting them? With every moment, they just get stronger for their FINAL ATTACK.

How long will they let Trump live, now that he has declared war on the media, which they run? On “free trade”? On constant US interference? On the US military-industrial complex’s hostility toward Putin’s Russia?

“The Jews are not satisfied,” as my late friend Hans Schmidt of the Waffen-SS (division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”) said to me one day in 1986, “with the riches, respect, the freedom, the huge power and the lack of persecution they now enjoy.”

Hans Schmidt

“No, John, they want it all. They want a total dictatorship, they want ALL the money, not just most of it, and they want us to be their total slaves. and so they always push their luck too far. It is a mania.”

I replied: “They are again ‘cruising for a bruising,’ as we say in English. 😉 )

Hans replied:

“They are on auto-pilot toward their next big disaster. They never learn.. and, well, thank God! ;-)”

And Hans smiled…….


…….Contact and support

As you saw, my site was down for the last two days so I could not discuss either Trump’s volcanic inauguration speech or the fiery first press conference by the new White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, basically declaring war on the Lügenpresse media.

Only your financial support enables this site to continue.

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


……My advice to Trump

The Soros-funded liberal and leftists are blind with hate for Donald Trump.

He needs to either indict a few hundred key criminals and put them in prison for treason and other misdeeds or get set to declare martial law and intern his enemies in the FEMA camps.

Or the Jews will have him killed.

As they had him killed the last time — when he was General George Patton.

And I do believe that Donald  Trump knows he was Patton.

Even his dog is named Patton!


Huge interest in my Trump-was-Patton FB post: “Oh my goodness – they really do look alike! That is amazing!”


My message to Donald John Trump:

It was very smart of you to go to the CIA to make friends. Those people can kill you, as they did Kennedy.



President Trump, you had better strike first or the Big Jews will take you out.

John Kennedy was going to take the Jews down, but he waited too long.

The Jewish War on the Kennedys


His powerful and brilliant brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was going to begin the destruction of their most dangerous enemy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, four days after his brother’s trip to Dallas.

LBJ, a closet Jew, RFK and President Kennedy

Then this happened:


Mr President get them before they get you — AGAIN as they got you as Patton.

You can see by the bolshevik methods used — preaching murderous hate — that the same people as this murdered the tsar and all his family.



There is a reason why Russian television ran MY article – on September 11 — warning YOU that the Jews want to kill you. And this Russian show began 130 days of hacking for my website.

PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by JEWS — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article

These were, in all truth, very big demonstrations by the irrational female left:

The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into pop singer Madonna after her intense speech at the Women’s March on Washington on…
IF Trump gets the economy roaring, he can overcome this. If not, and in fact if the Fed and Wall Street deliberately trigger a depression, an economic crash, as they did in 1929, they will make him into another Herbert Hoover, a one-term and hated president. IMO, however, the NWO will try to assassinate him because he is not naive like Hoover and will fight back and go for the jugular.
The greatest threat of assassination comes from mind-controlled individuals, MK-ULTRAs, as I have outlined in my website.
They are completely apolitical and have no criminal record at all.
They lead ordinary lives until ordered to kill.
They are not even on the radar of the Secret Service.
All this is on my website, see “Kathleen Sullivan,” about a sort of mousy, nice, kind-hearted young woman who, turned into a robot by endless rape and torture, stabbed, shot and poisoned for the CIA all over the world.

The CIA has trained thousands of these people and the Secret Service agents in the field have no idea who they are. Harry Truman said creating the CIA was the worst decision he ever made as president.

And Trump knows to fear them. That is why the CIA was his first stop as president.

UPDATED Dylann Storm Roof, MK-Ultra; Unshackled — A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan

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