Post-Farage UKIP: leadership battle between two atheistic homosexuals! (Resistance Radio w/Nick Griffin & Jack Sen)

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Fmr MEP and BNP chmn Nick Griffin & fmr UKIP candidate Jack Sen expose the shocking takeover of UKIP by an Irish, lesbian, atheist woman & “former” marxist who hates the English — Anne Marie Waters.

This creature wants a literal war against the 5 million armed muslims in Britain while the white Brits are TOTALLY, LITERALLY DISARMED!

Nigel Farage’s UKIP is being hijacked by Anne Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson. Nick Griffin and Jack Sen discuss Anne Marie Waters Marxist roots, and how she…
John de Nugent They want a race war that Brits would inevitably lose, not even having PEPPER SPRAY, leading directly to martial law — and mass lockups of “rightwing bigots” !
Arthur Bentley I thought she is Jewish. She’s rabidly pro-Zionist and links to various NeoCon Jews.

 No, Irish born and raised, right in Dublin, and attended Christian schools. A classic Black-Irish face and coloring.

Anne Marie Waters is the director of Sharia Watch UK, an organisation which was launched on 24…
Straight nose, upright forehead and strong chin –not Jewish (latter-day neanderthalic) at all:

 — not Jewish (latter-day neanderthalic) at all:

ADL bankroller and Jewish mega-gangster Meyer Lansky, buried with full honors in Israel…/Meyer-Lansky-adl-bankroller.jpg


 ISIS executioner and semite Abaaoud:


John de Nugent As Nick Griffin and Jack Sen explain, Muddy Waters here is being supported by the Canadian Jewish islam-basher Ezra Levant. It is all part of the Grand Plan: 1) the J-Team changes immigration law to let muslims IN; 2) it agitates muslims against whites, and vice-versa; 3) it triggers a race war; 4) bingo — MARTIAL LAW and the round-up, not of all muslims, but of ALL white nationalists!!!
Focus on the muslims, white man, not on the ones who changed the immigration laws to bring them in!
As Griffin points out in part two, the rival to Waters, Peter Whittle, is ALSO an atheist and a homosexual! THEIR BIG OBJECTION TO ISLAM IS THAT IT IS AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY! 
Whittle, then spokesman for Nigel Farage
Griffin also opines that the new Islam-bashing UKIP is designed to attack Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn, who is a sharp critic of Israel and a sympathizer with the Palestinians.  He fears a violent leftist march on Parliament to force Tory PM Virginia May out,and put Corbyn in as  a hard-left prime minister!

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