Powerful documentary on aliens on the moon but with a toxic final twist

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…..Strange, huge cylindrical object seemingly passes by Apollo 11 shortly after launch

It just so happens I was watching this video of the ABC News coverage of Apollo 11 in 1969 and now please look exactly at 13:45. What the heck was that arrow-shaped shadow moving past the Saturn 5 rocket??? I see no such thing in any other Apollo 11 footage.


German NS rocket scientist Wernher von Braun stands before his  Saturn 5 rocket 


At Pennemünde, Germany in 1944Peenemnde, Dornberger, Olbricht, Leeb, v. Braun

John D. Nugent Actual film footage in 1952 as UFOs buzz the US Capitolhttp://johndenugent.com/images/ufo-capitol-1952.jpg

Actual headline in the Washington Post newspaper http://johndenugent.com/…/ufo-wash-post-headline-july…

Wernher Von Braun on extra-terrestrial reality in 1959:

“We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.” — From “Above Top Secret” by Timothy Good, William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1988.
  • Sasha Kirilovich Appears to be dropping of one of the rocket stages, when it moves from one stage to the next, the previous stage drops in this manner.
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    • John D. Nugent The trajectory is NOT falling away, but flying past. I watched many a Mercury, Gemini and Apollo launch as a teen in the 1960s and saw the booster rocket falling away. This looks like something very different: either a giant cylindrical craft slightly obscured by a cloud or one that is only semi-materialized.

…..Excellent video on UFOs and the moon:

DOCUMENTARY Aliens Exist On The Moon The Truth Exposed 2015 ☞ “SUBCRIBER” – “LIKE” – “COMMENT” Conspiracy theories about Earth’s moon persist forty-five year…

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